Let Your Wedding Bells Chime Gleefully at Best Banquet Halls in London

A wedding is a special day for those who are ready to plunge into this matrimonial bliss. Tying a knot with your beloved implies that you are entering into another phase of your life. As the wedding is a momentous event, it should be made as memorable as possible. And, what better way to make your marriage an unforgettable affair than hosting it at best banqueting halls in London?

These London halls not only add that divine aura to your marriage but their excellent facilities will make your wedding a smooth affair. Hire from the halls given below and make your wedding “talk of the town" , right after making your hen party in London a memory to be carried into your married life!

Brewer’s Hall

Situated in the Aldermanbury Square, Brewer’s Hall lies between the Guildhall and London Wall. This historic building has three main rooms, the Livery Hall, the Committee Room, and the Court Room. The Livery Hall is ideal for reception with a capacity of 120 people. Whereas the Oak panelled Court Room is ideal for holding wedding. When it comes to the section of food, a delectable mix of Continental, Modern European, International, and Oriental cuisines will surely blow your guests away. Distance wise, it is not far from the St. Paul’s tube station. The presence of multi-storied parking in Aldersgate Street, north of the intersection with London Wall is an added advantage as well.

Merchant Taylors’ Hall

If you want to give your wedding an unparalleled style, book this magnificent venue in London. This capacious venue has 7 function rooms with the Great Hall accommodating around 400 people. A magnificent garden is adorning the beauty of this property. This chateau styled place with classic sculptures will enchant your guests like never before and is an ideal place to hold your wedding reception. Wedding reception is incomplete without good quality food. But, you need not worry about that here. The Great Kitchen, headed by an expert team of chefs, offers a mouth-watering mix of international cuisines. As far as accessibility goes, a 3-minute walk from the Bank underground station will take you here.

Grange Holborn Hotel

Located near West End, this 5-star property facilitates as an ideal space for wedding receptions. The mesmerising skyline of the city is visible from its penthouse-level Sky Bar where 150 people can enjoy the shindigs of a nuptial ceremony. Besides, you can find a Greco-Roman styled swimming pool where its movable floor transforms the whole space into an ideal banqueting hall. Orion Suite is the largest room out of all event spaces of Grange Holborn Hotel as 450 people can attend a wedding reception altogether.

Book one of these banquet halls and give an unforgettable touch to your wedding. All the halls come with comforting facilities, helping you in making your wedding affair a truly memorable one.

Happy Wedding!

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7 Useful Ideas That Can Help You Host a Successful Exhibition in London

When it comes to highlighting the best of your work, can you suggest any other option than an exhibition? Even if you are short on budget, an exhibition is not something that would soak up all your money. You can host an exhibition for many reasons, be it sales, marketing communication, product marketing, brand awareness, customer relationship management, or any of the innumerable objects.

So grab your creative shoes, sharp your skills, and get ready to show off your idea, product, or art to the world. Because your work is worth it! So whether the whole exhibition belongs to you or you simply have a stand in that exhibition, just nail it with these amazing ideas.

Say it With the Pop-up Invites

You better keep those invites as eye catchy as possible. Pop-ups are trending nowadays, screaming out the best things about your exhibition. Go for bright colours if your exhibition assimilates liveliness and a unique theme that needs to come out directly. Keep it dark and casual if the exhibition is related to corporate.

Are You Sure About Those Platforms

There have been many incidences when someone climbing up the stage, tripped over the two-step escalator. In order to avoid such embarrassing situation for others or god forbid yourself, avoid the stage at first place. Don’t’ use it unless and until you seriously need it.

Try the Gimmicks

Gimmicks always pay out in a favourable way. It is one of the best forms to attract the audience to your exhibition stand and have a desirable outcome from them. Be it their attention towards your product demonstration or a trial of the same. It’s always better to hire some professional and save your employees or co-workers from the embarrassment of killing the humorous activity.

Freebies Always Work

The freebies always come to the rescue when you want the visitors to remember you. It could be either pen-drive, any keychain, handbag, pen, or something that constantly reminds them of your existence. If the need arises, they will contact you because you would leave an everlasting impression on their mind. You will, right?

Offer Fun Time at the Photobooth

Photo-booths are trending nowadays that a majority of people will listen to you, your pitch, and pay attention to your efforts while paying a visit to your booth. Even if it’s a fake one, but you never know what might catch their interest or attention. So first, lure them with colourful props, boards, and free photographs’ promise, then get started with your thing, only if they show interest because clingy representatives are a huge put-off.

Q and A Session is Essential

Make sure that each doubt of your visitors gets resolved on the spot. Assign that task to well-informed individual/s at your counter, keeping in mind that he or she will be able to convey the core idea of your product or whole exhibition. You can anyway arrange a separate Q and A session for the audience.

Smart Use of Smartphones

The user is depending more and more on technology since the digitization has boomed in the past decade. So it’s better to provide all the necessary information about your exhibition and its stalls in a digital format, for the visitors’ convenience. This way they can download the same on their smartphones and explore it even when they are far from your stall.

Whether you are pulling off some kind of art exhibition or simply a corporate exhibition, you always need a perfect venue to make it successful. Have a look at these commendable venues in London and host a similar exhibition.

Good Luck!

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10 Birthday Party Ideas Inspired from Harry Potter

If you’re a pronounced fan of Harry Potter, you should see these birthday celebration ideas. The intention here is to be creative and make the most out of the props available on hand. Gradually, the blowout will turn out to be magical, deadly, and whimsical.

Let’s start with the points you should apply when you host your next birthday party.

Use the Hogwarts Theme

Hogwarts posters will give the guests a notion of being inside the magical school. You can even create a similar entrance like that of the Hogwarts Express.

Make the Cake Look Like an Invention of the Series

Harry Potter inspired cakes with magic -wand, spectacles, sorting hat, and the golden snitch on top are bound to attract the attention of your guests.

Concoct Creative Dishes

The cheese and pretzel broomsticks are the best options to be added in the list of appetizers at your party.

Using the Dementor Effect

Decorating the party room with a hanging Dementor will create a spooky effect inside the party hall.

Serve Butter-beer with Broomsticks

Guests at the party will get chuffed by the sight of butter-bear glasses. Adding broomsticks as drink stirrers will leave a mystic effect on the guests.

Brew Golden Snitches with Chocolates

Designed golden snitches out of chocolates can be added to the dessert menu. Make golden snitches pop-ups in place of a cake and see them disappear from the dessert table every minute.

Give Balloons the Hedwig look

Hanging balloons inside the party hall with the Hedwig face will give your guests the feeling of being around owls.

Set the Chamber of Secrets Mirror

Placing the chamber of secrets mirror at the entrance of the party hall will surely petrify your guests.

Hanging flying keys all around

A flock of flying keys will spread the necessary charm. The shiny and colored wings of the flying keys will appear to be eye-catchy and look like jewels.

Use the Spider Door

Cover the door with spiders starting from the door knob. The sight will scare off many guests arriving at the party.

Implementing these ideas for your special day would be visionary and take you back to the Harry Potter days. It will be an absolute treat for all the Harry Potter lovers. To book birthday party venues in London, visit our website and choose from the several options available.

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Everything You Need To Host a ‘Chillin & Grillin’ BBQ Party In London

Summer is in the offing! And you know what summer means, right? Fire roasted chicken, grilled marshmallows, refreshing cocktails, and of course deliciously fruity lemonades for non-boozers. Well, we have prepared a blow-by-blow plan of action that will help inspire you in the orchestrating of your BBQ party in London.

Just make sure you have country-style pork ribs and broiled steak kabobs on your party menu. They’re too cute to miss! J

Choose the Perfect Spot

If there’s a backyard, or a terrace at your place, utilize it to host your perfect BBQ party. But in case you don’t want to get into the heebie-jeebies of event planning, then hire a professional venue. See the London’s best venue options here.

Themes to Inspire

Whether you’re planning an impromptu brunch or a laid-back get-together with friends, a theme knots the affair together. Hawaiian Luau, 90s American-style Barbeque, All White Party, and Mexican Fiesta are a few themes that guarantee to be a great time!

Set the Right Light

Of course it is the responsibility of your venue to set a warm, romantic ambiance for an outdoor party. However, for fear that confusion; make sure to discuss it beforehand. String lights, candles, bulb cluster arrangement, and projector laser light can bring a sparkle to your outdoor occasion. So whether you’re doing-it-yourself or hiring a professional venue, don’t forget to add these impressive elements.

Decoration Is Everything

(Image Source: https://www.birthdayinabox.com/pages/barbecue-party)

No party or celebration should go without the perfect decoration. So we’ve prepared an amazing list of summer party supplies. Bunting & garlands, hanging decorations, lanterns, personalized banners, scene setters, and balloons are some of the elements that make your decoration unique and beautiful.

Set up the Drinks Station

What’s more refreshing than sipping a chilled cocktail on a hot summer day? Bearing that in mind, we bring you a list of some amazing cocktails. They can be served nicely, and can be made in big batches, chilled, and pulled out right when the guests hit the party.

Fire up Your Grill

There is no denying that people who come in the party are the most important element. But after that if there’s anything that can make or break the event is the Food & Drinks. So you have to be pretty sure while deciding your party menu. Please see the below image and it might help you in making your mind up. The best tip is – keep them light and simple.

Now you’ve got everything you need to host a successful outdoor bash. So what’s the wait? Setup your grill and start cooking the mouth-watering eateries.

Happy Grilling!

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5 Influential Themes for Asian Weddings

Asian weddings are held with the same splendour and zest all over the world. They have certain similarities - the decoration of hands with mehendi, endless photography sessions, selection of a perfect DJ, playing wedding games, and performance of rituals. Wedding preparations include deciding the wedding venue and the selection of an incredible theme. The venue has to be stylish, ideal for photo-shoots, and spacious for welcome drinks. On the other hand, theme for the wedding should be attractive and pleasing for the guests.

In between all the havoc of wedding arrangements, one forgets to select a theme that is unique but attractive. We’ve brought a set of unique themes to bring novelty in the concept of Asian Weddings -

Using the magic of Roses

Ornamenting the venue with red roses exemplifies unconditional love and makes the surroundings lively. Adding the effect of roses to the invitation card, ring pillows, gift boxes, and chair covers will make the venue look formal and create a positive impression on the guests. On the other hand, white roses will upgrade the effect and make the decoration look formal.

Choosing the oriental look

Decorating the site with yellow, red and golden colour is the idea when it comes to oriental theme decoration. Using flowers, Chinese-lanterns, candles, chopsticks, and napkins designed in the oriental theme will make the entire decoration captivating. One should use this theme to denote love, happiness and prosperity.

Keep things tropical

Garnish the venue with tropical items namely orchids, hibiscus, lilies, and palm trees. One uses this theme to create a serene atmosphere and to please the guests. Using scented candles, beach umbrellas, aquariums with tropical themes, and bouquets are other ways of creating an outstanding tropical look for the wedding venue.

Grab the rustic country style look

Decorating the chosen venue with golden garlands and rustic accessories will make the destination look natural. Arranging weddings on fields of barn, wheat, corn, and inside the cabin is the best way of celebrating the occasion in a rustic manner. To enhance the look, one can even use cinnamon sticks, wheat stalks and lavender springs.

Selecting the glittery effect

Using the glittery effect means ornamenting things with shades blue and black. Using white flowers as the base, and decorating curtains and table cloths with darker shades will create a starry effect. To brighten up the look on wintry nights, one can even use miniature bulbs.

To host weddings at some of the best Asian Wedding Venues in London, visit our website and book the destination of your choice.

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