Eureka! Here’s How to Throw the Best Birthday Bash for Girls!

Every little girl loves the idea of birthday celebration with her best pals and being treated like a princess. So, why not make your girl feel special on her birthday? She might remember this occasion in the future and love digging down the past memories in awe.
To make your girl’s celebration special and memorable, you need to be sensitive about her choices. Your baby girl may have a penchant for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ birthday theme or may have a fondness for ‘Hello Kitty,’ ‘Disney Princesses’ or other birthday idea. Be in favour of her suggestions and plan accordingly. Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan a hearty little party for your little princess.

Hire a Kid-Friendly VenueYour girl’s birthday is approaching, and you’re not sure where to host it. Planning an outdoor celebration in summers can be really fun. Why not opt for professional planners and you just shop the best dress for birthday girl.

If indoor venue is your choice, choose a colourful and kid-friendly space to easily set the mood of the party. A theme party complimented by intimate ambience of venue will offer many moments to remember. A barbie-themed restaurant or cafe that is magnificently decorated with pink flowers would be a great option for you.

Besides, themed cafes, local zoo, and garden venues are some spots that you can take into consideration. Before choosing the venue, make sure that the location is easily accessible for all guests attending with kids.

Birthday Girl Says It All
It’s always good to plan a theme including Disney and comic characters she loves. Hey! Why not let her decide the theme for her special birthday. We are sure she won’t ask for more than a glittering celebration with her darling characters. Something you are already planning. Isn’t it? But, it’s good to treat her like princess and obey her. (winks!)

Rainbow Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland, American Girl Doll, and Luau also make for interesting themed parties.

The Charm of the Celebration
Obviously, no birthday bash would complete without a cake. Let her friends drool over a delicious customised cake relating to the theme. Kids love cake and other bakery items like pastries, muffins, apple pie and quiches. Make sure you don’t get out of stock for these as this might spoil everyone’s mood.

Get the decoration as per the theme and choice of the birthday girl. Using doll accessories, blow driers, purses and other girly stuff as cake toppers will make every girl giggle.

Invite in StyleAs off now, the venue and theme planning is all set. So, let’s head towards invitations. There is no end to creativity that you can show with the invitations. You can strike a pose of your girl in the invitation or butterfly shaped invitations for butterfly themed parties. The best way is to use bright colours and patterns, as your invitations will set the tone of the party.

Serve a Kid-Pleasing MenuThere’s no doubt, kids always have their own food choices and are usually picky eaters. So, setting the best food menu can be a little tricky. It is possibly one of the most difficult and imperative tasks in planning. Try serving healthy food that doesn’t stain kid’s attire and is loved by elders and kids. One’s menu can include pizzas, pastas, veggie dips, bite-size cupcakes and much more that kids love.

Capture Moments

Your girl’s birthday is a milestone which certainly calls for special photo shoot sessions. You can get tons of pictures and some great shots. Capturing cake shots, kids stuffing their mouth with cake, merry making scenes and friends covering ‘the birthday girl’ in frosting from head to toe will make for great memories. Nowadays, candid photography is in trend to get everything captured in a larger-than-life frame and enjoy attention.

Relax ’n’ Go with the Flow

The juices will spill, kids might cry along with other random stuff going on in the party, but you shouldn’t sweat. It’s your princess’ birthday, so just relax and have fun. Don’t get caught up in little details. It’s the smile on your wee one’s face that matters and nothing else.

Follow these tips and suggestions that will help you plan a special and hassle-free bash for your sweet little baby girl.

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Crashing the Christmas - Organise the Craziest Party in London

‘Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it.... as if you can stop the snow?’

Well, well! Its Christmas and the biggest party extravaganza of the year, isn’t it?

To see your face light up at the very thought of ‘party’ can mean just one thing - yes, you are crazy. Hear us out before you go on to the next website on your browser, with a frown on your face!

You are crazy to not have fun party ideas seeing the Christmas time approaching in London. This year is special as this year is NOW. Why just put all your hopes of organising that insanely merry Christmas party to distant future? You are alive and kickin’, aren’t you? Then let’s do this!

Take down all your Halloween-decorations-worth-inhibitions aside for a minute and think about it on a more serious note. And then tear that serious note into million tiny little pieces, to use as confetti later. After you are done with that, come back to your computer screen so we can corrupt your brain with these ‘nutty-as-a-fruitcake’ Christmas party ideas, extra roasted below!

1. Tongue-in-Ice:

Hey! We said crazy, not mean. Whether it is an office party or some pals gathering up for a barmy night, a few games can just crack the nut. But beware of the games that can turn all your spirits and alcohol into a wonderfully slow tea party. How about a mysterious twist with Death by Winking, or bust a gut with Laughing Game?

2. Decorating People:

To decorate a Christmas tree is a tradition. But doing that to your invited guests may cause some awkward trauma or just more funny pictures in your collection. This is where the weird party ideas drop out of your genius mind, in the form of party supplies. You see where we are going with this? We bet all you can imagine by now are moustaches flying around, glowing red devil’s horns swaying with music, and so on.

3. Icing on the Cake:

Who cares about the cake? Well some hungry people and foodies do. But our focus is on the icing to your party, the snow. What can be more Christmas-y than artificial snow falling or carefully placed for people to trot about in. To make it appear as a sinister production of your unstable mind, you may organise a snowball fight for your guests. It can also get a mound of fake snow to push people in, and no one will know. Shhhh.....

4. Putting the Toe Back in Mistletoe:

While conjuring up the guest list, why not invite that special someone you have been meaning to ask out for forever now? So, here’s the plan. Invite the person and while you engross them in some made-up chatter, walk them under the mistletoe and innocently imply to its presence. If you need a plan after that then we request you to spare that poor human and make out with a mirror.

5. Let it Slide or Something:

Props and decorations are always great to make your party seem lively, at least appear like one. But with your strong determination and our dirt, let us take things up a notch. Get in a slide, roller blades, or carnival rides, surely the ones which can fit into your party venue, for your tripping guests.

6. And Surprise!

To find the missing puzzle piece is always a delight, even if that means a venue which is as unusual as your one-in-a-million brain. Some likeminded people at have put together a list of Christmas party venues in London. These include ‘suitable’ party venues on land, water, and almost air. Medieval Banquet is a Gothic themed venue at St. Katherine Docks for meeting mock royalty with a polite greet. West End on Thames lets you hire cruises for parties, so you can pretend to float over Thames on Christmas. Maybe you would want to take a Titanic-like selfie while out there, but beware! Don’t drop drunk in Thames, in your effort to validate your highest levels of crazy.

7. Theme is the Cream:

Just like a war plan, if you don’t scheme your party plan intently, then things and people can definitely go haywire. Deciding a theme for your Christmas party in London can completely work in your favour. No matter what crazy theme or idea your wayward mind decides to pursue, you can always blame it on London!

8. Tasting Your Own Medicine:

Yes, we know you will be giving your time, unholy soul, money, and office hours into making this Christmas party airborne. Try out a clueless but experienced party planner to take care of your crazy business. Let your wig down and put the dance floor in gyration mode with your thunderous dance moves. Oh dear!

This is a statutory request for all you budding cuckoo enthusiasts reading this. The above list is based on tried and tested real life events, voluntarily conducted by some actively regretting but happy humans. Let your crazy stint at organising a ‘Memorable Christmas Party in London’ stay ‘memorable’ enough. Don’t drink and drive too! Not even in a stationary car.

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Let Private Party Venues Define Your Style!

London’s love affair with the simple idea of celebration continues to spread it wings at a full swing. And to add some flavours to it, we came up with private dinner party venues complimenting a guest DJ for you all.
Be it a birthday party, wedding celebrations, hen/stag party, cocktail party or otherwise, private dinner parties can enhance the whimsical feel. Make your party a smashing hit with quirky and unique private party venues in London. Dig in and select your favourite from our list of London’s special venues with exclusivity.

Club Ten – in St. Paul’s Hotel
Enjoy a tailor-made private party in London, near St. Paul’s Cathedral. This luxuriant Club Ten venue with lively DJ, music and delicious food, will make a charming celebration to remember. The velvety ambience, delicious food and comfy furniture enable guests to enjoy to the core. Make your evening memorable and fun by booking at this amazing venue.
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S. B. Lady Daphne
– on River Thames
Bring your guests to a ravishing venue speaking about its British Naval history and much more. S. B. Lady Daphne is perfect boat venue offering DJ hire. Also, give your guests an opportunity to try clay pigeon shooting while sailing in the middle of the River Thames. Hey! Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy shooting and music in middle of panoramic views of Thames? Let your party be the next big gossip stuff for the town.
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Merchant Taylor’s Hall
– in City of London
A grandiose character, Sauvé interiors and the royal touch, Merchant Taylor’s Hall cannot be defined to its real power and passionate feel. This alluring venue with 9 fabulous spaces as magnificent as you can believe. It can host any type of private party with elegance and panache. It unmatchable dedicated staff and services make for a deadly combo for every celebration. Make your special event even more special by hiring this exclusive venue.
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The Sterling
– at St Mary Axe
The Sterling, as the name describes it, this splendid venue provides a spacious and comfortable location for you a hippy DJ private party. Its sleek decoration and humble lighting upturns soft ambience for a hard core party with friends and family. Your stylish private party with special DJ guest will surely get a new defined aura to dwell everyone to the maximum. Nestled at the bottom of renowned The Gherkin building, it offers a wide range of wine and drinks to compliment conversations and fun during the party in London.
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C and B Canary Wharf
– Near River Thames

Enjoy the mesmerizing backdrop of the River Thames and Canary Wharf during the celebration. The stunning C&B Canary Wharf waterfront bar with late license and DJ hire facilities is a great option. It has been a proud host of many barbeque parties. Enjoy wine, champagne over lunch/dinner with your guests. So, make your evenings more entertaining and memorable partying here.
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If you would like to savour your private party with great food, DJ and drinks, select any venue listed above by our team of venue experts. So, stay clear of any chaos or confusion, just go with any of the venues listed at and we reckon, you are good to go. Enjoy oozing your guests with booze, music and so much more fun.

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5 Unusual Bar Mitzvah London Venues

Mazal Tov to the young fellow for the new beginnings!

Let the boy, soon turning thirteen years, enjoy his Bar Mitzvah ceremony to the core. Jewish rituals, wishes from dear ones, music, dance and…food, defines a spectacular evening of celebrations. Ok! We know you are excited for this, so to cut-down your preparations, we list some of the best Bar Mitzvah venues in London. Put on your shoes and plan a whimsical Kosher Bar Mitzvah party that everyone remembers for long.

BB Bakery Cute and Sweet Venue in Covent GardenA cool venue designed sophisticatedly for whimsical celebrations, BB Bakery is the perfect place for Bar Mitzvah. Sauvé ambience of the place offers ample space for children to enjoy. Be it an afternoon affair or evening, just relax, enjoy with guests and be proud of the moment. Worth mentioning, you get to treat everyone with delicious cakes, tarts and much more by the bakery itself.
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St Bride Foundation – Majestic Event Space in Bride Lane
For celebrations with religious beliefs, St Bride Foundation offers a classic space with elegance and style bestowing class. The white walls of Bridewell Hall give a blissful feel to the Mitzvah ceremony. If planning to invite a good number of guests, then this is the venue you might be looking for. With a history of more than 100 years, it also adds to the traditional and cultural touch for events.
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Chiswell Street Dining Rooms – The Chic Venue for a Classy CeremonyComplementing the traditional ceremony and modern approach of every, Chiswell Street Dining Rooms has furnished the space for every type of event. Select from a wide range of delectable food items for lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, as per your comfort and plans. Let your guests enjoy your son’s ceremony, chanting a portion of Torah reading and much more while comfortably sitting on smoothly textured leather seats. You can invite up to 100 guests in seating and around 250 for a standing reception.
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Searcys at St. Pancras Grand – Lavish Location for Alluring MitzvahIf finding a grand and luxurious Bar Mitzvah venue in London, Searcys at St Pancras Grand offers great options. It embodies modern classic interiors and opulence to leave your guests in awe. It caters wide variety of old favourites with modern touch and taste. Save memories for future with unique backdrops and ambience for photographs. Officially recognised as one of the London’s best whisky Bars, may also offer an advantage to celebrate at the same place as the ceremony.
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The Yacht London – Grand Riverside Thames VenueSurprise the ‘Torah’ with a unique venue, The Yacht. Book a deck on the yacht and let the star of the evening aboard the amazing venue over River Thames. Dwell in the music and dance overlooking the beautiful river. Get the best food and snacks for guests to keep them energised throughout the celebration. Select your favourite space among the three decks of The Yacht available for Mitzvah celebrations.
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Put aside the nightmares of your son stumbling words while reciting and just plan for the best of the young man. We at make our best efforts to provide prominent Bar Mitzvah venues to you. Now, get ready, wear your awesome dress and PARTY!

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Places in London for a Teenage Birthday Party

Of course, it’s not an easy thing to hunt for the perfect birthday venue in London. The abundance of venues makes the search process a little tricky. But here at TheCityCollection, we have compiled some of the top venues where you can plan a memorable evening of dinner, dance, and drinks. No matter how you opt to make whoopee your celebration, these venues are sure to spice up your birthday celebration.

A fine dining restaurant is perfect for a fancy 3-course meal, while a glam nightclub offers a great setting for an ultimate clubbing experience. We present you a great list of teenage birthday venues, each ensuring to add a bit of WOW factor in your event.

40|30, at 30 St Mary Axe

Lying on top of 30 St Mary Axe building, 40|30 offers the spectacular 360° views over the city’s skyline. This iconic venue is home to 3 event spaces – Glenmorangie Signet Room, Level 39 & 40 and Richard Hennessay Room. Available on an exclusive use for teenage birthday parties, each event space has its own charm and serenity. There is an exclusive in-house restaurant within the premises, promising to offer you the finest dishes. You and your guests can also sip exotic cocktails and Teas, prepared with exciting saffron and herbal variations.
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Bank of England Sports Centre
, RoehamptonDiscos, dinner dances and culinary delights are just 3 of the many things that you can expect at Bank of England Sports Centre. Lies in 32 acres of outstanding grounds, it is a superb venue for planning a teen birthday celebration. Featuring stunning event spaces – Balcony Bar, Green Room and Terrace Room – the venue has all the elements you need to wow your guests. An intimate formal dinner can be held at The Green Room and Pavilion Room.Besides, you can head upstairs to the patio, offering stunning views of the grounds. The patio area can accommodate up to 250 guests, ensuring to make every occasion special.Enquire Now

Little Ship Club, at Upper Thames Street

It is hard to think of a better venue to celebrate your birthday than Little Ship Club. This amazing yacht venue can host a birthday celebration for up to 250 guests. Imagine relaxing on comfy leather sofas, sipping a nice drink and enjoying a fantastic view of the River Thames. The venue boasts a full in-house catering team, ensuring you to serve the most delectable food. Its waterfront location complemented with excellent hospitality services makes it a perfect venue for reliving your natal day.

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HMS President
, at Victoria EmbankmentHMS President, perpetually anchored in the City of London, is a floating venue ideal for all types of social events. This amazing boat venue absorbs you in a relaxed atmosphere, offering bespoke and customized service. The site is famous for the magnificent scenic views of the river Thames, due to its prime waterfront location. To make your party experience truly memorable, the venue is equipped with a range of facilities. Superb in-house catering, audio visual equipments, and exclusive access to bars are just a few reasons to host your birthday event here.
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near the St. Paul’s Cathedral

Let your friends and family groove over the fanciful idea of planning teenage birthday at ClubTEN. Located near the St. Paul’s Cathedral, this underground dynamic venue will surely add zing to your party. Let your guests shake a leg on live music and DJs while enjoy sumptuous food. Plan a party at this venue and get ready to see your party be the talk of the town. Preferred for an ultimate private affair, the venue’s mauve theme enhances the feel of every party spreading a vibrant aura.
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The Skybar
, at Grange Holborn Hotel

Hey! What about a rooftop venue with freshness and cool breeze of London to welcome your guests? With an amazing backdrop of London panorama, make your birthday party stand out at The Skybar. This penthouse level venue manicured with elegance and intimacy will provide a unique space for teenage birthday celebration. Enquire Now

This was our list of London’s super venues to host your birthday party event. You may go ahead, choose any one from the list and get ready to have a buzz on your birthday. However, in case you won’t the right venue by coincidence. Don’t get worried; feel free to explore the full list of birthday venues here.

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London Venues for Sit-Down Dinner & Drinks

It can be bit of a task to find out the perfect sit down dinner and drinks venue for hire in the capital! But here, we have shortlisted the best Christmas party venues for you! Either hold a chic corporate Christmas party here, or plan an intimate shindig with friends and family. Who wouldn’t love a delectable meal prepared by seasoned chefs, spread over several courses and an enticing mix of cocktails, wines, and drinks? We know your mouth is already salivating hence without much ado, let’s get started!

1. Vintners Hall
Nestled conveniently between Upper Thames Street and the River Thames is Vintners Hall, a renowned venue to enjoy dinner and drinks. This 15th century hall is home to a number of versatile event spaces that can be hired, depending upon the budget and capacity of your dinner function. Boardroom has a decent space for small gathering (up to 24 guests), while The Livery Hall can cater up to 158 guests in a dinner-dance capacity. So why not splash the cash on fine dining that your guests will remember for years to come? Send us a quick enquiry now and have the venue all set and ready for your event.
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2. 28 Portland Place

Located in the Marylebone district of Central London is 28 Portland Place, an incredibly versatile venue perfect for dinner parties. The building is one of the few surviving town houses, offering an elegant historic setting to enjoy sumptuous food and drink. Offering a range of event spaces, from Adam Suite to Harben Room, 28 Portland Place is ideal for adding sophistication to every event. Hire this place for your dinner & drink event and let your guests enjoy the 5 course meal in a majestic setting.
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3. Barber Surgeons’ Hall

Located in a relaxing Monkwell square, just off London wall, Barber Surgeons’ Hall is a wonderfully constructed red-brick mansion. This stately home has a series of interconnecting event rooms, where you can throw a spectacular dinner party. Those wishing to take the celebration outside will have an option to hire a magnificent terrace and an impressive herb garden. As a guest, you will enjoy the facilities such as bespoke event planning and on site catering.
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4. Church House
A Grade II listed building located in the heart of Westminster; Church House is the great venue for fine dining and banqueting. Ideal for meetings, receptions and dinner dances, the venue is home to 19 spacious event spaces. Abbey Room, Assembly Room, Bishop Partridge Hall, and Ramsey Room are just a few spaces available in Church House Conference Centre. Here, you & your guests can enjoy a sophisticated evening, coupled with lively atmosphere and excellent hospitality services. Besides, the venue also boasts a balcony area, offering exquisite views of Westminster Abbey. Just shoot us a short enquiry now, and this incredible Christmas celebration venue can be yours for hire today.
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5. The Yacht London
If you would like to savour your food and drinks alongside the stunning views of River Thames, opt for the Yacht, London. Serving 3-course a la carte and 6-course fine dining menu, the venue has a fantastic restaurant & top deck. Guests can also hire a terrace lounge that is fully equipped with facilities, including full bar, dance floor area, garden themed décor and live music/DJ stage. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner or modest gathering of friends, this venue would surely be your first choice.

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50 Popular UK Dresses for Your Prom Party

Your Prom Night, a.k.a, Big Moment of your student life is approaching? Hold your horses, and leave the poor fashion magazines alone for a minute. You need a strategy off course, which should, we must insist, begin with the highlight of the event – THE dress. Before you unleash the ‘what-s’ and the ‘which-s’, we have got just the dreamy dresses that fairy tales are made of.

Here are 50 popular and evergreen UK dresses for your prom night:

Make a grand entrance in this gorgeous amber gown with antique gold sequins

Floor your date with a chic yellow ombre prom dress

How about this sophisticated and classy white prom dress?

Want something fool-proof? Check out this black full length tulle dress!

Look ravishing in a spaghetti strap lace a-line prom dress

A black jumpsuit? This is what we call a stand-out prom dress

Go ‘vintage’ even when it’s not 1940s

A classic is this Audrey Hepburn inspired black prom dress

Get the princess treatment in this ball gown with scoop neckline and sash lace dress

Get the daring and edgy look in this black v-neck strappy back pleated dress

This lace ball gown in aqua with black lace is just to die for!

Shimmer like the beautiful starry night sky in this one

Shine through in this blue sweetheart prom gown

Bring back the dance fever in these 50s vintage halter rockabilly swing prom dresses

Be the cuteness overloaded in a decorated collar sapphire blue dress

Nothing beats this little cute lace black prom dress

A deep sweetheart mermaid dress is a way to celebrate all the curves

If you want a suit for your prom, you get a suit for your prom! A fitted tailored tuxe

Make a statement in a diva-like prom dress

Make his heart skip a beat with a royal voluminous skirt and blouse

You will appear as a floating angel in this flowy prom gown

Redefine ‘classy’ with a prom dress as this!

Never hide your curves. Always flaunt them!

What about this lace bodice skater dress?! Yumm!

Go graphic in this midi dress with jigsaw print

Get your act cleaned up in this mocha one sleeve chiffon dress

If you love frills, then this champagne high-low dress is for you

A dress can speak a thousand words!

Keep up with the prom fashion patrol in this attractive and unique dress

This elegant strapless, tulle beaded floor-length prom dress

Keep it dazzling with a light pink a-line dress

Stay stunning with this lovely pink prom evening gown

Accessorise this one correctly, and you’d nail the prom!

Let your hair down in this strapless a-line crystal tulle prom dress

And this scopp-neckline, red fitted bodice lace prom dress with sweep train and ribbon?

The ruffle-y one shoulder short dress

An alluring scoop neckline with rhinestone beaded bodice, tulle and lace homecoming dress

This sequin with chiffon overlay blue dress complements all body-types beautifully

Don’t shy away from this superb figure-hugging prom dress

Be the talk of the prom with this sleek golden gown

Make heads turn in this jaw dropping Sophia Loren inspired dress

Stay in the limelight in this sparkling homecoming mini dress

How can we not include one of these!

When the going gets tough, this vintage 1950s dress is what you need

We told you! Vintage just never goes out of fashion

Achieving that perfect prom look is so easy with an amazing couture dress

How adorable is this white strapless sweetheart crochet lace prom dress

Refine the prom in this sweetheart beading and sequined prom dress

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Classy London Hen Party Destinations and Venues

Zoomm...... there goes your bachelorette-hood!

Your last night of freedom deserves an outright embarrassing and unforgettable celebration. And your girlies are going to manage just that, without your family and relatives being an active culprit in that. After all, it all starts with a ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, right?

When you are in London and your wedding is just a few days away, a hen do is a life saver for you and your girlfriends. Break away from the brutal interrogation-like questions from all sides (wedding planners included) and put on your dancing shoes. Grab your friends and head out to the most fabulous parts of London to enjoy YOUR night. Here’s the what-s and where-s of you hen do:

Spectacular Hen Party in the City of London

When it comes to dancing till your feet bleed, off course figuratively, then this is the place you want to be in. Considered as the most famous ‘go-to’ party place in entire London, City of London hosts numerous locals and visitors every day. Whether it’s the crazy party guests or tea party loving ladies, you can find it all here. Such a hen party venue is the City of London Club, dating back to 1832 and popular for formal events, casual get-togethers and parties. Along with excellent facilities, it has several tastefully designed event spaces for all your needs, including a remarkable City Roof Terrace.
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Another rooftop party venue is the Skyline Suite and Roof Garden in this very area of London. This City of London hen party venue has an uninterrupted view of the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral. It can provide 5 star venue facilities like live music, cakes and catering, theme based decorations, bar, marquee arrangement and more.
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But if your idea of a fabulous bachelorette party is a dance party at one of the most popular bars of London, then book Amber. This hen party venue has several spaces for hire to give that unforgettable hen do. The bar venue can hold events with additional amenities like modern European cuisines, dance floor, and outdoor area.
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Classy Hen Party in Tower Hill

Tower Hill is considered as one of the most high profile parts of London, harbouring some of the most popular attractions and venues. Some of these London destinations are famous for its venue spaces as well. Did you know you can book the grand Tower of London for your hen do? Ideal for small gatherings to large groups, this venue in Tower Hill is a great way to bid your bachelorette days goodbye, London style! Tell your requirements to our Venue Experts at and leave rest of your venue troubles behind.
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Another versatile venue that can be your ultimate hen party destination is the City Hotel near River Thames. This 5 star hotel contains a part of historical Roman Wall in it, and has around 20 spaces for hire for your hen party. Book this venue with us and benefit from its exclusive packages, state of the art facilities and favourable location.
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Chic Hen Party across River Thames

River Thames can also double up as your hen party venue. Exciting, isn’t it? Here’s how to uplift the countdown to your last bachelorette days:
Make reservations at Tower Bridge and Walkway and indulge in the panoramic sights of Thames for your hen night. Its 4 event venues are a perfect mix of London’s classical interiors and modern architecture. Celebrate one of the remarkable points of your life by booking a space at Tower Bridge and Walkway. This venue comes along with audio visual facility, decorations, florists, lightning effects, and sound system, on request.
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Party as you like, to dance away the wedding blues with your girlies on Thames with the Little Ship Club. This boat party venue has anything and everything that you’d want for your private hen night in London. Sailing through the sparkling waters of Thames, Little Ship Club has multiple rooms and spaces available for hire. Not just this, but we can arrange other services at this venue such as live music or DJ hire, outdoor catering, photographer, sound system, and so on.
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Fabulous Hen Party in Holborn

Located in Central London, Holborn marks a significant part of London subculture. This area is also a setting for London’s top clubs, pubs, and party venues. One of them is the tropical themed club Kanaloa that will remind you of balmy summers, luau dance, flower garlands, and scrumptious tropical delicacies. Enjoy refreshing cocktails of the club along with its spacious party spaces, dance floor, catering facilities, and much more.
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Reclaim some ‘me-time’ with your BFFs and enjoy the leftover moments of freedom with a groovy hen party in London. Book a hen party venue today with The City Collection at zero commission fees.

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