5 Steps To Plan a Party in London with More Than 10 People

Planning a fun party with friends in London? And, thinking how to start things for guests more than 10. Often we plan to throw an exciting party to our friends and they are usually more than 10 in number. Here are six steps that will help you plan an event exactly the way you wanted for your friends. Have good food and arrange for some booze, this is all you need for a wonderful get together in the city.

Step 1 – Make a List of Your Guests
Have your guest list ready when planning an event in London. This will help you to pick from best celebrations venues in London as per your capacity requirements. Make a list of vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends at the party. This will allow you to prepare a meal that suits every tastes and preferences.

Step 2 – BBQ
Barbecue is a perfect food option for your informal get together. Grilled meat and vegetables along with some cocktails, this is all you need to make your event memorable. This food option is suitable for both summers and winters. Hire a spacious garden venue in London, where your friends can sprawl out enjoying the sun and evening breeze.

Step 3 – Keep it Simple
Do not order or make too much variety of food. Keep everything simple by planning for a bulk order of the same dish. Stick on to a particular cuisine and have dishes that your friends like that most. For example, if your mates like American cuisine, then arrange for foot longs, burgers, hot dogs, and tacos. Keep everything ready before the party starts and serve them hot by using oven or microwave.

Step 4 – Booze
The simple and fun way to dispense your alcohol is to make a punch of all liquor you have. Try to use all white drinks like, vodka, white rum, tequila, gin, and different fruit juices. This makes an amazing combination and your guests will definitely love it.

Step 5 – Disposable Plates and Glasses
To serve the food, use disposable plates and glasses. This allows you to dump your waste easily and does not create a mess at your party venue.

Use these steps to plan a memorable party for people more than 10 in London. Make sure you have everything on place before your start your celebrations.

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