7 Steps To Make Your Book Launch A Success

Writing a Book is an amazing achievement and launching a book is a great task. Focusing on key advises will make your book launch a grand event. Look at the following steps how you can launch your book in the best possible way and make your launch a memorable event.

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Showcase Your Product at Unique Exhibition Venues in London

Exhibition is a way through which you highlight the specific qualities of your product or service to a larger audience. It is a variant of advertisement, wherein you inform the audience. The main purpose, more often than not, is to persuade your audience in a positive manner. As such it is an event of huge importance, you should take care that your event remains a memorable affair.

However, making your event memorable is easier said than done. Do you really want to make your product-launching event an unforgettable affair? Then, why not go for unique exhibition venues in London? These venues apart from being distinctive, offer exceptional facilities. They will truly bring out the uniqueness of your product in the most remarkable manner. Here is the list of some of them.

Gibson Hall

Nestled in the heart of the city of London, it is one of the best venues to hire in London. Evoking a classical Victorian elegance, this venue integrates many facilities like excellent sound system, catering facilities, expert staff etc. The capacity of the Main Hall and the Garden is around 300 whereas the Garden Room can accommodate 250 guests. The menu here is also quite diverse. A delicious confluence of British, Global, International, and Modern European cuisines will keep the tummies of your guests in a happy mode.

Barbican Centre

It is the largest cultural and conference centre in Europe. With a stunning tropical ambience providing the background, this capacious place can hold more than 1900 people. Apart from the Main hall, the Conservatory and the Conservatory Terrace can also be used as a venue, the capacity being around 150. The banqueting facilities too are quite superb, ideal for cocktail, and buffet.

Bank of England Sports Centre

If you desire your product launch affair be close to nature, this is the venue to look out for. It is spacious venue combined with a * dance floor and a fenced lawn. The terrace room at this venue can hold up to 400 guests. In addition to that, the expert staff here will aid you in every step right from planning, management to delivering the plan to perfection. Moreover, the facilities of Balcony Bar, boardroom etc. will make sure that your affair remains hassle free.

Little Ship Club

The Little Ship Club has an enviable riverside location, only few minutes away from the heart of Britain’s financial hub. It is quite a unique venue overlooking the River Thames. The first class facilities of this venue right from catering to equipment will definitely win the heart of your guests. A lip-smacking menu and a diverse range of rooms from Claudworth Room to the Clubroom are an added feature. It is also quite spacious; the whole club can hold around 250 people. Book this venue at once and let your product launch event run smoothly.

Hire from one of these exceptionally unique venues today and make your product launch affair an unsurpassable event. All of the venues are well equipped to cater to your every whim and fancy and to serve you in the most beautiful manner.

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7 Hysterically Funny Birthday Fails You Should Avoid At All Cost

Get aboard to the hot mess express! A compilation of some funny epic fails happened on the birthday celebration that will make you say “What The F#ck”. Sadly though, they look hilarious on them, you can’t afford such a mess on your celebration. So look carefully, and avoid these hilarious yet horrible birthday fails at all cost.

1. I mean, Seriously? You had one job and you failed so miserably

Was it THAT tough? Was it THAT tough? Hunh?

2. Don’t rush on Anything. When the time is right, it’ll happen

But if you Do, then be ready for the consequences

3. Good wishes turn out to be tragic when delivered with a typo

...Which you Should turn off before somebody’s mood does...

4. Don’t forget the one you’re blowing might blow your mind and other things

Keep Calm and Tie it Tight Baby!

5. You might not be a grammar Nazi, but you can at least avoid these

...or you will be reminded of them once the little ones grow up!

6. Do not make them angry! Never ever!

Don’t even stir the balance of reliable parenting

7. Na-aa! Nope! Na-Da! Don’t even think about it! No freaking Way! Just Don’t!

Order it, instead of scaring the clown out of them

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7 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

What to do, where to go, which venue needs to be finalised? And we know that the chaos of these questions is stressful. So don’t punish yourself with such stress. Just keep certain things in mind and ask these 7 questions to your wedding venue while hiring the perfect one and Voila! There you are!

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Do’s and Don’ts before choosing a wedding venue

Choosing a wedding venue is a very complex task. It sets the tone of the day. In fact, many of the other planning pieces cannot be accomplished until this task is complete. And we all know that it’s the most expensive part of your wedding. Selecting a wedding venue is often a difficult decision; it is a lot easier if a couple keeps a list of do’s and don’ts in mind going into the venue seeking process.

Do’s for choosing a wedding venue

1. Decide a style and Theme

Style and Theme of wedding should be decided earlier so as to avoid any confusion. The bride and groom should decide what style and theme they wish their wedding to encompass. For example, if the couples want a romantic formal wedding then they might look at historic landmarks, ballrooms or vineyards. On the other hand if you wish to have simple and sober wedding then you can go for a riverside wedding venue. The style and Theme may also depend on whether the couple wants to plan their wedding in an indoor venue or an outdoor venue.

2. Determine the number of guests

One of the most important Do’s is to pre calculate the invitees. There are number of venues where you can only accommodate your guests up to a certain limit. Hence it is always necessary that the couple should pre visit the wedding venue and check whether they can accommodate their guests in that space or not.

3. Set a Budget

Setting the budget in the wedding is a very important task. The couples should aim to set a budget and stick to it when looking or selecting a wedding venue. Venues often different offers depending on the budget as well as they may charge varied prices for different kinds of spaces. Further, some venues may charge a flexible rate of budget if the couple chooses to marry in off-seasons. It is very important on the part of the couple and family members to check what is actually included in the budget, and also ask them to provide the full breakdown of all the costs.

Don’ts for Choosing a Wedding Venue

1. Don’t wait until the last minute

While non-traditional venues might have more flexibility, some traditional venues like hotels and reception halls require a couple to book the venue anywhere from several months to at least a year or two in advance. This is particularly true for June, August, and September dates and unique venues. Unless they plan for a long engagement, newly engaged couples should begin the wedding venue selection process as soon as possible.
Unless the couples are planning for a long wedding arrangement, they should begin the wedding venue selection process as soon as possible. There are many non-traditional venues having more flexibility as compare to the traditional venues like hotels and reception halls, where they require a couple to book the venues in advance. This is particularly true for June, July, August, and September, which are the peak seasons to get married in London.

2. Don’t Settle

Before fixing anything, you have to keep it kind that you must pre plan everything. Before you settle upon on anything, you have to make sure that you have listed your alternatives also. At times it becomes very difficult for us to manage all the things together. It is always advisable that we keep our substitutes ready with you. Even if the first few venues are not the wedding location of your dreams, one is sure to come along that will help make the big day one of the best of your life.

3. Don’t select a congested venue

For many couples, it’s important that the location they select is easy for the majority of their guests to get to. However, whether you’re hosting your wedding close to home or planning a wedding in any other place, you need to think about the logistics of getting everyone to your event site. It is always necessary to check the parking facility and traffic management plan consideration to keep in mind.

After all wedding is a very special day not only for the couples but also for the people who are related to them. We all want that your wedding should be a successful occasion and everyone should enjoy it. To make it easier for you, TheCityCollection brings you the Ideas and Tips that how you can plan your wedding without troubles. Find out the recommendations and forbidden before choosing a wedding venue.

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