10 Hollywood-Inspired Themes for Birthday Parties

Are you fascinated by star-studded, film-inspired party themes? If yes, then why not throw a Hollywood-inspired birthday bash for your friends and family. There are plenty of movie themes that can be used to make your next event an unforgettable one. To narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a list of films that would make for amazing theme bashes of all types of celebrations (be it a small or large).

Alice in Wonderland

Whether you’re planning to host a Mad Hatter tea party or a croquet game in your backyard, Alice in Wonderland theme can be a lot of fun and put a big smile on your little girl’s face. Rabbit ear headbands, ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ hang signs, and fanciful stacked teacups are just a few things that will help you to set the tone of the party. The best part of this theme is that it can be managed even in a single day. So, if you want to pamper your little adventure lover, host a fun-filled Alice in Wonderland themed party.

James Bond 007

Vodka martinis, action-packed entertainment, and black tuxedos are some of the elements that show the thrilling world of James Bond. Having a casino atmosphere with bond girls is a perfect option for adults, while decorating the British flaps and small model Aston Martin cars complemented with a sit-down meal is great for kids. If you love the action of this British secret agent, then why not plan a James Bond Themed Birthday.

Midnight in Paris

Get ready to step into the world of fantasy with this amazing night theme. As the name reveals, the party starts at midnight and guests have to get dressed 1920’s clothing. To set up a particular mood, the venue should be adorned with filming locations like Giverny, John XXIII Square and, Montmartre. Perfect for teens, this party theme allows you to serve a variety of booze and enjoy the pure old-school jazz.

Austin Powers

Looking for something quirky for your friend’s birthday celebration? Why not add a twist to the old-fashioned spy event and host a gathering ‘Austin Powers’ style? Glamour, sassy ladies, and hip-groovy guys make this party theme a great fun. So, how about asking your guests to follow this great fancy dress theme?

Harry Potter

What not to love about a world of magic and mystery? Harry Potter theme is an extraordinary way to have fun and experience again the memories of Harry. There’s nothing entertainment for kids than a room full of aspiring wizards. To add extra style to your kid’s birthday party, you can give harry potter themed wizard wands to the children. Besides, don’t forget to transform clear water or drinks into a vibrant colour.

Ocean’s 11

If you love Las Vegas and especially the lively action of the card game, then Ocean’s 11 movie theme is just for you. All you need to do is set a casino table with a blackjack table cover, Las Vegas poker chips, and playing cards. This party gives your guests a chance to make the most of the casino and allows them to show off their style and skill.


Want to host a titanic party, based on the movie ‘Titanic’? If yes, then start with a boardwalk for the entrance way to your birthday bash. To add a proper feel, you can use paper waves and play the title track of the movie. Guests can wear the 1920’s long skirts/pants and jackets that can help you to match the theme.

Pirates of the Caribbean

If this fantasy adventure theme can’t get off your mind, then you should better plan this pirate-themed for your birthday. Captain Jack Sparrow, Angelica, and Elizabeth Swann are just a few popular characters that specify the pirate lifestyle. Besides, you can use skull cupcake, pirate hats, and sailboat centrepieces to set the particular mood of the party.


If you little superhero or heroine loves the characters of Avengers, then this party theme can put a big smile on their faces. Be it a Tony Stark’s debonair style, amazing skills of Natasha Romanoff, or Captain American’s battle armour, everything can be included in your party theme.


Welcome to the Pandoran wildlife! This epic science fiction film offers you a quirky theme where guests can set a dress code of blue, black, or silver. To add a personal touch to the party, you can create your own Pandora with houseplants. Try to use blue coloured elements like blue drinks, royal blue t-shirts, blue steamers, blue tablecloths, and so on.

With these film-inspired themes, you are sure to plan a memorable birthday bash that your guests will never forget.

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A Tower Bridge Wedding – Make Your Dream Come True

Tower Bridge is one of the few landmarks that every London bride wants as a backdrop for wedding photographs. But did you know that this iconic landmark allows you tie the knot right in its premises? Towered over Thames, this breath-taking venue boasts a 360° panorama of London spanning Greenwich and Docklands to the East and St Paul’s and the City to the South. We think that’s enough to make your guests’ jaws drop. Take a tour of all the Tower Bridge venues and special offers and deals.

A setting to breathe history, grandeur, and romance, the Lounge inside North Tower displays the finest architecture in the tower. Sumptuously draped walls, high ceiling, original Victorian windows, and an impressive backdrop of Thames, North Tower Lounge is the perfect place to say your wedding vows. The place holds a licence for civil ceremonies and can hold up to 50 guests in its marvellous setting. To tailor your Tower Bridge wedding, the venue offers many packages. Here is a wedding package (ceremony only) for £2,400.00 +VAT valid till 31st March.

  • Exclusive space hire from 11am to 6pm
  • Fizz wedding planner assistance
  • A dedicated even manager
  • 10 Champagne bottles served in style
  • A choice of nibbles
  • 3 floral arrangements
  • 50 gold and red chairs, ceremony table, and two high posturer tables
  • invitation to Fizz Wedding Taster Evening

Victorian Engine Rooms

If it’s something out of the ordinary you need, take your wedding reception into the Victorian Engine Rooms. Steeped in history, these halls feature a unique backdrop of the coal driven Engines that were used to power the lifts of the bridge. Now these serve as incredible backdrop for wedding photographs to cherish forever. Beautifully maintained, these rooms are perfect to create everlasting wedding memories to look back on and smile. The rooms can easily seat up 120 guests for reception and 60 for dinner dance.

The Walkways

The high-level walkways that bridge the North Tower with the South also make a breath-taking wedding location. Within the steel lattice of the walkways is fixed the LED lighting which helps create a spectacular lighting effect. Guests would love to enjoy the views of Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Greenwich from the lattice structure. The walkways are located 140 feet above Thames allowing you to witness the magical transition from day to night as the sun sets. There are few wedding locations in London as extraordinary as Tower Bridge Walkways. The long walkways can easily accommodate up to 250 guests for reception.

Other than these, there is another amazing wedding space, the Bridge Master’s Dining Room but it’s currently not available for hire. Now that you are familiar with the choice of venues you have, it’s time to look into other aspects that make Tower Bridge fit for your D Day.


It can be a turn off to hear that the venue doesn’t allow outside caterer. But the good news is that your event will be catered by Seasoned Events which is a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? They create different packages to suit different styles and budget. Attention to detail, professionalism, and imaginative food, what else do you need for your wedding than a reliable caterer. After all, what the guests will remember of your wedding the most is FOOD. Seasoned Events recently hosted the Prince’s Trust Leadership Dinner so you can expect to really wow your guests. Seasoned Events takes care of events in the Walkways only.


To top it all, the venue promises to make everything hassle-free with onsite practicalities like wheelchair access and onsite parking. If you’re looking for an extraordinary space for your wedding, allow Tower Bridge and Walkways to make your big day special.

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How to Throw an Outdoor Cocktail Party in London

Are you gravitating towards a whiskey drink? If you are, then you could go to a bar or you could just throw a cocktail party that wows your friends as well. Perfect for social gatherings and hangouts, these parties are full of fancy cocktails, champagnes, and martinis. To make your cocktail party a success, make sure that the drinks will be served with delectable appetizers or desserts. Although It will stretch your budget, but you can opt for a limited menu. Here are some of the ideas that will help you to throw an easy outdoor cocktail party in London:

Start a Few Days Before

Whether you are planning a small business gathering or casual party, formal invites at times set people off when it comes to cocktail parties. So, while handing out the invitations, it is necessary to make them feel that they need to be up for a celebration. To send and manage online invitations, you can visit Evite and ask for replies. However, make sure to send invites at least 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time.

Pick a Theme

Show your creative side and host the great themed cocktail, from the invitations and decorations to cocktails menu and appetizers. To set the perfect tone of your party, opt for a theme that could be as basic as a specific colour or flavour. Some of the best themes for a cocktail party are Vintage Hollywood and Dirty Martinis.

Prepare a Main List

Denote a separate notepad for preparing the party list. Assign each page for a separate phase of your party. Some of the main pages include guest list, drink’s menu, appetizers, shopping list, decorations, and other items.

Drinks to Go

Go an extra mile to browse some cocktail recipes and to find something that complements the party idea and taste of your guests. A simple wine or whiskey can be served in a stylish manner with a martini glass or champagne flute. The most important thing is to have mocktail options available for those who don’t like drinking. Roughly, calculate a minimum of three cocktails a person.

Cocktail Venue

From marquee to museum, there is no shortage of venues to plan a cocktail party in London. All you need is to pick a theme and choose the venue that complements it. In order to get a genuine vintage feel, a historic structure like Tower of London will work for you. For those who want to enjoy the party open-air, a garden with marquee can be perfect option.

Pick Appetizers

Wasabi Deviled Eggs, Artichoke Turnovers, Sausage-Cheddar Balls, and Antipasti Pizza are some of the most favorite appetizers that will curb hunger and enchant the palate. Whether you decide to serve your guests with cocktails, vodka, martini or all three, these savory appetizers are perfect to satisfy the taste buds of your guests. Besides, cheese cubes, roasted pork, and small chunks of meat are also perfect for those who are looking for elegant appetizers.

Things to Avoid

Floating candles and balloons look perfect for the wedding, but not cocktail parties. So, try to avoid using candles, except they are inside a large hurricane glass. Maybe, you love to exhibit a set of gorgeous goblets to sip cocktails and champagnes. But, make sure that you leave enough space for guests to pick up bottles and put them down again.

With all these ideas, you are sure to host an amazing cocktail party without wasting a lot of money and time.

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Inspiration to Plan a Gorgeous Spring Wedding

Spring time means charismatic colours, fresh flowers, and fairly unpredictable weather. And there’s no doubt, it is a perfect time of year to get married with a sense of new beginnings in the air. A spring wedding includes flower table centrepieces, strawberry pie bars, and frothy wedding gowns. So, why not celebrate your big day by incorporating some spring elements into your wedding theme. Here are some of the amazing ideas that will help you to plan a perfect spring wedding in London.

The first thing that comes to your mind after you’ve gotten engaged (beyond the wedding gown of course) is to find a perfect wedding venue. The spring theme will add another layer of complexity, as you need to opt for a location that complements the pastel shades of spring season. Setting up a seating area in a garden with living room furnishings will help you to make the most of the spring wedding. Fortunately, London has no shortage of large gardens and parks where to hold your wedding reception.

What if it Rains

It’s important to have a Plan B, when you are planning an outdoor wedding. As beautiful as spring is, the weather conditions don’t always cooperate you and your event planning. If you have a venue in mind, ensure they have an indoor space as backup, or set-up a marquee that guests can use throughout the event if it rains.

To create a whimsical vibe, the best way is to have a space that is adorned with a blend of floral globes and paper lanterns hung from the canvas pole marquees. A separate marquee tent could be used to house a bar, buffet, or whatever you like.


Following winter and moving forward to summer, the spring season allow you to be creative when selecting a wedding dress. A bride can either pick a large, winter dress or go for a slim line, strapless wedding gown that is perfect for the summer.

A tea-length wedding gown is a perfect choice for brides, while a regular fit tuxedo jacket accessorized with a pastel bow tie is great for grooms. As colorful the season is, you are no shortage of shades that you can add to your wedding attire. But, it’s all up to you whether you want to stick to tradition white or put a little spring affair in your outfit. Lavender pink, Mauve, Puce, and Green are some of the shades that you can add in your or your bridesmaid’s attire.


This is the fun, creative part that you will love. Depending on how fancy you want to make your big day, the decor can go in numerous directions. Some brides want to create an outdoor garden feel, while others prefer to have a woodland wedding setting. Hanging lanterns complemented with lush flowers are perfect for a charmed garden wedding. Besides, to add extra style to woodland wedding, you can use a rustic canopy with seasonal blooms.


No doubt, spring comes with fresh flowers. But, with so many good possible choices, it is quite difficult to choose flowers for your wedding bouquet and wedding arrangements. For a wedding bouquet, you can either pick yourself or take the help of your florist. Be it a round-shape or hand-tied, a bouquet should complement your wedding theme and dress. Using unusual flower varieties and color combinations will make help you to create a unique bouquet.

Watch your love grow or follow these useful ideas by planning the ultimate spring wedding in London.

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5 Corporate Event Disasters to Avoid in London

No matter how engaging is your event; sometimes little unforeseen things can turn it into a disaster. And corporate events are something that you cannot take chance with. It’s about the reputation of your company so meeting and exceeding expectations matter. When you’re living in a city like London which is popular as the financial centre of the world, expectations are always high. And if your boss has given you this responsibility and opportunity, everything has to go perfect, not in your head but in real. You’ll face little hitches and glitches but how to make sure that nothing terribly goes wrong. Here’s how.

1. Technical Issues
Let’s start with the most common mistake event planners make. You want your event to be up-to-date with modern technological trends and hire AV equipment for visual presentations. As the event starts, the microphone makes a shrieking sound that creates inconvenience for the audience. Your team has no ideas as how to operate the projector and what to do if it fails to function. These little things create a bad first impression and undermine the reliability of your organization. It always pays to allot the right tasks to right people. And it always pays to check the equipment before hiring to ensure proper functioning. Again, it always pays to ask a few questions before deciding which event planning company to work with.

2. Boredom
Most of the business events look and feel the same. But if you really want to make the difference, you’ll have to do something extraordinary. Leave the “cookie-cutter” approach and try something offbeat. Rather than a simple slideshow, go for web-conferencing with industry professionals. Instead of usual quizzes, organize games and give prizes to enhance teamwork and engagement. All these things will help prevent your event from becoming boring. Obviously, you need some creativity and courage to make it happen but the effort is worth it. You don’t want the audience to keep looking at their wristwatches, right.

3. Doing the Same as You did Last Year?
Last year, you managed to pull together an amazing event complete with enticing hors d’oeuvres and aerial acts. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to work every year. Don’t follow the same schedule of activities you did last year, especially if the audience is same. A different theme, a new entertainment option, or even a unique London location matters. If you hosted the last event in the office conference hall, take your guests on-board a Thames ship this time. An unusual venue in London will automatically add new elements to your event. Plana scavenger hunt on the ship or offer boat rides to the attendees to give them an adrenaline rush. Don’t make it all about business! Events turn out to successful only when business is combined with pleasure. Brainstorm ideas and you’ll definitely come up with something that suits that will knock the audience off their feet.

4. Alcohol Effect
Who will talk business after three glasses of wine? It doesn’t make sense to offer alcohol to the attendees, unless it’s Christmas or New Year. Imagine dizzy employees trying to discuss strategic business plans. If you really want to treat the guests to alcohol, throw an after-party for them once the business issues have been taken care of. It’s a perfect way for guests to mingle with each other, build better relationships, and end a business oriented day with a bang.

5. Too Many Food Options
While having fewer food choices is also a problem, too many options can also result in problem. Set up 20 different food stations and guests will end up standing in queues to refill their plates. Remember it’s not a feast; it’s a business event that calls for some seriousness. Keep the options limited to one beef, one meat, one fish, and one vegetarian choice. Keep your enticing menu for Christmas parties and let them concentrate on business and not food. Rather than a large feast, consider offering a few refreshment breaks in between. It will help the attendees take a break and loosen up.

There’s a Latin proverbs that says, “We are the authors of our own disasters”. But if you consider these points during the planning process, nothing will go wrong. However, don’t expect too much and nothing ever goes off without a hitch, especially events. So just, relax and do the best you can.

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Interview with Celebrity Chef, Craig Ian McAlpine - Bespoke Cuisine

This exclusive interview with renowned London chef and director at Bespoke Cuisine is part of our series of interview with event industry experts. Not only did we manage to interview the winner of Channel 4’s Come Dine with Me, he also agreed to share his favourite recipe demonstration with us. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, he started his own catering company which serves in London, Edinburgh, and Cape Town. Keep reading to know more about him.
How did you decide to become a chef?

I’d worked in the trade for many years, whilst still at university doing masters and PhD. I was always a good cook but never aspired to be a chef, but realised I could use it as a good way to begin my first business.

What made you start Bespoke Cuisine?

I’ve worked in restaurants for years through university, and for many years, people had encouraged me to open my own restaurant. At 20-something, I didn’t really know very much about running restaurants, so continued with academia. I was then on a television programme, Come Dine with Me, which I won. On the back of that, a lot of people who saw the programme asked me to come and cook for them, and I quickly realised there might be a good business in it. Over the years, I’ve grown Bespoke Cuisine into the full-scale catering company that it is now. We provide both corporate and private catering, with a variety of products and services.
What’s your most popular recipe?

It’s an old favourite, but our beef Wellington is always popular. Clients seem to love it. We do it rather really well, and it is a show-stopping dish to put on a plate.

What makes Bespoke Cuisine different from other catering companies?

We pride ourselves on being small and personal. Our service is bespoke, so clients can request most things; and we like to be able to tailor things to their exact requirements and budgets. People come to us because they love my cooking. We also use the finest freshest seasonal ingredients, and make pretty much everything from scratch. I cook with a lot of passion and creativity and care, and I think that shows through in the food.

If you were to cook something to impress a date, what would you make?

I’d figure out what sort of things she likes first, some girls are funny about fish and lamb (and sometimes red meat too). I’d keep the dish quite light and simple, but sexy, even something as simple as a very good piece of fillet steak with homemade chips, and a crisp green salad. Most girls love chips (even if they protest) and to finish… something sexy and chocolaty, preferably gooey, and slightly sticky. Of course, good drinks are an essential accompaniment… cocktails or champagne to start, and a nice juicy red with the steak. And probably Champagne to retire with beside a log fire.

Could you share a recipe with us?

Here’s a video link to a recipe demonstration:

Tell us a little about your team at Bespoke Cuisine?

I have a pool of casual event chefs, a prep chef, based at our prep kitchen, an event/office manager, and a pool of casual waiting staff.

When do you plan to launch your next cookbook?

I’m hoping to start making serious groundwork on a cookbook by the autumn.

How many types of cuisines and menus you offer?

We can provide quite a range. Our mainstay is modern British/European; however, we have clients who want Italian, Mexican, Asian, Spanish, Greek, and even Swedish. I’m versatile and capable.

What are the essential ingredients you can’t live without?

Sea salt, olive oil, bay leaves, garlic, lemon – with those, one can do most things, and cook wonderful food.

Which do you think is the best event you have catered so far?

We’ve done so many… from fantastic private dinners with fun guests, to large banquets with famous and important people, to challenging events, like cooking a BBQ on the beach for 80 people.

What according to you makes or breaks an event?

Good planning and preparation, with plenty of provisions is the making of the event (behind the scenes, certainly). Out front… a good crowd, in a great venue, with good lighting and fantastic atmosphere. I think the crowd/guests have the biggest impact on an event – even with the finest food, the best wine, a fantastic venue and great settings, a dull crowd breaks the event. There needs to be an atmosphere; electricity; a buzz.

Thanks for the Interview. How can our readers get in touch with you?

Craig Ian McAlpine

Ph.: 07792796334

Email: craig@bespoke-cuisine.co.uk

Website: www.bespoke-cuisine.co.uk

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Hen Do Ideas for the Sophisticated Bride

Forget all about the L-plates, silly wigs, and all that ‘last night of freedom’ stuff! All of this might be fun but not for everyone. If the bride-to-be is a little skeptical of all these ideas, there are endless alternatives. And modern hen parties are all about style and sophistication rather than cheesiness. So skip the feathery boas and look for some clean and sophisticated ideas. And by good fortune, London offers you many. Take a look at our favourite clean and sophisticated hen party ideas that the bride will thank you for.

Shaken not Stirred
You are a pro at sipping cocktails but why not learn the art of making cocktails. A professionaltapsterteaches you how to make tantalizing cocktails mixing and shaking different ingredients. The bride will love the ‘Sex and the City’ style night out. You all will get to make your very own margarita and also taste it. And of course, it will definitely help the bride impress her groom later with her skills. A few favourite bars offering cocktails classes in London are no doubt, Dirty Martini at Covent Garden and Bitter Sweet at Soho, where you decide whether you want it to be bitter or sweet!

Dance like a Diva
If the bride loves to dance, plan a dancing divas night for her at a swanky London club. A flashy dance floor, cocktails flowing all night, and yummy bar snacks, there isn’t a better way to dance the night away. You can take her into 5000 party animals at clubs like Fabric or plan an intimate and private dance party at one of the lesser-known clubbing joints in London. Hire the full space or a Private Booth at Club Ten, Kanaloa, or DukeBox.

Grab the Microphone
It can be the best hen do experience but only if you see a rock star hidden in the bride-to-be. You don’t want to embarrass her as Michael did to Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) in My Best Friend’s Wedding. You don’t need to make her feel embarrassed by taking her to karaoke club nights full of strangers. Plan a private karaoke night at venues in London offering karaoke facilities like jukebox, microphones, and speakers. Let her sing it out loud to her favourite tunes in the company of her best mates. Don’t worry you won’t shatter mirrors.

Pamper Yourself
When the overwhelming days of wedding planning are almost over, what the bride needs is a spa session to relax her weary muscles, stressed mind, and chaotic soul. A day of relaxing massages with scented oils, steam bath, manicure, pedicure, and facials is all that she needs to shine out on her big day. It’s the best gift you can give her ever. Take her to the most loved women only spas in London like Sanctuary or The Beauty Lodge. Expert therapists will wear off all your tiredness for you to get picture-perfect faces on the big day.


  • Buy fun party favours for the bride but that doesn’t mean that you have to give something cheesy. Nobody knows the bride better than you so it’s easy to guess whether a naughty necklace will make her uncomfortable and embarrassed or make her laugh. Choose something fun but make sure to fit it with the bride’s taste.
  • Try and go off the beaten trail. Don’t run after traditional people only bachelorettes. If the bride wants to have a join hen and stag, better call it a “Hag Do”, go for it. Now it’s not that uncommon and is perfect if the bride and groom share same interests and have mutual friends.
  • Don’t surprise her with something that she hates. Every bride is different. Her idea of hen may be jewellery making class, a vintage tea party, and not male strippers strutting their stuff. It’s a big event for her so make sure things are as per her interests.

London has become quite a favourite amongst modern hens and lads. If Las Vegas is for the naughtiest, London is for the classy.

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Best Venues in Soho and Covent Garden

Soho and Covent Garden are two of the most bustling areas in London always brimming with after-work partiers and some lucky tourist who didn’t head to Shoreditch as soon as they felt thirsty. These narrow cobbled streets are filled with plenty of venues, perfect to pull an all-nighter. From the groom’s last hurrah to New Year bashes, these venues make every occasion come to life with their eclectic music, enticing cocktails, and excellent service. Here the top party venues in Soho and Covent Garden that promise an exhilarating night.

Dirty Martini Covent Garden
Set in Covent Garden, Dirty Martini is a cocktail house whose sophistication contradicts its ‘dirty’ name. The fantastic mixologists serve the best cocktails in town, making your party a big hit. A cherished addition to London’s nightlife scene, Dirty Martini offers a distinct New York City vibe with its amazing interior. If you’re looking to have a last fling before the wedding, DMCG offers cocktail making classes for you.And if you want to carry on the fun beyond wee hours, don’t worry as this venue has a late licence too.

Address: 11/12 Russell Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5HZ

Tuttons is ideally located just above Dirty Martini and is a perfect choice if you want to treat your guests with the best fine dining experience. Any sophisticated soiree becomes the most cherished event here with a carefully crafted food and drinks menu and an interior that’s beyond words. With classy lighting and maroon leather upholstery, Tuttons boasts a laid-back atmosphere to party with panache. It overlooks the breath-taking Covent Garden Piazza offering a privileged location for events. If you want your party to be more than drink and dance, Tuttons is the right choice.

Address: 11-12 Russell St, London WC2B 5HZ, United Kingdom

BB Bakery
This trendy and tranquil café enjoys a privileged location amidst the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. It’s a fully licensed corner shop spanning 900 sq. ft. also enjoying street view. The 4 large bay windows make it an airy and bright space. From a corporate lunch to traditional afternoon tea party, this BB Bakery is ready to make every little occasion special. The white walls and the wooden floor give an urbane vibe, making it perfect for quintessentially British experiences.

Address: 6, Chandos Place, WC2N 4HU

Bitter Sweet
What makes this swanky bar a little different is the list of exquisite cocktails, infused with bitter and sweet flavours. From impromptu celebrations to after work drinks, Bitter Sweet gives an unusual twist to usual gatherings. Licensed until 3am, the venue ensures that resident DJs sound track your night to enhance the experience. This newest addition in Soho’s night scene also offers an impressive collection of Signature cocktails and classics, ensuring that guests raise drinks all night.

Address: 4 Kingly Ct, London W1B 5PW, United Kingdom

If you want to party the night away in the liveliest areas in London, these are the choicest venues that you can pick from. From lavish lunches to cocktail nights, these venues have spaces to suit all types of occasions.

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St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Uilleann pipe musicians, step dancing, and a parade: the Irish have always known how to celebrate their cultural festival. With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, once again, the Irish community is all set to wear the green attire, paint their faces with four-leaf clovers, and drink immoderate amounts of green beer and Guinness. If you are planning to throw a St Patrick’s Day party in London, then here are some of the useful ideas to raise a toast high in the honour of St. Patrick’s Day.

The first thing on your to-do list is to send invitations that complement your St. Patrick’s Day theme and style. Whether you’re hosting an unplanned event or a well-detailed party, the invitations will help you to set the tone of the event. If you guest list is small and intimate, consider sending out printed invitations to everyone. But, if it includes more than hundreds, you can send them online invitations.

Those who are on a tight budget, they can print their own invitation as well. For postal invitations, create something on the PC with the help of clip art and print it out either on green sheet. To add extra style to your cards, you can also use green glitters.

To transform your gathering into an Irish celebration, add green shade into all aspects of your decorations. Green balloons, moluccella laevis, and calla lilies are just a few things that you can use to decorate the party space. To get a sophisticated look, you can consider decorating green shamrocks. Perfect for table centrepieces, these green shamrocks help you to enhance the greenness into the decor. Green table clothes, white mugs, and orange table napkins are perfect to put forward the colours of the Irish flag.

Want to take off the stress of decoration? The best way is to head to any cool Irish pub in the London city for St Patrick’s Day. But, if you are planning an intimate gathering, then we offer some exciting places in London where you can celebrate in true Irish style. Check some lively party spaces in the City by clicking here.

Green Beer and Food
Nothing could be more Irish than serving green Guinness and beer for St. Patrick’s Day party. Enjoying the green drinks, Irish ales, and whiskeys have become a bit of tradition on this day. Besides, you can offer your party folks an appetizing menu blended with typical dishes and a few surprises. Grilled lamb kidneys, potatoes, and Guinness pasties are some of the traditional snack dishes of an Irish stew. For proper lunch or dinner, you can consider beef in Guinness that is accompanied with vegetables. If you want to serve desserts as well, then green doughnuts and tie-dyed cake are great options to whet your guest’s appetite.

Get everyone together in the party to heighten the fun by enjoying some games or activities. Guests should sit around the table and should create togetherness amongst the group. If they want to play a mind teaser game, then you can opt for a Ladder Lingo Game. Considering the theme of the party, start with St. Patrick’s Day themed words and ask the attendees to bring up another themed word starting with the last character of your word. Besides this, you can also arrange a painting competition where guests need to paint St. Paddy’s T-Shirts. To play this game, you need to make sure that you have t-shirts available in all s, a painting area set up, and fabric paints.

Start planning all these arrangements to host a perfect St. Patrick’s Day Party for your family and friends. Follow these ideas that will help you to add more Irish feel to your celebration.

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6 Things You Should Never Do At Formal Events

Life is all about having fun, making mistakes, and doing things that we are often afraid to do. And parties are the occasions that allow us all these opportunities. It’s fine to let your hair down in informal celebrations. But when it comes to corporate parties and social gatherings, your reputation matters. And having too good time can turn into embarrassment later. So better be safe than sorry! Follow these tips to wake up next morning with your head held high!

1. Don’t Over Drink!
The root of all mistakes, over drinking can make you do things that you would never do when sober. Spilling drinks on others, having fights, dancing like there’s no tomorrow, puking, and flirting with your colleagues, you can avoid all this by taking an oath to not drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks. Recall what kind of conversations you begin when drunk! Is it about politics and society? Or is it about sluts, fantasies, and blurting out emotions that you’d regret later? You know yourself better so drink accordingly. When you’re challenging the IT team for a dance-off, it’s time to go home.

2. Don’t Go Uninvited!
Try and not be the uninvited plus-one! It’s not that the host hates you, but at times there are limitations. May be the venue is small or they want to have a family time together and you just don’t fit in it. So if your neighbours are having a barbeque, don’t just go there invited. Chances are that either you’ll feel left out or embarrassed. Don’t be that person who goes to a party uninvited just to have free beer and feels offended when everyone goes to the bar 5 minutes later. And if you still go uninvited, try to be a good company.

3. Don’t Blow Your Own Horn!
So your boss is right there in front of you and you find it a perfect opportunity to step the corporate ladder, stop right there! It may be a corporate occasion but it’s time to network, drink, and large it up. Nobody wants to hear your boring ideas and stories so please “shut up and leave.” You don’t want to hear these quoted words from your boss, do you? It’s just not the right time to butter up your boss. The least you can do is be a good company.

4. Don’t Complain!
So you’re at a friend’s party and you don’t like the food, the party space, the decoration, or anything for that matter. Don’t complain about it. The person has invited you to celebrate his happiness and not moan and groan for what’s wrong in the party. Complaining = friendship over. So make sure to take your complaints to the grave.

5. Don’t Say Something Blasphemous!
You are surprised to see boring office colleagues mingling, drinking, and dancing with each other and having a good time. It’s okay if you want to be a part of the conversations. But this is not the right time to say something about the dress of your boss’s wife or joke about your boss’s accent. Or don’t bitch about any colleague having an affair with someone in the office. You don’t want to be the talk of the office the next day.

6. Don’t Dress Inappropriate!
How would you feel when you show up in a revealing dress with plunging neckline or a themed dress when everyone is dressed sober? You have to follow two rules when attending a formal event. First, it’s not the right time to play sexy siren so don’t reveal more than you usually would at office. Second, don’t wear your office attire but whatever it is, it has to be classy. A tea-length cocktail dress works perfect for such events.

Formal events are occasion to make your mom feel proud. If you follow these don’ts, nothing could possibly go wrong.

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