Have 5 minutes? Read These 5 Must-Do Things to Prevent a Meeting Disaster

Holding an effective meeting is not an easy task – and it’s EVEN harder when the industry’s well-known professionals are going to attend the event. So we have all your ducks lined up in a row and compiled a checklist that will help you to prevent a meeting disaster. Explore the below to-do list and be a great host for all time:

1. Confidently Introduce Yourself to the Audience

We believe how you start a meeting leads to its conclusion. So meet your audience with smile, have a quick intro-chat, and escort them to the table.

Note: An eye contact is an exceptionally influential capability that creates better connections.

2. Initiate the Purpose of the Meeting with Fresh and Innovative Opening Lines

Once you have welcomed all your participants, get started with an overview of your agenda. Make sure the beginning should be designed to attract the participant’s attention and give them a brief of the event’s purpose.

Note: Keeping it casual and interactive can make the audience feel as they are a part of a scene. So when you start the meeting, try to have an interpersonal communication.

3. Whatever You Do, Don’t Make it Boring

The only worse thing than being in a room full of people you don’t know is making your audience more likely to become inattentive. We understand that you, as a company, want to showcase your milestones and achievements. But try to be neutral in your thoughts and expressions.

Note: Stay neutral in your role as you don’t want your audience to feel bored with your promotional campaign.

4. Choose Your Venue Wisely

Your meeting venue can make or break the event. So it is necessary to choose the meeting venue wisely. Efficiency can be reduced in a venue that is too large or too small for the number of guests who are attending.

Note: As an event planner, it is your responsibility to check the capacity of the venue.

5. The Awesome Conclusion

There is no doubt that every professional meeting ends with tangible results. What have you learned from the participant’s behavior? Is follow-up meeting required to be done? If so, then inform your participant that you’ll be happy to talk about the event in person whenever they feel comfortable.

Note: Conclusively wrap up the event before anyone gets ready to leave the room. Tell your audience that they were the valuable part to make this event splendid, and thanks for being a great audience.

It’s cool if you’re holding a meeting for the first time; these 5 great ideas will help you to plan an effective event. Just stay calm, follow the above steps, and keep your sights on the company’s bigger picture so you can achieve the tangible results.

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Hire Unusual Seminar Venues in London

Seminars are normally associated with formality and seriousness. If you, as a businessperson, want to give your seminar a touch of freshness, why not take it outside the cloistered rooms and organise your seminar in the open space? It will breathe in certain freshness to your seminar and serve as a refreshing change from the confined office spaces too.

So, this summer season, if you want to give your seminar a definitive edge over others, why don’t book seminar room venues in London with an open garden space? These venues in London are located in the heart of the city. Additionally, these venues come with all the facilities that will make your seminar, a successful affair. Hope these are enough reasons to arrange your business meeting or seminar at London venues with an open space this time.

Bank of England Sports Centre
Maximum Capacity: 400

The Bank of England Sports Centre is a sports club set in 32 acres quite close to Richmond Park. The venue has three function rooms, namely Balcony Bar, Green Room and Terrace Room. In addition to this, a fenced lawn outside the club is ideal for hosting business events under the Sun. Whether you are holding a seminar for 50 people or organising a conference for 300, this club manages all.

The facilities here include Wi-Fi, projector and drop down screens, spotlights and other sophisticated AV systems. In case, there are some technical glitches, technical support teams are present to fix the issues. As far as food is concerned, the on-site caterers at the club will provide A-class dining experience to your attendees. From three course meals to finger foods, the catering team at the club servers to your every need.

Barbican Centre
Maximum Capacity: 1943

It is the largest cultural and conference centre of Europe boasting a spacious ambience to hold your seminar in London. There are 11 function rooms in the Barbican Centre including the Garden Room. State-of-the-art AV, lighting and a variety of function rooms make this venue an extremely popular choice for holding huge conferences and seminars. The on-site caterer at this venue serves a delightful menu of delicious food accompanied with a lip-smacking variety of classic cocktails.

The Conservatory(at level 3) at the Barbican is probably one of the most unique venues in London. Housing a stunning diversity of flora and fauna, this unusual venue is available for corporate events. The maximum capacity of the Conservatory is 150 and the venue is ideal for both corporate events and formal dinner.

The City of London Club
Maximum Capacity: 300

It is one of the oldest clubs in the city of London. Its high-ceilinged and spacious period rooms are ideal for hosting business affairs like seminars and conferences. There are 10 function rooms in this club with the Garden Room being the best for holding seminar for around 50 delegates. All the facilities required for business affairs are available here too. Apart from this, the on-site caterers at this club serve delicious food and exquisite wines, in case you are hosting a cocktail party for your delegates.

The Roof Terrace at the City of London Club is an alfresco space where business parties are usually held. The maximum accommodation capacity is 50 and will be ideal for your business reception party after the seminar is over.

Venues can sometimes be the X factor for the success of your business seminar in London. Choose from these venues with open space the next time you hold a seminar and experience the difference.

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Romantic Wedding Venues in London

Wedding venues in London are one of the most active places of this city. Besides so much choice to sort from, people usually prefer this city for its unmatched views cutting across their sight, as they vow to each other a life time of companionship and true love. Realising your wedding dream shall be one of the most pressing factors in your search for a suitable wedding venue in London. There are wedding venues, which will be matchless with their backdrop reflecting an amazing view of the surroundings. Go through the list of these most romantic options for your big day:

The Sky bar:

The Sky Bar is one of the most romantic choices for a wedding in London. There are enough choices plaguing the city of London. But this wedding venue will be found standing apart from the rest of the choices, with its remarkable rooftop arrangements and beautiful views over London. You will have a sense of creating a memory, right at the time of booking for this wedding venue. You will be able to accommodate 200 guests for your eventful day.

The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace:

The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace is one of the most remarkable and suitable wedding destinations, with a pensive landscape formed by a rooftop garden and the most thrilling view of the St Pauls Cathedral. Your wedding will be memorable with the delights of the scenic views, witnessing your commingling of hearts. The amazing structure of the Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace is set against the backdrop of the monumental beauty of St Pauls. Imagine yourself holding the hands of your beloved and saying your commitments at this amazing wedding venue.

Grange St Paul’s:

You must have heard the popularity of Grange St Pauls as a five star London hotel. There are a lot of things you can do over here. It offers a very amazing wedding venue in London, with the charms of English culture playing over here. With a very high capacity for 2000 guests, you will find it really meaningful with its amazing interiors and state of art facilities besieging the guests. You will find this wedding venue serving you with an exotic meal, decorations, and services.

The Royal Suite:

The Royal suite is a very famous wedding venue in London, with its scintillating interiors and elegance. You can have a specific ordered menu, catering you in your delectable taste and style. You can tailor your wedding in your very specific style over here, with an amazing backdrop that boasts of a cutting edge style. It is a very warm and welcoming wedding venue, with a highest capacity for 50 guests. If you foresee your wedding in a small, warm and welcoming wedding venue, you can have your big day celebrated over here.

West End on the Thames:

If you want to make a special arrangement for your wedding day, then look at this stunning venue. This amazing venue’s bespoke approach ensures that your event is tailored to your specific needs. West on the Thames is a romantic venue space and is also a famous landmark for unusual wedding ceremonies. Hire West End on the Thames and surprise your guests with an unusual experience of River Thames and make your wedding an unforgettable moment of your lifetime. Enjoy the cruise style wedding with beautiful backdrop of the River Thames.

The best part of these wedding venues is that they offer a fabulous stay close by, at a collection of London hotels, where they can book an accommodation for their relatives and friends travelling from far away.

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Hire Unusual Wedding Venues in London

An abundant choice of wedding venues often baffles you when it comes to selection of an ideal one. Venues of different types available in the City of London ease down the search. Numerous classic structures also adorn in this city which is one of the oldest on the globe. Besides, one even gets to choose from some of the most contemporary venue hire options in London.

Here are some of the most fascinating wedding venues in London categorised in varied kinds:

London Attractions:

For all those people who wish to have a beautiful and magnificent backdrop on their big day, London attractions become the ideal choices for venue hire. Fascinations like London Eye, St. Pauls Cathedral, and Tower of London are some of the destinations right in the heart of the city. The grandeur of these venues is sure to delight the guests and make the event worth cherishing.

Hotels Venues and Restaurants:

London is home to some of the most lavish hotels on the globe. There are five star and four star hotels which offer stunning venues for hire with unique decor and dazzling interiors. These venues are also preferred by those who are looking for accommodations in venue premises. Restaurants are another great choice to host wedding reception for small guest list. Hassle of hiring caterers is also reduced if one hires a hotel or a restaurant for the event. Hire from the hand-picked venues from the list and select the one as per your choice and comfort.

Halls to Hire:

If perfect wedding means huge celebrations for you, then banqueting halls to hire in London are ideal choice to make. There are some very finely designed halls available at reasonable costs. Livery halls are also available for wedding receptions.

Unusual Venues:

With prestigious River Thames flowing right in the heart of the city, there are venues offering stunning views of the river as a backdrop. A wedding on the shore of the river is a perfect idea of a romantic wedding. London Eye is an ideal choice to make if you are expecting just few of your close guests to bless you on your wedding.

So, one can have a wide choice to make a selection from different genres of wedding venues. The hosts are often spilt for choice with abundance of options available in central London. Hire central London venues to make it convenient for the guests to reach.

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Ideas for a Perfect Teen Party in London

Teenagers need just one excuse to party with their group of friends. Whether it is a celebration for a friends birthday, a friend leaving the town or a party after the last exam is enough of an excuse.

Planning for the party begins months in advance and grabs the attention till end of the event. Teenagers look forward to the auspicious occasions to enjoy an evening out with friends. Celebrating the events of joy in London offers amazing venue options for all. For organising a teen party in the capital, choose from a variety of Venues in London.

Decoration is one of the main concerns of parties. Follow some tips for making interesting decoration arrangements at the celebration venues in London:

Balloons and Banners

Make use of gas-filled balloons in bright colours to decorate some spots indoors and outdoors. A huge bunch of same coloured balloons or mix of two colours together will be perfect for the corners of the hall. Give a dazzling effect to the balloons by spreading glue on the surface and sprinkling some glitter on it. Fill the ceiling of the hall with a lot of balloons.

Ask the venue team to add some beautiful printed banners with the subject of the occasion. Design your own banners and ask the staff to decorate it at the venue hall.


Lighting plays a vital role in every celebration. So, make sure lighting gives a nice effect to the party. Add tiny Christmas lights or stylish twinkling lights at the venue. Ensure enough lighting for the girls to admire each others dresses.

Add more lighting to the dinner area and let the dance area be dim. If you are following a certain theme for the party, make sure the lighting is perfect and according to the theme.


It will be interesting to add variety of memorable photographs at the venue walls. Teenagers will love to watch their golden times arranged in a beautiful collage. Collect the best pictures of your friend circle and relish the memories. Also, click Polaroid photos in the teen party to make more memories with your mates.


Make sure that the staff members cover all the tables with colour coordinated fabric. Linen is preferable for parties. Add a beautiful floral centrepiece to each table. Sprinkle some glittering confetti on the tables for a unique look.

So, arrange a beautiful teen party by following the above decoration tips. Choose from a variety of celebration venues in London and enjoy every moment of your teen days.

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6 of the unique wedding venues in london

It’s a delight to personally visit nine of our preferred wedding venues in London, all to find out one simple question: What make them so unique? Some spaces are located in an unbeatable location, some have unique décor, and some are well known for its excellent hospitality.

We have personally gone over with a fine-tooth comb to find out the most unique London venues for your wedding. So why not take a read below and book a viewing of any one of these venues though our Venue Expert.

HMS Belfast

Formerly a Royal Navy light cruiser, the HMS Belfast is a floating wedding venue lastingly anchored in London on the River Thames. Boasting panoramic views of London, this unique WWII battleship offers versatile spaces that can be hired for holding weddings.

What Makes It So Unique: You can take vows while indulging in the unique history of this historic warship. The ship has 9 decks of seafaring history and offers impressive spaces that have been maintained in their original features.

The Sky Bar

Located in the peaceful district of Midtown, the Sky Bar is an exclusive bar with rooftop terrace and conservatory. With a combined capacity of 200 guests, this penthouse level venue can be an ideal option for exchanging vows.

What Makes It So Unique: This great rooftop bar offers unobstructed views over London and boasts an all-glass bar area. Its bar is stocked with a full range of beers, wines, and spirits.

Merchant Taylor’s Hall

If you’re looking for a traditional formal wedding, then the Merchant Taylor’s Hall would be a great choice. Home to 9 fabulous spaces, this elegant historic building is an ideal location to hold weddings between 10-700 people.

What Makes It So Unique: The Merchant Taylor’s Hall has such a historic feel that it will take you back in time. Guests will enjoy a delightful history with the very best in modern amenities.

Tower Bridge Hotel

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. So what better place than here? Grange Tower Bridge Hotel is a five-star hotel, located near the Tower of London and Tower Bridge in London’s famous core. It boasts 17 spacious event spaces that can hold up to 850 people in a number of seating layouts.

What Makes It So Unique: The excellent hospitality and bespoke catering cannot be matched. It is one of the reasons people return at this five-star hotel.

Bank of England Sports Centre

Lying comfortably within 32 acres of award-winning grounds, the Bank of England is a fabulous wedding venue in London. Licensed for holding civil ceremonies, this beautiful venue ensures that your wedding goes seamlessly from start to finish.

What Makes It So Unique: The views that you get from the 32 acres of award-winning grounds cannot be matched anywhere. Guests will enjoy quintessentially English setting as well as bespoke catering from the in-house kitchen.

The Skyline Suite and Roof Terrace Garden

The Skyline Suite and Roof Terrace Garden is a dazzling rooftop venue located on the penthouse-level of Grange St. Paul’s Hotel. Boasting panoramic views over St. Paul’s Cathedral, this all-glass bar is a great choice for exchanging vows.

What Makes It So Unique: The iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral is next door. You and your wedding guests will be pleased by the unobstructed views of this Anglican cathedral.

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Dinner & Dance Venues for a Memorable Prom

Oolaalaa… Chilled nights of the city are heating up with the buzz of ‘Prom’. It is a miraculous night, transforming swots to divas and prince charming. Dinner, dance, music, merriment and romance take a prom party to soar up. Wait...Wait!! The most important thing left to be mentioned is an effervescent venue to rock n roll the night. Don’t worry TheCityCollection.org is always at your service helping you to find a bespoke venue.

Pick out your favourite space from the following list of London prom party venues. And just lock and load to sweep others off their feet while sauntering down the red carpet in your gorgeous looks.

Club Ten

Get your prom night recorded in golden words by hosting a memorable evening at Club Ten. Located within the Grange St. Paul’s hotel, this dazzling venue gives strong emphasis on live music, delicious cocktails, and scrumptious food. It is well appointed with a captivating designing scheme and seating arrangement. Hire this
stylish private member’s club to savour the eclectic mix of soul, funk, jazz, and acoustic music at prom. Besides, you will surely forget every party you attended while grooving your curves on pulsating dance floor here.

Grace Bar and Restaurant

No further searches for you prom ball venue. The Grace Bar and Restaurant is an exceptionally flexible venue capable of accommodating 300 guests. Shake the London, night away while tapping on the tunes of latest hits played by bands and DJs. In-house expert chefs cook lip-smacking dishes that will surely tease the appetite of your guests. You can relish an unforgettable night at this bar/restaurant/lounge with its affable customized services.

The Parisienne

Fetch for a youthful prom night at this tailor-made party venue in London. The Parisienne is an absorbing and versatile restaurant featuring three stimulating bars, the mezzanine and a rocking dance floor. Spend some quality time while enjoying flavour some meals along with a live cabaret show. It engages your senses with its exotic interiors underlining fascinating lightening arrangements. Get this splendid venue for your prom with Thecitycollection.org if you are soon planning to be a host for such celebration.

The Basement

Blend style and comfort to organise a super hit prom party this time. The Basement is a beguiling Party space flaunting an eccentric Asian themed decoration scheme. The stimulating tunes played by the DJ would compel you to move your body all night long. The exciting rang of tempting dinner platter served here satiates your hunger to the fullest. Your guests can chill out and relish every bit of the party in cosy and intimate ether of this venue.

The Milton Suite

What else can make your face glowing than an upcoming prom? Keep this excitement and throw a gripping prom bash in style at this venue. The Milton Suite is an idyllic place to complement a fun-filled night with the grace of dance, music and meals. With spellbinding and modern ambient settings, it bestows a cherished end to your school life at the prom. It astonishes its guests by extending cordial services.

Be a wonderful host and throw a ravishing prom party in any of these venues in London. Send an enquiry to the TheCityCollection.org and your favourite party space will be your in best package.

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Top 5 Beyond Ordinary Venues in London

London has a panorama created with its culture and a historical past. It is best utilised for the spirit of partiers and people looking for leisure on vacation. So as you start brooding the possibilities of which venue you can opt for in London, have a look at this article, yapping about the most fabulous party venues this city has. Have a look at the spaces, which even mark a presence in the world’s collection of top venues. Check out these exotic London venues surfacing anywhere but not the land! Yes, you read it Right! Find out where you can host a worth-remembering event for your special guests.

Club Ten

Club Ten is a vivacious party venue, located three floors down the ground level. Being a private member’s club, it serves everything from a plush dining, drinking, to live music. With emblematic and exotic ambience, the Club Ten has a spark that can trigger the fun in ravishing parties at night. Besides that, you can have a memorable evening with drinks and dance. It is a fabulous venue with perfect service and minimum requirement of decorations props. If you are planning a Disco Party, then no other place is better than this.

HMS President

HMS President is an on-float venue that shines on the scintillating waters of River Thames. It graces the Thames as the people enjoy and carouse in the party. Have a most exotic time on HMS President during evening parties or on a sunny afternoon with BBQ-themed celebration or a wine tasting event under the sun.

Tower Bridge and Walkway

Several feet above the ground, the Tower Bridge has a remarkable presence. It brings a thrilling view from such height, while you indulge in merriment. The mesmerising London attraction, joining the two banks of River Thames, Tower Bridge and Walkway offers an excellent view to the partiers. It has three options with the room type and you are free to choose the best as per your requirements and needs.

Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace

Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace is high above the ground, which is almost sky high, offering awe-inspiring views across the city. It is an impressive choice for a corporate dinner with the delegates. And it can be a fairy tale space to throw a surprise party for your lady and make her feel special amongst all. You don’t necessarily have to be a prince to execute such plan and make your lady feel special. You just need the right knowledge to plan things and selecting the right venue, and give shape to your ideas.

The West End on Thames

The West End on Thames is another escape gate from the city chaos, in the middle of the river Thames, ideal for hosting both corporate and private events. We bet you cannot find anything better than this to host a spring celebration or summer party. This is another floating space that has witnessed numerous corporate meets and events along with some unusual parties. You can hire it for a gathering of as many as 350 people, who will certainly have a time of their lives.

All these venues are a major fascination for partiers, who always look forward to celebrate it a little different from the usual. What adds to the value of these venues is being popular among the travellers in London, who earnestly look up to be here. So grab your party spirits, mix it with the enthusiasm of celebrating on the water, in the air, beneath the Earth, and..

Well, Happy Partying!

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