Top Indian Wedding Venues in Central London and Around

The heavy costumes, flashy chunky jewellery, Baraat dance and vows set against the kindling flames –there is a charm about Indian weddings that is ubiquitous and just so adorable. However, it is difficult to find a venue space which can render justice to the grandness of a Hindu Wedding. If you are grappling with the same conundrum, do not despair! We, as one amongst the leading venue finding websites of London bring to you a vivid range Indian of Indian and Hindu wedding venues in London to choose from. These venues also offer a wealth of flexibility, for you to also host an Indian wedding reception. Have a look at some of the most spectacular choices below:

Best Indian Wedding Venues London

The Conservatory and the Garden

This remarkable open-air garden venue with banqueting rooms is an ideal space to host an Indian wedding. The marquee facility definitely adds a charm to the event. The proceedings may take place in the lush-green gardens of the venue, and catering can be arranged indoors. After all, one needs to be always prepared for London’s capricious weather, and you wouldn’t want to get soaked in rain on your special day. Besides, from small intimate gatherings to massive celebrations, the venue is flexible enough to cater to everything. Drop us an enquiry and our venue experts will contact you with complete details.

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2. St. Paul’s Hotel

Go lavish by reserving one of the best places for conducting Hindu marriages in London. The 5-star hotel is licensed for conducting wedding ceremonies. Besides, the Wren Suite is a dynamic space for hosting a range of celebrations, receptions and parties. Also, consider this alternative, if you require an assistant staff to help you out with conducting the ceremonies. You may either base your guests here, or have a dance floor, bar and more, ensuring gallant celebrations. Lastly, do not worry about the prices! Our team has the best negotiated quotes in place for you. Contact our venue experts by dropping in an enquiry now!

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Draper’s Hall

This magnificent venue shall play perfect host to your Hindu wedding. The grandeurs of the space are heart winning, and one can safely expect a number of facilities, including florists, photography, staging and theatrical effects. Moreover, the venue is licensed to conduct marriage ceremonies. Explore various facets of this wedding space, and write to us for further details. Along with arranging a visit to any of the top Indian wedding venues in the British Capital, our seasoned experts also provide you with the best quotes.

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4. Charing Cross Hotel - Guoman

This Central London hotel plays the perfect for a traditional and authentic Indian matrimony. Celebrate the Hindu nuptials in style, by opting for this fabulous hotel. Located in close proximity of Charing Cross, this enigmatic space has perfect provisions in place for alcohol, late night partying, and conducting marriage ceremonies. Moreover, if the guests are travelling from all parts of the world, the venue offers some of the most comfortable lodgings. Drop us an enquiry now for further details.

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5. Brunel Museum

And if you are willing to push the boundaries, we suggest you opt for any of the unique and unusual wedding venues in London. Brunel Museum per say, is a perfect option for hosting your Hindu wedding. Offering an eclectic outdoor area with indoor rooms, marquee, kitchen facilities and sound assistance, Brunel Museum shall never leave you high and dry. Besides, this quaint space is sure to leave a pleasant mark on the psyches of your guests.

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6. Barbican Centre

A dynamic cultural space, Barbican Centre also plays a scintillating host to myriad weddings. Warmly welcoming an exuberant potpourri of different traditions, the space has beautiful arrangements in place for an authentic Hindu wedding to transpire. In addition to a dance floor and options for live music, the venue also has late license, just in case you want to celebrations to continue until late. Explore the venue further below, and write to us for getting the best deals and earliest availabilities.

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7. The City Hotel

Another lavish accommodation worth considering for a traditional Hindu wedding in London is the City Hotel. This 5-star hotel offers exceptional services and assistance for holding up a wedding, or any other event. Besides, the Roman Wall existing in the periphery, further adds that much-coveted wow-factor to the events being hosted here! You may browse more about the hotel below, and write to us in order to obtain the best negotiated quotes and earliest availability.

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8. Gibson Hall

Gibson Hall undoubtedly is an epic grand place to host your wedding it. Existing calmly at a Central London location, in the City of London, this venue is the perfect one stop solution for a wide range of events and ceremonies. Holding a license to conduct wedding ceremonies, along with marquee facility and more, are just a few feathers in its expansive cap. Besides, at, the venue is available at highly negotiated prices. Contact us now for further details. Enquire Now

If you haven’t yet found the perfect space that you are looking for, please do not despair. We bring to you an exhausting range of Asian and especially Hindu wedding venues in London to choose from.

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Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Team Building Event

You must have heard corporate teams head out for parties and team building activities like rock climbing. The question that pops up is; do these gimmicks really work? And the answer is; results vary.

Sometimes the best efforts to enhance team spirit fail since people who organise such events don’t understand the real worth and purpose. However, avoiding some pitfalls can help you plan a successful team building program as smoothly as possible.

Do: Pick the Right Type of Event

Choosing an event that suits the majority is a tricky task. Not everybody will prefer a physically demanding task whereas other may prefer it. You have to keep the diversity of the group in mind before choosing an event. It’s better if physical ability does not play a major role in your event. Try and plan an event where everybody can participate. From scavenger hunts, dance contest, to puzzles, you can choose anything keeping your team in view.

Don’t: Hold the Event in Office

Team building events are designed to enhance communication, team spirit, and build trust. No employee would want such an event to take place in office. An event at the workplace can turn out to be extremely uninspiring therefore, it’s better to take your team member offsite. Tony Robbins was right when he remarked, “By changing nothing, nothing changes”. If you really want some positive changes in team, think of changing the venue. The mere mention of a new event venue will generate enthusiasm and become the hot topic in office. You can take them on-board and have a boat party too. brings you some of the best corporate venues in London to suit your requirements and budget. Hire these venues for organising team building exercises and workshops.

Do: Make it Fun
The very purpose of a team building event is defeated if it’s not exciting. It is a way to break the ice and improve interaction among all. And to get the ball rolling and inject some fun, some ice-breakers and activities have to be the part of the event. Be creative and get inspiration from reality TV shows.

Don’t: Ignore Boredom

Don’t ignore the signs of boredom like yawning and watching the clock. It is a signal that your event is not gaining the desirable results. Here comes your role as a great host or leader. It’s your responsibility to keep everyone involved. Pay attention to those who you think are losing the connection or are not participating.

Do: Encourage Participation

If you want the event to work, make sure to include the whole team. Also, ensure that all the new members and part-time workers are also invited; you don’t want them to feel left out, do you? During the event, encourage all the team members to participate in different activities. Arrange some contests, give them challenges and promote healthy competition in the team. Also, don’t forget to reward the winning team.

Don’t: Make it Competitive

Before choosing any activity, it’s important to take into consideration how the team interacts on regular basis. If there are personal conflicts within the team, then a competitive activity like paintball may only increase hostility. The purpose of a team building event is to bond the team and not increase rivalry among the members. Hence, it’s better to opt for non-competitive games. Keep your focus on communication oriented exercises.

If done right, team building activities can turn out to be quite beneficial. Keep these dos and Don’ts in mind when planning a team building event in London.

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Top 6 Conference Venues in the City of London

When it comes to the conference venues in London, the City of London has some excellent options to choose from. Owing to its exceptional location, flaunting both the culture heritage and the commercial development, the City gives you a strategic advantage. However, there is a problem with too many options – you get spoilt for choices. Hence, here we are, discussing some of the most promising corporate venues in the City of London, providing exceptional conference facilities and more. You can browse through our review of the same and pick a meeting room or a conference space best matching your requirements.

Whether you require a quaint business venue with a view, or are looking for a dynamic and advanced space, you would have the best options here. Besides, our team of professionals also offer to manage the logistics for you. Simply fill out an enquiry to get in touch with our venue experts. Our seasoned events management professionals would individually work with you, to provide you exactly with what you are looking for.
Checkout our countdown of 6 Best Conference Spaces, located in the City of London and take your pick now!

1. America Square Conference Centre

There is hardly any conference centre in the City of London which as famous as the America Square Conference Centre. Resting safely at 17, Crosswall, this conference space offers remarkable meeting rooms and services. Flaunting the historical London Wall, the venue has several meeting rooms and suites available for private hire. You can easily plan a vivid range of events here, ranging from conferences, seminars, workshops and more. And if you are looking for conference facilities, you can select from staging, special effects, AV facilities, catering, equipment hire and more. Send us an enquiry now, and our venue experts would personally assist you with exactly what you are looking for.

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2. Mermaid Conference and Events Centre

One of the safest options to consider for your diverse conferencing and meeting rooms need in the City of London is Mermaid Conference Centre. Whether planning an AGM, or an important seminar, the venue makes available the best of amenities. Besides, the dynamic and modern conference rooms generously offer the sweeping views of River Thames flowing nonchalantly in the vicinity. And you can choose from a number of facilities, like assistant staff, staging, sound systems, decorations and more. Enquire about this contemporary corporate space, and we’ll provide you with amazing deals and discounts on the same.

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3. The City Penthouse

The Grange City Hotel is an affluent name in the field of London’s top-notch corporate hospitality. And its Penthouse is just the perfect place for organising an intimate conference. Located a stone’s throw aware from River Thames, this cult venue comes with an undeniable wow factor. Flaunting the famous Roman Wall, you can create a magical effect at numerous corporate events by opting for this venue. Moreover, the seasoned staffs at the venue take care of every requirement such as, staging, theming, sound systems, catering and more. Hit us up with an enquiry and our venue experts will arrange for a no-obligations visit to the venue, along with managing other logistics for you.

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4. The City of London Club

It is one of those conference spaces in the City of London that is well-equipped to manage each of your requirements. If you had always wanted a venue that was custom made to take care of your expectations, we suggest you go ahead with this. The conference facilities here make organising AGMs, meetings and conference smooth as breeze. From audio and visual aid to assistant staff to dance floor, the Club seems to have it all for you. Besides, it enables the hosts to treat their guests to the heart-winning vistas of the City of London. Enquire further about this venue, regardless of whether you are planning a Summer BBQ, drinks reception, party or an important conference.
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5. St. Paul’s Hotel

What can we possibly say about this dynamic venue with accommodation for conferences, parties and more? Lying right next to the St. Paul’s Cathedral, this contemporary space is custom-made to entertain any of your requirements. If a team of significant delegates is flying down for the conference, arrange their stay at this hotel. Besides, choose from a range of venues, from alfresco bar to indoor venues, and arrange perhaps the most spectacular corporate event. The hotel further provides ease of operations, with a range of conference facilities carefully articulated for you. From AV facilities, to groomed assistant staff, you can easily find any help that you are looking for. From product launches, award ceremonies to conference and private events, this hotel would prove to be a distinguished option for you.

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6. The Brewery

Looking for something different? Give your conferences a dash of something unusual by opting for this unique and bespoke conference venue. The Brewery is a popular historical attraction, tucked away safely in the City of London. However, the same establishment now plays host to a number of events, including private parties, meetings and conferences, and award ceremonies. In addition to that, you can select from a range of conference facilities like staging, theatrical effects, security, sound systems and more. Besides, capacity if just no bar for this venue and you can easily plan out an event for 1000 guests or more.

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This was our list of top most conference venues in the City of London. If you have an innovative idea, you may also wish to explore our list of unusual and alternative venues for hosting conferences and other events. Simply fill out and enquiry and we shall take it forward from there. And while we are at it, you might also be interested in several deals and offers on conference and other venues in London. Explore our special offers to find further discounts on these finest corporate events and celebration spaces in the City of London and around. At any point, feel free to get in touch with our efficient venue experts to seek any sort of assistance.

Here’s wishing successful conferences to you!

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7 Tasty Food Ideas for Your Summer Party in London

Summer in London is best time of the year to have fun outdoors. The warm weather gives you great set up to have outdoor parties and barbecues at summer party venues in London.

Though, preparing huge amount of food may seem daunting, you can follow these tips to plan a refreshing summer party.

Colourful Vegetable Platter
A summer outdoor party in London is incomplete without a healthy and vibrant vegetable tray. Fresh vegetables like broccoli, green and red bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflowers, and potatoes are standard fare during the summer season. Arrange some yummy dipping choices to accompany these vegetables. Add some refreshing veggies like cucumbers, radishes, and sugar snap peas too. Use these veggies on grilled kebabs for planning a stylish BBQ party in London.

Revitalizing Fruit Bowl
A chilled fruit bowl is a perfect addition to your summer party food. It not only refreshes you on a hot sunny day, but is a healthy option too. Cut-up few summer fruits, such as grapes, watermelon, strawberries, and honeydew melon. Just before your guests start coming in, chill the glass-serving bowl in the freezer and then place these finely cut fruits in the bowl. You can even use ice cubes to keep the bowl chilled.

Lip-Smacking Pasta Salad
Pasta Salad is a quick and easy food item to prepare. Serve it in a chilled dish to add an extra flavour to your outdoor party fare. If you have enough time to prepare, try two or three different types of cold pasta salad for your party. Add cold chicken, creamy sauce, spiral pasta noodles, peppers, olives, and spices in your list of ingredients to make a traditional pasta recipe.

Scrummy Appetisers

Fill up the party platters with mouth-watering summer appetisers. Prepare some delectable snacks with everyday ingredients and use fresh fruits and leafy vegetables for cold cocktail salads. Arranging potato chips and crackers combined with dips like mayo and salsa will be a good idea. You can also choose from a variety of pita pockets, nuggets and canapés for the menu. Set these out in trays in manageable amounts with fresh food from refrigerator.

Grilled Meats and Kebabs

London summers entice everyone towards hot dogs, grilled hamburgers, and steaks. Give a twist to these regulars by including grilled kebabs prepared from veggies, chicken, shrimp, fruits and steak. Make sure you prepare ingredients well before the time and let the guests create their own kebabs. Place bowls with some barbecue, teriyaki, and honey mustard sauces to spread over grilling kebabs.

Light Sodas and Chilled Mocktails

No summer bash in London is complete without ice cold drinks. Arrange for stocks of beverages that suit your guests’ preferences. Beer and soda are all time favourites, but do stock plenty of water for hydration too. Select some classic recipes of frozen drinks like daiquiris and margaritas. You can also arrange for some mocktails and fruit juices to keep your guests refreshed. Blend some yogurt, milk, fruits, ice, and fruit juices to make fresh smoothies for kids. Large pitchers of lemonade and iced tea are a must too.

Sweet and Sinful Indulgences

You will find a variety of fresh seasonal fruits during London summers. Let these fruits take centre stage in your party desserts. Add a bit of vanilla and chocolates to prime fruits like strawberries, cherries, raspberries, and blueberries. Prepare some tasty pies, cupcakes, and tarts to impress your guests. Dollops of vanilla ice cream will give you a fabulous summer treat too.

So, what are you waiting for? Welcome guests to your summer party in London with these yummy summer party food ideas. And yes, do let us know how it was?

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7 Old-Time Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Even if you are a traditional bride, you don’t need to stick to all the customs and traditions that you’ve seen and heard of. Being yourself starts at home, or at your own wedding day.

Wish to do something different? Do not let the norms define you. Scratch them, and create your own. Read 7 of the most traditional and out-dated wedding traditions and why and how you can ditch them on your big day.

1. There is nothing like a white wedding gown! – Yeah, right!

It is still a wedding dress even if it’s not white one. You can add a splash of colour with a sash, cardigan, Jimmy Choo shoes, floral accessories, or colourful jewellery. The key is to be audacious and confident. Champagne gold, beige, light pink, and even black are some of the popular options that you can choose from. So, why not pick a unique wedding gown that will give a more contemporary look and feel.

2. Wear a long white wedding veil! – But, Curtains are for Walls

Being a modern bride, you don’t need to hide your face under a long white wedding veil. Skip this tradition by wearing a stylish headband, tiara, a magnificent feather fascinator or a few glittery hair barrettes. Some gorgeous brides even prefer to let their hair down without accessories (Hats off to them).

3. Your Father Must Walk You Down the Aisle – Like, whatever!

It is true that some brides admire this tradition, while some feel a little uncomfortable with this. There’s nothing wrong, if you want to have a close relative or a friend maybe, to walk down the aisle. If you want a dear one, not necessarily your father, to give you away at the altar, just go ahead with it. But, what if you don’t have anyone in mind? Then, the best way is to walk down the aisle alone or with your soon-to-be partner. Many couples find it a great way to start the love life together.

4. A Church Wedding is a Must! – Well, Maybe for You!

If you are the one who has always dreamt of a church wedding, well, nothing wrong with that. What we are proposing is that a church wedding is not the only option for you. If you want to choose an alternative venue to make your Big Day memorable and distinctive,then you can tie the knot in London at:

- Rather unique and alternative wedding venues

- Spectacular and large vintage banqueting halls

- Or, Get married at London’s historical attraction, and many more.

5. There is a Groom’s side and a Bride’s side! – So Bleh!

Are you comfortable with making your wedding a tug of war between the groom’s side and the bride’s side? If not, then no worries! You can easily dump this tradition and keep everyone together in a single seating arrangement. Banquet, reception, and cabaret are some of the alternative seating styles that will not only accommodate your entire guests, but will make everyone feel comfortable as well. If nothing else suits you, then go for a group seating, where everyone can cheer for you and your better half together.

6. Exchange Rings with Traditional Vows! – Maybe, not!

If you are tying the knot in vintage style, there’s nothing wrong with exchanging the traditional vows. But, if you are one of those, who like to do things differently then how about a glamorous singing/dancing performance or even a flash-mob if you like. Also, choose a different style of jewellery or keepsake instead of rings to exchange during the wedding ceremony.

8. Bar Shall Open Only After the Wedding Ceremony! – Go take a hike! Whatever.

Let the party set the flow by opening the bar early. On the same side, you don’t want your guests to drink like a fish before your wedding ceremony as it can create a little problem. The best way is to arrange a small table with a few selections of beer, wine, or champagne before the ceremony. And later on, open the full bar that complements the appetizing snacks, fruit punch, ice water, and many more. offers several wedding venues like the Conservatory and Garden and St. Paul’s Hotel that offer alcohol license, varied alcohol choices and options to book along with their spaces in London.

These are some of the popular wedding traditions that can be altered with a modern twist. After all it is your wedding day and your choice to stick to the traditional way or your way.

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How to Decorate Your Birthday Venue in London

Who cares whether you are 5 or 50, celebrating another year of your life is something you always love. And finally, when you are celebrating, it will be incomplete without a great party decor. Isn’t it? However, if money burns a whole in your pocket, you just need to be little creative to use some simple and plain materials that can ultimately turn out to be wonderful party decorators.

Although, balloons and streamers are the most common decorative items, you can use some trendy and cool ways to decorate your birthday venues in London. Here, we bring you a sorted list of ideas for you special day.

The Usual Balloons Decor with a Twist

Birthday celebration is incomplete without balloons hovering at the venue. Entrance can be best decorated with balloons with your distinguished creativity. Check out the list of some ingenious ideas and make sure you design your venue accordingly to see the best results.

Idea 1

How about entering a room full of family and friend’s photographs hanging from helium balloons to create a chandelier over the tables. Trust us, you will not be disappointed. To get a brief idea, check out the picture below.
Idea 2

Create a garland and dangle it on the windows or simply make a pillar of balloons. You can also tie few colourful balloons on the knobs and handles too.
Idea 3

Have you ever thought of creating flowers or big cup cakes with balloons? This type of decor is quite trendy these days at the venues.
You will find abundant range of astounding venue options in the central area of the city where you can arrange for a fabulous birthday party. Outdoor venues like The Conservatory and Garden and The Pebbled Outdoor Space, Boat venues like West End on Thames and HMS President are some of the most fascinating party options for birthday parties in London.

Idea 4

To make the decor more interesting, draw funny faces on balloons according to different themes like Pac-Man, Ben10, Power Puff Girls, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess and more. You can also, hang up some creatively designed donut or fruit shaped confetti balloons for your party.
Now, what all can you do with the Streamers?

Plain straight line streamers are super common and boring. Aren’t they? So, check out some marvellous streamer ideas and design something unique for your special evening.
Wind, twist or braid the streamers to come up with an innovative look. Join the streamers in clusters and allow them to drop all over the venue. You can choose the best look and ask the venues to replicate the same for you birthday party. However, most of the venues at are devised with such beautiful interiors that you may not even wish to make any changes.

Ahem...The Theme Makes it Look Good!

Theme parties are quite in style and party venues in London provide you with best themed decors for birthdays as well as other occasions. If it’s a kid’s birthday party, decorate the venue according to themes like Winnie the Poo, Alice in the Wonderland and Animal Safari. Use some interesting wall papers that include main characters of the respective stories. Dress you little one as a princess or Christopher Robin to add some charm to the event.
Even if you are arranging this birthday party for an adult, don’t go any further as we have another list coming up your way.

Hawaiian Luau Party

Make your next birthday bash a true tropical dream by hiring a Hawaiian themed venue in London. Kanaloa is one of the best Hawaii venues located at High Holborn in London. It boasts beautiful beach decor with vibrant surroundings, fresh flowers and much more making it most popular venue among adults. You can also pick from wide range of other venues and modify the venue interiors as per Hawaiian theme decorating it with beach balls, plastic palm trees and grass skirts.
Nightclub or Casino Party

How about enjoying celebrations at a dynamic nightclub venue in London. You can browse our handpicked range of birthday party venues and arrange for such get-together in London. To help you with the same, we suggest enquiring now about the Club Ten at Grange St. Paul’s that offers a perfect setting for evening events and private hire.
Historic Era

If you want to add some ancient flavour to your party, go for a venue like Medieval Banquet. This historic themed venue will take you back to the middle age era offering performances, entertainment and much more.Sometimes Table Decor Can do Wonders

When it comes to decorate your party tables, you might feel a little short of ideas. Well, you don’t have to worry as we have a sorted list for you.

Idea 1

How about Edible Decor? Interesting...isn’t it? Adorn party tables with citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and a huge water melon in between as a centre piece. Place the lemon leaves all around the table randomly on ivory-coloured cloth. This style of table decor will compliment the most, if you are planning a Hawaiian themed party.
Idea 2

Flowers and Candles!!! What could be more beautiful than fresh blossoming flowers mixed with dazzling candles? There are specific types of flowers that define each month of the year. Choose flowers according to your birthday combined with crystal vases or hand-painted vessels. Order for pretty carnations in January, Roses for June or Asters for September.
Idea 3

Sweet Candy Bar...Ah...sounds good. Transform parry tables into a vivacious candy bar using jelly beans, chocolate sticks, rock candy sticks, lollipops and much more. Place apothecary jars that can hold colourful gumdrops and gumballs.
Nevertheless, if you are still short of some creative ideas, hiring an innovative event planner is a suitable option.

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We Dare You to Try These 5 Kick-Ass Prom Dresses of All Time

When the going gets tough, how about taking things to the next level. By next level we mean either over-the-top daring or below-the ground dumb.

We have seen the peer pressure of a prom or a leavers’ ball. The anticipation of a prom for a student and its final outcome is just some experience with so many traditions. One such prom tradition that the youngsters put their heart and soul into is their prom dress/suit. Months of planning, tears, tantrums, sale searching, and negotiations with parents result in that one prom dress – short, red, black, long, unusual prom dress, white, gypsy, puffy, sequin, floral dress, glitter, or embellished one.

But what happens, when your favourite colour happens to be fluorescent green? Or your happen to like how chequered fabric highlights your jaw line? Can you already see where we are going with this?

We are what we think. And it just as well reflects in our clothing too. Read on for top 5 craziest and funniest prom dresses worn in the history of ‘bad decisions made in school’:

1. I Kissed a Frog and I Like-d it:

Fairytales have inspired many to dress up like their favourite fantastical characters. But this prom couple turned around the whole idea of ‘The Frog and the Princess’.

Image Source:


2. Talking About Florescent:

We all are entitled to our choices (responsible for them too). After all it is your day to shine through, right?

Image Source:

So much for shining through though!

3. Oh You Think Props Are a Good Idea For Prom?

So it was just for posing. It was extremely cool, you thought. You never gave it a second thought.

Image Source:

Oh Dear! Are you thinking now?

Because Denims Feel Just So Much More Comfortable:

Sometimes people tend to put a lot of thought into their clothing, especially its fabric, colour, and other aspects. But is there something like putting too much of thought into it? This prom couple knows what we are talking about.

Image Source:

5. Gone With The Theme:

Prom themes prove to be the highlight of the day. Everyone wants to look their (idea of) best on this glorious day. They plan their prom dress/suit, grand entrance, and everything else with all their might.

Image Source:

Now we are not judging but what if this is the idea of looking their best for someone is? No words!

For the lengths to which these young adults go through to make a statement, we feel sorry for them. But also thankful that there is no fashion police trying to track them down and fine them for these fashion felonies.

Want something that blends right away with your crazy prom dress ideas? Throw a prom party at some of the funkiest prom venues in Central London like the Medieval Banquet, Hawaii Venue, and Holborn Roof Top venue.

No animals were physically hurt while shooting these pictures, apart from any human eye that witnessed these spectacles, nightmares of the three poor birds involved, and a dog who hasn’t barked a word ever since he saw the birds as props.

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The Curious Case of Boosting Employee Morale via Budgeted Office Party

What are some of the ways in which you can boost employee morale?

Once upon a time, in the La-La-London land, an office decided to fancy the conundrum, which is faced by one and all at large. And so it happened! A full-fledged meeting was organised, involving only the senior most management. The agenda was to discuss several strategies to boost employee morale, and the outcome was pretty fascinating!

You see, it is often easy to get carried away by either the negative or positive means of motivation. You may choose to offer either pleasure or pain – and no, we are not being kinky here, in order to get the employees to walk that extra mile. However, sometimes we tend to complicate simple matters.

The Morbid Meeting!

Benjamin, a rather cool, calm and composed manager decided to keep the entire slippery slope of morale boosting rather simple. Instead of playing mind games with the team, he suggested others to simply throw an office party that is due.

Now, one may think that organising a corporate party wouldn’t really help in boosting the morale. However, what we fail to notice is that a party communicates that the company care. It is a reward that one can freely enjoy. Besides, such shindigs promote feelings of belongingness, togetherness, joy and celebration. And for once, everyone else seemed to agree – a rare moment in business meetings, no?Clearly the spirits that were soaring way up high, sort of came flat on the face with Boss’s last comment. Oh c’mon, we all know what the bosses mean when they say “concentrate on reducing costs,” don’t we?

So the challenge now was to organise an office party, in a tight budget. And, obviously, everyone started hyperventilating and trying to control the situation somehow. Of course, the cool dude Benjamin kept his calm, only to perhaps jump in towards the end and be the saviour.

The Failed Negotiations!
Here are some of the previous failed attempts at discussing several entertainment ideas for an office party.
Whoa! Jack Daniels? Hey Boss, that was mean!
Honeybee? Seriously? Isn’t that sort of condescending? We mean, c’mon! She just wanted to have some fun at the office party! That’s all! Ouch! That must have hurt! Whatever happened to personal space, boss?

Time for Some Office Gossip!

Finally, it was time for some office gossip! Oh, how interesting office spaces get with some amount of bitching. And of course, even that is a form of team building – no matter how risky it might be.
Of course, just like we predicted, the cool guy Benjamin had saved his best for the last!

He kept his calm, and decided to tackle the root source of the issue. Quite obvious that was, no?

The Saviour!

Well, that was quick! And easy! Smooth in fact! Of course, our cool guy Benjamin would not reveal his trump card just yet. He got the corporate party organised under the given budget, and that’s all that matters, right?

He was eager to share the news with his team mates. And just to cheer them up, he decided to break into a jive, as he spilled the beans.

Keep Calm and Party On!!!
More than being happy about the party, everyone wanted to know the secret behind it. Perhaps being in touch with really does make you some sort of a magician; especially when it comes to organising spectacular office parties under a budget, refreshing conferences with a wow factor, or other scintillating corporate events.

Here’s how they all celebrated and bonded over a budget office party. Do not miss the groovy in-sync dance step guys!

Let’s Shake It Together!!!
As the wise man once said, a company that parties together, grows together! Okay, well, we might be that wise man! So yeah, we just quoted ourselves! Isn’t that sort of cool?

Now that we have this one curious case of a particular office party, when are you stepping into your dancing shoes? Have a cool corporate entertainment idea, but are unable to find the right venue for an office party? Allow us to help you out! After all, Benjamin didn’t contact us for nothing, right? Regardless of the sanctioned budget, simply drop us an enquiry, and we’ll make sure you end up having more fun than Benjamin and the gang!

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