Penthouse Birthday Party Venues in London

Age does not matter when it comes to birthday celebration. Treating someone special on his / her birthday or pampering yourself on your birthday is always a fun filed task. Arranging each and every thing on birthday makes a person more excited and lively. Every one of us wants the birthday party to be grand and happening. So, it becomes equally very important to choose the best when it comes to venue option selection. Whether it’s a small party or a gala party, our priority should be the audience whom we invite and indeed the venue. TheCityCollection brings some of the unusual and amazing penthouse venues for your special day. Hire from the hand-picked options available at TheCityCollection and select the best for you.

Sky Bar at Holborn Hotel

At Penthouse level, the Sky Bar at Grange Holborn offers beautiful unobstructed views over London. It is an exclusive bar with rooftop terrace and conservatory. It is a perfect venue to celebrate your birthday with your near and dear ones. Combining the bar and the conservatory, it can host up to 200 people’s birthday gathering. It serves full range of beers, wines, and exotic range of bar foods. The Kitchen and the butler services are also available upon request at the West End Bar Restaurant.

Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace at Grange St. Paul’s

Offering beautiful unobstructed views over St. Paul’s Cathedral, the conservatory has comfortable sofa seating and a roof that can be retracted in good weather. The bar and conservatory area have a combined capacity of 200, making it a stunning location for celebrating your birthday party. Audiovisual facilities along with PA and fixed LED lights are available to add the beauty to your birthday celebration. It serves a wide range of beers and wines along with kitchen and butler services which are available upon request. This venue is a perfect venue for celebrating your birthday as it can be hired alone, or together with the adjoining.

The City Penthouse

The City Penthouse is located a stone’s throw away from Thames, and boasts 360º panoramic views to enjoy. You can arrange a grand birthday party against the stunning backdrop of Tower of London, London Eye, and St Paul’s Cathedral. The maximum capacity of this venue is 80 in reception style seating and is just 1 minute away from Tower Hill Tube station. The City Penthouse is well decorated and designed and it is an ideal venue for celebrating your birthday party. Hire this venue and make your event a memorable event for the lifetime.

40|30- The Gherkin

40|30 is located in the famous bullet shaped tower in London, and is a perfect venue to celebrate your grand birthday party. The entire view of the city’s skyline is mesmerising with a beautiful glass dome enclosing the venue. Along with the dazzling decor details, one can also hire three private spaces at this venue. It is an ideal venue for both large and intimate groups and includes more than three seating styles plans for your events. The specialty of 40|30 is the renowned catering facilities with multiple cuisine selection. Moreover, you can request for getting your own choice of caterer too. Hire 40|30 today to turn your birthday an unforgettable event and let our seasoned venue professionals take care of all your venue needs in London.
No 4 Hamilton Place

An ultimate example of Edwardian grandeur and home to and home to Royal Aeronautics Society, No. 4 Hamilton Place offers range of flexible and versatile event spaces. No.4 Hamilton lace is located in Mayfair and enjoys an exceptional location along with eye-catching bow windows and baroque staircase. With a maximum capacity of 300 people, this venue adds comforts, high-tech technology, quality services, and old charm. This is an ideal venue for celebrating your birthday party and making it a memorable event for the lifetime. This venue will surely meet your expectation at the same time will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

So, What are you waiting for! Celebrate your birthday in the perfect penthouse birthday venues and cherish the moments for lifetime with your near and dear ones.

Happy Choosing!

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Ten Essentials For Teens In a Prom Party

There’s nothing exciting than attending a prom party and hit the dance floor. It’s time to enjoy your last day and get over the nostalgia as you hit the dance floor with your partners and friends. But you need to prepare well before leaving for the prom party. TheCityCollection brings “top ten essentials for teens” to get ready before leaving the house.

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Top 5 Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of the most dreaded days for everyone who is not in love, or recently out of love. But you can still make it the most splendid day of the year by planning carousal with your friends who share this feeling with you. Once you have finalised the plans, it is time to look around for a space suitable for your theme among the
party venues in London and start working on these ideas:

Cool Anti Valentine’s Day Slogans

You can think of suitable Valentine’s Day slogans and get them printed on your T-shirts. Some remarkable slogan ideas will be writing the “Cupid is Stupid”, “Bad Guys”, “Love is Lost”, “Love Stinks”, “the Business Day”, or” back off love”. Bring your black humour to work, and think out more such quotes. And you can ask your guests to come wearing these quotes on their hearts.

No Love Songs

A true anti-Valentine’s Day party will have each decoration yelling at you “no love”. And picking up right songs are also an important part of this. You can do it the best with songs like “Since You Be Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, the “Goodbye To You” by Michelle Branch or the “Love Stinks”.

Serve The Black Recipes
Serve a dark meal to the guests, like bitter chocolate, Fondues, treats with a heavy garlic &onion, stinky cheese, sour food, chicken hearts and heart broken cakes with icing. You can also bring in a flood of sour and bitter drinks like Vodka and Campari.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

An anti- Valentine’s Day decoration can be very effective if you have right plans to match the theme. You can deck the venue with images of Cupids, with their heads cut off, rent hearts dripping blood. You can also think of good anti love movies, and theme the party with this game. Besides, you can also keep black colour as the dress code. This will make the celebration scary and dark by many degrees.
Use these anti Valentines Day ideas to plan a party in London city. This will make your event a truly loved affair for all your single guests. Start planning now, to get best details arranged for the day.

Go with the Gothic Style

Instead of going all Red, symbol of love and romance, you better try Gothic theme for the day. Plan something extraordinary than usual. Go for the Gothic attire, Gothic jewellery, Gothic venue, and you can add a touch of Gothic theme to your cuisine as well. Rather than pampering someone else, this time you pamper yourself, and give time to yourself.

To all the people who are single, just go and celebrate your valentine’s day with equal enthusiasm as someone in sheer love. You love your family, friends, and most importantly yourself. So you do have all the reasons to make this day more special. Host a party for all these people you love and care for, who can’t stop loving themselves, just like you do. Hire any of these Valentine’s Day venues in London and have a time of your life.

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5 Quirky Baby Shower Ideas and Themes

When you ask women about their best memories of life, majority of them will cater you with a reply, “Giving birth to a life. Becoming a mother is my best moment on this earth.’ We all believe that it is the best happening in anyone’s life. Isn’t it? So why not celebrate coming of a new life in your family? Yes. Then plan an evening celebrating and cherishing the mama-to-be with an intimate gathering.

Or, being a happy and excited family, you can plan a baby shower and surprise parents-to-be. Nowadays, baby shower surprises are really trending in London. So, it can be a good way of expressing your happiness, excitement and amorousness for the baby.Cherish the upcoming of a little fellow in this world with the couple, family and friends.

Now, to have a big bash of celebration is not at all easy as having an ice cream on a chilly winter night. During preparations, one needs to adhere to some basics in order to avoid confusion or mistakes. Here, you will get an idea on what can be done to add some freshness and excitement in traditional baby shower. And, one can bet as it will enhance the celebratory mood for everyone to remember for ages. So, let’s get started!

The English Tradition

London is famous for its events over an afternoon tea. Isn’t it? The quintessential English afternoon tea is a sure short way for any closed event. You can plan a tea party along with baby shower, inviting near and dear ones. Make arrangements for food and beverages such as sandwiches, chocolate macaroons, juices, candy apple and many more delicacies. And how can one forget the red velvety cake especially for the mama-to-be.One can simply plan an afternoon tea on a
terrace venue in London with Parisian decorations and surprise the lot.

TIP: When talks arise for beverages, try having on table non-alcoholic items as the celebration is to welcome the baby and their parents into a new world.

It’s Mom Time

It’s ‘she’ who gave you the happy news. So, pamper her, love her, and make her feel blessed as you all shower her with loads of love. Everyone goes for a baby shower, but you can add a twist in the celebration, and surprise ‘mama’ with a ‘Mommy shower’. Have some dedicated-to-her decorations, her favourite chocolates, fancy tablecloths and flowers. Give her gifts that she would love such as comfy cloths, gift vouchers or certificates for shopping, cosmetics, garments, manicure or pedicure and so on. Believe it, she will be extremely happy, excited and thrilled to experience so much love and attention.

It’s a ‘book shower’

Shower the parents-to-be with the best stock of books for them and their beautiful baby. Whether first baby or second, every child is born with different traits and characteristics. Thus, every child needs different nursing, care and love.So, ask every invitee to bring their favourite parenting, story, bedtime books or any other item that will be beneficial for couple. And, help them create a baby’s library of their own. You can also have a customized book-shaped cake for the evening.

Who won’t Love a Fairy tale?

Babies are said to be angels of God. Thus, why not plan a Fairy tale themed baby shower, especially when it’s a baby-girl. Make sure all decorations are related to fairy tales like mermaid, Rapunzel from Disney or any other story. Won’t it be best the favourites of mama-to-be? You can also request the invitees to bring soft toys and other adorable stuff related to fairy tales and Disney for mama and baby. Why not opt for a venue which allows you to be creative and new with your idea of celebration? There are many
party venues in London great in catering some of the best themed-parties for its clients.

Be a Child once again!

Who won’t love to be a child once again and live a carefree life? Don’t you want to be a lid once again? Well, everyone does and this makes for another great theme for celebration. As you are cherishing and thanking the couple for the good news, make them remember their kindergarten days. Make a video inclusive of pictures and other stuff of both, mama-to-be and dad-to-be. Cherish their golden years of childhood with their favourite songs, their cut pet-dialogues, and so on. Ask their close and dear ones to share their best memories about the couple with everyone.

Welcoming a new life in the family is undoubtedly the best thing in the life. Cuddling, caring for baby’s small needs, witnessing the beautiful baby sleeping serenely. I don’t know about others, but for me, the best part is watching a baby smile in sleep as if he/she is among the fairies of God and smiling with joy. So, plan something which will be retained for a lifetime by the couple. All in all, it’s their moment; make it the best for them!

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