50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Completing 50 years of marriage is one of the most precious moments in every couple’s life. Every couple wishes to have a successful wedding and stay with their partners for a lifetime. So, it is important to celebrate this occasion with style.

Golden jubilee is the symbol of your love and commitment made through 50 years and celebrating this special occasion in London city makes it even more exceptional.

If you are planning an anniversary bash for your parents or grandparents, then choosing an anniversary venue in London is not enough. The bash will not be perfect until you add style and character to the event. And, to make your event more elegant, you have to focus more on planning.

Here are few essential ideas that will help you plan a wonderful 50th wedding anniversary party in London. Use these tips and plan everything from sending invites to creating an ambience where the couple can renew their marriage vows.

Golden Invitations
Since it is a golden anniversary, plan everything around the colour gold. Golden invitations should ideally have gold text and gold colour incorporated into the design. You can get the wedding photo of the couple printed on invitations to revive old memories.

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Create a Golden Ambience
Gold is colour of the day. Make your party space look like a golden heaven. Use gold chair sashes with white chair covers to create a perfect setting for the special occasion. Sprinkle gold confetti on the tables. Off-white goes well with gold. Make sure that you do not add too much of gold that it looks flashy and glitzy.

To represent the denotation of the occasion, design the ambience in gold, red, and other shades. Make use of golden and ivory balloons. Select beautiful bowls, fill them up with small gold balls, and adorn them as centrepieces. Scatter some confetti on tables and design a huge gold banner with couple’s name in bold letters.

Photos and Posters
Decorate the venue with a huge poster and photos of the couple. Select pictures from their young days. You will be able to touch their hearts by putting up family photos on the venue walls. Family photos will signify what all the couple has earned from this lovable commitment. Pictures of their kids and grandkids will definitely be a touchy moment for all.

Floral Decoration
Make use of different flowers. The violet represents the 50th wedding anniversary. Use bunch of violets at the entrance of the venue. Bestowing some seasonal flowers upon all guests is a nice idea too. Flower decoration plays an important role is beautifying the tables. So, make use of violets in the centre of the tables.

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Renew Marriage Vows
The love and commitment of the couple has stood the test of time, it would be rightful for them to renew their marriage vows once again. Exchanging vows again after such a long time is an exciting way to remember the original wedding day. Try to recreate wedding ceremony of the couple.

Party with Candles
Decorate beautiful golden candles all around the venue. Select the candles that signify the sentiments of the occasion. Choose golden candles in different styles and designs. Make an outline with lit candles that say ‘50 Golden Years of Love’. This gesture will definitely catch the celebrant’s eye and make the couple more than happy.

Flashback in Time
Prepare a slideshow of pictures capturing the special moments of the couple’s golden time spent together. Arrange the photos according to the decades. Also, play the songs of the wedding day to revive the beautiful memories. Play this romantic presentation on the day of celebration to make the event memorable all.

Gifts for the Lucky Couple
While shopping for the couple, try to know their taste and interests. Jewellery is of course the ideal choice as it goes well with the gold theme. But sometimes the most valuable presents cost very little. A framed picture of the family or a poem written by children or a memory book for them will be great gifts that the couple will cherish for the rest of their life.

These are some unique golden anniversary ideas to get you started. Follow these simple ideas and tips to make the golden gala a grand event.

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