11 of Our Favourite Ideas for Christmas Treats

Planning your Christmas party menu involves more than just choosing between beef or mutton. There are also the wonderfully-made desserts and savoury treats that guests will love to scoff at this festive season. But to prepare such sweet treats for the Christmas, you will surely need some inspiration and recipe ideas.

So here we have rounded up 11 of our favourite ideas for Christmas treats, shortlisted from Pinterest to just WOW your guests. From delicious gingerbread cake to cranberry ginger fizz cocktail, we have covered every possible treat you’d love to try for this festive season. Just give it a try and cheers to happy (and worthy) planning!

1. Gingerbread cake with caramel biscuit icing

Looking to bake a sumptuous cake? Here’s an easy-to-prepare Gingerbread cake that you can give something a whirl. Topped with gingerbread biscuits and sprinkled with dried coconut ’snow’, the cake is a must for those who appreciate sensational desserts.

2. Baked Camembert with bacon-wrapped breadsticks

Why not serve something that is beautiful as well as scrumptious? Baked Camembert with bacon-wrapped breadsticks is simple and perfect for Christmas treat. Its soft, sticky cheese and crunchy bread make it a stunning centerpiece to share with guests over drinks.

3. Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Sandwiches

If Milk Chocolate, Creamy Peanut Butter, and Ritz crackers are your favourite things since childhood, then why not combine them and make something that is ‘DELICIOUS’. Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Sandwiches are easy-to-make and are so deliciously hot that your guests can’t stop eating them.

4. Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownie Bites

The Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownie Bites
are truly, madly, and deeply justified to the Christmas theme. This delicious treat is topped with a strawberry that looks like a Santa hat. You can also use the green food coloring to brighten up the party platter with Christmas tree brownie bites. Be honest, let us know is it making you hungry?

5. Baileys Truffles

Easy-to-make and perfect for Christmas parties, these decadent chocolate truffles are prepared all the more scrumptious with a touch of Baileys. Impress your near and dear ones by serving these Christmas treats.

6. White Chocolate Reese’s Christmas Trees

Treat someone you love with homemade White Chocolate Reese’s Christmas Trees. These are such a simply Christmas treat and are covertly our favorite after all.

Now here comes the menu of Drinks that everyone is raving about:

7. Strawberry and Vanilla Macaron Trifle

Add a strawberry and vanillaquirk to your Christmas dining experience by serving your guests with these macaron trifles. They are easy to make and are delicious dessert for Christmas. It can also be experimented with ladyfingers/vanilla wafers or Manuela’s brownies to serve those who don’t like macarons.

8. Mint Snowman Marshmallows

When it comes to Christmas treats, there is nothing more beautiful than Mint Snowman Marshmallows. This treat needs a big, delicious mug of hot chocolate and homemade Snowman Marshmallows. And once you combine them, you will see a little snowman face peeking out of your hot chocolate!

9. Ginger Fizz Cocktail

This refreshing and festive cocktail, Cranberry Ginger Fizz, will surely put a smile on your guests’ face. Fresh cranberries, dry gin, chilled Ginger Ale, and mint sprigs are a few base ingredients that you’ll need to prepare this beverage. It is not overly alcoholic, so it can be served to everyone.

10. Pomegranate and Rosemary Gin Fizz

This cocktail merely screams ‘Christmas’. Pomegranate and Rosemary Gin Fizz is an attractive red-colored drink, made up of sprigs rosemary, pomegranate juice, and gin. This sparkling cocktail will surely impress your guests and will help you to kick off a memorable dinner party.

11. Mango and Blackberry Vodka Cooler

Celebrate your Christmas with a toast of Mango and Blackberry Vodka Cooler. The cocktail is prepared by using fresh mangos and vodka and sparkling water. For added flavor, the beverage can be adorned with blackberries.

Deep breath…deep breathe…you will get it done! It’s not that much difficult. Give it a try and don’t forget to catch the expressions of your guest when you’ll serve them these amazing Christmas treats.

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7 DIY Christmas Gifts for Everyone

With Christmas ringing the doorbell, the excitement level of each individual reaches its peak, irrespective of the person’s age. It’s that time of the year when you want to spend some quality time with your favourite people, away from the corporate and commercial chaos. This year, show them what they mean to you and how much you care for them by gifting them some precious fruit of your efforts and time.

These 7 kinds of DIY gift are not only easy to make but they might as well work like a magic spell on some hearts on its receiving end. From cards and wreaths to Christmas decorations and unusual gifts, TheCityCollection suggests everything to make your Christmas celebrations, a memory to be cherished forever.

Have a look:

1. With Love, from Santa

Just take out that old colour box, stationary kit, and you surely don’t have to be Salvador Dali to paint the canvas for your loved ones. This plan will not fail as everyone loves a card.

2. Give it a Christmassy look

These small decorative items take no time, but made out of love and affection for the person who is going to receive it.

3. What’s Christmas without FoOd?

Who can say no to Christmas cookies, gingerbread, Stollen, panettone, pie, and Christmas cake? Only a fool, right? Show off your culinary skills with these mouth-watering treats.

4. Say it with the wreath

The wreaths are not only Christmas’s symbols, but also bend the curve between nose and chin, and stretch it from ear to ear whenever a wreath is found on the door. Its purpose is not limited to that, a wreath is one of the ideal gifts for your family, friends, and neighbours.

5. The Christmas tree, a.k.a. the gift shelter

The Christmas tree is that gift shelter, which children love the most and decorate it with sheer enthusiasm. If you want your relationship with someone to last forever, gift them this similar symbol in the cutest way possible. Well, not a whole fir tree, but a tiny hand craft will do.

6. Unusuals

You don’t have to go out of the box and give some extraordinary gift to your near-dear ones, even a stocking is worth a thousand gifts.

7. Wrap it up nicely!

Now it’s all up to you, whom will you gift your best masterpiece after wrapping it with colours and joy. You can grace it with ribbons, sparkles, candies, pinecones, threads, buttons, and whatever you feel is worth shining on the top. An ideal wrapping is equal to an ideal gift.

These DIY gifts will certainly make your favourite people happiest individuals on this earth. If you don’t believe, just ask them once you gift them your efforts, your time, and your hard work. Well, a little bit of the last one.

Now go and make everyone “Merry” because it’s “Christmas” !

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London’s Most Instagrammed Venues for Prom Parties

Just sit and think hard: Is a venue worth booking if it’s not Instagram-friendly? It’s your prom – the last official gathering with your secondary or high school friends. Choosing any less attractive element is beyond the pale. So here we come with all the venues or spots in London that are perfect to make your prom memories last forever with insta legacy.

Some of these venues have made a name for themselves, because of their quirky location and ambiance. And some of them are the most sought-after as they offer the perfect backdrop for your prom celebration. Please take a look at the London’s most famous spots for holding prom and graduation ball celebrations.

The Brewery

This elegant, 18th-century brewery is a truly historic venue, providing a perfect backdrop to the prom celebration. Located in the City of London, this Grade II listed venue has royal connections and can make your photographs look like old British movie stills. From intimate chambers to great halls, the space has something for every prom event.

Be it a high school prom or graduation ball, the space can handle every celebration with perfection. Alternatively, the room is equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment such as a projector, a screen and PA system.


Strategically situated in the shadow of St. Paul’s iconic Cathedral, the ClubTen is a stylish club with illuminated dance floor and ambient lighting. This club venue would be a great choice for those who want to capture special moments that they can tag on Insta.

The club offers the glamorous setting and boasts a sweeping bar that is stocked with the finest wines, spirits, and champagnes. It can accommodate up to 240 people in reception-style and 130 people in a seated-dinner arrangement.

The Law Society

Built in 1832, The Law Society is a Georgian Grade II Listed venue that provides a magnificent backdrop for your prom event. Home to 8 stunning event spaces, the venue can be slightly adapted in order to suit your style and budget.

The venue features stained-glass windows, illustrating Arms of the nine inns of Chancery and lcoves of antiquarian books. Your prom celebration will be a ride of true discovery if you book this venue for your event.

West End on the Thames

If you desire for an ultimate prom boat party, there is no other venue in London than West End on the Thames. With loads of dance floor space and stunning deck upstairs, this venue is sure to capture your heart and soul.

This glamorous boat will add a touch of class to your celebration and provides a breathtaking backdrop. Prom is one of the special occasions, so you should better make it something out of the ordinary. This luxury river boat will be a perfect choice and can accommodate up to 500 people.

The Skybar

The Skybar at Grange St. Paul’s hotel is an exclusive penthouse-level bar with rooftop terrace and conservatory. Offering awe-inspiring views of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, this venue is an apt choice for holding prom and graduation balls. It is one of the picture perfect venues available for private hire in the City of London.

The best part about this bar is its excellent hospitality service, which is backed up by the hotel’s staff. Equipped with full audiovisual capabilities, the bar can arrange fixed LED lights to give added ambience to evening events.

Bateaux London

Scrumptious meals, striking views of river Thames, and live entertainment are a few things that make Bateaux London a fabulous choice. Perfect for holding gatherings between 100 to 300 guests, this luxury boat venue has become an ideal location for proms and graduation balls.

There is a dedicated staff within the venue, providing you the perfect hospitality service. To hire this venue, please feel free to send your enquiry here and we’ll respond to your request as soon as possible.

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Halloween Costume ideas from A to Z

Ready to trick the kids or give them a treat? All set with your spooky decorations and Jack-o’-lanterns? If you still have not decided the right costume for yourself, then nothing to worry, just sit back and relax. We at TheCityCollection have gathered some evergreen and new costume ideas for you to try on and scare the cow out of those little ones, your friends we mean. Well, nowadays the kids are way smarter than we think.

Check out these amazing costume ideas in an alphabetic order -

Addams family
- Whether you like Wednesday Addams or cousin Itt, just go with the plain black and long hair. And who knows if it’s the right time to nail that Morticia Addams’ look?
Antman- If budget is not a problem then red and silver suit is just your thing this Halloween.
Alice- The little girl lost in the wonderland, unable to figure out the right and wrong. You may also give a horrifying look to it for the fest.


Bellatrix Lestrange
- The Harry Potter witch is one of the hottest villainess in the fictional world
Bombshell- If you want to flaunt it, just do it. But do it right!
Black Widow- All you need for this marvel lady is a plain black body-fit suit and an attitude saying out loud, “I’m gonna kill”.


Cruella de Vil- Hairstyle stuck between black n white and mind stuck on black n white spots.
Creepy Clown- Quite a look to scare the world, kids, adults, dogs….Sorry, not the last one. Beware!
Cleopatra- The bold Egyptian queen always wants a treat. No tricking her!


Daenerys Targaryen
- If you are a GoT fan then don’t give it a second thought.
Deadpool- The most talked about anti-hero of 2016. You might get some desired awes and applauds.
Deadshot- The villain turned hero in Suicide Squad can be the right choice for you. Come on, try him on!


Edward Scissorhands- Although a bit hard to pull on this style, but worth your time. Keep your hands clear for the treat. Oops!
Evil Queen- Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the evilest amongst all? Quite a tongue twister though.
Elsa- The snow princess is every little girl’s dream. Fulfil her fantasy this year.


One of the best things Marry Shelly did. All you have to do is just put the safety pins and cork at the right place and Voila!
- Be the fastest man alive and keep the party charm going.
Fred Flintstone- The Stone Age man is not that scary but you can make him.


Ghost rider
- The flames are optional but the bike is a must.
Guardian of the galaxy- You can either try the Groot, or Rocket, or keep it whole party’s theme.
Green lantern- The green doesn’t necessarily mean envy, sometimes it’s superpowers.


Just wear a half torn pants and paint your body green, and the giant is all set to scare.
If you want everyone to hail, then be the king from the Hell.
Harry Potter
- The overcoat, broom, broken glasses, a wand, and the mark on the forehead is not all. You need more, and that is whole atmosphere to be Harry Potter like.


What is better than the blue and white man in black jacket, all set to welcome his season?
- Be the root of conspiracy theory and try some fictional stories on your friends. They might as well believe you or something.
Iron man- Kid’s favourite costume for any fancy costume party since the comic character has been brought to life after the RD Junior’s movie release.


Jigsaw Killer
- Don’t go with some mask, rather try the paint for this creepy look.
Joker- Ladies are quite taking over this look than the guys at Halloween.
Jafar- The whole costume of Aladdin’s antagonist is incomplete without abducted genie lamp. Include that as well.


Katniss Everdeen- The daredevil lady has all the traits to be your ideal. So why not try being Katniss this Halloween?
Killer Frost- All the ladies looking for cold hearted villains’ costume, watch out for Killer Frost.
Kill Bill Girl- The Bride with a sword in yellow suit will certainly steal many hearts.


Just take out that old leather jacket of your father or elder brother and do the required alterations with it. Horns are optional.
- Princess Leia is not only Ross’s fantasy. Any guy who is a fan of Star Trek might be thinking about her right now.
Lion tamer- An antagonist does not necessarily has to be a renowned personnel, a normal man working at circus can be scary sometimes, just like the creepy clown.


Mad Hatter- Try Johnny Depp’s look from the last movie.
Megamind- A huge-head costume for this Halloween.
Marilyn Monroe- The Goddess, the boldest, and the courageous lady of the 40’s and 50’s is still one of the favourite characters for any costume party.


Neytiri Avatar-
If you are planning not to spend on any costume, try the Neytiri look. All you need are some braids and blue paint’S’. And obviously, light clothes.
- Be any anime ninja, ninja turtle or samurai jack. Your costume your call!
Nerd- Be some scary nerd or geek guy. Show the world how it is when the innocent one is no more innocent.


Oogie Boogie- WE know it’s bit early for Christmas, but Oogie Boogie doesn’t...
Orphan girl- Remember that movie where a 9 year-old turns out to be a 33-year-old lady? Yeah! That creepy one!
Orange costume prisoner- Not spooky but he’s not even innocent or a good man. Man in the orange jumpsuit is a bad man, a very bad man. Tell others too! If you know what we mean!


- From Jack Sparrow to Captain Hook, you can be anything, anybody, on any day. So go for it this Halloween.
Pumpkin- We are not talking about Jack-o’-lantern here. Just imagine a toddler sitting while wearing an orangey fluffy ball? Cute, right? (Note: adults are advised to carry it on their own risk)
Punisher- If you are looking out for some vigilante, then you may consider being the Punisher.


Quinn, Harley Quinn- We know that’s not her name, but James Bond have no exclusive right to use his surname twice.
Queen of hearts- Try making a dress with deck(s) of cards. But plastic, not paper. :P
Quicksilver- If not DC, then Marvel, there can always be 2 fastest men in the single room. Right?


Red Riding Hood
- Add the Halloween touch to the innocence of this vulnerable one.
Robin Hood- Be the public’s hero, save the world, loot all the candies, spread it among the needy ones. Go Robby Go!
Roman emperor/ empress- Whoever you are, you can always be whomsoever you want.


Snow white-
She also has the right to be all bad and spooky.
- Black Curtain and a white skull mask screaming ‘Haww’ are incomplete without a knife. Don’t hurt anyone please. By anyone we meant, don’t hurt yourself!
Superman - So simple and easy right? Wrong! Use your imagination, it’s Halloween after all.


Tinkerbell -
Don’t spoil it with scary looks. Let this one be as she is.
- Not necessary to have six packs and huge built-up to be the Thor. All this heavenly creature needs is a red cape, huge hammer and confidence to kill.
Topgun - Go rough and raw with the Top Gun look.


- Disney Villains needs some publicity this year. Take her out for a walk.
Ultron - The avengers know him very well. It will be amusing if you keep the whole team of avengers on your side.
Uhura - Another Star Trek lady in the town to look out for.


Vendetta - The bad guy look is the easiest to pull off with a mask.
Vampire - Very classic but still in fashion to go with anytime anywhere.
Viking- You can be some out of the lead character if you are a fan of the Irish Canadian series.


Walter White- You need nothing more than a yellow jumpsuit, black galoshes, a mask, and a bald head to outshine.
Wonder Woman- May sound typical but no one is stopping you from trying the sizzling Gal Gadot look.
Wolverine- He can certainly bring any party to life. Like literally!


X wing Starfighter- Just like we keep saying, you can be anybody so why not this one?
X-ray man- Very typical but still worth a display to the others. Everybody wants to know what’s going inside. So show it to them!
X-man- Here you have a wide range of characters to choose from.


Yeti- Or big foot, whatever you want to call it.
Yoda- The man on one of the highest authorities is ideal for Halloween party where you need someone to keep things in order. Kidding! It’s party where chaos is the essence!
Yoshi- Bring him to life with green, red and white. Not Christmassy but yeah, you got the idea...we guess!


- One of the classic and evergreen costume for the Halloween. You can be any zombie, be it cheerleader, superhero, or even some politician.
Zoro- He can also be a Zombie.
Zelda- Even the video game can be brought to life if you want to. Or life after death. Make this one a Zombie too.

Now you have some ideas who you want to be or how you want to dress up. If it’s a house party, then utilise all your creativity and get some awesome ideas over here. On the other hand, if you are planning a huge party somewhere else, then check out some of the best venues for Halloween on our website.

Happy Trick or Treat-ing!

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Celebrate your New Year with glittering fireworks!

It’s New Year time with sparkling fireworks and lights all around. Celebrating the New Year on River Thames is always breath-taking and amazing. On the top of it, it’s all about dazzling fireworks and luminous light with evergreen collection of soundtracks on popular numbers.

Breath-taking venues near South Bank of Thames

We at TheCityCollection bring you the most convenient way to organise your party in close range or even direct view of lighted sky. You can select the perfect New Year party venues in Central London and book the top venue exclusively for the most heart pumping celebration time of the year. You can hire the top most venues exclusively for your New Year celebration near the south bank of Thames.

Perfect roof terrace party

If you want to raise a toast to the celebration with the backdrop of astounding firework display near River Thames, then go with No.4 Hamilton Place. It is located near Buckingham Palace where you will be able to see the wonderful lightening on last day of the year. With breath-taking views from the roof terrace and modern fitted sound system, you will enjoy every essence of the celebration.

New Year in Sky Bar

Witness the most glittering sight of fireworks from The Sky Bar, a 5-star Grange Holborn Hotel. With rooftop location and magnificent ambience this venue is a perfect location to celebrate your New Year with friends and family members. With glittering lights and amazing fireworks, this venue provides the most exotic view from the rooftop. We at The Sky Bar provide luxurious facility as well as butler service in this venue.

The Elite Tower Bridge and Walkway

Want something different? Our Tower Bridge and Walkway venue offers the most striking features and is the most ideal location for leisure evening. With twinkling outlook, the Walkway features ambient lighting and is best suitable for your New Year celebration. You can enjoy the grand day with sparkling lights and light music. If you want to sit, relax and celebrate your day with your near and dear ones, then book your venue at the elite Walkway.

With enchanting views and elite services we at TheCityCollection provide you the most perfect venue options in London to celebrate the New Year Party. Welcome the New Year with an enthralling amalgamation of striking sights, spellbinding aromas and tuneful sounds and songs. For more ideas for the perfect venues in London for your New Year celebration.

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7 Picture Perfect Venues for a Memorable London Wedding

What’s the one thing that you would be happy to know about London? There are no shortages of picture perfect venues in the city where you can tie the knot in style.

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked 7 picture perfect venues to ensure your wedding day will be the most memorable day of your life. All these venues have their individual charms, but will give an extraordinary something to your big day.

1. Tower Bridge and Walkway

If a beautiful river backdrop is all in your heart, then there’s nothing more iconic than Tower Bridge and Walkway. Licensed for weddings and civil ceremonies, it is one of the world’s most famous bridges.

The venue is home to 3 stunning event spaces, including high-level Walkway, North Tower Lounge, and the majestic Victorian Engine Rooms. Each space available here has the ability to create a memorable experience that is a Tower Bridge wedding day.

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2. HMS Belfast

Preserved in her conventional naval glory, the HMS Belfast now becomes a stunning backdrop for hosting weddings and civil partnership ceremonies.

Boasting panoramic views of London, this Royal Navy warship can be hired all year round with us. You and your partner will become a part of the unique British history by exchanging your vows on board.

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Brunel Museum

Steeped in history, the Brunel Museum reveals the tale of one of the world’s popular engineering dynasties. Located in impressive landscaped gardens, the Brunel Museum is spot on for a picture perfect wedding reception in London.

This transformed industrial building boasts an ample-sized event area, which is divided into Upper Gallery, Lower Gallery, and mezzanine. You can hire any one of the spaces depending upon your event requirement. The maximum capacity of the venue is 200 guests.

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Bank of England Sports Centre

Situated within 32 acres of spectacular greenery, the Bank of England Sports Centre is a creative’s paradise. Licensed for weddings and civil partnership ceremonies, this amazing venue has everything to create the wedding reception you’ve been dreaming of.

With an ability to accommodate up to 250 guests, it provides extraordinary photo opportunities on the manicured lawns and spacious terraces. So book this characteristically English setting to exchange your wedding vows and celebrate in style.

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5. Roman Piazza and Wine Bar

How about saying ‘I Do’ while overlooking the last remaining of London’s roman wall? Sounds interesting, right? The Piazza at Grange City hotel would be a great choice for those who are looking for a historic location.

To add more grace, the venue can delightfully up-lit the roman wall. The moment you enter the piazza, you’ll feel like you’re in a beautiful open air space that is perfect for holding a wedding celebration. The venue comes equipped with every possible amenity needed.

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6. 40|30- The Gherkin

The one thing that is best about The Gherkin is its breath-taking 360 degree views over London. Licensed for wedding ceremonies, this beautiful event space is on the top two floors of the building.

Filled with natural daylight, the space can accommodate up to 260 guests in a stylish standing reception. There is an experienced event planning team available on hand to personalize your wedding day, from decoration to catering to everything.

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7. Tower of London

With almost 1,000 years of history, the Tower of London is one of the prestigious venues in London. Here, you can create a perfect historic background and treat your guests to an unforgettable experience.

The venue is fully guarded with its own Tower Guards (better known as Beefeaters). Organizing a wedding within this historic castle will be a very special treat for you and your guests. To hire this event space, please send enquiry here.Enquire Now

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Getting married in winter? You might like to peek in the “Wintry Wedding” Section

Getting married is a life changing experience for everyone and when that marriage is taking place in winter; you have to change a lot of things. Cutting that backless blouse off your wedding list is one of those decisions and sacrifices that you might have to go through during your Wintry Wedding. But, there is always room for alterations in that well-thought plan. All you have to do is just keep certain things in mind, make some teensy weensy changes here and there, and utilise the most of this amazing weather.

Just sit back, subtract stress, add a hiatus, and multiply your enthusiasm while considering these tips.

Keep it indoor!

Approaching winter bites with its teeth and lashes with its tail while bidding adieu. So keeping every function within the four walls seems more of a smart decision you might take this wedding season. Coming to the indoor venues, Gibson Hall is one of the ideal venues for a Unique Weddings. And you might like St. Paul’s Wren Suite if you are organizing a Hindu or Sikh wedding ceremony in London.

Bring out your bright side!

Winter is the season of mostly the dark shades. Go with anything but these and make your special day as lively as colourful with many shades of red, pink, green, yellow, and blue-s. Rest is your choice but don’t stick to one colour scheme as sometimes it bring out the monotony. Try a combination of 3 to 4 colours in order to keep up with the excitement. In case, you are from India, you probably don’t need that advice. Others should get inspired with this Asian wedding culture, all colourful and bright.

Photoshoot outside the booth!

It might sound insane to you, but try capturing some moments outside in the snow or simply, the chilling streets of London. Adding a blanket, shrug or overcoat can be a smart move if you fear the harsh British weather. Include the seasonal treats like snow and its (snow) man in your wedding album because how on earth will you get another chance to do so? Check out some awesome ideas from Pinterest and utilise your creative side.

Wine and Dine!

Don’t get confused that how it’s a unique idea to be included in your "Wintry Wedding" list. As it will be the most chilling season of the year in London, you might want to add more options of alcohol in your bar menu. To keep the environment warm, you need it in more quantity. And food! How can we leave it? Add everything in your menu that you want your favourite people to taste, it’s your day after all, but don’t forget to give a seasonal touch to your wedding cake. And that’s how you can find the best caterer in London.

Hosting a wedding in London, itself is a big task and keeping things in the place is way bigger. Hope you find these aforementioned tips useful. Find more interesting venues for your winter wedding here.

Happy Wedding!

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Perfect Way to Choose a Right Venue in London for Any Meeting

Not sure where to host your next meeting in London? Well worry not; we will get this job done for you in less than a day. But before that process, it is very vital to know which venue is the best suitable for your meeting. A rooftop venue might be a good pick for office celebration, but not when you want to make a business pitch, close a deal, or meet with the directors.

So choosing the right venue is absolutely necessary because, as a meeting planner, you don’t want to lose your professionalism. Learn here how to choose a right venue for any meeting situation.

1. When you have an In-person Meeting

If drawing someone’s attention is the sole objective, then in-person meetings should be the best option. They should be organized in a quiet place, where you can comfortably shake hands, exchange words, and involve in a creative discussion. Meeting rooms available at Grand Connaught Rooms, Chiswell Street Dining Rooms and The City Hotel are perfect options where you have a productive in-person meeting. Make sure you have tea, coffee or mineral water facility available within the room, so that your guests or delegates don’t walk away or feel distracted.

2. When you want to Conduct an Interview

Meeting new people and discussing recruitment opportunities definitely require an insightful analysis, which should be done in a tranquil setting. So hiring a comfortable, professional room would be a great choice. The space should have a discrete environment and is filled with natural daylight. In case you’re looking for an interview room in London, we suggest you to please send us your requirements by filling up this enquiry form. The space also allows you and your potential candidates to focus on the task in hand.


3. When you want to hold a Marketing Orientation

If the objective of meeting is to build a relationship, then you have to be careful. Any failed effort may lose new hires or recruits. Yes, you heard it right. Recruitment takes a lot of time and money, so no business can afford to lose new employees. So avoid conducting a bore orientation. You need to spice the occasion and make sure the newbie gets involved in every activity without feeling subconscious. Arrange a lunch or dinner in a hotel banqueting suite with some entertainment programs. To enhance the orientation experience, you can arrange quick games such as Grab Bag Skits, Salt and Peppera and Concentration.

4. When you want to Launch or Announce Something Big

Announcing something big or launching a new product is usually a smart marketing move. Even if, you own a small-sized company, this marketing move can really help you to attract your target audience. The space, where you’re organizing this event, should have stage and virtual surround sound system to connect with the audience. The venue should also add value to your event and can accommodate your anticipated number of guests. St. Paul’s Hotel, Barbican Centre, and The Brewery are some of the best options for product launch events.

We hope these ideas will help you in finding the right venue in London for your next event. If you still think the list is not enough, then please see all our meeting rooms and venues in London.

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Inimitable 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Organizing one of the milestone birthday celebrations doesn’t have to be stressful. Here you will find some of the unique 50th birthday party ideas. Get ready to explore the innovative and attractive ideas to celebrate your birthday party with your dear and near ones. The City Collection has brought some of the most exciting ideas for you.

Themed Birthday party!

Deciding a theme for any birthday party event is very important because that helps the organizer to keep things into shape. With a defined theme in your mind you can easily organize a party. At TheCityCollection, we bring you beautiful theme party ideas to make your day more special. Themes like masquerade, carnival, Beach, Hawaiian, Comical, and sports themes can add that glamour to your party.
Journey So Far!

Tell your favourite people about your wonderful experience throughout and feel the top of the world to celebrate your day with YOLO Manta. Share your thoughts and go to flashback and enjoy it with your family and friends. Make it an unforgettable party as it will directly touch the heart of each and every one. We at TheCityCollection bring you the most capacious place Grand Connaught Rooms to make your celebration more special. With well-equipped amenities and beautiful features, this space can be best suited for your occasion. Shoot in an enquiry so that we can provide you the best option.

Birthday in Lap of Nature!

Nature lover? You want to sit and relax in the nature and celebrate your party with your family and friends? It is always an amazing idea to celebrate birthday party in open as you feel fresh and relaxed. Come and explore the exotic outdoor birthday party themes arrangement with TheCityCollection. Invite your people in a most different form to make yourself feel special.

Add more charm with Photo Booth!

Do you want a twist? Make you celebration more thrilling and moving with photos and cameras. Photos are immortal and can always be in front of you to cherish forever. You can choose contemporary props, frames, background based photography, and themed photography can add the glamour to your party. If you want to do something different than usual then don’t miss this idea to celebrate your 50th birthday in this style.

Birthdays are so special as your family and friends make you top of the world throughout the day. Plan your day with full of excitement and throw a party to them in special form. We at TheCityCollection can help you pick the most appropriate idea to celebrate your
50th birthday in the most exotic venues. Our experts will always be available for your assistance.

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