World’s Top Five Hidden Destination Wedding Venues

It’s no hush-hush that a majority of couples search for the hidden or out-of-the-way location to get married. Their natural curiosity and choice to experience something unusual draws them to the most hidden wedding locations. Thanks to diverse wedding venues around the world that allow you to make your wedding affair a truly unique and romantic experience. From intimate houses to private islands to luxurious villas, here are some of the hidden venues to tie the knot in a more intimate, off-the-beaten style.

Hidden Gem no. 1: Petit St. Vincent, Grenadines
Looking for hidden preferences? I mean really hidden, then look no further than Petit St. Vincent. Surrounded by white sand beaches, this small Grenadine Island is an alluring or exotic venue to get hitched. Host your nuptials at any one of the jaw-droopingly romantic venues and transform your wedding dreams into reality.

Hidden Gem no. 2: The Oberoi Udaivilas, India
Want to feel or get treated like a Maharaja or Prince? Then, why not choose host your big day celebration at the Oberoi Udaivilas. Conceived as a traditional Indian palace, this venue offers you a truly remarkable setting for intimate ceremonies. Landscaped gardens, ravishing fountains, exquisite views, and semi-private swimming pools are just a few things that will make you and your guests feel extra special.

Hidden Gem no. 3: Draper’s Hall, London

Planning a destination wedding? Why not consider London, as the city is home to a number of superb wedding venues like the Draper’s Hall. With its close connection with the London monarchy, this palace is perfect for couples searching for a historic setting with a rustic twist. An exquisite aristocratic hall, first class hospitality service, cascades, fountains, and stunning lawns are just a few elements of this impressive medieval palace. Based on the number of guests attending, you may even choose to hire out the whole palace area.

Hidden Gem no. 4: Azul Villa Carola
One of the best-kept secrets, Azul Villa Carola is an amazing beachfront villa with just 20 minutes away from Cancun International Airport. With a vista of the idyllic white sand beach and country-style living all around, it’s not hard to see why the open-air Azul Villa Carola is one of the most impressive wedding venues on the planet. To bring real pleasure to your wedding celebration, the villa’s experienced majordomos will handle the al fresco arrangements.

Hidden Gem no. 5: Sugar Ridge in Antigua

Thinking about a boutique hotel with awe-inspiring views? This is the one. Offering panoramic views of the tranquil palm lined beaches; Sugar Ridge in Antigua is one of the most intimate luxury wedding venues perfect to host your nuptials. With the turquoise Caribbean Sea and hillside architecture, it gives a magical feel that you just can’t get anywhere else. And unlike other venues, Sugar Ridge has a fantastic spa offering guests with a range of exclusive yet relaxed experience.

You’re sure to feel like a star or celebrity by planning a destination wedding at an unusual venue in London, as the city is stuffed with quirky venues and exceedingly beautiful event spaces.

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A Royal Wedding without a Royal Budget

The nuptials of Kate Middleton and Prince William in London will lend inspiration to brides for decades. But the idea of royal wedding is of no good to you when you have debts to pay off. Not everybody has a kingly budget to pull together such a fairy-tale wedding. You may not get a 90 metres long red carpet to walk down the aisle but you can certainly make your wedding royal within your real budget. Keeping certain key details in mind will help you plan a regal wedding without leaving a hole in your pocket.

There are plenty of royal wedding details that you can steal. Check out our top 5 ways to replicate a majestic wedding.

A Historic Venue
Why not organize your special day at a historic wedding venue in London and give a royal backdrop. There are plenty of unique wedding venues in London listed on that allow you to get married like crowned heads. You can pick the Tower of London to give an old-fashioned charm to your big day. Or exchange your vows at one of the ancient Inns of Court, Inner Temple. Good rule of thumb is to start looking for a suitable venue well ahead of time. You might get some discount for booking in advance.

Royal Tiaras
If you really want to feel like a princess on your big day, then think of wearing a tiara. It will complement your elegant dress very well. Royalties will get to wear their wedding tiara again but you won’t have a reason to wear it again. It’s hard to forego this headwear if you are having a regal wedding. You don’t have to spend all your money to get a 40 carat diamond tiara. Instead, choose a realistic-looking faux tiara with all the glitz and gleam at rock-bottom prices.

Horse and Carriage
Princess Diana arrived at her wedding in a glass carriage. So, why can’t you. You can save money you could have spent on hiring a limo for a grand entry. Simply, hire a horse drawn carriage to make an impressive regal entry and exit with your Prince Charming. Every little girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding and a horse drawn carriage will add that magical touch to your big day.

Bridal Gown
Getting a designer gown off the rack and getting it altered may cost you a fortune. Instead, you can design your own gown just like the royals do. Have a local seamstress stich it for you. You can give it a regal look by adorning it with ornate embroidery. Why not go for lace sleeves and embroidery around the neck like Kate? It’s a perfect blend of modern and traditional. You can flaunt some skin and look elegant at the same time. You don’t have to wear flashy jewels to complete your look. Pursue some royal weddings and you will find that most brides don’t wear necklaces. Heads of state may have a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean that they opt to flaunt it.

Tie the Knot Mid-Week

Kate and Prince William got married on Friday. It’s unlikely that they have done this because of the price but you can certainly do it for this reason. Weekend weddings often turn out to be bank breakers. However, there will be a significant drop in the price, if you will opt for a weekday wedding. And you can also choose to get hitched off season, thereby saving a lot of money. From wedding venue and catering, to photographer, you will be able to negotiate prices for all the services in London.

Go for Destination Wedding
Destination weddings look opulent but cost less than you think. You don’t have to invite each and everybody to your big day. You can also combine your wedding with honeymoon. London may not be popular as a romantic city like Venice, but when it comes to court love birds, the city truly stands apart. There are plenty of unique wedding venues, honeymoon hotels, and romantic things to do in the city.
Planning a royal wedding in a real budget is not that difficult as it seems. Take inspiration from these ideas to plan a grand affair without breaking your bank.

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Plan the Cutest Modern Vintage Wedding EVER!

Are you dreaming of arranging a modern vintage wedding? It is becoming increasingly popular, as many couples are adding vintage feel to their modern weddings. Crystal chandeliers, jewel coloured attire, homemade favours, and white lace fabrics are just a few things that can help you to plan a vintage wedding with a modern twist.

Picking an old-fashioned theme to tie the knot will surely make your big day memorable and elegant. 1920’s theme and rock ’n ’roll 50’s style are some of the most popular wedding themes that are perfect for couples who fancy a classy affair.

If this sounds exciting to you, we are delighted to be bringing you this guide. Plan the most perfect modern day vintage wedding, by following our convenient and easy list.
Location Matters

A wedding location can make a huge difference to the theme, flow, and delight of the day. Long-established churches, classy stately rooms, and wedding banquet halls are some of the wedding venues that can help you to add a traditional look to your big day. Couples who are looking for a vintage wedding venue in England can browse the list at But, if you already have a venue in mind, then you can relax and enquire it for bookings. Be flexible in choosing the wedding date, as this will help you to get good package deals and cheaper rates.
You might also want to go through our other blog about the best Vintage Wedding Venues in London.

Select the Perfect Dress
The thought of organizing a modern vintage wedding is to make the most of particular things from the past and highlighting it with a modern twist. It is not essential to splurge thousands of pounds on an exclusive traditional wedding gown. There are number of wedding designers that can design a handmade wedding dress for you at a highly reasonable price. Suzanne Neville, Caroline Castigliano, and Jenny Packham are some of the names that are at the forefront of British Design. You can visit the official sites of these designers to view the latest collection of wedding gowns.

Hello Bridesmaids!
Where ‘modern’ stands for new-fashioned or stylish, ‘vintage’ denotes something from the past of excellence (especially something demonstrating the best of its kind). Your bridesmaids can wear bold colours that can add drama to your vintage gala. Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Olivia de Havilland are some of the inspiration divas that you can follow. Watch their hairstyles, makeup, and costumes to get the perfect 1920’s look.

Donning Decors
Old wooden wine barrels, wooden platters, and ivory wedding post boxes spread a nice glow and channel an elegant feel. A little creativity can help you to give your venue a complete different look. To decorate the side tables, you can use crystal chandeliers, vintage candleholders, and Hessian fabrics. An elegant embellishment or even a retro typewriter for people to write their own personal message is also a good idea for your modern vintage wedding. If you are a photo fanatic, then you can also consider a Polaroid camera that are getting so fashionable these days. The key to decorate your wedding venue is that there are fixed no rules, catch your ideas from web and put your own charm.

Follow Customs and Traditions
For an elegant, vintage wedding, don’t forget to incorporate heartfelt traditions. For instance, you and your spouse should stay away from seeing each other before the official wedding celebration. Ask your father or grandfather to walk you down the aisle and give you away. The last one is to toss the wedding bouquet during the function. It is believed that the single woman to catch the bouquet would be the first to get married hence forth.
These modern vintage wedding ideas will assist you in creating a right mood for the event. Follow these tips to plan your dream wedding.

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How to Plan a Surprise Party in London

There’s no better way to make your loved ones feel extra special than to throw a surprise party for them. But you’ll need to pull in a lot of efforts especially if you’re a chatterbox and find it difficult to keep secrets. But that’s the most fun part of it – keeping the secret, isn’t it? Londoners just can’t get enough of surprise parties. The concept is so popular that even Miley Cyrus had a surprise birthday bash. The element of surprise is very important, so when decorating for the party, keep it in mind. So without being longwinded, here are some ideas to get your started.

Who All to Invite

It’s the most important part of planning a surprise party! If the guest of honour doesn’t like to mingle with a lot of people and is a little shy, then the idea of inviting more than 12 people would be a party pooper. However, if he mingles easily and is a conversation starter, inviting total strangers will be a nice surprise. If not this, you can definitely call his old school friends and childhood pals. That would be a real surprise, right?

Choosing a Venue

If you’re inviting just a few people, you can plan it at home. But it gets tricky, as you need enough time to decorate the place and make other preparations. Hiring a lavish hall is not the only option! You can even go for a small space in London such as a marquee or a courtyard. You don’t have to decorate much, neither worry about the catering. If you still want to host the party at home, use your backyard. It’s not easily visible and you can plan a garden party or a BBQ.

Type of Surprise

Only popping a confetti balloon and yelling “surprise” is not going to work alone. Don’t make things too obvious. Why not plan a treasure hunt for the Surprisee. It can start with a note left by the pillow of the birthday boy or girl or glued on the bathroom mirror. The guest of honour may have to drive to different places to get clues including inside jokes and funny old memories and ultimately reach the venue. That’s the time when yelling “surprise” would be fun.

You can also make up a story. And come on! Be realistic. Tell them that your car broke down and you need help or anything that may sound genuine. Take the surprisee to the party venue but make sure that all the lights are switched off. The moment they enter, give them a big surprise.

Another great idea is to plan a kidnapping surprise. Wear a wool face mask and the moment your friend open the door, blindfold them, put them in the car, and take them to the party spot or their favourite concert.


It might sound too obvious but don’t forget to remind all the attendees that it’s a “surprise” birthday party. Make sure nobody accidently spills out the secret. You don’t want to ruin things. To evoke the element of surprise, use scratch cards. Recipients have to scratch the invitation cards to reveal the date and venue information. Or you can also send balloon invitations that guests have to blow up to view the details. On top of the invitation, write TOP SECRET to make sure the idea of surprise is clear. You can use wording like this.

There’s a birthday party where you’ve to show,

Don’t tell the “Guest of Honour” because he doesn’t know!

If you’re up for it, here’s a word to the wise,

Make sure to be on time, because it’s a surprise!

Poppers and Whistles

To heighten the effect, hand out poppers, crackers, and whistles to all the guests. Anything that makes a noise will enhance the effect when the surprise moment comes along. Right after the big surprise, play the favourite song of the surprisee. To really take it up a notch, invite the favourite band of the guest of honour to make them feel special.

How to Keep the Surprise

The best way to eliminate any suspicion is to pick a party date before or after the real date of the birthday. Start planning a fake birthday brunch with the guest of honour to remove remaining doubts. The best way is to throw the party a day after the birthday, as the guest of honour will think that everyone has forgotten.


Make sure the decorations of the venue aren’t visible at all from outside. Embellish the venue in such a way that it leaves them in a state of shock. Cover the whole ceiling with helium balloons. Give your guests silly strings and confetti poppers to enhance the element of surprise. You can also hang streamers with the balloons and glue photos of the surprisee at the ends. It will add a “this is your life” touch to your overall décor and make him feel special. Switch off any lights before the guest of honour enters the venue and make sure to capture that priceless goggle-eyed expression.

If you’re able to pull together such a party, it will really become the talk of the town and make the guest of honour really feel special and loved.

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