6 Best Corporate Summer Party BBQ Venues in London

Winters had been such a drag! And you have been waiting for the summers since like, forever. But here you are, sitting caged inside the sleek glass walls of your office. Whereas you know, you rather would be out! Bathing in London’s glorious sun! But there is no escaping now. Confirm the attachment before sending the precarious mail. Don’t fidget! Sit straight! The boss is around! Tick-tock! The hands of the clock hang leisurely at 5! A moment and you would finally get to spread your hands like a free bird underneath London’s wide summer sky! Sheer bliss, no?

Why not take this up to the next level by taking a safe refuge at city’s top rooftop venues? Plan a starry evening with your colleagues at any of London’s best open-air venues in London. Indulge in easy conversations and strengthen your network over some hyperactive barbecuing, cocktails and more. Why not get your boss to throw an amazing BBQ office bash under a budget just like Benjamin did?

Office bash under a budget just like Benjamin did - Our illustrative collection of best BBQ places in London would definitely come to rescue if you are looking for “BBQ Venue near me!” However, we filter it down here and provide you with an exclusive collection of top BBQ party places for Corporate. After all, the sleek office clan requires a bit of extra edge, right?

The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace
– City of London

If you are used to luxury, there is no better haunt for you to relax this summer than the Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace of St. Paul’s Hotel. Existing at a strategic City of London location, this BBQ party space is a hot favourite for the corporate clan. Indulge in a fun filled BBQ activity, while savouring the clear views of the City’s expansive skyline. This, when combined with the striking all-glass interiors of this suite, makes up for an ideal summertime party. Get in touch with us to have the venue available for your BBQ party in a jiffy.
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Sky Bar and Roof Terrace – Holborn

London sky painted in a glorious hue of orange goes best with a rooftop bar, such as The Sky Bar! Accompanied by a ravishing roof terrace, this penthouse level bar is all that you need to make your evening out with colleagues magical. Get off at Holborn tube station; the bar is just a short hop, skip and jump away from there. Enjoy the sumptuous aroma of caramelizing BBQ snacks, green leafy salads, delightful deserts and of course, a fine collection of cocktails, spirits and your favourite beer! Drop us an enquiry now to reserve the venue for your corporate off day or party! Our venue experts shall take care of everything for you.
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Roman Piazza and Wine Bar – Tower Hill

Bring a touch of wow to your after office BBQ celebrations, by chilling right next to the legendary Roman Wall. The Roman Piazza, with an interlinked Wine Bar at the City Hotel is the perfect option for a restful summer hangout. Enjoy easy conversations and crisp drinks while indulging in delectable BBQ grills, salads, desserts and more. You can have the venue for private hire, and we provide you with the negotiated rates and special summer discounts. Drop us an enquiry to get in touch with the venue experts. Everything that you need from the venue shall be taken care of thereafter.
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West End on the Thames - Tower Millenium Pier

You cannot go wrong with a boat party venue to make the best of London’s summers. Especially when it is something as grand as the West End on the Thames! Along with enjoying the most spectacular vistas of London’s skyline, you can party late into night at this floating space. And then, you know the effect a setting sun creates at the outstretched horizons of Thames, right? Reserve a long summer evening at this enigmatic boat party and BBQ space, and you would return home feeling quenched and satiated. What more can we ask for, right? However, if in case you have any further questions, regarding availability, prices, et al, do write us a brief enquiry below.
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Conservatory and the Garden – Bloomsbury

This summer, get closer to the lush green gardens than you have in a long while now. Opt for the Conservatory and the Garden, located at the sophisticated Montague Street, and enjoy all that you have missed while existing in concrete cabins. This refreshing bliss-to-the-eye venue is ideal for an exhilarating evening along with nonchalant summertime hangouts. Location – Bloomsbury! Party Space – from 10 to 160 guests! Grilled delights, fresh salads, spirits, sweet indulgences and special offers – ALL CHECKED! What else do you need? You may wish to write us a letter on old paper with quills, to reserve these quintessentially English Gardens. However, the venue can be yours for private hire if you shoot us a brief enquiry taking less than a minute! Try now!
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C and B City Point – City of London

Moored right across the Moorgate Tube Station, C and B City Point is a chic place for a BBQ gala. Unwind at a comfortable London location, while relaxing at an outdoor bar or a spectacular roof terrace. An ideal hang out for post work drinks and barbecue in the City of London.

Concerned about the availability or price of the venue? Do not worry! Shoot an enquiry to our venue experts, and we would have every detail worked out for you! It is really just as simple with Thecitycollection.org.Enquire Now

Now that we have covered London’s best summertime BBQ partying scene for you, there is absolutely no reason left for you to procrastinate now! Whether you wish to party after work hours, or are planning something of the weekend! Get in touch with our venue experts for whatever assistance you require. Come on now, let’s make merry while the sun is out!evening with Fireworks display on Thames.

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