Scrumptious Naked Christmas Cakes for Santa

Sweet, scrumptious, and soft! Delightful range of cakes adds to relishing ambiance of your Christmas party. This year, ditch the old catering menu with a beautifully fashioned cake and opt for trending naked cakes. It’s time to make your Christmas shindigs in London more and more sweet with exquisitely baked cakes.

Undo the typically frosted cake with colourful icing this time and let funky new ‘naked cake’ take the limelight. omits the huh-hush for your celebration preparations. Let the rage for unfrosted beauties provides an interesting essence and taste for guests in London.

Here’s a delectable range of the sweet beauties making everyone the drool.
This sassy and glamorous cake will add up to the essence of Christmas with pure and royal looking red tone. Perfectly adorned with roses, it’s an impeccable confection to have at your celebrations. And, who doesn’t love red velvet cakes anyhow?

The colourful combination of creamy fillings and sweet brown cake made us fell in love with it. The subtle white stand enhances the overall look of this elementary naked cake. Get this layered cake to spread the love among family and friends.

If you love raw ad rustic, this naked cake will catch your attention for sure. White flowers elevate the overall élan, reflecting the ultimate beauty displaying ingredients.

Anyone would go absolutely bananas over this stunning and delectable strawberry naked cake. This heavenly four-layered decadent is a rage among cakes kids and adults even.

We just have one word to describe this stunningly cute four-layered chocolate cake decked with cherries dipped in lip-smacking nutella and buttercream: ultimate.

These scintillating naked splendors come in all flavours, shapes, and sizes topped with delightful ombre shades, flowers, and fruits. Let the delicious in-trend naked cakes, and cupcakes add delight to your merriments. Treat your sweet-tooth with these rustic yet classy delicacies. Merry Christmas!!

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4 Engaging Workshop Venues for You in London

From oration style to venue selection, everything counts for a successful workshop. With changing corporate trends, companies these days opt for modern approach towards workshop events to taste the tang of success. When it comes to event spaces, London boasts many options to allure. Organise workshops at finest venue and let your employees learn new corporate things whilst boosting motivation and team-building. There’s a reason why London is delineated as a paradise for corporate world.

We at have listed renowned workshop venues for you.

The Law Society
The Law Society enchants you to the core for organizing a profound workshop event here. Mark the development of your business with colleagues and clients, in London with majestic approach of the venue. A glorious Grade II listed building with sweeping elegance and grace will define your style with ease. Pipe into the aura of professional character during the occasion and let the authentic features take your event to next level. Classic chandeliers, big windows, and wooden panelling add to the glistening appeal of the venue.
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The City Hotel
Let London’s contemporary approach boost corporate feel for your event. Classy interiors and well-furnished event spaces make it an à la mode venue to host a workshop. The matchless ambience engrosses everyone to experience the class and charisma. Greet your guests with delectable range of food and drinks during the event. Steeped in luxury near the River Thames, it offers a significant platform for your next big occasion.
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St. Martin–within–Ludgate

All your event need is a venue steeped in serenity with easy accessibility for guests. Tucked away near City Thameslink station, St. Martin-within-Ludgate is a beautiful and sophisticated space. An ideal place for workshops and other corporate events in London, it will surely exhilarate you with bespoke facilities and sheer professionalism. Captivate your guests with historic depth whilst inspiring setting of the venue.
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28 Portland Place

Nestled proudly since 1775, 28 Portland Place adorns the neoclassical townhouse architecture for all to admire. Let the splendid cream of royal décor highlighting every nook and corner of the venue, your event will get the grace to retain everyone’s attention. Offer grace to retain everyone’s attention. Offer sumptuous range of food and drinks augmented with warm ambiance of the place. The breakout facility makes sure that refreshment time doesn’t affect the overall workshop.

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Hop on to organise your next fervent event at any of these renowned workshop venues in London. Inspire your guests with an engrossing event, offers exciting offers for distinct occasions. Get going with innovation in style!

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Plan Your New Year Eve in London with Great Ideas

The magical world of celebrations is near. Full of fireworks and new resolutions to make, New Year will soon knock our doors of happiness. Picture a fantabulously amazing and memorable celebration with your dear ones whilst welcoming another prosperous chapter of 365- pages.
Raise a toast to the augmentation of another year with fun, music, and dance. Well, not to forget the mesmerising view of sky sparkling with great firework. As you spell the beans of celebrations, is all set to guide some ideas and tips to abridge the planning steps. Just for you! Taste the tang of successful New Year party as you host a marvellous fête at a benevolent New Year venue in London.

Prepare to amaze your guests in style! Buzz on!

Costume Parties

Add a twist to your celebrations, experiment with themes like costume parties. Make it all interesting by arranging a unique-styled costume party. You can opt for styles like tribal, 80’s era, star wars or any other. Add games related to your costume theme and welcome New Year with enthusiasm. Well, Halloween is not the only occasion where you can dress up like your favourite cartoon character or a Dracula, isn’t it?

Dance Fever Parties
A celebration can never end without music and dance, right? So prepare your playlist but don’t forget to add some funky songs. Let your guests dance to the tunes of some amazing and quirky songs whilst welcoming beautiful 365-days. Host an engrossing dance party theme to dance all night. Besides, what can be more exciting than enjoying and getting intoxicated with the bunch of friends? Hire a marvellous venue with great ambience to blend with your party celebrations.

Family Celebrations
New Year eve is always a lot of fun when celebrated with family. Grab these moments to steal the best out of the festivity season this winter. Most of you might celebrate this occasion with a big group of friends boozing out till late night but adding some flavours to the party for family will elate fiesta. Inviting children to the party can be a lot of fun. Arrange for some kids friendly music and set the romantic mood to dance with your life partner.

Gaming Zone

Adding a gaming zone to your party can be quite entertaining. You can arrange for some great games not only for kids but also for adults. There is a wide range of options available, which includes interactive board games, charades, musical chairs, passing the parcel and more. Idea of adding games to your celebrations can keep guests busy and amused.

Theme Treat
Another idea, which can make your party interesting, is the decor of the venue. You can organize some great party themes to amuse guests. Arabian nights, vampire world, school days, Era of 60’s, and cowboy theme are gaining popularity among youth and kids for London.

Bid adieu to this year whilst adding zeal to New Year party in a unique way. Other than all the above ideas, you can also arrange for miscellaneous things like party hats, noise makes and snowy sprays. So, with sparkling champagne in hand, as the clock strikes 12, welcome New Year with great glee. Happy New Year!

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Tips to Hunt the Best Wedding Caterer in London

The caterers really add spice and taste to your wedding. Enticing your guests and ruling their hearts with heavenly range of gastronomic delights, they will charm everyone with grace. Well, that’s true! The wedding caterers can do far more good than bad in your celebrations. From preparing the menu, looking at various other arrangements to serving the best in London, caterers can truly make your wedding more enjoyable and memorable for all.

We reckon that finding a caterer is easy, but deciding for a perfect one suiting your style and preparations can be a difficult task. Thoughtful of good food, we at lists down some itsy-bitsy tips to help you single out a caterer for your big day.

Hop on to find the best!

Selecting the Caterers
  • Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations while listing down best caterers of the town.
  • Don’t miss out on your favourite restaurants. Confirm for their catering services. If not, they will surely provide recommendations for renowned establishments that cater.
  • Ask venues for preferred caterers list.
  • Grapevine is hidden depth of event planning. Ask your vendors for their references and contacts.
  • Opt for social media. There are many dedicated websites providing information on caterers available around your area.
During the Meeting…
After you have a hand full of numerous caterers in London, shortlist the most suitable and plan a meeting with them. Before you leave for the meet-up, make sure you have everything in place.

  • Try scheduling tastings during the meeting. This will save your time whilst providing the idea of catering.
  • It is always advised to get the rough draft prepared by the caterer itself to help you in budgeting.
  • Besides, the rough outline inclusive of menu options, cost per person, services, alcohol prices and more assists in planning the catering budget for the occasion.
  • Don’t forget to exchange business cards.
  • If considering recommendations, dedicate some time on searching their erstwhile clients’ reviews. Check number of guests served, best menu items, and if any extra charges were included on the final bill.

These Questions are Imperative…
  • Do you have the license?
  • Do you have commitments for any other event or occasion on the same day of our celebration?
  • What will the staff wear during the wedding?
  • Are you licensed to serve drinks?
  • Can we expect your assistance or recommendations from you on other preparation facets like decorators, lighting, and transportation?
  • We would like to tour the kitchen and facility.
  • Will there be an on-site coordinator or manager to supervise meal services and other aspects during the wedding?
  • Are you familiar with our chosen wedding venue?
  • What will be the ratio of staff to guests?
  • From where do you source the ingredients?
Now that you have an idea of what all you need to ask shortlisted caterers, go ahead!!

Add a dash of refreshment in your wedding celebrations with dedicated catering services. Cherish the moments with delightful food and finest collection of drinks. So roll up your sleeves to call in a caterer who provides the best feast for your dream wedding. We hope these tips contribute in deciding the unsurpassed. Happy Hunting!

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Ideas for an Amazing Christmas Party in London

The festivity in London will soon allure everyone with its magic. Parties, gifts and wishes will load in every home. But, your family finds the meticulously planned celebrations predictable, isn’t it? This year, surprise your guests by throwing a unique party. Enrich your celebrations with some new and quirky ideas. Add flavours to celebrations, and venue decor with some twist. We at bring you some creative ideas and tips to organise best Christmas party that will reflect your individual style.

Venue Selection
Decoration, music, food, drinks, and what not, prepare a list of everything to be spic and span for the party. But, can all this really work for you if you don’t opt for a suitable venue? Our experts don’t think so. Don’t let the true essence of your party get overshadowed by selecting a boring event space. Boost the party experience with a range of unusual and benevolent Christmas party venues in London and get ready to create a buzz in the town.

Adding a Theme
Try something unusual, quirky, and unique this time for your party. Let your guests be surprised seeing the new chic and classy style of partying, reflecting your charm. Planning a theme party that interests and allure your guests is a weary task. From wonderland to reindeer party, nutcracker ballet to Christmas carol decoration, try your hand on any of these themes to host an engrossing celebration.

Kids Crazy
We are talking all Christmas, so not to forget about Santa’s favourite; kids. Plan your party in such a way that it engages both kids and adults. Add some elements to your planning that will augment the fun. We recommend some unusual gifts for kids that inspire them to dig something useful. Search for things that ignites yearn to live their passion. Throw a party engulfed in holiday cheer for this Christmas. Make sure you have ample serving of kid’s food like canapés and drinks to keep them engaged along with Christmas special games. Try getting sumptuous appetizers for them as big meal merely excites them.

Fun Favours
So you are on an expedition to make it all memorable for guests, isn’t it? Then don’t forget to shop for Christmas party favours. Shop for funky favours like pretty ponies necklace, DIY cones filled with chocolate coins or sugared almonds, and much more. Let your creative side get in the limelight this festive season.

Christmas is all about glitz, glam and holiday festivity. This time make it more memorable and exciting as you experiment with themes, food and more.

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