Themes to Make your Christmas Charming and Celebratory!!

Jingle bells are on route to knock your door of celebrations very soon. Have you tightened your shoe laces for an outstanding party? Christmas, the hotspot festival full of zeal and fortitude truly provides an occasion of celebration. Now c’mon, don’t be laid back or just be a guest in someone’s party. Hop into charismatic side of you, plan a party and spend time with family, friends, even business partners or colleagues.
Christmas party, the best way to add a zing to the celebrations of December, is a terrific idea. Isn’t it? So fold your sleeves up and get to work. And hello! You can’t be a party pooper by planning a plain and simple brunch or dinner at home. Instead, it’s good to make more out of Christmas rather than letting it to be solely a religious festival.
Save time on thinking and try some amazing and innovative themes for party mentioned below which would surely get you venerated.
1940’s Christmas in 21st Century
Experience the 1940’s style of Christmas with an amalgamation of today’s contemporary essence. Charm your guests with 40’s era of simplicity and sophistication. Plan and get the décor done in the shades of white with a speck of red touch. From table cloth to hangings on the wall, submerge your guests with a sense of past. And, don’t forget to tell your guests to come in 1940’s style of dressing in fusion with today’s trend.
As a host, always try to keep your guests indulged happily in merry making. Hey! Why not try showing the best of holiday movies from that decade? Try the very famous Christmas classic; Miracle on 34th Street together with some games. Or, by planning a karaoke session of songs from 40’s, indulge more in era of innovation and introduction.

Icy Wisey White
Ever heard the song, “White Christmas” from the very famous 1942 classic movie - ‘Holiday Inn’? A simple song with hearty lyrics gives a feel of enduring happiness of the times spent with family and friends. In 2014, let’s try and get an aura of this White Christmas via celebrating it with near and dear ones. You don’t have to worry much for party except to get décor done in white.

Try a unique and cool blend of white and silver shades for decorations. Opt for tiny, crystalline lights scattering rays of illumination in each corner complimented with snowy, sparkling embellishments. Also, hanging garlands with glittery, crystal icicles and a Santa Claus will add charm to your party too.Or why not opt for a Christmas party venue with special offers for your party?
Moreover, how can a party be complete without desserts? Undoubtedly, amusing white monochromatic desserts will work greatly for a silver-white theme party. Knock, Knock! Make sure you have a white Christmas tree standing high in the party.

Disney Christmas for Kids
Two things that we have best on earth are children and Disney characters. So, why not plan a surprise Christmas party for your kids with Disney theme? And instead of going to Disney World for that, plan a party in town. To save time and avoid confusion, begin by inviting guests in style with a cartoon card. You can even invite them to beautify your Christmas tree with ornaments and decorations (probably, Disney theme oriented). Bake a Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake and other desserts shaped and styled as different cartoon characters.

Furthermore, as you are the host, dress up as your favourite cartoon character to hype kids’ curiosity and celebratory mood. Kids are always happy to eat and drink in Disney tableware, aren’t they? So, add them in your kid’s party.

P.S: London’s Christmas party venues are famous for these kinds of theme parties while some also cater special offers.
Balloons Magic Theme
Make your Christmas party spectacular and memorable with this unique style. Have a true festive feel and plan an all-balloon decor. A not very common theme though, balloons make a good ambience for adults and kids love them too. Make Santa Claus, snowman and elves with balloons. Prepare the welcome gate with them and much more stuff. This would truly be a surprising element for the guests. No one expects such an affordable commodity to turn a party venue into an innovative pool of decoration. So, surprise them with your artistic side. Also, nowadays, shopping centres are filled with special Christmas balloons such as Santa Claus balloons, polka dots design, and so on. Use these varieties of balloons to enhance the decor. Make your Christmas party bright, beautiful and delve in celebrations.

Everyone desires to throw a themed party bound to be the most memorable party of the year. And, it is surely an awesome way to have your near and dear ones immersed in holiday and celebratory mood. Make your preparations a lot easier and never forget that is always there, just a click away! Try our venues solely and dedicatedly selected for your service and satisfaction with distinct deals and offers.

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4 Critical Reasons Why Companies Fail with Corporate Events

Holding a corporate event not only requires detailed planning, but tons of money. Whether you’re planning a conference, employee appreciation party, or a product launch, it is imperative for a person in charge to know how to organize a successful event. But, there are some common mistakes that companies usually face or do when organizing a corporate event for the first time. So, here are some of the significant reasons for the failure of the corporate events.

Consider it a Task to-do, Instead of Worthwhile Investment

There are plenty of companies that simply don’t encourage their team to have a clear business purpose behind organizing any event. They just randomly assign certain tasks to their employees and expect them to get things done, within the allotted time frame. If your team is unaware of the purpose, it is not viable to make the event a success & worthwhile investment.

So, before you start organizing an event, let your team brainstorm, and comprehensively plan the brief of the event. During the planning phase, some companies come to the conclusion that it’s just not wise to hold an event. It is necessary for a company to encourage team efforts, so that they can work together find the most appropriate solution.

It’s the Company’s Cash – Not Mine

A majority of corporate events are funded by sponsorships or by in-house marketing budgets — or a mishmash of both. However, in the absence of a clear plan, it is difficult to hold a single person responsible for managing expenses. It would help everyone involved, if the management rolls out a budget in the very beginning. The cost of hiring a corporate event venue in London can differ greatly. It can be done on a strict budget or one can indulge lavishly in the same. So, a company should develop a financing plan before start spending for the event.

The best way is to impart some of the responsibility to your team – delegating work and responsibilities to reliable workforce. To encourage your employee’s participation, you can offer an incentive to those who will come up with the significant ideas that mays ignificantl reduce the budget.

Leave the Audience Unhappy

No matter whether you are organizing a small event or a large gathering, you need to make it appealing and pleasant. It is essential that you offer an experience that is relevant to the majority of party guests. Being only concerned about business and networking — without having enough provisions for their enjoyment and entertainment — is a waste of time and money for all.

Having a Corporate Atmosphere, Instead a Sociable One

A successful business event can’t be too formal. The corporate babble-speak communicates their best values and missions in the company’s brochure, but not in the business event. Do not let your events go ashtray, and be very specific as to what you aim to achieve from it. If you have organized a charity event, promote your cause, if you wish to motivate and inspire the workforce, share motivating stuff – or rather get a speaker for the same. Consistency matters! We can talk business on any other day, but today, we suggest, you only concentrate on your reasons for organizing it.
To take full advantage of your business event, make sure you don’t commit these common mistakes. Consider each aspect in the planning process, so that you can organize a spectacular and memorable event.

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