Celebrate Birthday with a Twist at Quirky London Venues

Are you also waiting to sing the Happy Birthday song for your loved one,gathering all your zeal and pleasure? Fasten your seat belt, cram up the lyrics and be prepared to dive into the pool of trance loaded with super fun.

Take a deep breath and set a fantastic show full of beans for the special birthday celebrations coming soon. Adding ease to your planning, we at Thecitycollection have brought some handpicked options of top event birthday party venues in London, perfectly suitable for your party mood.

West End on the Thames

Set a unique style statement by hosting a lavish birthday bash drenched in all the features of panache. Floating proudly on the river Thames, it is blessed with stunning interiors bedecked with a blend of elegance and contemporary charm. It compels every guest with its unrivalled view of London and its eminent attractions amplified with the calm spell of crystalline water. Affable services assured by the team of this amazing place will turn your special celebration more special. Enquire Now

The Medieval Banquet

What else can you expect if you already get an exciting assortment of entertainment, exhilaration, performances and food delights served in a single platter? Take your celebration experience to another level with this unique banquet. With authentic medieval façades, it will make you feel like boarded in a fun-filled journey back to the middle ages. Great for theme parties, this venue facilitates you with costumes, props and dance classes before event.

Host a vivacious birthday party here and stimulate all the invitees by leaving a long lasting impression. Fill in the enquiry form at Thecitycollection.org to know best price for hire and special offers.
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S. B. Lady Daphne

Bring your party to this interesting floating venue to heat up the zing of birthday fête. This wooden vessel fruitfully reflects the true soul of British Naval heritage that will undeniably tickle your senses. Dwell in the enchanted experience of sailing around the Thames treating your eyes with the spectacular outlook of energetic London. Offering genteel amenities and state-of-the-art interior décor scheme, this event space provides you much more than you could expect. Enquire Now

Have the butterflies of merriment started flying in your mind? Delay no more to hire any of these quirky birthday party venues in London. Get connected with us to get these spaces on best price supplemented with amiable best services.

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7 Ideas to Decorate your Christmas Party Venue with Fabulous Handmade Arts

Christmas brings oceans glistening with the waves of happiness and prosperity to the life. Our heart dances with melodious carols ringing all around us. But the real excitement hides behind the idea of pioneering something new and rare to the Christmas every year. Break the law of being so advanced and tech-savvy rather be a bit artistic this fall.

Try something awe-inspiring and unusual to earn buckets full of praise and compliments from the guests at your Christmas bash. Go through the list of some inventive ideas mentioned below to adorn the venue with your arty eye.

Steal the Show with No-Fuss Kissing Balls
Decorate the path leading to the grand entrance of your party premises by hanging up chic Styrofoam ball. Tie gleaming ribbons ending up with a beautiful knot to grip the ball stronger. You can further festoon them with multihued bows and festive twigs.

Spread the Charm of Beam Light
Get some mesmeric flowers with fresh tiny leaves and arrange them in an artistic manner around classy candlelit centrepieces placed on each table. Let the magical spell of soothing shaft of candle light spread all over the venue creating a serene kingdom. Try for Draper’s Hall, a mesmeric venue with well-polished services that also allows DIY decoration facilities.

Dangle up Golden Bells

Give wonderful opportunity to your expensive table linen to flaunt its class with beribboned grace. Try out something innovative to it by choosing two opposite sides of the table, spread and cut in couple of analogous vertical incisions. Mark outline of these slits with strips in monochromatic tint to the basic cover’s colour. Also, hang the dazzling golden pair of bells with velvet ribbons on each side to get a jingle touch.

Fun with Stockings

Pick out a few stockings painted in vibrant hues and treat them to give a basket shape. Drape this basket with tiny art pieces and eye-catching accessories and finally, place these on side tables.

Revamp Doors
Augment the beauty of your door with festive essence. Play creatively with pinecones and hang them with glossy silk ribbons on the knobs of cabinets developing Christmas mood at each corner.

Fruity Treat to Vase
At the focal point of your celebration venue, place a big vase with candle holder inside it. Surround this candle holder with a heap of fresh cranberries, blueberries, kumquats and walnuts to lend a festive tinge.

Bring Stars Down to your Party Place
Introduce finely imaginative luminaries with your keen arty vision. Take two coloured paper bags complimenting each other and cut their edges with decorative scissors. Pop up cute tiny stars at the bottom line of these bags and place them in front where every eye could relish this art.

Incorporate these exclusive decoration ideas this Christmas and feel the new spirit of festive zeal bundles up with sheer elegance and style. Get to us at Thecitycollection.org and choose a tasteful space for your event from our fine range of venues.

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How does it feel to find the Perfect London Venue?

Image Source: Telegraph UK

Who doesn’t love London parties? But do you know who loves them more? People who manage to find their ideal London venues. Along with numerous venues for hire in London, the City Collection brings you more today. Read on for a soulful and crazy insight into what it feels like to book your favourite party venue in London. Try not to cry:

1. “Is it Really True?”

Image Source: Giphy.com

Yes! Overcome with initial disbelief and self doubt, one is bound to go through the denial at first. You will not be able to believe that you have really found ‘the one’. In order to get back to reality, bite your finger or pinch someone else to get a slap back. We highly recommend the latter one, always works.

2. The Day Dreaming

Image Source: Giphy.com

As the realisation settles in, you start to reach a mental elation, filled with the possibilities of planning at the venue. This mental elation can be alarming to outside observers, but worry not! It’s all about a little 24x7 party going on in your mind, to have found your dream venue. This feeling can be checked with certain symptoms like loud greetings, smiling at strangers, and finding party supplies ideas everywhere, even at a hardware store!

3. “Can this be used at the venue?!”

Image Source: Giphy.com

By this point, the second stage overflows into the third where everything around you becomes about your venue. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the planning NEVER STOPS!

4. “I got to stop thinking!”

Image Source: Giphy.com

There are just a few words to illustrate to the reader what this feels like:

Venue! Party! Venue! Party! Venue! Party! Venue! Party...

Do this 120 times in an hour and you’ll know what this feels like.

5. “Why is it over already?!”
Image Source: Giphy.com

“Yay! My day has finally arrived”. Few hours later...

“Blimey! Is my party over already? Why! Why me!”
Image Source: Giphy.com

With this, we would like to say a silent prayer in the air for all those who went through sleepless nights, chewed pillows, and nail biting while planning their party. But hey! Who doesn’t love London parties?

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Organising 1st Birthday Party in London was Never so Easy

Expect the unexpected!! And you will feel on-board in a whacky parallel universe, exploring a bizarre world where infants are smarter than the London city. Well, we believe in soaring up snoopy butterflies in your tummy. We feel immense pleasure to introduce 3 prodigies, namely Sayel, Alexi and Brayn, who are surely to be the next entries in the Guinness Book of World Record…..we optimistically think!

We all happen to pop up the most amazing plans while doing nothing but cheesing off the couch with our load. BTW genius minds are born like this only. Congratulations world, another genius is here to hit the goal.

1. You would go bananas while running your eyes on planning of the best birthday party of the fall in the cutest Kidzee accent.

Being a jolly chap, Sayel ends up daydreaming showing guts to draw his fellows’ attention while they are busy with their respective favourite games. Brave boy…Actually…It is in every gene to get excited when birthday of our bestie is about to knock the door. If you don’t feel alike, just scan the expressions of these cutie pies.

2. Poor kids swinging in the dilemma, figuring about if these 7 days are too long to wait for or too short to arrange the surprise.
3. Aweeee…Neither mommy nor granny are up for letting the budding party organisers to use their personal venues for the celebration. Where will they go now?? Strange to know, mosquitos could be annoying for other purposes as well.
Pity you babies, had you not created a mess at home you would be dancing on birthday song at your place itself. Oops Hard Lines!!!! Trouble your as little minds as cranberries to find out a good party venue. Wish you all the luck!

4. Good news for Uncle Google he is quite popular among infants too.

Just look at the zeal and ecstasy of these buddies while revealing a plethora of intriguing first birthday party venues in London when they were struggling to find a single one. All thanks to Thecitycollection.org that startles every one with its exquisite range of venues. No more do you need to hike your blood pressure level while finding a good venue for your function as it’s a kid’s affair now. Uncle Google really worked dude.

5. And meet the showstopper Caly. He is the bigwig for whom Sayel, Brayn and Alexi have been boiling the ocean so far.
Barmy giggle of all these cuties made their efforts worth it. Forget everything now, lose the plot and dance to break the floor.

We obviously feel utterly elated when our mates do something special for our birthdays. Enjoy the celebrity seat while your best ones cook up something overwhelming on the sly to rock your day. These cute lil minds did exactly the same to make Caly’s day unforgettable.

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Venues with over 250 Capacity Speaking Volumes for your Taste

Exciting wave of festivity is turning every one barmy. Beat the euphoric heat of the hour by planning a grand cherry celebration eve at a ravishing venue in London. Make it bigger this time! Do not miss on inviting any of your relatives or chaps to one of these spacious spaces, accommodating a capacity of more than 250 heads.

Devonshire Terrace

Spice up your party whoopee far more by hiring this ace venue enriched with panache and gracious facilities. Devonshire Terrace is blessed with a fine assortment of classy indoor and outdoor spaces to hold awe-inspiring personal and corporate events. Your guests will get gob-smacked with its stimulating interior scheme, chic furniture and high glass roof cover. Resting proudly just a few steps away from Liverpool Street Tube Station, it enables the guests to reach the venue conveniently.
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Clothworkers Hall

Have a glance at elegant characters of this tasteful venue, if you want to live the authentic moment of bliss at your lovable ceremonies. The Clothworkers Hall attracts every eye, boasting an everlasting poise adorned with elegant elements of 21st century. You can successfully arrange for a big bash in the ultramodern premises of this enthralling property. Cordial hospitality and engaging space makes it best for dinners, corporate meets and private events.
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C and B Lime Street

Lucky to own captivating ambience and prime location in eminent Lloyd’s building, it is a superb option to organise a grand event. The C and B Lime Street tickles your tongue with a tinge of tang in its wide variety of European and British brasserie style food. This place is a favourite spot for those who love tasting refreshing drinks. You cannot stop praising the courteous services provided by this elite venue. If you are planning to throw a grand party soon, then contact our specialised team by dropping in an enquiry and find the requisite details.
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HMS Belfast

Pull up your socks to experience something beyond the beauty of heaven. Hire this unusual venue floating between Tower Bridge and London Bridge. Riveted by engrossing panoramic view of Thames and the city skyline, the HMS Belfast will define a style statement for your special occasion. There is no match to its spaces, well-polished with modern equipment, unusual designing scheme and contemporary facilities. Conceptualize an inimitable get-together and reserve this space to savour some unforgettable moments.
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Merchant Taylor’s Hall

Sprinkle the magical spell of majesty in to your special merriments with grandiose feature of this ultimate place. The panache of its 9 absorbing venues will entrance your senses with a hex of exquisiteness and serenity. Adhering to the fact that some moments come to your way once in a life time, the Merchant Taylor’s Hall is designed as compelling as one can believe. If you are looking for the finest venue to host a great jovial party, then nothing can be better than this happening event space.
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Go with any of these smashing party venues to organize a huge gathering for a memorable celebration packed with full of beans. Fill up the enquiry for at Thecitycollection.org and get to know more about venues and their specifications.

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Planning a Reunion – Here’s Your Saviour

From proxy attendance, last-minute assignments, exams to your college crush, your friends boyfriends/girlfriend, college fights and cheerleaders; everything is treasured in your heart. Well, college days are meant to be there, with you, for lifetime; isn’t it? Now, with a hectic working schedule, personal and social life, it really feels good to recall memories from college life, isn’t it?

Hosting a reunion and revisiting the amazing time of college with your amazing friends would be fun. But, a reunion is easier said than done, especially when you are not in touch with your college buddies for a long time. Your college’s alumni association can assist you to make contact with your friends and plan the reunion party. Just hop on to our list of ideas that will help you to host an amazing reunion party.

Fix a Budget

Budget can make or break your plans for a reunion. It is quite necessary to decide the budget and consider all major as well as small expenses. Be sure to ask your friends for suggestions as something new and unique might get explored. Higher the budget, the more people can be invited to the party. If your budget is not sufficient, you can ask your guests to share in some amount.

Choose a Date

If you don’t want any of your college mates to miss out on fun reunion, deciding a date would be necessary. The best idea is to organize your party on weekends, so that work should not be an excuse for them. Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and even Thanksgiving are the best times to organize college reunions. Well, if still in a state of confusion, discuss with your friends.


This reunion shall be the most memorable and fantastic party for everyone to dwell in the old college world. Thus, deciding the venue becomes imperative. Be it a party hall or a boat venue, we reckon, a venue can really set the mood for your party. To give a special touch to the venue, decorate the walls with college banners and student’s tag lines about the college.

Sending the invitation is the first step towards your planning for reunion. Prepare the list of friends, so you don’t miss any of your good friends for the celebration and get their contact details confirmed. If this sounds too difficult for you, then you can ask your closest friends to help you out. Once you have completed the list, decide college theme invitation. This might just bring back some memories for them too.

The Last Touch-Up

To avoid any confusion, keep a loop of who finally attends the reunion. If any of your old friends has not answered to the invites, try getting in touch with them again through phone or mail to ensure the invitation got to them. In addition, before making the final payments to the venue and food, don’t forget to check terms and conditions of the deal.

Relax and Enjoy!
You deserve applause as you have set up an amazing party for your old friends. It is true that you need to supervise the vendors and ensure that they are doing their work, besides you have to catch up with friends. Don’t forget to appreciate the presence of guests as well as those who assisted the plans of reunion party.

Follow these above ideas and host a superb college reunion for all your friends. Try to be creative and quirky with decorations and food. Enjoy to the core and re-live you old college days as they knock your door, yet again!

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Plan a Romantic Intimate Dinner with your Partner

The world seems more beautiful when you find your partner just next to you at a pleasant place. The sky shines up brighter with the charming moon light peeping out from the mesmeric sheet of twinkling stars. Breeze of cool air caresses your hair when you look deep into the oceanic eyes of your partner and the atmosphere turns more romantic.

Spare some valuable time to surprise your love this weekend by planning an intimate romantic dinner on a roof top space. Spectacular view of wide open roof top will accelerate your soothing mood with utter tranquillity. If you are ready to plan such happening evening soon, then you can find many top dinner venues in London at Thecitycollection.org. Besides, you can implement the following interesting ideas at these venues to make the moments mesmerizing.

Go Pastel in Décor

Quit the idea of bright red roses to show your love rather try pastel flower scheme this time. Set a serene environment by prettifying your dinner table with fresh white lily and blue orchids. These two blend perfectly to stimulate special moments. Lit up some scented candles to spread sweet aroma in the air you are inhaling with your beloved.

Delicious Dinner

Savour delightful bites of delicious dishes ordered from the menu you both like mutually. Start with garnished soup and bread sticks following mouth-watering dinner with a variety of main course and salad options. Complete the dinner menu by adding a pinch of sweetness into your lovely bond by tasting tantalizing desserts.

Exotic Sip of Drink

Make the evening classy and delighting with a variety of exotic cocktails. Relishing sips of refreshing drinks with your loved one enhance the flavour. Order a chilled glass of your favourite cocktail to beautify the moments of togetherness. Make sure to try an exclusive spectrum of finest Rose Wines at The Folly in London.

Unwind in the Glory of Place

Sit hand in hand with your partner and enjoy a light romantic conversation. The awesome view around you will calm your senses and bring your hearts closer. Just live these glittery moments with your beloved forgetting about the rest of all.

Fascinated after reading these ideas? Excited to experience them in real? Just check out Thecitycollection.org to book a perfect dinner venue. Our dedicated team will help you organize a surprise dinner for your partner keeping in plate all your expectations.

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Top 3 Dry-Hire Venues in London

London is breathing in new winds of change with every spin of day and night. Dry hire venue is a novel concept introduced recently in the happening city of London. It simply means just to hire a lavish well-appointed space with elegant interiors, amiable facilities and other features except catering. Dry-hire venues are suitable for both private and corporate events. Hosts who want a sheer hold on catering services or having nominal budget are often benefited with such spaces.

Take a quick look on top 3 dry-hire venues in London which amaze you with their attractive structure and heartfelt serves.

Armourers and Brasiers Hall
Embellished with goodness of vintage styled interiors, this venue will take you back to the glories of 16th and 17th century. Eye captivating Dutch paintings and dazzling lighting of George II brass chandeliers, speak volumes for this space. Armourers and Brasiers Hall is one of the finest options for organizing any sort of formal or informal events. It has a versatile array of costs and layouts for you. Come to us at Thecitycollection.org to book this pleasant space for your next event and get further regarding to the same.
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Drapers Hall
Accentuate on your classy tang amongst others by hiring this spectacular hall for weddings, birthday or corporate events. Apart from brilliantly designed interiors, it has a striking outdoor space enabling you to arrange a breath-taking BBQ party in crazy summers. This venue owns a fabulous bar to herd in with your folks to relish satiating wine, beer, scotch or any of your desired cocktails.
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The City of London Club

Whatever be the nature of your event, The City of London Club is fine enough to meet all your requirements in imposing mode. It owns a spectrum of impressive venues compelling you to stick at the place itself and keep on admiring it. An exemplary beauty is in decor of the hall where 150 heads can step in. Private roof top and garden room are amazing options to plan a spring celebration with peer.
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Pick any of these places as per your preferences for your next event. We at Thecitycollection.org, help you in finding gorgeous dry-hire venues in London where you can experience the best moments of your life.

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Enticing London Venues for New Year Party Waiting For You!

Just the word ‘New Year’ makes us jump out of our couch in excitement! Isn’t it? We could relate this occasion to the sun shining bright in the infinite sky of fresh expectations, glee and optimism.

Elate your guests by welcoming them warmly to a bravura venue along with a high dose of music, dance and buffet. We at TheCityCollection proffer you with our sumptuous assortment of breath-taking venues where you can plan your special events implementing every bit of your dream ideas.

Start selecting from the mentioned below luxurious spaces boasting of the perfect potential to organize an effective and memorable event for you.

Tower of London

If palaces and historic attractions are your thing, you will fall in love with Tower of London. Blessed with royal architecture and alluring space it makes a best party venue for history buffs. You can throw a lavish party in iconic spaces of this charming fortress with two venues accommodating up to 2000 guests. Mesmeric historical arte facts in White Tower ensure an ultimate backdrop for every sort of event held here.

If you want to enjoy the wind of past and present together then there is no alternative to Medieval Palace. This interesting venue possesses ultimate historic allure complemented with hypnotic views of Thames and the entire city.
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Club Ten

Soar up the elegance of your party to a different level by hiring this enormously stylish club centred in heart of the city. Serene ambient illumination of this astonishing space sets high celebration mood along with amalgamation of superiority with style. Enjoy fine dining in dynamic atmosphere of this venue exhibiting a swanky backdrop. Holding a special party in such a marvellous place is an experience worth living.
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The Constellation Suite
You cannot resist falling in love with the divine charm of this charismatic and versatile suite. Mood-lit ceiling of this amazing off beat venue will hypnotise your senses taking you in the paradise of grandeur and tranquillity. Hold an unforgettable event boasting gaiety and fun in this space residing inside a grand hotel close to Holborn Tube Station. Dedicated management and staff here take the best care of all your requirements to make you feel special every while.

Book this astounding space with us for your next party and flaunt your chic taste to the fullest amongst your guests.
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Gibson Hall

A striking mishmash of classical splendour and trendy amenities makes this impeccable venue a treat for your contemporary styled events. It will take you to another world of ecstasy with its flawless interior décor. This grand hall has gorgeous space to gather a count of 600 heads making your revelry super hit. You always have another option available with you to hire the garden and the garden room of this venue as per your own requirements.

Our professional team can assist you in booking the most suitable venues within your pocket and makes sure that you need not compromise on any of your necessities.
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Still thinking? Then stop it here itself and hurry up to scan many more appealing party venue options for you at thecitycollection.org and arrange a get together matching up to your standard and preferences.

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