5 Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Wedding in London

Unless you are having a black-tie affair, it is natural that a couple of kids will be guests at your London wedding. Whether they are your nephews, nieces, or your own kids, it is always a wonderful idea to make some provisions to keep them happy.

Children-friendly wedding ideas in London usually run the gamut from cheap to elaborate. You need to plan everything according to their whims and fancies. Give extra care on the food and decorations, as they have a definite say on your children-friendly wedding in London.

Here are few exclusive ideas that you can incorporate at your ceremony and reception to make it extremely kid-friendly:

1. Beware of Risks Involved
Kids look awfully cute at weddings. From their dress to yelling out funny phrases, they always enjoy such outings. But, if you want kids at your wedding, beware of the risks involved. If child related disruptions are too much to handle, then keep your ceremony an adult-only affair. Be sure to communicate this in a polite way.

Ask the parents to make an alternative arrangement for their little ones. It is not the bride’s responsibility to provide childcare for these young guests. As a wedding etiquette, you can even address the parents in the inner envelope of invitation.

2. Hold the Event Well Before the Bedtime
Even the most energetic kid needs a good time nap. So, consider the time at your ceremony. If you want to have little ones at your event, it is always good to hold it before bedtime. But, if you really want a nuptial at night, then offer a quiet room at the reception site where these young guests can retreat for their regular fiesta.

Event coordinators at most venues will arrange for the use of quiet rooms ahead of your ceremony or reception. You can even stock some toys and games to keep your little guests interested.

3. Assist The Parents
Taking a kid to a special event is often stressful and you cannot understand it unless you have experienced it firsthand. So, when planning a special event like your wedding, make sure you help the parents to plan. When a parent receives an invitation, he/she thinks about a lot of questions. Will the kid get cranky and cry during the event? Will the ceremony interfere between his/her bedtime or naptime? And, will he/she strip down to diaper? All these questions will give nightmare to any parent.

Thus, you can help parents by simply letting them know the itinerary ahead of time. This way, they can plan everything accordingly.

4. Entertain the Children
If you wish to invite children at your wedding, then here are few tips to entertain the little ones. Once they are busy and amused, it will allow adults to have all the fun:

  • Hire an entertainer for kids, like clowns, magicians, or organise a puppet show.
  • Think of hiring babysitters or a crèche service too.
  • Arrange for an activity pack for each kid, including puzzles, games, crayons, and colouring books.
  • Have a special cinema corner, where young guests can lie down watching their favourites like Shrek, The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, and others.

You can even think of setting up a separate children’s table. Cover it with a beautiful tablecloth and put some paper and crayons or colourful pens in the middle.

5. Kids Meal

It is always good to investigate whether your venue caterer can provide a special child-friendly menu at your wedding or not. Young guests like munching, so ask the caterer to serve some easy to eat items like French fries, and chicken fingers. For a buffet style meal, make sure you serve delicious fruit platters, cheese from carving station, or a fancy ham. But, make sure you ask parents about any food allergies, as you want your young guests to safely enjoy their meal rather than spoiling the mood of the party.

It may seem a daunting task, but if having children at your wedding means that your best friends and family can also be there, then try this. An additional effort is always essential to make your D-day more special.

If you are in serious look for a kid-friendly wedding venue in London, then get in touch with us. We have a huge list of wedding spaces in Central London, most featuring special facilities and services for your young guests.

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