Ravishing Corporate Event Ideas to Relish London Summers

Did you observe the sun shining brighter, people wearing lighter clothes and the city changing its hues? No points for guessing, we are referring to the summertime in London. Given the pleasant London weather, are you still stuck in the clinical corporate life of yours? Why not take a short break, step out and actually soak in the summer air of the city to the fullest? If you are game, we at Thecitycollection.org have brought some very interesting corporate activity ideas that you can enjoy as a team. Join us as we discuss some of the most wonderful summer hangout ideas for corporate teams, ones that would allow everyone to unwind, relax and reconnect with each other, while enjoy the splendour of London summers.
1. Let’s Go Hunting for a Hidden Treasure, Shall We?

This is one game that most of us must have played at least once in life. Admit it – either as a part of school activity, birthday celebration or something else, we have all enjoyed participating in a thrilling treasure hunt. Don’t you still have a tender spot in your heart for these mystery quests? By organizing a little treasure hunt, you allow the office staff to slip back into the innocence of their childhood, and experience the same thrill and rush all over again.
Besides, you can always complement the treasure hunt with cocktails, snacks and other delights. And while we are at it, we have got a perfect venue in place for organizing an exciting treasure hunt. Kanaloa is an interesting option for organizing the Tiki-styled oriental themed mystery quests. With guards dressed as Tiki-warriors, flowers, awesome furnishings etc, visiting this venue is an experience in itself. To book or discover more about the Kanaloa venue, click here.
2. Or You Fancy a BBQ-Cocktail Party Instead?

If you intend to have a rather peaceful and fun alfresco experience, why not organize a perfect BBQ and cocktail party instead? This option is best if you are not in the mood for treasure hunt or any other draining activity. Just enjoy the little perks of barbecuing amidst the London summers, while enjoying a few drinks. In fact, the employees can participate and prepare some mouth-watering Barbecue snacks themselves. And if you search right, you’d be able to find a venue that offers complimentary drinks and a very helpful staff as well. We do recommend booking Grange Wine Bar for a fine BBQ. The place is amazingly chic, with a very helpful staff. You’d definitely enjoy it there.
3. Are We Game for a Movie Marathon?

If you would like to further add a dimension to the summertime hangout, you can include a movie marathon as well. How many movies do we get to watch while working anyway? Thus, prepare a set list of movies, count everyone’s opinion in it, and book a London venue with large screens and comfortable sitting arrangements to organize a movie marathon night. You can also include the typical movie snack – popcorn and nachos with flavoured sodas etc. But since we are not exactly in our high school, we can perhaps opt for various hard drinks and other snacks as well. You can also appoint this responsibility to the venue staff, to procure the scrumptious snacks and delightful drinks, whereas you enjoy the movies with your colleagues. The Royal Suite at Grange St. Paul’s Hotel is an option worth considering for a personalized and comfortable movie marathon.
4. Or Some Fantastic Outdoor Team Building Activities and Sports?

Summers certainly offer an excellent time to organize various outbound activities for the team. There are various places in London that allow for the corporate entities to organize fun outdoor corporate events. Are you planning a new outdoor team building exercise? Would you like to include various sports activities like cricket, lawn tennis etc as part of the outdoor recreation? There are various outdoor venues which are perfect for your requirements. Besides, they come with brilliant Afternoon Tea, buffet and other pleasant catering options. One such mind-boggling option is the Bank of England Sports Centre. You can organize a complete sports day here, or engage in lawn tennis, cricket etc, while enjoying the popular English afternoon tea at the venue. Besides, you may also host an enjoyable buffet meal here.
5. How about a Breath-taking Cruise of Thames?

Let’s face it. The best parts of London summers are often spent taking a walk or cruising around the Thames. All of us love visiting various alfresco restaurants around the Thames and be captivated by the beauty of it. So why not really go out on an official cruise of the same? One can anytime book a yacht or other floating venue on Thames and treat the employees with the breathtaking views of the river. And if you want more, we have got a fancy venue for you.

HMS Belfast is known for organizing epic events, especially for the corporate organizations. Would you like to go on a secret mission on a ship? Armed with cameras, loads of cash, a unique password, and a mission pack? Make you team undergo a series of intelligence gathering assignments, undertake code breaking experiences and win cash rewards in return. And all of this, ON A SHIP! Besides, with approximately 10 different assignments ranging from sweeping for bugs, cracking safes to deactivating bombs, the Top Secret Mission package of HMS Belfast offers oodles of fun and thrill. And all this adventure, along with delicious food, comes at a mere price of £55.00 + VAT per person. Besides, you can also opt for their other specific team building, leadership and communication skills enhancement workshop. If you are intrigued, you can book HMS Belfast venue here.

This summer, discover Thames like never before and give your staff a mesmerizing experience that they would remember for life.

This brings us to the end of the post. We are afraid we only had this much to offer for today. Was this post helpful? Did you enjoy reading it? Please let us know your opinions and in the comments section below. Also, keep following this space for further interesting party and venue ideas in London.

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Little Things at Weddings that can Make a Big Difference

Every couple wants to have a kick-ass wedding whilst also saving for a kick-ass honeymoon. But not everybody can make it happen. But you can! It’s not the lavish venue or the expensive centrepieces that make a wedding what it is. It’s the little things that make a big difference. If it’s just a plain white hotel hall you’ve hired doesn’t mean you cannot personalise it and turn it into something awe-inspiring. If you can’t hire a Limo, it doesn’t mean it’s over. A minor face-lift or a total renovation, whatever you want, these special wedding ideas will definitely help you get started.

Extra Lights

Don’t fret! It doesn’t have to be glinting chandeliers. You can change the look of the reception venue with fairy lights as well. Look for the details where lighting can create extra magic! How about using coloured under table lighting. 10 lights for 10 tables, that’s it and the resulting ambience will knock your guests off their feet. Does the hall have marble pillars? Wrap strings of Christmas lights around them. Forget chandeliers and hang paper lanterns from the ceiling. It will change your venue from looking empty and lofty to intimate and romantic.


Venue will eat up most of your budget so you really have to be choosy and smart to pick the right one. Look for outdoor venues like gardens, courtyards, marquees, and conservatories. The outdoor natural charms add a special touch to the simple reception. Booking a venue last-minute means you’ll have to pay extra. So make sure to look for deals and offer well ahead of time. If you are not mad for a June wedding, consider hosting your wedding in winter offer off-season deals during this time of the year.

Wedding Wheels

Hiring a limo is no doubt an enticing wedding transportation option that you’ll find hard to resist. But think of the money you have to pay. Why not make your wedding wheels stand out! Choose something budget-friendly, earth-friendly, and creative like a horse drawn carriage. If you’re thinking of ways to transport your guests from the church to the reception venue, why not hire a London route master bus. It’s a budget friendly option with lots of photo opportunities.

Take Care of the Necessities

Your guests will always remember your wedding if you’ll take care of their little requirements. Put a basket in the lounge area and rest rooms providing comb, mouth freshener, tissue, perfume, and other touch-up items. For the ladies, keep items such as mascara, lipstick, hairspray, breath mints, hair brushes, remover, and perfume testers. Your guests will be blown away!

Show Your Gratitude

If your hair dresser or make-up artist is going to hang out all day long with you, make sure to offer them lunch. And if one of your parents has a favourite song, it would be nice to get it played during the reception and dedicate it to them. Whenever you get time, don’t forget to thank your parents for all the effort they have put in to make your wedding flawless.

A Room for Kids

Sometimes kids can be annoying at weddings and family functions. Make sure to keep them busy and entertained so that they don’t disturb the parents and run around your reception site making it look like a play school. If possible, arrange a separate play area for them. Put tables there with papers, crayons, and other stationery. Also, keep some toys and games to keep them occupied during the day. You can take it up a notch with a special kids’ menu which may include pasta, pizza, candies, and other kids’ favourite items.

Catering and photography definitely matter the most but make sure to take care of these little things and your big day will turn out to be a wonderful and magical in London.

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Kanaloa is All Set to Host Fantastic London Luaus!

Although the long hot days on summer are yet to come, Kanaloa is all set to get you in the mood of summers. No more imagining the sandy beach and the cocktails in the coconut shells. Kick off your summer in style at Kanaloa, a Tiki inspired bar that transports guests to the Hawaiian Island. The scene sets right from the moment you step in when hula girls greet you with flower leis. And it’s just the beginning. Here we give you five solid reasons to plan a party at Kanaloa Club right away.

Coolest Place in Town

Whatever is the season outside, summer seems to never end at this Polynesian inspired bar. The whole interior is something awe-inspiring and very cool. Matted walls standing proudly alongside the wooden pillars and two tiki-warriors guarding the main door are the highlights. The lush Island plants, wooden bridge, and seashell lampshades guarantee to surprise those who enter. It’s a little Hawaiian vacation in itself.

A Hip Atmosphere

The atmosphere here issomething you’ll cherish forever. The young 20 somethings’ crowd makes it worth a visit for a shared party. The resident DJs do a great job in setting the right mood with their amalgamation of tunes and beats. So just get ready to shake a leg on the dance floor with the hula girls as you won’t be able to stop yourself. Meanwhile, prepare your hula moves to impress everyone in the party.

Enticing Drinks Packages

The drinks here are equally hip and crazy as the atmosphere is. The Dead Man’s Chest, Kanaloa Kula, and the Jungle Juice - Coconut Cannonball are a few concoctions that will drag you on the dance floor. When planning your event, you can choose from the carefully sourced drinks packages. Look below to find the package that suits you.

Event Planners

Whether it’s a small birthday party with a group of ten or a drinks reception to celebrate your engagement, the team here believes that each event is different. And to meet and exceed your requirements, a team of professional party planner work with you to make sure that you event is exactly the same as you imagined.

A Choice of Spaces for Hire

You have a choice of options when it comes to choosing the right space. You can hire the main bar or club to party all night. However, if you want a special place with a little privacy, the Treetop area is just for you. If you can’t choose among the spaces, simply fill in the enquiry form along with your event details and we’ll get in touch with you. Have a rocking celebration complete with champagne and party platters. Your guests will remember it forever! Happy planning!

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How to Attract Sponsors for Your Business Event

At times, getting funding from corporations is needed to put together a successful event. When it comes to planning a corporate event, whether it’s a small firm or a large, the importance of sponsors cannot be underestimated. For a majority of companies, organizing a business event is the only way to attract and retain the attention of potential sponsors.

However, an enterprise can damage its reputation if it does not able to attract or retain its sponsors the right way. Your business has to create a prospect list of warm leads, plan a strong proposal, and ultimately convincing them to support your cause or agenda. Following are some of the ways to catch the attention of sponsors for your business event.

Be Distinctive

Think out-of-the-box and come up with a proposal that differentiates from your counterparts. Inevitably, you need to do deep soul searching about what your competitors are actually offering. Try to keep your presentation lively enough – and creative enough – to meet these types of situations that set you apart as an outstanding entrepreneur.

Give Great Discounts

The most effective way to attract or retain a sponsor is to give them a bulk discount on tickets if acquired via your online event ticketing software. These sponsors could use these discounts to give their staff lower cost tickets, or to ensure that top management of their company can easily attend.

Evaluate Benefits from a Sponsor’s Point of View

It is imperative to know what your event will deliver to your sponsors. You have to realize the benefits from a sponsor’s point of view, before you approach any one of them. But, if you’re organizing an event for a charitable cause, then your proposal should appeal the representatives’ emotions.

Go Social

Advertising your sponsors on your social media channels is much more credible and has a greater impact. Illustrate them where and how their brands will come into view and how soon you can talk about them through your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Besides, you can also tell about any other channel where you can do link-building for their businesses.

Meet in person

After making some efforts, you have finally found the right person to approach in the company. Request him to attend the meeting with you, as it can help you to achieve your marketing goals. For the duration of the meeting, have open-ended questions about your sponsor’s objectives and funding priorities.

Advertise their Brands at the Event

No doubt, your sponsors would like to know how you will advertise their brands during your event. Portable display banners, flags, pavement signs, and folding displays are just a few things that you can use to display their logos and company information in a program. You can also use verbal announcements that will help increase exposure of that sponsor during the event, and this can be an influential motivator for them to pay funds for your event.


Last and the most important, don’t forget to drop an e-mail that will talk about what worked well and what could be improved. Besides, you need to write a thank-you note along with documentation that includes pictures, facts and figures of the event.

All these ideas will help you to attract your sponsors and keep them interested in your event for succeeding years.

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5 Spectacular Father’s Day Party Ideas

You should avoid this post if you are looking for very simple (read: lazy, mundane and hackneyed) party options to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day. Because this time we plan on to help the flamboyant and expressive people celebrate the day to the fullest! If your June 15’s plans originally included getting him the paper and breakfast in bed, and perhaps a card etc, well, that’s cute but this post isn’t about all of that. The man has contributed enough to your lives. And this time, if you want to do something really spectacular, only then should you continue reading this post.

Planning the Perfect Mind Blowing Party for Your Dad!

Well, since this is a day dedicated solely to the man, you need to ensure that everything is as per his taste. So try and understand what he wants to do on the day. For all we know, he might have had a rather rough patch the past few days, and would simply like to lay low over the weekend. And so, we’ll design a party such as to cheer the man up and make him enjoy the day.

Looking out for ways to throw a spectacular and awe-inspiring party for your Dad? Find out some of the most interesting and innovating ideas below:

1. A Simple Yet Elegant Get-Together

Considering you find out that Mr. Father is being rather grumpy and laidback this weekend, and a celebration might just agitate and irritate him further, plan a quiet, cosy and comfortable get-together. Call up some of his best chums and other favourite family members – those who always cheer him up, no matter what, and go out for some quiet little celebrations. No matter how difficult the week has been, every father would expect a little special treatment on a day which is dedicated solely to him, right? This is your chance to give him that. Let’s make the best of it.

2. A Long Cosy Movie Marathon With A Twist

Let’s face it. Beneath that entire masculine and discerning demeanour, every father is a softy at heart. Wouldn’t you want to connect with him at a completely different level, by running a long movie marathon? And this time round, we are not just lying back in the bed wearing old pyjamas and watching one movie after the other. Why not add a touch of luxury and élan to the same activity? Call in his friends and other family members, any and everyone he loves and adores, and book a comfortable venue to play the movie marathon. This way, you would not have to take care of the preparations and planning etc, and you can simply enjoy your time with the most special man of your life. There are various venues in London that offer big screens and comfortable seating arrangements, along with free drinks and more. And anyway, you can never have enough of the Father of the Bride, Pursuit of Happyness, Parenthood, Godfather, Finding Nemoand Taken, especially around the Father’s day.

3. Cruise the Thames

In this balmy London weather, why not take the old man on a city cruise? You may book a yacht and celebrate the Father’s Day alongside the beauty of Thames at various cruises and floating venues in London. And yes, do involve more of his favourite people, and add another beautiful chapter to the family’s odyssey.

4. A Sporting Getaway

Oh well! So your father is brimming with energy and has been a sport fanatic all throughout? Perfect! Why not let’s plan an entire day around that by hiring a sports venue? You can play different sports at these centres and then relish your appetite with mouth-watering lunches and drinks. You can indulge in cricket or lawn tennis at the Bank of England Sports Centre, one such amazing sporting venue. It serves a delectable Afternoon tea for tennis players and a delectable dinner for the cricket enthusiasts. Thus, go ahead and confirm your booking, before someone else snatches the perfect Father’s Day hang-out away from right under your nose.

5. Throw a Theme Party!

And who said one cannot organize a theme party for Father’s day? Just figure out what is it that your Father is absolutely crazy about? Which TV series or feature film does he follow? Did he ever go to Hawaii and simply fell in love with the sand and the beaches? Regardless of what it is, you can anytime organize a perfect theme party for your dad. There are various venues that offer full assistance in organizing a theme party. And although it may seem like going a tad bit over the board, but you’d definitely end up giving your old man the joy of a lifetime. So, plan a Rock n’ Roll or a disco-inspired theme party at Groovy bar, or anything else. Go figure! It seems like you have a lot of planning to do!

6. End it on a Love-Note!

And well, regardless of whatever you plan, it is important how you conclude the father’s day. A lot has already happened over the day and now, it deserves a perfect ending. Can you think of a way to end it on a special note? Can you gift him something really special – perhaps an old picture in a shining new photo frame? Is there something that you always wanted to tell him but didn’t know how? This is the time for you to do it. And if nothing else, do tell your father how much you love, and give him that one extra special Father’s day hug! That would surely help you sum up your sentiments on the Father’s day!

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