5 Ideas for a Butterfly Wedding

Butterfly wedding has caught the imagination of brides in London. Having this kind of wedding can be extremely whimsical and fun. Butterflies denote changes of life and marriage is one of them. It is perfect for spring and summer weddings. If you are thinking of incorporating this theme in your wedding, here are five ways through which you can do this at your London venue.

Start with appropriate invitation cards. Choose the vibrant colours of butterflies such as pink, violet, baby red and other such ones for your wedding invitation card. Emboss a large silhouette figure of butterfly on the face of card and smaller ones in the inside.

For more bold idea, go for a series of watermarked butterflies all over the invitation card. Else, opt for butterfly printed vellum paper for creating the card.

Well, you cannot have these beautiful winged creatures all over your wedding dress, as it will make you look like a kid! Instead, choose wedding dresses that have frilly edges, lace and other detailed work that will enhance the feminine beauty of your personality with the perfect blend of beauty of butterfly.

You can also have butterfly hands in gold, silver, white and pastel coloured threads embossed on your dress, more specifically around the hem, waistline and neckline.

Wedding Favours
Have chocolates in white organza bag with a personalised butterfly tag. The tag can be either a colourful butterfly figure or the imprints of its wings. Another delightful option would be butterfly shaped bottle stoppers in a themed gift box.

If you are a nature lover and looking for an eco-friendly idea, then gift your guests butterfly designed plantable placecards integrated with seeds. These seeds when sown turn into butterfly-friendly flowers.

Cover your wedding venue with light coloured tulle and then paste large butterflies made from wire and netting. Have the walls of your wedding venue in London embossed with butterfly imprints. And, for colours go for mix and match pattern.

Instead of crepe paper streamers, opt for colourful paper butterflies and hang them all around the venue. You can also incorporate this theme onto your wedding cake by attaching small paper butterflies on the edges of it.

Wedding Ceremony
At the end of your wedding, release butterflies of different colours. You can order live butterflies online. Instead of you throwing a flower bouquet in the air, release these small winged creatures and embark on a new life.

Wedding brings a huge change in your life and this change is aptly reflected through this theme. Take a clue these ideas and let your wedding be as colourful as this small creature itself is.

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