5 Ways to Ensure People Attend Your Event

Who wants to plan an event for 200 people and get 20 people to show up? Yes, nobody! All the money, efforts, and all-nighters to make it a success go in vain. What can be worse than planning an event only to find out that all these expenses are for nothing?And this happens quite often with workshops, seminars, fundraising events, product launches, and free events. So without much ado, here we share 5 sure ways to get people to attend your event in London.

Bring on a Sponsor

Companies want to build their brand which is why they sponsor events to let people know about them and build trust. Every sponsor can bring down the cost of your event which can help you lower down the cost of registration. And the lower the registration fee, the more will be the number of people willing to pay. Look for a sponsor who fits with the demographics of your audience. And if you do it right, getting a sponsor will be easy.

Marketing Strategies and Media Coverage

Develop an influential marketing strategy which includes more than just creating a Facebook and Twitter page. Don’t put all the eggs in one basket so make sure to put your resources in different marketing channels. Don’t miss any opportunity to pitch your idea! Other than social media marketing, look for other channels like local television, flyers, and newspaper. And media exposure will take your event to a whole new level. But it’s not easy to secure. Look for influential bloggers in your niche and invite them to take part in your event. And ask them to write a blog post about their plans to attend the event. Also, look for local opportunities like networking functions and meetings related to your industry. You can even ask your friends to spreads the word. It’s free and a very powerful marketing tool. Share bulleted list of benefits of attending your event with them as well.

Invite and Over-Invite

Along with marketing your event, you have to invite your existing customers, clients, and business partners as well. Encourage them to bring a plus-one who may be interested in the event. Follow your target audience but cast a wide net because not all who will hear about your event will plan to attend too. So to ensure a nice crowd, over-invite people by at least 30-40%. And along with a paper invitation, it’s important to send a reminder e-invite just in case someone forgets to mark your event in his calendar.

Add a Celebrity

Never underestimate the star power. A celebrity can add that wow factor into your plain event and prompt people to attend. Connect to a celeb who you think will be willing to make an appearance and be ready to pay an appearance fee. But if it leads to more number of registrations for your event, you’ll easily cover the expenses. Celebrities can also lure sponsors so just keep your eyes and ears open for any sponsorship, which can double the return.

Choose a Good Location

Venue matters, especially if it’s a corporate event! If you’re launching your new fashion collection, a club with runway and LED lighting might be a good choice. If you’re launching a wine, a bar serving canapés to complement your wine can be a good choice. If you’re planning an award ceremony, a tiered auditorium can make the difference. And it’s not just the type of venue that can make or break an event. Make sure that the venue is easily accessible, near the underground stations, centrally located, and offers parking as well.

Following these few rules will help you ensure at least 90% attendance at your event and ultimately make it a huge hit. Happy Planning!

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