5 Wow Ceremony Backdrops that will Tug at Your Heartstrings

Creating a breath-taking backdrop for ceremony is as important as it is for the reception. The place where you’ll exchange vows will be in a lot of photographs. It’s a great opportunity to create something extraordinary that reflects the feel of the day. Whether you are keeping the reception a black and white affair or whimsical and vibrant, your ceremony backdrop should complement the reception look. But you don’t have to use the same elements in the ceremony. Here are the backdrops you can use to add that wow quotient to your wedding ceremony venue in London city.

ribbon and fabric backdrop for wedding

Ribbons, Lace and Fabric

A simple ribbon and tulle curtain is one of the easiest DIY backdrop options you have. If you want a funky backdrop with lots of colours, keep your options limited to ribbons. If you want a more elegant look, add tulle strips, lace cut in strips, and of course single colour ribbons. Look for pastel shades for a vintage look like tiffany blue, pale orange, light pink, and purple. All you need to do is attach fabric strips and ribbons to a wire with safety pins. Make sure to acetate ribbons as they are cheaper and strips and ribbons should be 8-9 foot in length. Although the hanging backdrop will look lovely, but you can always spice it up with attaching tiny flowers down the length of the ribbon. You can also attach cardboard letters to spell Love or I Do. No matter what colour you choose, ribbon and fabric garlands will look stupendous. Other creative ways to use ribbons is make a tent like structure hanging them from the centre of the ceiling to the sides. Or you can also tie them at the back of the chair.

parasols backdrop for wedding

Parasols and Colours

Parasols are not just wonderful to save guests from the sun rays; these also provide a pop of colour and uniqueness that you want. To make the back support table, you need 10 PVC poles, pipe connectors, T joints, and pipe cutter. Once done, you can decorate it with pink, tiffany blue, and teal coloured parasols. For a nice tutorial of how to make the back support table, visit http://asubtlerevelry.com/bright-umbrella-backdrop. Another great idea to use parasols in your wedding is to suspend them upside down from the ceiling. Or you cans imply place one parasols beside each chair both as a decoration and for guests to use as well. If you are keen off the beaten track, make a wedding arch with the parasols like the one shown in the picture above.

flower wedding backdrop

Flower Power

Flowers can be used in more than one ways to create a magical backdrop. Make a flower garland curtain and say ‘I Do” against its stunning backdrop. If you are having the ceremony outdoors, white flower curtain against the green landscape will add that WOW into the wow factor. Instead of using real flowers, use paper flowers. And the best part is that you can DO IT YOURSELF. Decorate the arch with giant colourful paper flowers for an Alice in Wonderland style wedding. For a more sophisticated look, for white paper garlands. To use fewer flowers, you can use fabric tassels and attach flowers here and there. To take it a step further, why not use a floral chandelier to really make a statement. Imagine exchanging vows underneath a giant floral chandelier like the one hanging above the dinner table in the picture

fairy lights wedding backdrop

The Magic of Fairy Lights

Nothing says romance better than fairy lights – whimsical, dramatic yet elegant. If these are the three words you want your wedding to be associated with, twinkling fairy lights are for you. Easy, cheaper, still breath-taking, fairy lights when paired with tulle create a backdrop that’s nothing less than divine. Whether hung from the ceiling like a tent or playing hide and seek behind the tulle curtains, fairy lights are like magic wands making your dream wedding come true. If you want to suspend them from the ceiling, wrap them around tulle for a more whimsical feel. To show your creative side, you can even put them under-table. The sheer soft glow will help you achieve the fairy-tale look you want. Do you still want to take it up a notch? Purchase white hula hoops and wrap them with fairy lights to make DIY chandeliers. Still missing something? For a square chandelier, join 4 curtain belts. Wrap them around trees, suspend down the curtains, wrap around the railings, ideas are endless.

photo frames wedding backdrop

The Backdrop of Memories

Vintage, Woodland, rustic, and countryside, whatever is your wedding theme, photo frames will spice up the décor and make it more meaningful. It’s the best way to personalise your wedding details as well as making your guests’ jaws drop observing the stunning effect. For those who have planned for an outdoor wedding, plan to tie the knot with a giant tree in the backdrop. You can either suspend the photo frames from the branches or attach your portraits to the trunk of the tree. Or else why not use a giant photo frame to be the centre of attraction. Use photos that reflect the time you have had together and memories you have created. This will add a personal touch to the ceremony.

All these backdrops are outstanding to leave a lasting impression on guests. Your family and friends will definitely cherish the wedding for years to come.

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