Beware of These Crazy Guests at Your Gorgeous London Wedding!

Your grand day is approaching and you cannot wait for everything to culminate into a grand success? Sounds dreamy but look-out! The people witnessing your big day are always an assorted bunch that you call your family and friends. No matter how intricately you plan out everything about your D-day in the capital, wedding guests here can be as unexpected as London rains. So, we are bringing you list of different types of guests usually spotted at London weddings, in order for you to run things smoothly throughout.
1. ‘Drunk like a Drowned Fish’ Guest: Oh come on! You know who it is the moment you spotted this one here. You have seen the antics and the blabbering earlier at several family occasions. They are uncontrollable, disrupting toasts and spilling things at places and people. But still we know that family is family. This is why, we also suggest you a handful of ways to handle such wedding guests. Have your team of confidante in place and directed towards such guests.

Firstly, keep the bar area separate from your reception hall or dinner tables. Hire a tasteful venue with in London city where you can have a helpful staff and a natty bartender to abide by your plans religiously. Several venues in London like Grange Wine Bar and Medieval Piazza in Tower Hill have efficacious staff to carry out your plans. Also, choose to make it a defined alcohol service or pay as per you drink cash bar, to avoid sloshed people on free booze. Here are few more tips on how to tackle such guests with careful planning.
2. Random Relative/ Photo Bomber: No matter how strategically you invite people, these guests will always find a way to pop in one way or the other. Not that they appear uninvited, but an approving nod from your mother-in-law or constant insistence from your father can do it. These guests prowl quite inquisitively around the party as most of your dear ones are busy having a good time.

From uncomfortable questions to popping their heads in exclusive wedding pictures, these party guests have done it all. You can direct their movement by planning their seating at the back of the venue. Try to have your pictures taken at a private area where you can capture those memorable pretty poses without any disruption. Also, never ever handover any disposable camera responsibilities to them!
3. Memories v/s Paparazzi: Who’d want your wedding day to be a bunch of photographs featuring missed angles, finger faced or just plain simple dump? That’s right. If you have one of these crazed ones in your guest list, stay careful while handing out your cams to these ones. Now this breed of the crazed guests at weddings can be of any age. So avoid such situations by hiring a professional or only send out the cams to those who have some skill with it for sure. Consult your wedding planner for ideas.
4. The Crier: Weddings can be an emotional time for our near and dear ones, even for the bride. But crying-at-the-drop-of-hat kinds can be a real party spoiler. They sob and make a scene out of the situation with running noses and washed down mascaras. Particularly their toasts can go on to make the rest of the party a downer. Keep the tissues handy. Also, engage a helping hand from your bridesmaids or groomsmen to escort them away from the scene to an adjacent space for calming them.

You can hire such venues at like The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace in City of London. With a view of St. Paul’s Cathedral, it has striking glass interiors with lounge, a bar, and adjacent garden and terrace for hire. Somewhere such noisy but dear guests can find a spot to calm themselves down without thundering down the entire hall with their sobs.
5. ‘My Wedding was Better’ Guest: Now this species of wedding guests can either appear in the form a competitive cousin or a finicky relative. You can rarely avoid them or always find yourself thinking twice even starting a conversation with them. Apparently all that goes to waste when they never drop any opportunity to convey their displeasure with your plans, or anyone’s for that matter. The only way to keep your wedding nerves calm is to ignore and distract them. Put a friend or two at duty who can keep them afar from you at most times. Also, try changing the seating plans to pair them up with people who can handle them with their polite/sarcastic gift of gab.
6. The Not-So Invited Guests: If your guests can bring a plus-one to the wedding, make sure you convey to them to RSVP well in advance. Why would you want to spot an ex, a loathed colleague, or you get our point? It is your big day and meant to be celebrated with only your dearest well-wishers. Check your guest list again and again to make sure no awkward encounters or eccentric strangers get on your nerves during your Big Day.

If you think this list is a joke then check out your old photo albums and address book for a proof about such vintage variety of London wedding guests. You’re welcome!

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