Groomsman Duties: Are You Doing It Right?

Kudos to you, if you have been requested to be a groomsman. It is really a big honour, as you will be the one attending the groom in the wedding ceremony. Usually, the groom prefers the eldest or most responsible person to be his head usher. And, it is his responsibility to ensure all the other attendants come on time and are properly dressed.

Just like the way bridesmaids assist the bride, groomsmen are supposed to assist the groom. He behaves like a Dutch uncle, assisting the groom to succeed in dealing with wedding planning stress. Besides, he also helps the husband-to-be with selecting tuxedos for his attendants. Here are some of the roles and duties that you should perform as a groomsman.

Pay for Your Tuxedo

Whether you decide to wear a rented tuxedo or buy an expensive one, the groom expects you to pay the dough yourself. The next important thing is to get your tuxedo fitted. A loose-fitting Armani suit is worthless than a well-tailored, £80 blazer that you can get from any local fashion store. If you are short on time, then the best way is order it online through Matalan (a leading British retailer). Before buying your wedding attire, you are expected to confirm and look into the groom’s dress.

Attend the Pre-wedding Parties

It is quite necessary for you to attend the rehearsal dinner to have thorough instructions about your roles for the big day.As a groomsman, you are expected to attend all pre-wedding events such as ring ceremony, cocktail party and couple show event.

Reach the Venue before Time

A groomsman should reach the wedding venue at least 45 minutes before the actual celebration. It is a big day for your best friend or brother, but he doesn’t have anything to do apart from getting worried and anxious. So, this is your responsibility to entertain him by playing pool or enjoying the Grand Theft Auto V game on Xbox.

Besides, if the groom is confused with the wedding reception venue, you can also offer him some suggestions. And Thecitycollection is the best place to look for the best wedding venues, ranging from marquees and gardens to historic buildings and cruises.

Serve as an Usher

When guests arrive, you may be asked to usher them to their seats. Before doing that, you should ask if they expect to be seated on the bride’s side or the groom’s side.

According to the Christian traditions, guests from the girl’s side sit on the left and guests from the groom’s side sit on the right. At Jewish weddings, it’s just opposite. The groomsmen should also ensure that the front rows remain held in reserve for family members, if so needed.

Manage Decoration

Of course, supervising a little decoration for your best friend or brother is not at all a problem. You might be requested to roll out a red or white carpet down the aisle for the bride to walk on. Ribbons are placed along the aisle and the groomsmen are the ones who can put up and take down these decorative items at the venue.

Hold onto the Groom’s Ring

Entering the venue with the groom is not where your job ends. It is your duty to keep the groom’s ring safe in your pocket and to give it out at the right time during the ritual. Once the ceremony is done, you may be introduced with the bridesmaid you ushered in the beginning. A groomsman may also join the dance floor with bridesmaids or single female guests during the evening. It sounds quite exciting, right.

These groomsmen responsibilities will not only ease off the stress of the groom, but also help the wedding day go more smoothly.

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How to Surprise Your Young One at His 11th Birthday Party

Your ‘Tween’ has a birthday and you are in a dilemma. Here is how you can surprise him on his 11th birthday by planning a special party in London. Take this opportunity to be creative and organise a fun birthday party, where your young child is at the centre of attraction.

Types of Party

There are plenty of ways to throw a tween’s birthday party in London. But, for an 11-year-old boy, these party types will be perfect:

Seasonal Parties

They are a fun idea for your tween, whose birthday is in summer or winter. For a beautiful summer bash in London, organise beach or pool party, with some outdoor activities. An alternate reversal can be ‘Christmas in July’. BBQs are ideal at this time of the year too.

If your child’s birthday is in winter, then go for Winter Wonderland parties, with options for ice skating and sledding. Hire one of the best kids’ birthday party venues London and flip seasons to plan a December tropical party inside.

Game Show Party

Adorn your party venue London like the set of a game show. Use sofas as contestant area for players awaiting their turns. Think of a game show that allows team play. If you like, Family Feud then set your own game at the venue. Most birthday venues in London city offer game show equipment, or make your own using buzzer, podium, blackboard, and so on. Write down some general knowledge questions and let your small invitees guess what the answers are!

A French Party

It is an exotic party idea, which will surely amuse your kid. Decorate the space with Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. Play party music by Maurice Chevalier and other French singers in mid-20th century. For food, you can include grape juice, lots of cheese, and creped with Nutella. Let your kid and his friends engage in games, such as a scavenger hunt for French items or quizzes about France and its culture.

Murder Mystery Party

Do not limit murder mystery theme to just adult parties. You can incorporate this theme to surprise your 11-year old tween too. Search online or visit local thrift stores in London to buy murder mystery kits for kids and teens. These kits usually include invitations, scripts, props, and party timelines that you can use to amuse your young ones.

Food You Need To Serve

Need some ideas for tween party in London? This collection includes some of the best menu options that will impress your tween:


Surprise the kids by serving them some delectable dips and appetizers that are made using quality ingredients. If you are short of ideas, then pick best one from these:

  • Hummus and pita chips
  • Coconut chicken wings
  • Easy egg rolls
  • Orange kissed tomato salsa
  • Mini pumpkin tarts
  • Crispy cheese stars
  • Parsley ranch dip

Main Course

Sometimes tween need a little inspiration to try new things. And, what’s better than serving them these fun food items:

  • Cheesy meatballs
  • Healthy chicken and vegetable sausages
  • Herb crusted chicken bites
  • Mini hamburgers
  • Monkey tail sandwiches
  • Thai fish balls
  • Barbecue pork balls

Cakes and Cupcakes

Whether as a snack or dessert, these cakes and cupcakes will be perfect for your 11-year party in London:

  • Banana split cupcakes
  • Butterfly garden cakes
  • Butterfly cupcakes
  • Carrot and apple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
  • Choc-caramel cupcakes
  • Choc-chip vanilla cakes

Games for Tween

For kids’ party entertainment, decide on the games and activities you will be introducing to surprise young tween. Plan few fun games where everybody wins or some exciting activities, where everyone participates. Here are some great tween birthday games that you can introduce at London venues:

Potato and Spoon Race

Go for big hall or a garden, where you can organise this race. Get some spoons and small potatoes that fit the bowl of the spoon. Mark start and finish lines. Have your kids hold the spoon with potatoes on it. Ask them to run along the course trying to keep potatoes balanced, without using their hands. If potato drops down, he/she will be eliminated.

Musical Chairs

An all time favourite at kids’ birthday party in London, musical chairs will surely add more fun to your event. Place a row of chairs facing alternate directions. Let the music play and children parade around chairs. Once the music stops suddenly, each kid has to sit on a chair. The child left standing is out. Continue this process until a winner is found.

Twenty Questions

Pick one child and ask him/her to leave, while others pick an object in the room. When the child returns, he/she guesses what object was picked. He/she is allowed to ask only 20 questions to find out what the object is.

Use these fabulous party ideas to amuse your kid at his 11th birthday bash in London. Let him enjoy to the fullest, with you special planning and exciting activities.

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Best Guide for Throwing Spectacular Game of Thrones Party!

If you have been on a tour to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the real world appears highly mundane and uninspiring. And if you are a true fan of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” there is no reason for you to tone down the grandeur of various occasions and make it dull and ordinary. We, at are pretty big fans of the gritty drama surrounding the Iron Throne ourselves, and so we thought how can one throw a magnificent Game of Thrones inspired party?
After the results of some serious brainstorming and collective thinking, we have come up with quite interesting Game of Thrones party ideas. From invites to decorations to venues, we have gotten it all figured out for you guys. Thus, let’s enjoy obsessing about the Thrones all over again, and recreating this absolutely marvelous piece of fiction as our reality.

GoT Theme Party: Appropriate Occasions?

Well, that’s simple. What are you going to celebrate at the soonest? It can be your birthday, anniversary, homecoming party, Halloween Party and a lot more.

Imagine a scenario where Lannisters are nothing but a bunch of rich, popular, mean kids; Baratheons are the brats and the bullies, who at times like to whine and crib a lot (yes, by all means, we are referring to Stannis here!) Starks are the Jocks who often protect the reputation of the school by winning in various games, and are just protective by nature, with a kind gentle heart. And then we have the beautiful ignored kids, with tremendous talent, surmounting to magic, but are yet to find their true potential or the right way - aka our beloved Daenerys dancing with the dragons in the far, far East! This totally sets the theme right for a high school prom, right? And with “Prom is coming” tagline, you are more than set to make a statement.

And if you would like to celebrate other events like your birthday, we have got plenty of suggestions for you. Besides, know that there is no Birthday in the realm of the 7 kingdoms, but only the Name Day.

Lastly, if you wish to host a Game of Thrones themed Wedding, please don’t! Seriously, you’re better off unmarried, alone and frustrated then to get married in the G0T-esque fashion. (Things about Jeoffrey and the purple wedding, and get into an impromptu celebration dance; but don’t, under any circumstances let your mind wander about Robb, Talisa or Catelyn Stark…or even the dire-wolf!)

GoT Theme Party: Perfect Invitations

The Prom Night is Coming!
25 Is Coming!
You are welcomed under the hospitality of ________, of the House _________, the first of his name and…

Yeah, okay, you get the picture right? If you have read the book then you’d find scripting the content of the invited fairly simple. In case you haven’t, there are many cheat sheets available over the internet.
The catch is to print the invites in a theme and style that you prefer, and seal with a wax seal stamp which are easily available in the market.

GoT Theme Party: The Decorations

From house sigils to candelabras to doormats and more, when it comes to decorating a GoT themed party, there is just no end to creativity. Here are a few essentials that you can of course consider, in order to add real depth to your preparations.

To begin with, we believe the host or the hostess should wear the paramount “Hand of the King” pin. That’s a pretty intense way of differentiating yourself from the crowd, but don’t take your new costume a tad too seriously. You know what happened to previous Hands of the King – Jon Arryn was poisoned, Ned got is head spiked somewhere in the Kings Landing, Tyrion – well, never mind the scar, and (spoiler alert if you haven’t completed watching season 4) someone murdered Tywin while he was happily squatting over his chamber pot! Anyway, no spoilers now, and well, various other decorations that you may include are:

  1. House Sigils Prints – You might not be as bright as Podrick Payne when it comes to recognizing the houses by their sigils, but you surely know that the three headed Dragon represents house Targaryen, Lion represents Lannisters, Wolf – Starks and a crowned black Stag is the sigil of the house Baratheon. Get the sigils printed on long sheet of papers and use them as wall art. Alternatively, you can also use the sigils as door and window hangings. And talking about sigils, there is an interesting use of them with glasses:
  2. Pint Glasses with Different House Sigils – yes! This is actually a thing, and one can easily find pint glasses with printed house sigils. Additionally, you can also opt for wax and Seal coasters carrying the sigil of different houses.
  3. Goblets for wine – let’s go completely medieval, shall we? Let’s get a few silver and mercury goblets and serve wine the way they do in the Game of Thrones? Obviously, if you manage to get the goblets, your GoT inspired theme party would not be anything less than EPIC!
  4. Dragon on the Wall – Apparently, these days you can have dragon printed on your walls. The markets are adrift with dragon styled wallpapers that you can use to add a completely new twist to the event.
  5. And please! A Dart board with Joffrey’s face on it – wouldn’t that be totally awesome? Would definitely make Arya proud of you! And that’s saying something!

GoT Themed Party: The Lightings

Okay, there is obviously a reason why we are dealing with lightings separately from the decorations. That’s because we would really love it if you paid extra attention to the lightings for the event. The only thing separating a Game of Thrones party from the rest is the lighting. And to make that difference stand apart, you are going to need candles! Copious amount of candles (you know you are a true GoT series follower if you read the previous line in the voice of Tyrion the imp!)

Now, if you cannot manage huge amounts of candles, you can supplement it with dimming the artificial lights. This, along with lamps and chandeliers would add brilliance to the event.

GoT Theme Party: The Costumes

So who are you dressing up as in your Game of Thrones party? Know that the Starks like a lot of fur in their clothing, however at Kings Landing, it’s particularly hot and you might want to dress in the light silks and satins. However, as Cersei Lannister once advised, it would do you well to include a bit of armor in your dressing gowns as well. Go through the patterns and select what you would like to wear to the gathering.

GoT Themed Party: The Perfect Venues

And well, what is a party all about without the most enviable venue, right? If you really wish to match the grandeur and appeal of the Game of Thrones, you need to have a proper venue for the occasion. And well, as luck would have it, we have found you some of the most perfect venue to host your GoT duo.
  1. Central Hall Westminster – This shining piece of our monarchial heritage is the perfect place for you to host your Game of Thrones theme party! Especially if you are planning a wedding (against our advice of course, but good luck anyway,) or any other large scale event. Book Central Hall Westminster for an epic perfect and truly royal Game of Thrones celebration.
  2. Draper’s Hall – And talking about the grand and royal affairs, another venue that catches our fancy is the Draper’s Hall. Everything about the hall, from its architecture, to ambiance, to décor and service, screams novelty and aristocracy. And the best part? You can book Draper’s Hall and enjoy a day of exquisite nobility.
  3. Tower of London – The epic series that the Game of Thrones has been, they require an equally historical landmark, and venue for hire at Tower of London seems to fit the bill quite perfectly. With the interiors that would help you recreate the medieval feel, with a stark resemblance to the Red Wedding (*cries a river*), it’s the perfect venue for an inspiring Game of Thrones party.
  4. Medieval Banquet – The perfect venue for recreating the magic of the Red Keep, or other parts of the castle, you can hire Medieval Banquet venue for a stellar Thrones themed party! With candles and attire, the venue is going to add radiance to the event.
Alright Gamers! This is all that we have for you today. Please share with us your opinions in the comments section below. And brace yourself, for the night is dark and full of terrors and of course, the winter is coming!

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5 London Wedding Venues With Unusual Views

Are you obsessing over your wedding, wanting compulsively to get every detail right? Are you the one looking for an extraordinary wedding venue, one that would simply take everyone’s breath away and would add the much dreamt wow-factor to your wedding? Well, in that case you have to the right place. Today, we intend to share some of the epic London venues with some of the most unusual and scintillating views to offer. If you wish to make your wedding a completely memorable affair, please read further.
Tower Bridge and Walkways

To begin with, we provide you with the iconic landmark of London to host your wedding at: the Tower Bridge and Walkways. The place, owing to its “Magnum Opus” stature and historical prominence, commands a different kind of feeling and respect altogether. And when you are standing 45 metres above Thames, having a glimpse at the city, trust us, it’s a feeling completely unparalleled and truly bespoke. You can hire the Tower Bridge and Walkways space to host your wedding, followed by a reception lunch. While the North Tower Lounge is a cool and chic place to relax, the Victorian Engine Rooms and Bridge Master’s Room uphold their ancient charms. Besides, the walkway offers an eclectic mix of uber cool lighting arrangements, in order to provide you with a truly spectacular venue. And when you include the captivating views of the city while leaning across the Tower Bridge, this venue emerges out to be a total winner. Gift yourself a wedding to remember for a lifetime by booking Tower Bridge and Walkway.
Honourable Artillery Company

Talking about London venues with unusual and unique views, we reckon it’s worth mentioning the Honourable Artillery Company. This extraordinary venue is set up on six acres of garden in the Georgian House and is an ideal location to host wedding ceremonies and more. Its Artillery Garden is simply stunning and serves as an intriguing backdrop to various ceremonies hosted at Prince Consort Rooms and Armoury House. Besides, the wide open spaces, along with a touch of London’s rich cultural history, adds a completely new dimension to the entire wedding experience. And wouldn’t you want to get clicked at lush green landscapes, with artillery and other cool stuff in the background? Book Honourable Artillery Company venue for your wedding, and show the world how artistic and innovative you can get.
The Skyline Suite

The Skyline Suite is an exquisite penthouse with stealer views from the adjacent rooftop garden and terrace. Its interiors include a lot of glass and proudly flaunt overtly comfortable and chic sitting area. The lounge offers a clear skyline view of the city, including the cathartic St. Paul’s Cathedral. You should also consider reserving the Skyline Suite, if you are holding the wedding at the St. Paul’s Cathedral and after that, would like to jump to a fashionable and contemporary place for the reception lunch. Add a little bit of oomph and wow-factor in your wedding or reception, by booking the elegant and astonishing Skyline Suite.
HMS President

Another strong contender in our list of London venues offering unusual and breath-taking views is the HMS President? Fastened perpetually at the very heart of river Thames, HMS President offers captivating views of the river. The beautiful panoramic view also encompasses the glory of the British capital from a distance. Besides, the amazingly experienced events management team here guarantees a memorable time. Wouldn’t you want to host your wedding reception lunch or dinner at the heart of river Thames? Book HMS President venue and assure yourself an unforgettable and unique wedding.
The Yacht London

Another lavish and heart-warming floating venue, the Yacht London offers enchanting and exclusive views of the river Thames. With sweeping montages of the city flashing across in the backdrop, this venue offers a dream-like experience. You should consider hiring the Yacht venue, if you wish to throw a wedding that gets etched on everyone’s mind. Besides, you can host anything from a small wedding reception lunch to a large scale grand party at this romantic and surreal location. Thus, book the Yacht venue in London for a mesmerizing and heart warming wedding.

This brings us to the end. We hope you enjoyed going through our list of unusual wedding venues in London. To discover more such venues, do read our other blog post about London venues with unusual views and find some other interesting and intriguing ideas. Also, please let us know your opinions about this blog, in the comments section below.

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