5 Corporate Event Disasters to Avoid in London

No matter how engaging is your event; sometimes little unforeseen things can turn it into a disaster. And corporate events are something that you cannot take chance with. It’s about the reputation of your company so meeting and exceeding expectations matter. When you’re living in a city like London which is popular as the financial centre of the world, expectations are always high. And if your boss has given you this responsibility and opportunity, everything has to go perfect, not in your head but in real. You’ll face little hitches and glitches but how to make sure that nothing terribly goes wrong. Here’s how.

1. Technical Issues
Let’s start with the most common mistake event planners make. You want your event to be up-to-date with modern technological trends and hire AV equipment for visual presentations. As the event starts, the microphone makes a shrieking sound that creates inconvenience for the audience. Your team has no ideas as how to operate the projector and what to do if it fails to function. These little things create a bad first impression and undermine the reliability of your organization. It always pays to allot the right tasks to right people. And it always pays to check the equipment before hiring to ensure proper functioning. Again, it always pays to ask a few questions before deciding which event planning company to work with.

2. Boredom
Most of the business events look and feel the same. But if you really want to make the difference, you’ll have to do something extraordinary. Leave the “cookie-cutter” approach and try something offbeat. Rather than a simple slideshow, go for web-conferencing with industry professionals. Instead of usual quizzes, organize games and give prizes to enhance teamwork and engagement. All these things will help prevent your event from becoming boring. Obviously, you need some creativity and courage to make it happen but the effort is worth it. You don’t want the audience to keep looking at their wristwatches, right.

3. Doing the Same as You did Last Year?
Last year, you managed to pull together an amazing event complete with enticing hors d’oeuvres and aerial acts. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to work every year. Don’t follow the same schedule of activities you did last year, especially if the audience is same. A different theme, a new entertainment option, or even a unique London location matters. If you hosted the last event in the office conference hall, take your guests on-board a Thames ship this time. An unusual venue in London will automatically add new elements to your event. Plana scavenger hunt on the ship or offer boat rides to the attendees to give them an adrenaline rush. Don’t make it all about business! Events turn out to successful only when business is combined with pleasure. Brainstorm ideas and you’ll definitely come up with something that suits that will knock the audience off their feet.

4. Alcohol Effect
Who will talk business after three glasses of wine? It doesn’t make sense to offer alcohol to the attendees, unless it’s Christmas or New Year. Imagine dizzy employees trying to discuss strategic business plans. If you really want to treat the guests to alcohol, throw an after-party for them once the business issues have been taken care of. It’s a perfect way for guests to mingle with each other, build better relationships, and end a business oriented day with a bang.

5. Too Many Food Options
While having fewer food choices is also a problem, too many options can also result in problem. Set up 20 different food stations and guests will end up standing in queues to refill their plates. Remember it’s not a feast; it’s a business event that calls for some seriousness. Keep the options limited to one beef, one meat, one fish, and one vegetarian choice. Keep your enticing menu for Christmas parties and let them concentrate on business and not food. Rather than a large feast, consider offering a few refreshment breaks in between. It will help the attendees take a break and loosen up.

There’s a Latin proverbs that says, “We are the authors of our own disasters”. But if you consider these points during the planning process, nothing will go wrong. However, don’t expect too much and nothing ever goes off without a hitch, especially events. So just, relax and do the best you can.

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