How to Handle Guests Who Have Had Too Much Alcohol

Whether you’re planning a grand wedding or an intimate gathering, an over-served guest can mess up an event more than a rainy afternoon. You must be searching ‘Is there any way to keep the guests from abusing the open bar or taking over your well-planned wedding affair?’ The first and only prevention way that comes to your mind would be not to invite them, but this sounds a little unfriendly.

So, either you should forget about every family member who’s suffering from headache due to these guests, or you should make some smart decisions to deal with them. Some party organizers don’t mind about these inebriated guests, but if the event is important like wedding, it becomes necessary to make some clever moves. Here are some useful ideas that can help you to carry out the event unscathed without being worried.

Look for a Watcher

If you’re familiar with your out-of-control drunken wedding guests, ask your colleagues or groomsmen to be their babysitter during the occasion. These people can assist them to the washroom, even outside or away from the ceremony if required. They can also assist them getting a cab at the end of the evening. If you’re not sure to find appropriate observers, then you can also consider serving lighter alcohols like scotch, champagne, or beer.

Pay No Attention, Act When Necessary

Imagine your inebriated guest comes as a surprise, right at the time when you are exchanging vows with your partner. It looks weird, but you may need to act properly. Shrugging your shoulders is one of the best ways to ignore your inebriated guests. Just remember, they are too inebriated and any effort you make to stop them may actually call more attention. Just calm yourself down and keep in mind that most people are drinking in the spirit of your event and possibly your friend’s as well. Ask your close friend to assist them, and make a decision whether you want to ask them to leave. And make sure you let your friend know to arrange a taxi for them.

Recruit the Bartender for Help

The person serving drinks at a bar is in charge of managing the liquor, so request him to give attention on the guests and shut off the bar if the guests look like they have had too much. But, don’t forget to take help of the security members to avoid a guest from starting a dispute with the bartender. If it’s a formal event, then let the guards escort the inebriated guest away before he creates a scene at the bar.

It’s sometimes a challenge to deal with an inebriated buddy or family member. But, you need to be polite while conversing with them and informing them how imperative it is to you that they stay on their best behaviour. You can follow these ideas that will help you to handle a drunken guest with smile.

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BBQ Venues in London to Plan Your Grilling Bash This Summer

Dust off your grills and heat it up as London is all set to kick in summers. There’s still time to plan your perfect BBQ party that will be talked about all the way into the next year. But your backyard is not always the right place to host it. Save yourself the planning blues and the after-party clean up and let The City Collection choose a funky and hot BBQ spot for you. How about hosting it at one of the garden venues in London that we have in store for you? And many of these are offering super-hot BBQ deals and offers as well. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated. We have handpicked BBQ venues in London for those who want to entertain your guests outdoors. Leave a comment below to share which is your favourite.

BBQ Overlooking the Ancient Roman Wall

Beautiful backdrop combined with bespoke BBQ menus, Wine Bar and Medieval Piazza at Grange City Hotel is sure to impress your guests. This outdoor venue overlooks the Ancient Roman wall serving as a breath-taking backdrop. And since summer is knocking the door, this wine bar is sure to remain busy all season. Booking it right away would be wise decision, especially knowing that Grange City Hotel is offering a special BBQ package. Yes, you read that right. The package includes cocktails, BBQ menu combined with unparalleled views, all starting from just £37.50 per person. Here is the menu on offer.

A Summer of Sport and BBQ

2014 has some of the best football, tennis, and horse racing matches in store for sport enthusiast. And what better than a combination of outdoor sports and scrumptious BBQ menus? C and B Canary Wharf is all set with additional screens to cover all the action. And if you want to catch the action live while relishing the BBQ platters, Corney and Barrow has a special BBQ offer for you. Book your seat for this special package now to enjoy your FIFA World Cup matches in summer style this year. To book the package, all you need to so is click on the enquire button.

BBQ amongst 2000 Species of Flora and Fauna

Take your BBQ bash into the mystical surrounding of the Conservatory at Barbican Centre. Underneath the glass-fronted ceiling, you’ll find almost 2000 species of flora and fauna to party amidst. In total, Barbican Centre can easily accommodate up to 1943 guests. Guests will get to enjoy barbeque style food and refreshing Pimms enclosed by birds, fishes, and tropical plants. Hire this venue for your BBQ party and make your guests feel as if they have stepped in a rainforest. As if that wasn’t enough, the venue also has two BBQ party offers to kick in summers in style. Here are all the details.

Bespoke BBQs at Rooftop Penthouse

Take your BBQ experience to another level with this amazing rooftop penthouse with garden and terrace. Everyone parties in the backyard! Why not take yours a few levels up the ground, and enjoy views of the city while savouring the grilled veggies and meat? But it’s London, what if the weather turns foul? Don’t worry you can take your guests inside the all-glass bar lit up with LED lights. Whether it’s a family reunion or a summer party, The Skyline Suite at Grange St Paul’s Hotel is a chic place to host it. And the special barbeque package at this venue is truly something to not miss. Enjoy tantalising cocktails, bespoke BBQs, and breath-taking views of St Pauls Cathedral and the city of London, all for just £47 per person.

Bright sun is all set to visit London soon so don’t waste time and start planning your BBQ party right away! And these special offers and summer party packages are like cherry on the cake. Get your friends and family together and make the most of your British summers.

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Planning a 1st Birthday Party for Twins

After enjoying (or enduring) a long year of twofold diaper duty, restless nights, and numerous paediatrician visits, the most parents search for helpful tips for hosting their twins’ first birthday bash. Though twins can be a handful, they can double the fun of the party. But, some parents may be a little worried about over stimulating the little ones from the countless guests and some don’t have any idea from where to start. So, here are some of the tips that will help you to throw a perfect 1st birthday party for your twins.

Send Party Invitations

There’s no doubt, you are short for time to make hand-made invitations for your twins’ birthday party in City of London. But, you need to add a personalized touch to the cards. So, what’s your next move? The best way is to look for a vendor that can print out invitations along with your child’s picture and all the party details.

Look For a Babysitter or Two

Throwing a twin birthday party often means twice as many guests. Recruiting a babysitter or two will help you to handle your two energetic babies, while you and your partner can welcome guests and handle the other arrangements. If you have a friend who is experienced in handling babies, then you can ask her or him to favour you for the day. These helpers should be prepared to handle the diaper changes, drink refills, and other details, which will leave you with extra time for addressing to your party guests.

Choose a Birthday Theme

If the twins are boys, dress them as Mario and Luigi for a typical video game-themed party. Mario Bros. are the most popular video game characters that can add fun to your party. But, if the twins are a boy and a girl, then you can go for themes like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pirate, First Mate. Besides, it will be perfect if the twins are girls, as then you have no shortage of choices. Butterfly and Ladybug, Alice in Wonderland, and Princesses are some of the choices that you can consider for your party.

Go for Light Snacks

Depending on your budget, you can serve creative homemade snacks or you can order pizza for your party guests. Since you are planning a baby’s party, it’s more ideal to serve light meals.
Chocolate Hazelnut Bark, grilled chicken, Spanish rice, and Party Bean Dip with Baked Tortillas are just a few snacks that you can cook for your guests.

Remember! Don’t Panic

There are parents who have the urge to “hurry and hustle” programmed into them. While this attitude is perfect when you’re getting ready for your first date, but hurrying through your baby’s birthday celebration will make it seem unpleasant. Remember to take a seat and calm down throughout the birthday bash. Nobody will spot if the cake is cut at six thirty in preference to six.

Having a twin is
a total blessing, but a big challenge. And every parent must celebrate it, by planning a first birthday party for the babies. These ideas will help you to have a great time with your guests while enjoying a perfect birthday party for twins.

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5 Wow Ceremony Backdrops that will Tug at Your Heartstrings

Creating a breath-taking backdrop for ceremony is as important as it is for the reception. The place where you’ll exchange vows will be in a lot of photographs. It’s a great opportunity to create something extraordinary that reflects the feel of the day. Whether you are keeping the reception a black and white affair or whimsical and vibrant, your ceremony backdrop should complement the reception look. But you don’t have to use the same elements in the ceremony. Here are the backdrops you can use to add that wow quotient to your wedding ceremony venue in London city.

Ribbons, Lace and Fabric

A simple ribbon and tulle curtain is one of the easiest DIY backdrop options you have. If you want a funky backdrop with lots of colours, keep your options limited to ribbons. If you want a more elegant look, add tulle strips, lace cut in strips, and of course single colour ribbons. Look for pastel shades for a vintage look like tiffany blue, pale orange, light pink, and purple. All you need to do is attach fabric strips and ribbons to a wire with safety pins. Make sure to acetate ribbons as they are cheaper and strips and ribbons should be 8-9 foot in length. Although the hanging backdrop will look lovely, but you can always spice it up with attaching tiny flowers down the length of the ribbon. You can also attach cardboard letters to spell Love or I Do. No matter what colour you choose, ribbon and fabric garlands will look stupendous. Other creative ways to use ribbons is make a tent like structure hanging them from the centre of the ceiling to the sides. Or you can also tie them at the back of the chair.

Parasols and Colours

Parasols are not just wonderful to save guests from the sun rays; these also provide a pop of colour and uniqueness that you want. To make the back support table, you need 10 PVC poles, pipe connectors, T joints, and pipe cutter. Once done, you can decorate it with pink, tiffany blue, and teal coloured parasols. For a nice tutorial of how to make the back support table, visit Another great idea to use parasols in your wedding is to suspend them upside down from the ceiling. Or you cans imply place one parasols beside each chair both as a decoration and for guests to use as well. If you are keen off the beaten track, make a wedding arch with the parasols like the one shown in the picture above.

Flower Power

Flowers can be used in more than one ways to create a magical backdrop. Make a flower garland curtain and say ‘I Do” against its stunning backdrop. If you are having the ceremony outdoors, white flower curtain against the green landscape will add that WOW into the wow factor. Instead of using real flowers, use paper flowers. And the best part is that you can DO IT YOURSELF. Decorate the arch with giant colourful paper flowers for an Alice in Wonderland style wedding. For a more sophisticated look, for white paper garlands. To use fewer flowers, you can use fabric tassels and attach flowers here and there. To take it a step further, why not use a floral chandelier to really make a statement. Imagine exchanging vows underneath a giant floral chandelier like the one hanging above the dinner table in the picture

The Magic of Fairy Lights

Nothing says romance better than fairy lights – whimsical, dramatic yet elegant. If these are the three words you want your wedding to be associated with, twinkling fairy lights are for you. Easy, cheaper, still breath-taking, fairy lights when paired with tulle create a backdrop that’s nothing less than divine. Whether hung from the ceiling like a tent or playing hide and seek behind the tulle curtains, fairy lights are like magic wands making your dream wedding come true. If you want to suspend them from the ceiling, wrap them around tulle for a more whimsical feel. To show your creative side, you can even put them under-table. The sheer soft glow will help you achieve the fairy-tale look you want. Do you still want to take it up a notch? Purchase white hula hoops and wrap them with fairy lights to make DIY chandeliers. Still missing something? For a square chandelier, join 4 curtain belts. Wrap them around trees, suspend down the curtains, wrap around the railings, ideas are endless.

The Backdrop of Memories

Vintage, Woodland, rustic, and countryside, whatever is your wedding theme, photo frames will spice up the décor and make it more meaningful. It’s the best way to personalise your wedding details as well as making your guests’ jaws drop observing the stunning effect. For those who have planned for an outdoor wedding, plan to tie the knot with a giant tree in the backdrop. You can either suspend the photo frames from the branches or attach your portraits to the trunk of the tree. Or else why not use a giant photo frame to be the centre of attraction. Use photos that reflect the time you have had together and memories you have created. This will add a personal touch to the ceremony.

All these backdrops are outstanding to leave a lasting impression on guests. Your family and friends will definitely cherish the wedding for years to come.

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Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue Manager

When it comes to planning your wedding, booking your dream venue is one of the first things on your to-do list. But before you sign a contract, make sure to ask some important questions, including “Is VAT included?”, “Is there any hidden cost”, and“What’s if rain happens?”. It is easy to choose the venue that’s adorable when you first walk in, but that might leave costing you a ton at the end. So, these questions will help you to find the best possible venue.

Is VAT included?

While quoting the price of the venue, this cost can often get neglected. To budget your wedding like a pro, it is important to analyze all the wedding expenses. Making your wedding budget without including 20% tax could lead to budget woes.

Expert’s Tip:
Suppose you really like the site,ask thevenue manager to give a quote with all the pricing – including VAT or service charges – so you get an idea of the basic cost.

How many events do you handle in a day?

Less asked but equally significant, this question will help you to know the capability and limitations of the venues. If your wedding venue is hosting more than 2 events in a day, you might feel like you’re being rushed out as they want the space for an evening celebration.

Expert’s Tip:
Try to plan your wedding in the morning or afternoon. This way, you could show up to a fully decorated venue and a happy staff.

Do they offer on-site coordination?

There’s no doubt, you need an event coordinator to cross-check that the tablecloths are clean, the napkins are available, and the waiting staff are properly dressed. If your venue offers on-site coordination, then don’t forget to ask what is included and is there any extra charge for it?

Expert’s Tip:
Only opt for a venue that offers on-site coordination, as it will help you to ensure all the little details fall into place.

What’s the Seating Capacity?

A venue representative should be able to tell you how many guests can be accommodated at one time. In a city like London, event spaces have strict capacity rules. So, if you think that your guest count has gone up, then you might need to search for a distinct venue or think minimizing your guest list.

Expert’s Tip
: Depending on the number of guests attending, you may choose the venue. A large space will seem empty to have few guests, while a small venue will look crowded with some guests.

What if rain happens?

If you want to tie the knot in a stunning outdoor setting, that’s perfect, but you will need to ensure that you’re equally pleased with the indoor space in case of unexpected rain. It’s worth considering a ‘Plan B’, as you never know about London’s weather.

Expert’s Tip:
When the venue representative asks youto look into the indoor space,don’tadmit this feeling “it never rains”.

Questions for Guest’s Convenience

Where’s the parking? How many cars can be parked at one time? What’s the bathroom situation? All these little questions can be deal-breakers, so be extra careful.

Don’t forget to ask these important questions to your venue manager before signing a contract. If you get the worthy replies to all your questions, congratulations! You have preferred the ideal venue.

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Great Locations in London for a Prom Celebration

Spring is almost around the corner and with spring comes special events, including prom balls and college parties. London boasts a great selection of venues, all with outstanding location, themes and facilities for holding your prom celebrations. Whether your prom committee is down for holding a formal celebration or a more up-beat one, the city has everything to promise the best night ever. Here are some of the locations in London where you can celebrate the end of your high school in style.
River Boat

Who said a prom ball has to be a stuffy affair in school’s dusty cafeteria? In London, you could even hire a party boat on river Thames to dance all night or mingle out on deck. So, why not make your prom night an occasion to remember by host it on a river boat with West End on the Thames. There are plenty of reasons why you should hire this boat company for your celebration.

Music Venue

Want to give your star student a post-commencement bash to remember? You can consider music venues where students can spend the entire night dancing to the live tunes, played by their favourite DJs or local bands. Club Ten is a great prom venue for planning a superb shindig, be it a small or large. Your special celebration is sure to become memorable if held at this amazing club.
Night Club

Put a new spin on traditional celebration by hosting your prom at any one of the famous dance clubs in London. Dukebox is one of the popular hotspots where the Londoners unite to dance the night away. Though it is an over 21’s club, but Dukebox allows your high school to hire the space for hosting your prom celebration. The venue boasts a top-notch sound system, soft ambient lighting, and a DJ booth, making it a perfect setting to hold your special celebration.

Outdoor Venue

When the weather’s fine, Londoners search for an outdoor venue to relax with a drink and soak up the sunshine. Many venues in London have outdoor spaces where you can celebrate the end of school in style. Bank of England Sports Centre is a superb choice for a more elegant get together. This historic venue offers fascinating event spaces for the memorable prom party.
Banquet Hall

Many banquet halls in London that hold wedding receptions will also cater to prom events as well. These banquet halls are the ultimate blank canvas and work perfect if you’re looking for a venue to have personalized celebration. Central Hall Westminster is one of the great venues that has everything you need to make your prom the most remembered party of the year.


Get exclusive access to any one of the London’s historic museum to celebrate your prom. If you want that your students will fall in love with a venue, then you can consider Brunel Museum for your party space. Its breathtaking backdrop and extraordinary historic setting makes it the ideal historic venue to revel at the priceless artefacts while having a great time with school mates. Overlooking the tranquil part of River Thames, Brunel Museum serves as a bizarre backdrop for London events.

If you want to make your prom an extravagant affair, then you can host it at any luxurious penthouse-level suite. Grange St Paul’s Royal Suite is one of the great venues with beautifully appointed interior and personal balcony overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral. With a capacity of up to 80, this striking venue can be hired for hosting prom balls and after-prom parties. Pick any one of these great venues to party like a rock star and make your prom a truly remarkable affair.

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How to Make a Bigger Impact with Small Venues in London

May be you don’t have enough budget, a special offer is available, or your heart is set on a particular small venue, whatever the reason, small event spaces are a dime a dozen. Although many small venues in London are available for hire but how do you know which is the best for your event and how do you ensure to make the most of space. You need to ensure that it doesn’t look claustrophobic and at the same time, you want to ensure everybody is comfortable on his or her seats. Consider the following points before you choose a small venue.

Seating Plan

The number of guests a venue can easily accommodate also depends upon how the chairs and tables are arranged. Reception style seating helps accommodate a large number of chairs whilst theatre style, classroom, and banquets come after that in the order. You need to have a clear view of what type of event you are hosting. Let’s take an example of Ludgate Suite at America Square Conference Centre. If it’s an annual meeting or an award ceremony, the suite can accommodate 230 people in theatre style or 250 in reception style seating. However if it’s a board meeting, the number of people it can hold up easily is 200. U shape is an alternative but it won’t accommodate more than 150 people. Seating style makes a difference so make sure to consider it before choosing a venue.


Always remember, when choosing a venue for your event, a small fluctuation in the number of guests, say from 75 to 100 can cause a change of venue. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a venue keeping in view the highest number of attendees you expect. Even if a few people don’t show up, the space will still feel occupied.


If you want to encourage people to talk and be social, make sure you provide them enough air to breathe and concentrate. Look for a venue with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Natural light is the best source as it makes small venues look and feel airy and big. After all, who wants to get stuck in a poorly-lit small venue? Alternatively, if you are hosting the event in the evening, good source of ambient lighting will set the right mood.


Don’t supply furniture more than that’s necessary as you don’t want to clog the room with unnecessary stuff. Granting you should have enough furniture for people to use. Make sure that there is enough space to move around easily especially if you want it to be a networking event. Excess of tables and chairs will create an impression of a jam-packed space.

Breakout Rooms

The best way to make sure that your venue doesn’t look cloggy is to use breakout rooms. For the networking sessions and refreshment breaks, you need to have a separate room. Experiencing different atmospheres and moving around will help people freshen up especially if it’s an all-day event. This idea will help you keep your main space crowd-free which will help make it look bigger and brighter.


Using mirrors is another option that people have been using for years to make event spaces look bigger. Although an illusion, it certainly creates an impression of a bigger room. Place mirrors on large walls and the space will look almost double the size. Even if few people show up, it would make it look full of audience.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in choosing the right small venue in London for your next event. Good wishes to host an event your guests will cherish forever!

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