5 Influential Themes for Asian Weddings

Asian weddings are held with the same splendour and zest all over the world. They have certain similarities - the decoration of hands with mehendi, endless photography sessions, selection of a perfect DJ, playing wedding games, and performance of rituals. Wedding preparations include deciding the wedding venue and the selection of an incredible theme. The venue has to be stylish, ideal for photo-shoots, and spacious for welcome drinks. On the other hand, theme for the wedding should be attractive and pleasing for the guests.

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In between all the havoc of wedding arrangements, one forgets to select a theme that is unique but attractive. We’ve brought a set of unique themes to bring novelty in the concept of Asian Weddings -

Using the magic of Roses
rose theme asian weddings

Ornamenting the venue with red roses exemplifies unconditional love and makes the surroundings lively. Adding the effect of roses to the invitation card, ring pillows, gift boxes, and chair covers will make the venue look formal and create a positive impression on the guests. On the other hand, white roses will upgrade the effect and make the decoration look formal.

Choosing the oriental look
oriental theme asian weddings
Decorating the site with yellow, red and golden colour is the idea when it comes to oriental theme decoration. Using flowers, Chinese-lanterns, candles, chopsticks, and napkins designed in the oriental theme will make the entire decoration captivating. One should use this theme to denote love, happiness and prosperity.

Keep things tropical
tropical theme asian wedding

Garnish the venue with tropical items namely orchids, hibiscus, lilies, and palm trees. One uses this theme to create a serene atmosphere and to please the guests. Using scented candles, beach umbrellas, aquariums with tropical themes, and bouquets are other ways of creating an outstanding tropical look for the wedding venue.

Grab the rustic country style look
rustic theme asian weddings

Decorating the chosen venue with golden garlands and rustic accessories will make the destination look natural. Arranging weddings on fields of barn, wheat, corn, and inside the cabin is the best way of celebrating the occasion in a rustic manner. To enhance the look, one can even use cinnamon sticks, wheat stalks and lavender springs.

Selecting the glittery effect
starry theme asian weddings

Using the glittery effect means ornamenting things with shades blue and black. Using white flowers as the base, and decorating curtains and table cloths with darker shades will create a starry effect. To brighten up the look on wintry nights, one can even use miniature bulbs.

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