How to Decorate your Prom Venue like a Pro

Look at your classrooms one last time, play on that field one last time, enjoy your meal in the cafeteria one last time, and capture the image of whole school building in your mind for the lifetime. But before you leave for the new journey, don’t forget to rock your prom party. And what motivates you the most to have fun on your last day? The whole ambience of the prom venue.

Because the motivational factor works like a driving force and encourage you to enjoy your last day to the fullest. Keeping that in mind, the experts at TheCityCollection have gathered all the requisite information in order to help you maintain the charm of your prom hall. Don’t think much about how can prom venues be decorated and simply try these decorations for your gala night.

Wow! What an Arch!

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The first thing everyone notices while entering the prom hall is the arch. Special guests need that more special entrance so give them one and make them feel the same way. Cover the whole arch with lights, flowers, balloons, ribbons, whatever suits your prom theme. Just make sure it goes well with the theme.

Everybody Needs a Red Carpet Treatment

Whatever be your theme, don’t you dare forget the red carpet below that graceful arch. Whether Hollywood is your theme or the carpet needs special care during that weather, you must not keep it off the list. Because Hello, what’s a prom without a Red Carpet?

Something to Hold on to

Once the people arrive at the venue, give them the mask to cover the essential part, it adds the mystery element to the whole event. If it is not going well with the theme, you can opt for other options as well, similar to a boutonniere, a wrist band, a prop, or something more fun like.

Balloons v/s Flowers

When it comes to decorating the whole venue, you have 2 options, balloons or flowers. It totally depends upon your theme as well as your budget. Both play a significant role in decorating the place you will be dancing and having fun with your pals for one last time. Or even better, if your theme allows, go for both, like the one above.

Fun Filled Activities

From award ceremony to shooting darts, it could be anything. Give them one last opportunity to show off their skills and hit the bull’s eye. It keeps the dullness away from the party. You can try themes like casino or Hollywood to maintain the activeness here.

Strike a Pose with Style

There is no fun without a photo booth at an exciting party like this. Dedicate one corner to special moment capturing pro. Here everybody can pretend to be themselves for a while. So that everybody can unleash their madness at photo booth, make them feel comfortable with the aura of that space. Decorate it with props or old B&W pictures of prom only. Those being captured would feel more comfortable in such environment.

Every Wall has a Story

You have ribbons, balloons, fairy lights, temporary wall scones, and pictures of everybody attending that night on the walls. You are free to use or even overuse any of these. Origami can turn out to be another ideal wall décor if you’ve got a lot of time on your hand.

Avant-Garde Ceiling

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Another ideal place to try the origami. Else, you can anyway go for chandelier if budget is not a constraint. Besides, if it is, then try bulbs, and helium filled balloons come handy too. You can utilise the ribbon concept to give it a marquee look. Moreover, tissue balls, not-so-precious tree-plant leaves (that is easy to find), and other paper items can give your prom an amazing look.

Shake it on the Dance Floor

As we are talking about decorations, dance is something that you can’t restrict to decorations and themes but you can anyway play music that complements your décor, theme, and mood. If it doesn’t suit you then you are free to experiment with every kind of music genre. Make sure you keep every person in mind. Rock lovers, couples, break dancers, and everyone who loves to dance. Give everyone a chance to show off his or her dance skills.

Now where to execute all these ideas seems to be your major concern now. Don’t worry about that too because TheCityCollection has a unique range of prom venues that can make your last day so memorable that every time you go through your photographs, an unexpected smile would refuse to leave your face.

Have Fun!

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Trending Seating Arrangements for Dinner Parties in London

What makes an event successful? The sophisticated mannerism of ladies and gentlemen gathered there or the elegant decoration gracing the whole arena? Is it the aromatic temptation of cuisine’s variety or that mood lightning lighting arrangements? Any event needs to have certain qualities to be an unforgettable experience for its people, especially when it comes to dinner in the city like London, the adequate and modern seating arrangement is stealing the show nowadays.

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Here, you will find some of the seating arrangements, being a talk of the town and gracing many dinner parties in the city and neighbourhood. Now, before hosting a dinner in London, you may consider any of these seating plans that would grace your elegant party.

Have a look!

Long conversations on Long Table

A long table at dinner will be no less than a family reunion table where all members face each other after a long time. It’s perfect for a rectangular hall where least space will go unattended.

Love it with the Cabaret

Here, all should be facing a stage for the whole night, which could be a gala night, some award ceremony, or a wedding. Facing the dais during such ceremony in a semicircle is a must.

Banquet has it for all

When you need no particular order for seating your guests, this seating arrangement is ideal. Tables at many places and all seated everywhere, but in equal numbers.

Have a great time with Hollow Square

It’s perfect for dinner discussions followed by some conference or other corporate events. The talk may continue with anyone across the table where you never know if you are the nurturing a relationship with the prospect business partner. Make the most of it.

Boardroom can be fun too

It’s a little bit different from long table seating as this one has more of a square table to be seated around than a rectangular table.

Go with Herringbone this season

It’s time to show off some style and class with new dinner seating arrangement this season. This way, one cheers with many people and have an awesome time during the dinner night.

Perfect Top Table and Spring

When the U-shape seating arrangement allows seating inside the U as well, it turns out to be the top table and springs-styled seating.

Call it Informal

Now here, the tables can either be square or round, it is exclusively the host’s choice. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind that total people having dinner on that table don’t have to be specific in number.

You can go with any of these seating arrangements, suiting the need of your event. Each of them is appropriate to pull off any dinner night successfully.

While hosting a dinner in London, make sure you choose the right venue where all your guests get comfortably seated. Now it’s easy to choose and hire dinner venues in London, as TheCityCollection is here to help you out.

Happy Dinner Night!

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