6 Secrets That Nobody Shares About Accomplishing Successful Meetings

Organising a successful meeting is no kids play! Trust us, we know! The rate at which we frequent tedious and dull meetings, we are actually considering not stepping out of our office premises at all. However, is the situation really that severe? Has the way meetings are organised and conducted really reached its point of no return? Or have we started being just too complacent with the way the entire scenario works and a little shaking off would revive the life of these meetings? As we got thinking, we critically analysed the last few meetings we have been a part of that we really enjoyed. As the brainstorming-session grew intense – sometimes sarcastic and sometimes rather appreciative, we could figure out the success formula behind such successful meetings.

Whether you have to facilitate or conduct a meeting, or an events planning expert involved in a similar project, our insights might come across handy. Read out what we believe to be working in the favour of successful meetings, and you might end up getting nice ideas for your duo.
1. Have a Clearly Defined Agenda!
Times are tough, roads are busy and busier still are the lives that we live at this moment. Thus, value others’ time and yours as well. It always helps to have a clearly defined agenda before even going ahead with further preparations. If you can, write them down. As we got talking to organisers of successful events, we found out that all of them had written down the 3 things they wished to convey to the gathering. Now, if you think 3 things are way too less, calm down! We understand you are roaring to go, but the devil lurks in too much detail. Be crisp, be concise and talk specifically about the things you most passionately want to deliver. Trust us, instead of bombarding them with too much info, you want to leave them wanting for more! Figure out interesting and creative ways in which you can do that.

2. The Choice of A Venue Still Matters!
Let’s be honest here! We are judgmental people. And if nothing else, we do judge if someone or something is worth our time. If on a weekday, you want us to travel to North London, to find a meeting space that isn’t easy to find, and yet be enthusiastic about the meet-up – then honey you need to stop kidding yourself. Ask yourself, if given a choice between attending an event at Trafalgar Square or a seminar at (let’s say) Stratford (sorry, no offense intended!) you would still prefer Trafalgar right? Unless perhaps you owe a favour to the Stratford mate!
So stop finding excuses, and pick up a well-connected place for hosting your meet-ups. The St. Paul’s Royal Suite is a fantastic option for executing myriad conference events, and is available for your consideration. We particular adore the open air spaces of this venue, and the bewitching views of the London Skyline, with the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral keeping close company.
We further bring you a wide selection of conference venues in Central London to choose from. Here you can find expert recommendations, view venues listed under specific categories, including the unusual ones and more. Besides, our section of top Corporate Events Spaces in Central London and around would provide you with more such enigmatic options to choose from. Take your pick and you can get in touch with a venue expert to discuss more details.

3. Match the Pace of Your Audiences!
Yeah, try not to be the morning sunshine, because sometimes it’s irritating. A lot of speakers or presenters succumb to the web of over-enthusiasm and energy. Even if you wish your audience to be enthusiastic about what you are pimping, you would want to first get stock of their frame of mind. That’s why we always suggest to our fellow corporate honchos: start a little easy. Be relaxed, build a rapport and then switch on your excitement mode. That would make it much easier for your audiences to connect.
And while we are at it, we would just repeat another obvious rule of trade. Engage with everyone. Look them in the eye, make your eye-contact pleasant. Look away if the talks get emotional, but generally, always do look directly in their eyes. And secondly, keep moving around. Do not fix your spot, and without making it difficult for the audience to look at the screen (if in case you are using one that is,) always keep moving shifting your position.

4. Always keep the Big Picture in Mind!
It is often easy to lose the track of the meeting. Our thoughts run wild, especially in a situation where we are receiving constant (and mostly non-vocal) feedback. You’d still want to always focus on the big picture – your primary agenda. With the appropriate use of hand gestures and eye movements, you can get your audience to even visualise that same big picture. Do also prepare a good stock of visual descriptions, for you to come up with great stuff on the go.

5. Focus on Actionable Plans!
It is not enough if you are able to transmit your vision and excitement to your listeners. You should also provide them with an actionable road map for successfully achieving the desired outcomes. Either you do your research well, and provide them with proven techniques. However, you can also bring in an element of fun, and get them in a highly analytical and problem solving frame of mind. One of the exercises we experienced was that of a How To Wall! One of the walls of the venue was coloured in different papers and post-its. Several fundamental questions were posed there on the wall. During the tea and coffee breaks or the lunch breaks, guests were seen giving their inputs as possible solutions to the problems. By the end of the day, the organisers had a rich wealth of information at their disposal.
6. Go Out There and Have Fun!
Lastly, we understand how important meetings can get. But always remember to have the most fun that you can. Know that you are meeting these people for a limited time. And in that time, ensure that you make each one of them laugh and smile.
So that’s all that we had for you today! Why don’t you go ahead and give it a shot. Besides, at any point, feel free to give our venue experts a call. From taking care of the arrangements to negotiating the best prices for you, we shall take care of all that you need in order to accomplish a successful meeting.

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