Let Teens Get Drenched Into the Splash of Real Halloween Essence

Oh wow, Halloween is all set to reach us soon! Doesn’t that sound amazingly exciting? Well, of course it does. Imagine darkness of night illuminated with a dim yet pleasing light spreading from silhouette lamp shades. Feel the atmosphere where teens in devil costumes, mysterious make up and spooky masks grooving merrily on the taps of eerie music around you. A big table adorned with a plethora of mouth-watering delicacies and sinister décor contribute to a perfect Halloween party for teens, altogether.

To induce more of funny tinge to the party persuade all the guests to get dressed up as their favourite fiction characters from films and literature. Gear them up by showing them some entertaining horror films couple of months before the Halloween arrives. This will offer children a lucid gist about Halloween.

Have a look on suggestions to organise a happy-go-lucky Halloween party for teenagers.

Rare Decoration Strategy

The way we get mesmerized with the glittery decorations on festivities, likewise Halloween party demands unique and attractive embellishment to reflect an authentic Halloween aura. Play around with paper art to craft some unusual spooky designs that can augment the scary grace of your party. Alter the soothing looks of your window to a mysterious one by hanging ragged sheets and frightening curtains on it. Create smoky and ghostly interiors using flickering dim orange and reddish bulbs that would give goose bumps to each invitee.

Let the teens relish the true spirit of party by clicking themselves with interesting Dracula and Frankenstein cut-outs placed at a small photo booth at the entrance of the venue. If you are searching for some intriguing yet affordable venues suitable for your Halloween party then you can choose among Brunel Museum, C and B Old Broad Street, Charing Cross Hotel and numerous more on thecitycollection.org.

Halloween Wardrobe Collection
Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Everywhere, wherever the vision long lasts is what you should see and feel in a Halloween party to nail it. Motivate invitees to get them dressed up in a truly horrifying manner with terrifying make over and Halloween accessories. Head gears, Dracula canines, red or white eye lenses will go well with exclusive Halloween costume to make the fellow party enthusiasts scream out load of glee.

Appetite Attraction
Tease the appetite of the guests with a wide platter bedecked with petrifying savoury treats. Make the best use of your creative cooking forte and bake lip smacking cookies and pastries garnished with a creepy touch. Serve eyeball pasta, Halloween dips and bites on the dining table. Besides haunted bean potatoes and squeamish squares would perfectly treat the taste buds of your guests and keep them magnetized to the party.

Tap Your Feet on Scary Music
Music predominantly moves the party on. Music puts cherry on the cake in every celebration and generates a fun filled realm all over the premises. Being the most energetic and fun loving age group, teens take a deep dive into the ocean of ecstasy and exuberance. Spare a considerable area in the venue for the dance floor where these young guests can tap their feet on rocking beats of some popular scary numbers. Let them sing and move their curves in delight flawlessly synching with lyrics of the songs played by DJ.

Magic of Games and Gifts
Accelerate the momentum of your bash with some out of the ordinary games and rewards. Plan a treasure hunt at the scariest corner of your party venue with some Halloween customized bags full of silver and golden shimmering accessories that would attract the guests. Construct a temporary haunted room parting apart with black plastic and fencing. Coat it with paper thorns and ask the teens to explore it with map prepared by the host of the party.

Moreover, you can end up the dazzling celebration on a higher note by distributing funny and exciting gifts to the children to make their party even more cherishing. Book the Spookiest Venue for your party with us and incorporate these superb revelry ideas.

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Confused about Christmas Party Venues? Find your Pick Now!

Christmas is the time to enjoy the utter bliss of festivity and zeal all over London. To make it even better, hold a get together with your dear ones and throw exhilarating bash to welcome Santa in a novel manner.

Indulge in relishing the true party spirit and singing Christmas carols around the beautifully festooned premises of a fabulous venue. To implement your dream ideas of a lavish party, book any of our top Christmas party venues in London. Our venue experts will help you out to organize an unforgettable Xmas event with best venue options around London.

Get started in picking out the best venue for a merry Christmas:

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms

Plan out an exciting bash at this contemporary British restaurant and bar with 5 sophisticated dining rooms, situated in a lively part of the city. You can savour lip-smacking cuisines and a wide variety of exotic cocktails, to augment the feel of Christmas celebrations. The plush leather sofas and calm ambience makes it an ideal place to host spectrum of private and corporate events. Plan a get-together and get in touch with us for best offers tailor-made as per your event requirements.
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The Yacht London
Fascinated by the idea of celebrating Christmas over the beautiful River Thames? If yes, then The Yacht London would be a perfect venue for you. With late license facility till 3 am, this grand venue gives you a chance to party all night long. Celebrate Christmas at this unusual and stylish venue, featuring some of the most scintillating features and team of professionals for smooth execution of the event. With a provision of custom multi-coloured LED lights, casino tables, photo booths, illuminated vodka ice luges and wide range of flavoured vodka; it is an ideal place for hosting any of your chic parties.
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C and B Fleet Place
Nestled in one of the most popular streets of London, this joint is still an impeccable escape from the hustle-bustle of the city life. You can throw a great party at its spacious and striking terrace, with barbeque facility. Crack open a bottle of claret as memorable moments and even the Wi-Fi is on the house. Plan Ahead! Reserve this venue for seamlessly memorable Christmas party in London.
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Merchant Taylors’ Hall
Match up the grandiose of your event by hiring the Merchant Taylors’ Hall in London. Unrivalled hospitality and beautiful décor makes it an ideal place for Christmas party. Select from a spectrum of 9 assorted event spaces including the Grand Hall, Drawing Room, Courtyard Garden and many more. Dating back to 14th century, the unique atmosphere of this elegant venue will add a much needed spark to your party. Glittering chandeliers, fireplaces, wood panelling and stained glass, the place is supported by exceptional team of professionals who ensure your every requirement is well taken care of.
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C and B Paternoster Square
Classy architecture and prime London location makes this venue a wonderful destination for all the Christmas festivities. This place serves the best selection of food and beverages in its stimulating décor, which includes a curved bar and private lounge. Treat your guests with finest cocktails and wines along with delicious snacks and smoothies prepared from fresh ingredients.
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Choose from these pleasant venues and arrange for a thrilling and memorable Yuletide party. Add a dash of magic to your venue bookings by selecting any of our Christmas Special offers and packages.

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1st Birthday Party Themes for your Princess

Did you just realise that your one year of parenthood got completed? The cute little angel will soon complete her one year and planning her first birthday bash shall be in full swing and style. She will not remember the event but the party should be such to tell stories about. And, candid photographs will make her giggle when she grows up. Hmmm…sounds good, right?

If you are looking for a unique way to host a memorable first birthday bash in London for your baby, there are plenty of exciting themes that you can choose to adorn.

We have selected 6 amazing themes that can add a zing to your baby girl’s birthday party.

Be ‘Pink’ilicious!
It’s quite easy to pull off this theme successfully. All you need to do is ‘Think Pink’. Use shades of pink for the décor and balance the look with white shade. Dress your little girl in a pink tutu dress complemented by a white hairband. Go for an intriguing event space with amiable look in white and pink drapes, balloons, flowers and more. We at the citycollection.org, bring you numerous venue options to organise kid birthday parties. For your ‘Pink’licious theme, you might want to try BB Bakery, located at between London’s popular Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.

Hail the Princess!
Princess party is one of the most popular themes for a girl’s birthday bash. It’s her special day and the princess of your heart, so let the world know it with a princess themed birthday party. One can opt for Disney princesses like Cinderella, Bella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Snow White and more. Decorate the venue to get a whimsical ambience for kids to enjoy to the core. And, don’t forget to dress her best as princess.

LadyBug-tastic Party

The best way to evoke this theme is to dress birthday girl like a LadyBug. To adorn the space and enhance the effect, you can use ladybug lights. Keep up the theme with a black and red colour scheme. Ask your caterer to design a ladybug cake for the party. Besides, decorate with red and black balloons, centrepiece and more. An outdoor venue for this theme would be perfect, giving an aura of picnic-like party.

It’s Time for Nursery Rhymes
Remember the nursery rhymes that you read to your little one? Why not choose her favourite character from the rhymes as your theme. You can use the poems on the invitations. Order a book shaped birthday cake with your baby’s favourite character on top of it. After watching Baby’s Day Out, all mommies know how effective rhyme books are.

Teddy Bear on a Ride Party

Children love to keep their cuddly companions with them. A cute Teddy Bear Party for your little girl is an unusual theme to be picked. If you both love innovative idea, it’s easy to play with the theme and make it memorable for every guest. And yes, not to forget a delicious cake decorated with miniature bears.

Minnie Mouse in the House

If your little baby likes Minnie, then this girlie party is the best and the sweetest choice. With black, white, and hot pink colour scheme, you can easily create the charming look you are after. Dress the birthday girl in a pretty pink fancy outfit and complete the look with a Minnie Mouse hair bow. To create the right look, decorate the whole space with polka dot balloons in different colours.

Dear Mom, it’s the day to celebrate the moment when you brought the little angel to your life. Let the world know the unconditional love you have for her. Enjoy this amazing and memorable phase of life to the core. And, Many Many Congratulations!!!

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Successful Events at London Corporate Venues in 5 Simple Steps

Planning social events in corporate world is not an unusual tradition. But the ‘thing’ about these events HAS to stand-out! A boring evening at a dull bar or restaurant is the last thing you want your colleagues and boss to go through. If you want your office crowd to have the fun time they deserve and sign up for, then read on. We have left a trail of 5 steps for you, so you can discover an easy way to organise successful corporate events in London.

1. “Why are we doing this again?”

If you want your boss to loosen up some funds for the corporate party, then always do your homework. That means making the party about the colleagues. Whether it is about rewarding them, a company celebration, product launch, or the annual office party – what matters is the pitch. Present your idea in such a way to your seniors that they give you the budget you want for your dream corporate party – thinking that it is actually saving them money!

2. Setting the Date

Decide a date for the event, which is comfortable with most of the attendees. You can pick a day when everyone can easily make it to the event, without compromising with their schedule. It is better to plan such parties on a Friday, so that employees get time to relax on the weekend. Time of the event also should be convenient for majority of employees attending the gathering.

3. “And the cost of all this is.......?

What you say is what marks the deal when your boss or seniors ask you of this. Come along with Thecitycollection.org – your one-stop solution for all your venue related details. Its ‘Free Venue Search’ offer you hundreds of spaces for hire all over London. Its venue experts utilise their seasoned expertise to get you the perfect corporate venue in prime locations, along with venue tours, additional facilities, discounted prices, and special offers. They will help you in getting the best price of the venue in the market, so you can save some more on the budget front.

4. “Who’s Who?”

The key to nailing an ideal guest list is in knowing whom to invite to what. Make sure you invite all the employees, management and important clients to an annual corporate event. But an employee moral boosting party is something where only your colleagues and seniors should be in attendance. Ask the invited for an RSVP, so you have a clear idea about number of guests coming to the party and arrange accordingly.

5. Sit Back and Relax!

Once a venue expert of Thecitycollection.org contacts you, you can relax hereon. From selecting the venue, hiring facilities, and finalising the deal, they will walk you through every part of it. So, you know what to do!

Arranging a corporate event in London was never this easy. Find venues at your preferred locations and your desired budget. At zero booking fees, hire your favourite corporate venues in London and impress your seniors, colleagues and corporate contacts.

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New Year’s Party Venues close to Spectacular London’s Firework Display

Get your groove on this New Year’s Eve with a celebration to remember. With a way of surprising the locals and tourists alike, the display of fireworks on River Thames is immensely breathtaking. Classified as an event not to miss in London on New Year, the firework show has been around since more than a decade. Besides the multisensory effects during the show, the latest addition since 2010 to this event is a soundtrack with some of the most popular numbers.

With favourably located party venues with Thecitycollection.org, organise a party in close proximity or even direct view of this panorama of lighted sky. Now choose from varied New Year party venues in Central London. You can hire top event venues exclusively for the biggest party time of the year in London near the South Bank of Thames.
Let the festivity come out with sparkly champagne by hiring the HMS President for your New Year’s celebrations. Get a glimpse of the London’s prominent and decorated attractions near River Thames. You will also raise a toast to the backdrop of amazing firework display from the moored river jewel at midnight. Also consider booking No.4 Hamilton Place near Buckingham Palace, to make merry while the ball drops on the last day of the year. Adorned with Edwardian architecture, plan to see the fireworks located barely ten minutes away near Big Ben without missing the party fun.
Get a chance to witness the sight of glittering waters of River Thames under the illuminated sky filled with distant sparkles of fireworks. Organise a festive New Year party by reserving Central Hall Westminster barely half a mile away from the Westminster Bridge and Big Ben. Last but not the least, we bring you a venue which is right on the River Thames, a floating marvel itself. Hire the Yacht London elegantly docked between Embankment and Temple. Now get the perfect view of London Eye and the distinguishing fireworks while partying on this 1927 steam yacht with opulent conduct.

With such lively and enticing party venues in view of the midnight fireworks, enjoy the grand spectacle on New Year in London. Welcome the year of 2016 with an enthralling combination of stunning sights, mesmerising smells and musical sounds of Big Ben chimes and songs.

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Hottest Bridal Dress Trends for Fall and Winter 2015

Bridal fashion trends seem to change faster than you say, “I do”. Every season unveils new dress trends that pierce through the hearts of young girls, giving them sleepless nights for months. The latest in bridal fashion is already off the runways. Those getting married in fall or winter this year might want to know what’s hot and what’s not.
Embrace frumpy sleeves, heavier fabrics, fur bolero jackets and bejewelled details along with some ruffles to make your wedding dress more stylish. Top fashion designers bring you spectrum of fashion trend specially-designed for this magical time of the year and look mesmerizingly-stylish even in cooler weather.

There are some of the most gorgeous wedding trends that lit up the stage during London Fashion Week and National Wedding Show too. Brides ready to exchange vows at venues for wedding receptions in London will definitely say “yes” to these dress trends and swoon worthy new looks.

Cropped Look

After plunging necklines, bare backs and off-shoulders, now comes the fashion of flaunting midriff. Pair a stylish crop top with full-length skirts that are flirty as well as romantic. Work hard girls and tone your abs along with love handles to pull off this gorgeous trend. Play with the textures and fabrics to add sensuality and fluidity. Moreover, a winter wedding allows you to play with colours and the embellishments on your bridal gown will be reminiscent of snowflakes.

Illusion Neckline
Popularised by Kate Middleton, illusion neckline is still all the rage at bridal fashion shows like National Wedding Show. This elegant trend suits any body type, season, or venue, whether indoor or outdoor. Along with sophistication, illusion neckline allows you to add a little sparkle or lace to your simple gown. This ultra-feminine design looks amazing with anything from long sleeves and one shouldered to without sleeves dresses.

Bridal Jumpsuits/Pantsuits

For high comfort opt for jump suit, rompers or pantsuit to ditch those fluffy gowns and sheath dresses for your wedding this winter. Pair it up with beautiful stilettos and dazzling earrings or elaborated head gear to accentuate the look. Go for halter neck, illusion top, lace or open back styles to flatter your figure and simply look stunning on your big day.

LWD (Little White Dress)
Brides all over the globe have fallen in love with the idea of changing into a shorter wedding dress after the ceremony. After all, you won’t get a chance to wear two designer wedding dresses on one night. Whatever is the reason, little white dresses are not only a great option for reception but for wedding wear too. Team up the shorter length white dresses with sheer stockings for adding that flirtatious, fabulous and fun factor in your dress. Also, this will allow you to show off your new and dazzling bridal shoes. (Winks!)

Long Sleeves
Strapless gowns and one shouldered gowns have been on the runways like forever. Thanks to the fashion freaks, a new option is there for the modern brides. Long illusion sleeves are great for fall or winter brides getting married in London. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge also wore long gorgeous sleeves on her D Day. So, why can’t you. Go for sheer lace sleeves for that ultra-sexy look and hint of mystery.

Sexy Backs
Remember Bella’s wedding dress in Twilight movie series? Well, it seems fashion experts took inspiration from her elegant dress with fabulous detailed back. Whether completely bare, sheer illusion, or key-hole style, a bit of skin show will turn all eyes on you, as you’ll walk down the aisle. Who knew a dress with a view could make you look so seductive yet elegant. When all eyes will be on you during your first dance, a detailed backing will keep guests uttering, “Wow”.

Statement Accessories
More and more brides are looking for ways to steal the limelight as they walk down the aisle. Modern brides are ditching the traditional and looking for some unique and bold accessories to make a statement. Go for delicate waist sash with ruby or turquoise jewels instead of normal silk or satin ones. Floral crowns are all the rage for spring and summer weddings whilst birdcage veil is sure to leave your guests awe-struck at your winter wedding in London.

White Wins but Pastels Rule
It’s no secret that white is the hot wedding colour every year. Why not choose a white or ivory dress and give it a tint of colour in the form of a waist sash or in embellishments. Gold and silver will be highly popular. Palest blue, champagne gold and peach dresses with overskirts and lace detailing will be the talk of the fashion industry for this year’s winter wedding season.

Two in One Dresses
Are you confused whether to choose a sleek and slim gown or a frilly fairy tale dress? Fashion gurus have found a great solution for you. Go for the two in one dresses or ‘overskirts’ as they call it in fashion world.

Lace Detailing
Lace is everywhere on the ramp at London fashion shows. Every designer wedding dress has some sort of lace detailing and it looks just amazing. It’s a lovely way for brides to expose and still look elegant. Thanks to the fashion experts to brainstorm such alluring styles and looks.

Traditional Look
Brides are steering away from strapless and looking for a bit more coverage and less modern look. One shouldered trend is sure to be a big hit amongst brides who want to cover up. Another trend that lit up the runways this year is Victorian style wedding dresses. This lovely trend is bringing back high-neck dresses and also details like peplum. Though covered up, Victorian-inspired dresses look more structured and sexy.

Cool Outerwear
Beat the harsh weather conditions in style without spoiling the beauty of your stunning wedding dress. Wear a faux fur poncho with sheath mermaid dress for that classy yet modern look. Alternatively, if your bridal gown is fluffy, team it up with stylish overcoat in shades of ivory and white.

Modern brides who have planned to exchange vows in 2015 in London are blessed with some of the most amazing dress trends this year. The runways had something to suit every bride.

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