5 Essential Things You Must Have for a Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Girls are big fans of this female white Japanese bobtail cat and crazy about collecting Hello Kitty’s accessories from school supplies to fashion clothes. The amazing popularity of this top-grossing character ensures that you will have no trouble finding a wide range of Hello Kitty themed products. And if your little princess loves this fictitious feline with the big red bow, then a Hello Kitty birthday party is a great idea for you. Read on for essential things that you must have for planning a Hello Kitty birthday party for your little daughter.

Hello Kitty Cake

It is fair to say that no birthday party would be complete without a perfect cake. So, why not bake or buy a Hello Kitty themed cake to make your stand out from the rest. If you aren’t too good at cooking, then it’s better to drop the idea of baking yourself. In UK, there are number of bakers that can make a Hello Kitty themed birthday cake for you. Whether you opt for Hello Kitty tiered cakes or cupcakes, make sure your cake sets the theme of the party. Besides, if you consider yourself kitchen-savvy, you might try your hand to bake a Hello Kitty cake for yourself.

Hello Kitty Decoration

Being one of the most popular cartoon characters, Hello Kitty offers you a variety of decoration products. From table centrepieces to streamers the choices are endless, we’re sure even you would agree this. But, the question that pops up in your mind is “where to start?” Here are just a few suggestions for decorating your Hello Kitty themed birthday party.

  • Using a Hello Kitty wreath is a perfect way to welcome your little guests
  • Puffy paper flowers, pink balloons, and streamers are great to establish a particular mood
  • Using Hello Kitty posters and Chinese paper lanterns around the party space
Hello Kitty Dress

While handing over the invitations, make sure you inform or request all the little attendees to wear a Hello Kitty dress. You can even mention on your invitation card, if possible. You don’t need to worry about where they’ll buy the dress, as many fashion stores now offer super-cute and audacious Hello Kitty party clothes. All you need to do is to find a special party dress for your birthday girl that looks perfect on her.
Hello Kitty Party Favour

If you’re planning a birthday party, it is your responsibility to thank your guests with perfect party favours. Hello kitty bracelets, candy clips, jewellery set, and pink coloured purse are just a few options that you can consider as a party favour.
Hello Kitty Party Games

Whether you’re squealing to let the party started or you just want to encourage exercise after food and drinks, you can include some amusing games in your kid’s birthday. Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty, Mother Cat Game, and Name That Cat are some of the wonderful games that are perfect for small groups. Those who are searching games for larger groups can consider Hello Kitty party bingo and Hello Kitty Dream Balloons game. Besides, if your little princess loves singing or music, it might be time to hire the Hello Kitty karaoke machine.

Hello Kitty is exceptionally popular among kids and young women.So, why not amaze your little princess with a Hello Kitty themed birthday party. Get inspiration from the ideas given above and arrange the great Hello Kitty party for your daughter and her friends.

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Planning a Barbecue Party for 50 in London

Do you know what people like most about a barbecue party? Of course, the great taste of hearty grilled vegetables or kebabs. Perfect for every type of celebration, big or small, barbecue parties are a great opportunity to taste meat that is prepared relatively using the indirect heat imparted by the smoke of a wood-fuelled fire.

Unlike other cooking methods, the barbecue is a much slower and serving BBQ cooked food for a large number of guests can seem like an overwhelming task. But, if you plan your BBQ occasion perfectly, catering for 50 guests will be simpler than you may think. Here are some of the ideas that you should keep in mind while planning a perfect barbecue party in London.


Where to hold your BBQ celebration? This is one of the first questions that will pop-up in your mind when you’re planning a party. Whether you’re considering your friend’s backyard or planning to hire a BBQ venue especially for the day, make sure you check out whether it will be spacious enough to hold your 50 guests happily. Fortunately, London has some of the best barbecue venues that can help you to make your barbecue party a great success. All you need is to invite your party guests and leave the rest to the venue itself. They will manage everything for you, from food to car parking, to table arrangements.

Choose a Menu

Once you’ve chosen the location, it’s time to finalize the food menu. Party poopers looking for meat options can consider hot dogs, burgers, and chicken wings, while those who are looking for vegetable options can consider
stuffed peppers on the Barbie, tikka skewers, and toasty feta kebabs. For desserts, you can opt for key lime pie or nibbles.

Consider Enough Quantities

If you’re hiring a caterer, then this point is not for you. But, if not, then it is your responsibility to consider food quantities for your guests. For non-vegetable meals, you can consider two hot dogs, one burger, and four chicken wings per person. Those who are planning to serve vegan food can consider dry pasta and 15-20 lbs. of potatoes for 50 people. If you are planning to serve coleslaw, you can consider 5-8 lbs. mixed shredded vegetables and 1qt. dressing.

Ask for Helping Hands

Of course, it’s your party and you wish to handle everything on your own. But, arranging a BBQ party for 50 people can be a daunting task, so why not ask your volunteers to assist you and assign different jobs to them such as welcoming the guests, serving cocktails, and helping with the cooking.

Complement Your BBQ Menu

When the sun shines, you’re ready to taste those grilled chicken pieces. But, to complement your food menu, it is necessary to have a selection of beers and wines in a big bucket. And make sure you’ve got enough ice as well. Don’t forget to prepare fruit salad, including 3 to 5 melons, 4lbs. of grapes, 2 pineapples, and 2 to 3 lbs. strawberry.

Eventually, a BBQ party is all about having fun, enjoying grilled food, and having a good time with your friends and family. So, follow these ideas and plan a perfect a barbecue for your guests.

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10 Reasons for a West End on the Thames Boat Party this Summer

1) Show Her Majesty How to Party

If the Queen can take her Diamond Jubilee revelry out onto the Thames despite the dismal dreariness of June 2012, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t get suited, booted, and party West End on the Thames-style this summer! If Her Highness had only added free-flowing bubbly and some banging tunes to the mix it would have been a real party.

2) It’s Time to Forgive the Water

The rains have finally stopped, Hastings and Gloucester are drying out nicely and summer 2014 is going to be another scorcher! If you live in the South, you may have felt like building an ark this winter but it’s time to forgive the water and take the party out onto the Thames. Celebrate the dry season in style aboard a Thames river boat. You’ll only get wet if you fall in.

3) Celebrate the Summer

The great British summer is nearly upon you. Can you afford to miss an even a nano-second of it? No! Like every true Brit, you need to soak up every extra degree of warmth you can and spend every single moment in the great outdoors. For all you know, it may rain for the next millennia. Don’t miss those balmy nights and that sunset reflected in the Thames and work late (again). Ditch work at four, throw on a cocktail dress and kick-start the summer on a private hire party boat.

4) Escape

The tube is trying to crush you to death, the traffic wants to chew you up and spit out your mangled bike and you’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder with human meat in every bar and cafe. Leave the hubbub and choking fumes behind and cast-off. As the scenery slips by and you eat your third cocktail olive you might start contemplating never returning to dry land.

5) Hosting should be Fun

It’s the night of the big party. You want to impress your corporate clients, butter-up your future in-laws or treat your friends. But what about your night? You deserve to enjoy the Thames experience without being host, manager, future son/daughter in-law, bartender and concierge all-rolled-into-one. Relax. It’s your party, sit back and enjoy a stress free private event impeccably executed by the best in the business.

6) Romance

There’s something special about seeing London lit up at night, the lapping sound of water against the hull of the boat and the chink of glasses. It’s enough to turn the icy heart of any city dweller into a puddle of warm mush. Those warm summer nights beneath the stars and the iconic buildings of London illuminated around you are something truly special and not to be missed. There’s magic in the air, share it with that special person or find romance on the deck.

7) Get Messy on the Dance Floor

It’s the end of exams and you need to douse your overloaded brains with a pitcher full of cocktails. Maybe that work project has finally been completed and it’s time to get your dance on. You might simply need an excuse to go wild and blow off some steam. You don’t really need a reason to party, just a will.

8) The City and the Scenery

You’ve experienced London before but never like this. It’s the greatest city in the world for a reason. See the old London and the new London side-by-side along the city’s greatest highway - the river. You can’t see so many of the different faces of the city anywhere else in one night, especially not while relaxing in the luxury surroundings of private hire boat. Your clients deserve to leave the UK having seen the capital at its breathtaking and charismatic best - aboard a West End on the Thames operated cruiser.

9) All the Cool Kids Float

Walking’s for fools. Forget the private hire limo. Leave terra firma behind you. It’s time to depart on your very own pleasure cruise. Go big or go home! Suit-up and take the party to the water on an exclusive private hire floating venue. It’s the most glamorous way to party in London where your every need is anticipated and your guests delighted by the capital’s leading party-boat provider.

10) You Can’t Get Lost

It’s midnight, Big Ben strikes twelve and the twinkly lights have gone a bit blurry. Where are your friends? That second bottle of champagne was a great idea but your sense of direction has been slightly impaired. You were chasing that girl who stole your bow tie and you took a wrong turning.

Normal night out: Now get lost and spend 60 minutes dodging surly drunks in the street before getting to the tube station and realising you left your jacket on the back of your chair. Your wallet was in the pocket. FAIL.

Floating night out: You reach a railing. You follow it in a circle. This table looks familiar. You’re back where you started! The bubbly is still chilled and your bow tie is waiting for you around the neck of the girl from earlier. WIN.

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Planning a Perfect Poker Party in London

Thanks to Channel 4 and Sky Sports for two of the most loved shows, Late Night Poker and Poker Million. The popularity of poker has reached new heights. And it has resulted in many party animals hosting poker parties in London. You don’t have to go to Vegas to have a thrilling poker night, you can have it right here in London. However, there are a few things that you need to consider to make your poker night a success.

Determine the Where, Who, and When

A nice amount of time is needed to answer these Ws. These are the basics to start with.

Determine the "When" – Well, not every day is a sunny day! We don’t mean that you have to take your party outdoors but just to suggest choosing your day and time wisely. Weekend is not a great time to plan the party as it may clash with other weekend activities. And weekend venue hire rates are often higher than in weekdays. Thursdays are perfect for poker parties as it’s almost weekend and you can get everyone in the party mood.

Choose the "Who"
– For a true poker experience, it is crucial to decide who all you want to invite. You cannot play poker with more than 10 players or you’ll have to set up more tables. So keep the numbers in mind. Also, consider whether you want to play with the experts, novices, or both. Choose your guests accordingly.

Find the ‘Where”
– From elegant halls to illuminated bars, any event venue in the City of London would work as long as you hire the right equipment. You’ll need to hire Poker essentials like tables, cards, chips, clock, and hand ranking cards. To rent online, you can visit poker-vision.co.uk. They claim to have provided equipment to Sky, BBC, and Channel 4.

Planning the Details

Once you have worked out the major details, it’s time to work on the little things that count.

Number of Guests and Confirmation
: Once you’re done with the three Ws, it’s the perfect time to call your guests to invite them and also confirm their presence. Inviting beforehand means you have enough time for RSVP and if someone is not able to make it, you have time to invite someone else.

Basic Rules
: This little thing can make or break a party. You don’t want any fights or clashes and ruin the fun. Therefore, it’s important to lay down some ground rules and set up the monetary limits to avoid any misunderstanding. Keep in mind that there is a difference between gaming and gambling.

Hire the Essentials
: Now is the time to prepare the materials for the guests to play. According to the standard, you should at least have 35 chips per player. You can use real money as well to make it even more fun and real. Also, have a reserved deck of cards at hand in case you may need it.


Poker Night, at the least, will last for 3-4 hours and you can’t do it without serving food to your guests. In fact, you should always have some snacks to munch on when the players are playing. Mini-sandwiches, cookies, chips, vegetable sticks, tortilla chips, and salsa will do. Make sure you don’t serve anything greasy or sticky. You don’t want guests to mess up the deck of cards. A few creatively named dishes you can serve include:

  1. Full House Pizza
  2. Club Sandwiches
  3. All in Salad
  4. Hearts Dip
  5. Jack Pot Beef Stew


When it comes to poker and casino, the first inspiration that clicks your mind is James Bond’s Casino Royale. Bond always accompanied his game with a martini in hand, shaken not stirred. For a true Bond experience, make sure you serve Vodka Martini, Manhatten, Champagne, mocktails, and lemonades. To offer the perfect combination of cards and cocktails, why not go for the classic recipe, Sidecar.

Check out the recipe demonstration here


Put a swatch of green felt on the tables to cover them if you are not renting expensive Poker tables. Some casino themed napkins with dollar signs, image of dice, cards, or chequered patterns. If you don’t want a green felt cloth, red or black also goes well with a Poker theme. You can make place
cards with playing cards. Just hold the card from the middle, bend it so that it can stand on the table, and write the name of the guests with a marker. You can also make garlands of playing cards and decorate the wall or hang them from one of the room to the other.

Cards, Chips, and Budget

The last thing you’d want is to run out of chips. Although it is recommended to have 35 chips per person but it’s better to have 50-100. It will help the party keep going. Keep two deck of cards for each table. And when it comes to chip denominations, consider the experience of the players. The standard denomination is $1 for white, $2 for yellow, $5 for red, $10 for blue, $20 for grey, $25 for green, $50 for orange and $100 for black. If you have novices in the game, keep the chip value to $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, and so on.

Choosing a Poker Game

Texas Hold - Em is the most popular game of all the poker games we have. But if it’s not your cup of tea, go for the seven card stud, five card draw, hi lo, poker baseball, or your own variation. Send out the rules of game along with the invitations as it will novices have some pre-knowledge. if you’re not sure which game to choose or what are the rules of the games, visit

Planning a poker night is easy if a few things are kept in considerations. Hope you have a good time and probably a good luck too.

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Ideas to Plan a Fun Masquerade Party in London

There’s no doubt, masquerade party is packed with loads of fun and mystery for your guests. But, to organize a magical masquerade night, you will need to figure out every little detail and get some party inspiration. From party theme to initiations and venue to entertainment, there are plenty of things that you need to consider to plan a fun party. Here are some of the ideas that will help you to throw an elegant masquerade celebration in London city.

Choose a Theme

When it comes to selecting a theme for a masquerade party, the key is to keep it simple. A majority of people spend a plenty of time online google-ing and facebook-ing to search a perfect theme. Instead, why not read some great ideas for elegant themes here.

Hollywood’s Golden Age Glamour – All the girls attending the party will love you for this – who doesn’t like bright red lips, cat-eye liner, and dramatic high-cheekbone look? Guys also have a chance to look elegant and sophisticated.

Black and White – This theme is the one that always looks elegant. Be it a formal event or casual, it is perfect for every occasion.

Pick a Venue

A party venue will be mainly decided by two essential factors: your budget and the weather.

If your budget is a little more flexible, then it makes things easier to some extent. Churches, ballrooms, and other event spaces are just a few options that you can consider to host your party. But, if your budget is not enormous, then it’s better to celebrate the party in your own home or garden.

Weather is one of the key factors that you need to consider while hiring a venue. If it’s too cold, then planning a party outdoor is not a good idea. Outdoors is a great option for summer parties, but make sure that you have a backup plan in case if it rains.

Decoration and Accessories

Fabric, fresh flowers, and lighting are some of the features that will help you to transform your space. Low lighting works are perfect to set the tone of the party, while sheer fabrics and streamers are great to add special touches. From quirky to classic, there are a variety of costume accessories to match your mysterious personality; including extravagant masks, sparkly beads, fluffy boas, funky hats and more.

Food and Drinks

Food is an integral part of any event really. If you want your guests to stick around, then you’ll need to ensure that they are well fed. Just remember quality is better than quantity, when it comes to party food. The best way is to serve only 3-4 appetizing snacks and 2-3 desserts. While deciding the food menu, make sure that it complements your party theme. Don’t forget to serve at least one vegan option and a drink that is non-alcoholic.

If your budget is running low, you can even go for a potluck option and ask your guests to contribute a dish of food. Roasted meat, cheese platters and fish and chips are some of the options that you can consider for a potluck gathering.


You can create a homemade invitation based on the theme. But, if you are short on time, then it’s better to go for ready-made invitations with masks picturing on the cover. Rhinestones, glitters, and feathers are some of the decorative items that can help you to set the tone of the event. If you want to have a huge formal party, then make sure to send out the invitations at least six to 8 weeks before the event so guests have a plenty of time to arrange their costumes.

Follow these amazing ideas not only to tempt your guests but also to plan a fun masquerade party that you will never forget.

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5 Ways to Ensure People Attend Your Event

Who wants to plan an event for 200 people and get 20 people to show up? Yes, nobody! All the money, efforts, and all-nighters to make it a success go in vain. What can be worse than planning an event only to find out that all these expenses are for nothing?And this happens quite often with workshops, seminars, fundraising events, product launches, and free events. So without much ado, here we share 5 sure ways to get people to attend your event in London.

Bring on a Sponsor

Companies want to build their brand which is why they sponsor events to let people know about them and build trust. Every sponsor can bring down the cost of your event which can help you lower down the cost of registration. And the lower the registration fee, the more will be the number of people willing to pay. Look for a sponsor who fits with the demographics of your audience. And if you do it right, getting a sponsor will be easy.

Marketing Strategies and Media Coverage

Develop an influential marketing strategy which includes more than just creating a Facebook and Twitter page. Don’t put all the eggs in one basket so make sure to put your resources in different marketing channels. Don’t miss any opportunity to pitch your idea! Other than social media marketing, look for other channels like local television, flyers, and newspaper. And media exposure will take your event to a whole new level. But it’s not easy to secure. Look for influential bloggers in your niche and invite them to take part in your event. And ask them to write a blog post about their plans to attend the event. Also, look for local opportunities like networking functions and meetings related to your industry. You can even ask your friends to spreads the word. It’s free and a very powerful marketing tool. Share bulleted list of benefits of attending your event with them as well.

Invite and Over-Invite

Along with marketing your event, you have to invite your existing customers, clients, and business partners as well. Encourage them to bring a plus-one who may be interested in the event. Follow your target audience but cast a wide net because not all who will hear about your event will plan to attend too. So to ensure a nice crowd, over-invite people by at least 30-40%. And along with a paper invitation, it’s important to send a reminder e-invite just in case someone forgets to mark your event in his calendar.

Add a Celebrity

Never underestimate the star power. A celebrity can add that wow factor into your plain event and prompt people to attend. Connect to a celeb who you think will be willing to make an appearance and be ready to pay an appearance fee. But if it leads to more number of registrations for your event, you’ll easily cover the expenses. Celebrities can also lure sponsors so just keep your eyes and ears open for any sponsorship, which can double the return.

Choose a Good Location

Venue matters, especially if it’s a corporate event! If you’re launching your new fashion collection, a club with runway and LED lighting might be a good choice. If you’re launching a wine, a bar serving canapés to complement your wine can be a good choice. If you’re planning an award ceremony, a tiered auditorium can make the difference. And it’s not just the type of venue that can make or break an event. Make sure that the venue is easily accessible, near the underground stations, centrally located, and offers parking as well.

Following these few rules will help you ensure at least 90% attendance at your event and ultimately make it a huge hit. Happy Planning!

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You’d Better Think Twice Before Choosing a Caterer in London

What do you remember of your second cousin’s wedding? Yes, that’s right! It’s the food. Catering is the most important decision to make when planning an event. Bad food = a bad event. So make sure to sweat the details before you choose a caterer. And when you’re in London, the selection becomes even more difficult as the choice of event caterers in London is endless. So make sure you keep these considerations in view before making the final decision.

In-House Caterer or Not

Choosing the in-house caterer isn’t always disadvantageous. If you don’t have any idea which catering company to choose, the best possible choice is to go for a London venue with in-house catering facility. Consider the fact that these caterers are likely to deliver outstanding food and service which is why the venue has sealed a contract with them. Even if the venue allows outside caterers, make sure that you ask the event coordinator if they can recommend a company. Also, make sure to ask friends and family to shortlist the top three.

Know Your Budget

The first and foremost thing is to know your catering budget. Ask yourself how much important the food is in your event. Would a buffet style do it or do you want to serve a three-course sit down-meal? A few factors that can change the catering cost include the serving style (buffet, sit down, or platters passed), the number of guests, the number of courses you want, rentals, and of course, the experience of the caterer. The more flexible you are with these factors, the more chances you have to save money and create a menu tailored to suit your budget.

Ask Key Questions

Before actually scheduling any face-to-face interview with caterers, save your time and travel costs by asking a few questions on the phone. But before that, you should be able to answer a few questions about your event like the date, the reception venue, the duration, and budget. Here is a list of questions you can ask before picking the top three to schedule interviews with.

  1. Are you available for this date?
  2. What range of menus, cuisines, and courses do you offer within my budget?
  3. Do you offer rentals? And can I bring my own rentals?
  4. Do you offer alcohol? What’s the cost per bottle?
  5. Can I bring my own booze? Is there a corkage fee?
  6. How much time do you need before the event to set up?
  7. Who will be the event coordinator?
  8. How many people will serve the guests?
  9. Do you provide a wedding cake?
  10. Do you offer mixologists? If so, how many do I need?
  11. Do you serve the vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements?
  12. What’s the minimum and maximum number of guests?
  13. What’s the payment schedule?
  14. How much deposit is required for booking?
  15. Do you have a cancellation policy?
  16. Do you have a service charge? If so, what’s the average tipping cost?


Here comes the most important thing to consider before you choose a caterer. It’s simple yet a lot of people forget to ask this question. Make sure to check that they offer a menu tasting. You don’t want food that tastes something like two days old socks. Most of the companies happily arrange a menu tasting. Take a friend or your mother for advice. Taste a range of things to finalise a menu and make sure that you don’t have to worry about food anymore.

Look into Previous Events

Have you ever booked a photographer before looking at his portfolio? Then how can you book a caterer before looking at his previous events. It’s not just the food that matters. When it comes to creating a perfect event, you need to look into little details like how the food is presented, served, and how the waiters are dressed. Talk to the event caterer in detail about what kind of event atmosphere you are trying to achieve and what food type will complement it.

Choosing the caterer is half the battle when it comes to event planning. So, make sure that you do a lot of research before actually picking a caterer.

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Turning Sweet 16? Why Not Hold a Spa Birthday Party

It is no hush-hush that "Sweet 16" is considered a milestone birthday. Every girl wishes to celebrate this special occasion with a glitzy and grand party. If your daughter feels the same or loves pampering herself, then why not plan a spa birthday party for her. Spa parties are the perfect way to mark the entrance of the teenager turning a woman. So, get ready to bring the relaxing spa experiences to your little girl’s birthday with the following party ideas.


Invite all her closest friends for a casual party where everyone can enjoy the relaxing beauty treatments. Depending upon your budget, the invitations can be printed or sent through mails. Use of avocado masks, cucumber eye masks, and other facial massages images in the invitations will help you to set the tone for the party. But, make sure you don’t forget to add catchy lines such as “Get Ready to Pamper Yourself” or “Feel like Princess for the Day”.


Be creative as you’re hosting a ‘Spa Party’. Pick a party space that helps you to create an ambience of recreation and pampering. To do this, you can give your teen girls spa robes or slippers when they reach the venue. Baby pink, light purples, and sage greens are some of the colour themes that you can follow. To decorate your venue, you can use floating candles, dim lights, and scented flowers. Playing a soft music will help you to add extra flair to the party experience.


If you are on a tight budget, then hiring a professional beautician or spa therapist is not a good idea. Let the girls perform the beauty massages on themselves or each other. Opt for only simple massages, like manicures, pedicures, and other beauty masks. Just organize the cosmetics and let them pick their own treatments, as every girl has a different taste and style. But, if budget is not an issue, then you can hire a service of professional aestheticians. They will surely make the spa party experience as relaxing as possible. Besides, you can include many other activities like adorning flip-flops with glitters, creating friendship bracelets, and clicking before-and-after snaps of the girls.

Food and Drink

When it comes to organizing the food for the spa party, go for quick and healthy meals. Serving the favourite drinks with personalized name labels for the girls is one of the great ideas that you can include. To complement the drinks, you can serve fruit and vegetable trays, chips or lollies, crackers and dip. Non-alcoholic Sangria, Baby Bellini, and Orange-Lime Relaxer are some of the drinks that you can serve to your guests.

Party Favours

Lip balms with custom labels, bath beads, or lavender scented candles are some of the ideal favours that you can gift to your teen girls. You can also use ‘Friendship’ postage stamps to obtain appealing paper strips around bite-size lip-gloss or scrubbing brushes. If you are looking for something unique, then you can also gift a glass jar filled with jellybeans and candy bars.

These ideas will help you in planning a perfect a spa birthday party that becomes the hot topic of discussion among your gal-pals.

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Introducing Corney & Barrow Venues in London

It was a cold night in 1780s when Edward Corney and Robert Barrow sold their very first wine in the City and fast forward 230 years, Corney and Barrow bars have become a party and parcel of the City of London. And these are not just wine dens; this bar chain goes beyond that with its Terrace Restaurant. Corney and Barrow bars make perfect venues for business lunches, boozy nights with the boys, a working breakfast, or even a hangover cure. This is where things get started. Now that we have these Corney and Barrow venues for hire listed with us, here is a brief introduction to each of them with little details that matter when hosting events.

Corney and Barrow Canary Wharf

Address: 9 Cabot Square, E14 4EB
Max Capacity: 150

With a much-needed relaxed vibe, this waterfront bar is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a riverside venue in the City. Whether it’s a summer barbeque or a winter evening by the river, this Canary Wharf bar is the right place to do it all. Enjoy the New Year Eve fireworks here, see Greenwich illumined during Christmas, or have a laid-back evening whilst watching the boats go by.

Corney and Barrow City Point

Address: 1 Ropemaker Street, EC2Y 9HT
Maximum Capacity: 350

A versatile venue choice, the City Point bar takes summer barbeques and cocktails to a whole new level. An alfresco terrace, a semi private brasserie, and a private dining space, there are ample venue choices to suit different events, budgets, and capacities. From after-work drinks to evening receptions to even speed-dating events, the venue has a rich history of hosting versatile events.

Corney and Barrow Exchange Square

Address: 5 Exchange Square, EC2A 2EH
Maximum Capacity: 250

This infamous bar looks like an old railway carriage from outside but as you walk in, there sits an infamous bar in the financial district of the city. And with a history of holding a choice of events throughout the year like ping on, scavenger hunts, and croquet, Exchange has become a secret playground for corporate and private partiers alike.

Corney and Barrow Fleet Place

Address: 3 Fleet Place, EC4M 7RD
Maximum Capacity: 150

This drinking den is quietly hidden in one of the most famous streets of London with a prized history of nightlife. Fleet Street bar boasts a huge al fresco terrace with live BBQ, perfect retreat for lunch breaks and after-work drinks. Besides, the whole venue can be hired for anything, from corporate gatherings to private cocktails and receptions. This is the place where food, wine, and hospitality meet to do wonders.

Corney and Barrow Masons Avenue

Address: 12-14 Masons Avenue, EC2V 5BT
Maximum Capacity: 200

Nestled between Moorgate and Bank, Masons Avenue is a marvellous space recently refurbished to enhance its eclectic vibe. From wine tasting to fine dining, whatever way you want to treat your guests, Masons Avenue is for you. The newly installed private dining room is perfect for one-on-ones or a romantic dinner while the semi-private reception area underground is ideal for cocktail master classes or wine tastings.

Corney and Barrow Lime Street

Address: 25 Fenchurch Avenue, EC3M 5AD
Maximum Capacity: 350

This the place where city brokers gather for long lunches, watching sports whilst enjoying cocktails, and after-office drinks. Housed in the famous Lloyd’s building, Lime Street offers a PDR and a separate lounge complete with bar and screen for hire. So if you want to enjoy watching football with your lads or gather the hens for a cocktail making session, this is the right place to pop in. Lime Street ticks all the boxes to make it fit for all types of events.

Corney and Barrow Monument

Address: 2B Eastcheap, EC3M 1AB
Maximum Capacity: 150

Right on the edge of the rippling River Thames, Monument is located right next to London Bridge, promising a breath-taking backdrop for events. It’s a perfect small space with an intimate vibe but without the claustrophobia. Whether for weekdays or weekends, the venue is available throughout the year. The space features brickwork and arched ceiling reflecting the classiness but with a modern twist.

Corney and Barrow Old Broad Street

Address: 111 Old Broad Street, EC2N 1AP
Maximum Capacity: 350

Old Broad Street has a long history since it was the first restaurant site for this chain bar and it reflects in the original features it stills contains. But the older components blend seamlessly with the modern installations, ensuring the best of both worlds. And since the venue has a private brassiere with private entrance, there is enough space to accommodate any event.

Corney and Barrow Paternoster Square

Address: 10 Paternoster Square, EC4M 7DY
Maximum Capacity: 550

This venue is equally popular among corporates as it is among late-night partiers in the City. The venue boasts an amazingly designed curved bar and a lounge for hire along with the capacious patio offering views of St Paul’s Cathedral. So whether it’s a gourmet BBQ beneath the gleaming sun, an intimate evening in the lounge, or a working lunch in the dining room, this venue ensures an event experience like no other. And this is why it is much more than simply a wine bar.

Corney and Barrow Devonshire Terrace

Address: 9 Devonshire Square, EC2M 4WY
Maximum Capacity: 350

Just few steps away from the bustling Liverpool Street lays the sanctuary of Devonshire Terrace. A perfect balance of indoor and outdoor space, the venue is a favourite amongst couples planning to tie the knot. The outdoor space is partially covered by glass to make it weather-proof and keep the cold at bay, ensuring you can make the most of romantic winter evenings. The indoor space is generously decorated with modern furniture to create a laid-back vibe. And the out-of-the-box catering ensures perfection at everything from canapes to three-course meals.

Whatever is the occasion, Corney and Barrow venues ensure to make it a big hit. If you have a special occasion in the calendar that you’re planning to celebrate, hire one of these venues with The City Collection to get the best prices available.

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Top Conference Centres to Plan Your Event in 2014

2014 has begun with a bang and you’re already marking your calendar for your company’s events. Since London is the financial hub, you can easily find your choice of venue. But too many choices often make choosing difficult. Therefore, we have shortlisted top 7 conference centres in London, ideal for all types of events from one-on-one meetings to international conferences and award ceremonies. The venues have been picked keeping their reputation and ultra-modern facilities in mind like Wi-Fi, Audio visual equipment like projectors, plasma screens, window blinds, and a lot more. Check out our top conference centres to plan your next corporate event in London this year.

American Square Conference Centre
1 America Square 17 Crosswall, EC3N 2LB

This airy, bright, and white walled space has 6 sumptuous suites to choose from which can easily seat up from 25 to 250 people. An art deco style venue, this conference centre is much acclaimed for its distinction of having the original London wall running alongside. Diverse seating layouts, AV equipment, and printing facilities make it a perfect choice for your next event. The centre does well in mixing business with pleasure with its stupendous catering and speakers/presenters.
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City Temple Conference Centre

Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2DE

From conference rooms to halls and suites, the venue offers 8 different spaces to suit various event types and capacity requirements. This Grade II listed building can easily accommodate from 9 to 900 people so finding a venue to suit your event here is hardly an issue. Its ideal location in Holborn ensures you are never far from public transport links like tube, bus, and railway. Printing, bunting, banners, AV equipment, and lighting specialists are a few of the facilities and services at hand ensuring a hassle free event.
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Lion Court Conference Centre
25 Procter Street, WC1V 6NY

Lion Court Conference Centre has 12 function rooms which can be used in conjunction with each other as well. So whether it’s a small board meeting of 10 or a networking event of 100, there is an ideal space at this prestigious venue. To meet and exceed your expectations, the venue is equipped with modern facilities like air conditioning, high-tech equipment, and catering keeping the latest trends in mind. The venue also has late licence, so if you want to plan an after party, this is the right place to enhance networking among the audience.
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Mermaid Conference and Events Centre
Puddle Dock Blackfriars, EC4V 3DB

The venue has played host to many prestigious London events like seminars, AGMs, product launches, and conferences. What makes it top the list is its supreme location overlooking River Thames offering an unparalleled backdrop for events? Along with two inter-connecting function rooms, the venue has 6 conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art features. If it’s an international meeting where you are expecting foreign clients, don’t you think it would be polite to offer them accommodation? Don’t worry; the venue has taken care of that already with its business friendly accommodations.
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The Hallam Conference Centre

44 Hallam Street, W1W

The Hallam Conference Centre is housed inside Grade II listed Edwardian building which was formerly used by the General Medical Council. It has 6 sumptuous suites with conferencing facilities and the Hallam Café available for hire too. The venue is easily accessible for all as it is equipped with disabled friendly features. Council Chamber is the highest capacity venue within this building with a space for up to 250 guests in theatre style arrangement.
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The Cavendish Conference Centre
22 Duchess Mews, W1G 9DT

Harley Suite is ideal for small-scale meetings while the grand Auditorium with tiered seating is perfect for AGMs, product launches, and award ceremonies. Portland Suite and Whittington Suite are equally outstanding when it comes to business facilities. And since the venue enjoys an excellent location near Oxford Circus, it will be easy for guests to reach via public transport system. Theatre, classroom, boardroom, and cabaret are a few seating styles you can choose depending upon the type of event, capacity, and budget.

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The ICO Conference Centre

22 Berners Street, W1T 3DD

Offering a boardroom, a council Chamber, and a meeting room, The ICO Conference Centre ensures conferencing facilities ideally suited for most events. And it is one of the few London venues equipped with translation facilities for up to 5 languages which is a breath of fresh air for those organizing an international meeting. The Council Chamber can easily hold up to 188 guests in theatre style arrangement while the boardroom can accommodate 122 guests.
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All these conference centres are few of the best venues for hire in London for corporate events. Choose one of these for your next event to ensure success.

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