Best Restaurants in London for Corporate Dinners

When it comes to corporate dining, a restaurant’s reputation for serving a stellar meal is very important. If you looking to impress a new client, meet your business partners, or just work out a few business details away from the office, London restaurants will not disappoint you. To make sure that you’re at the best fine dining table with special privileges, here are the eating spots that you can book for your corporate dinner in London.
Your dinner here will turn out to be no less than an ethereal culinary feast. Leave a lasting impression with dining at this glass dome restaurant set on 39th and 40th floor offering 360º views of the city. Your guests will definitely fall in love with Searcys world-class catering complemented by a breath-taking panorama. Standing 180m tall, this popular skyscraper known as 40|30 promises an elite dinner for up to 260 guests. So, capacity is not a problem here.
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Another handpicked unusual restaurant, ideal for business dining! Your corporate guests will find it quite accessible as Tuttons enjoys a supreme location in Covent Garden overlooking the historic piazza. A simple post-work gathering here turns into a light-hearted prolific event. And all the credit goes to the excellent staff serving exquisite drinks and food menus. The leather upholstery helps create a formal intimate setting whilst the colour scheme keeps officialism at bay. Within its two vaults, the venue can cater to 90 guests.
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Searcys at St. Pancras Grand
Recently renovated and redesigned by respected designer Martin Brudnizki, St. Pancras Grand Station awards us with this stunning brasserie. Uniquely positioned opposite the Champagne Bar at the regenerated station, the Searcys at St. Pancras Grand is popular for hosting high-end corporate events. Head Chef Chis Dines combines the classics with the modern favourites, creating ultimate fine dining experience. Quintessentially British food is served complete with ’express’ dishes, enriching your table. With a private dining room and semi-exclusive spaces, St. Pancras Grand venue can easily hold up to 150 diners.
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HMS Belfast
If you really want to take things up a notch, why not take your guests on board HMS Belfast, an Ex-Royal navy cruiser turned into a museum. Each of its dedicatedly bejewelled rooms boats a unique naval charm and character. Sheer white linen, impressive cutlery, well-dressed trained waiters, and a refined ambience, what else do you want? The Dining Room at this ship really takes your dining experience to the highest standard whilst floating on Thames. The ship can easily sail with up to 240 diners.
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Tower 42
Situated on the 24th floor of Tower 42, the conference and private dining room offers unrivalled panorama of London city, making it an unusual choice for corporate dinners. Along with an eye-pleasing vista, you can expect outstanding culinary experience by Britain’s top chefs. Guests will love to dine with a difference amidst the beautiful setting that can accommodate up to 100 guests. The venue is also home to a luxury Champagne bar so you can treat your guests to an ultimate drinking experience too.
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London is hugely popular for the diverse and rich culinary scene, making these fine-dining restaurants the right choice for corporate dinners.

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Ice Breakers for Meetings: 5 Minutes to Win It

Remember how boring was it to attend the history lecture in school? It is equally boring for an employee to attend a business meeting even if it is held in the most luxurious corporate venue in London.

Then how can organisations make a meeting or a conference interesting? Here comes the role of icebreakers. These little energisers work as magic wands turning the boring meeting into a light-hearted corporate event.

Considering that a good start is the call of the hour when conducting a meeting, these ice-breakers will help everyone relax and feel like a part of the team. Here are the top four that will make your meetings something to look forward to.

Art Attack
It is rightly said that a picture says a thousand words. Give all the attendees a piece of paper and a pencil and ask them to draw a picture of themselves in five minutes to illustrate who they are. Make sure nobody writes any words, numbers, or letters. Collect all the pictures after 5 minutes and show them to the group one at a time.

You will come across some quite interesting (and funny) masterpieces. Whoever guesses right who drew them should be rewarded with a little gift. The person should then introduce him/herself with the help of the picture.

Quick Trivia
Ask each member to create a quirky name combining the name of the first pet, pal, or teacher, with the street name where he/she grew up. Allow them to announce their name one by one. Whoever comes up with the funniest or the longest or the quirkiest name should be awarded. Do not be surprised to hear Velvet Greenfield, Squeaky Harold, Cuddly St. Mary Axe, and so on.

Your Worst Job
Ask each attendee to tell a bit about their worst job or their first job. As the tale will progress, it will turn out to be a fun conversation or rather competition to see who had the worst job of all. It will not only help everyone to get to know each other better but also help them appreciate the job you have given them.

Paper Airplane Game
A wonderful game will help attendees to know each other better. Ask each person to write their name and two facts about them on a paper. And ask everyone to fold their papers into an airplane, toss into the air, and pick up the one that lands close. The person who picks has to read the information and find out the one it belongs to. Award the ones who guess right. A fun exercise will relax everyone and help to be acquainted with others.

Make sure that your attendees do not end up checking their wristwatches every five minutes. Using these icebreakers will definitely help you get the juice flowing.

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In and Out Club DDR Package

Situated in the heart of City, ‘In and Out Club’ is a perfect venue for arranging corporate meetings and conferences. Also known as, Naval and Military Club, this conference venue in London offers special ‘Day Delegate Rates’ or DDR packages to make your event more successful.

If you are planning a conference or a business meeting in London, then avail special DDR packages offered at this club. This Grade II listed venue features 6 rooms, all beautifully styled and adorned with some great original features.

6 Rooms at In and Out Club:
DDR Package Rates:

Day Delegate Rates at In and Out Club starts from –

  • £57.00 per head + VAT for members
  • £65.00 per head + VAT for non-members

Day Delegate Rate Package at In and Out Club:

  • Venue Hire at Naval Military Club from 8 am – 5 pm
  • Tea and coffee on arrival along with Danish pastries
  • Mid-morning coffee and tea with shortbread and cookies
  • Afternoon tea and coffee with a selection of cakes
  • Complimentary breakout rooms for meeting of more than 40 delegates
  • 1½ rounds per person of crisps, sandwiches, fresh fruits, and wraps
  • Iced water jugs with selection of cordials
  • Bowls of mint and seasonal fruits on table
  • Recycled paper, pencils, 1 x flip chart, and pens
  • Full event management

Opulent décor and grand facilities will surely make your event memorable at this venue in London. You can choose from their optional extras too, including screen, data projectors, additional flip charts, plasma screen, conference phones, and other specialist equipment for an extra price.

They also have additional refreshment and menu options, which you can avail as per your event requirements. All prices mentioned here are exclusive of VAT and are subject to availability. If you want to customise this package as per your needs, contact us on 020 7070 4488.

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First Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Get your video camera charged, as you do not want to miss even a single moment of this celebration. It is your little girl’s first birthday and the occasion definitely calls for something out of the ordinary. Thinking of a fairy tale birthday for your little princess?

Hold your horses, it is her first birthday, and you have to choose a special not an ordinary theme. She may not remember the hurrah but she will definitely cherish the memorable and fun clicks. Check out these quirky yet super-cute themes that will help you pull together a memorable bash in London.
Royal Baby Bash
Your little girl is no less than Royal Baby so why not give her a regal treatment when she is one. From the royal gold, purple, and pink palette to the whimsical signs like ‘enchanted kingdom,’ there are a lot of ideas to play with. To create the majestic backdrop, adorn the place with gold and pink drapes with suspended crystal leis. Hang large photos of your little Queen in antique frames on the walls.
Think of a unique design for the birthday cake other than castle or horse drawn carriage. How about a jewelled tiara atop a quilted cushion with braided edgings? A set of antique bone china teapots and cups will add a whimsical feel. To take it up a notch, hire a livery hall in London adorned with antique art pieces, chandeliers, and furniture, giving you a picture-perfect setting for a royal birthday.
Little Mermaid under the Sea
Bring the underwater magic into your little mermaid’s birthday party with an Under the Sea theme. For themed décor, tie fish shaped balloons at the back of the chair and adorn the room with see-through balloons to reflect bubbles. Or you can also use a bubble machine if the budget allows.
To highlight the theme, cover the table with crystal clear blue plastic cloth and place small glass fish bowls as centrepieces. To satisfy the sweet tooth of the little guests, make sure to serve star, fish and shell shaped cookies, candies, and cupcakes. And add sea shell salad to your menu too.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
This wonderful themed party manages to be both girly and chic, making it the best option. Silver, black, and tiffany blue colour scheme paired with exclusive details like pearls, diamonds, flowers, and of course a lot of sparkle. Your table should look like a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Cover the table with blue cloth with black polka dots and place tall white centrepieces with a sparkle brooch around the base. Floral and crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling will take the décor to a whole new level.
If you are inviting fashionistas under 5, set up a separate ‘Dress Up’ table with faux diamond rings, bracelets, pearl necklaces, tiaras, and shades. You can also set up a separate ‘Hair-do’ stations where every little girl can get an Audrey inspired up do complete with a tiara. And don’t forget to dress your girl in a black frilly dress with pearl or diamond necklace and headpiece to complete the look. To end the party with a bang, give out favours in blue gift boxes with white satin ribbon tied around them.

These themes will definitely add that spark in your little girl’s first birthday bash and help you create ever-lasting memories. Just keep your camera with you.

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Top Unusual Birthday Venues in London

Your birthday comes only once in a year, so it deserves a celebration. Throw a memorable birthday bash that surprises your guests with an ultimate partying experience.

You will find plenty of unusual venues in London that happily cater to birthdays and other special occasions. These venues offer great facilities and splendid catering services along with quirky interiors.

So, to make your birthday a special one, hire London’s best unusual venues that are perfect for birthday parties:
Dirty Martini Hanover Square
Be it a small gathering or a big birthday blow-out, Dirty Martini is the quirkiest venue in London for your celebration. Situated in the heart of fashionable Mayfair, the venue features fantasy-inspired décor that includes glinting chandeliers, exclusive seating area, and a surprising bottle wall design.

This restaurant offers excellent food, which is complemented by an extensive drinks list including some strange yet enticing cocktails. With spacious tunnels for private parties, Dirty Martini is sure to make your dream party a reality.
Little Ship Club
Do you want a unique venue to celebrate your birthday? May be Little Ship Club is what you were looking for. This London club enjoys historical grandeur in its interior, structural design, and ambience.

Located on Thames path, this space often amazes guests invited to your private parties. This hidden gem in Bell Wharf Lane is known for its exceptional catering facilities complemented with beautiful riverside views. You can also expect unusual cocktails and a lively ambiance.
Tower Bridge and Walkway
An ultimate venue for a cool and quirky party, Tower Bridge and Walkway provides four different spaces each with its own charm and eminence. Built 45 meters above River Thames, this exemplary landmark offers an extraordinary setting for a range of events.

Guests will witness the original historic charm, whilst experiencing a panoramic view of the Docklands, Tower of London, and much more. The place also offers ambient lighting to help you achieve the magical ambience you need.

Book any of its magnificent sitting rooms to add oomph to your private event or celebration.
In and Out
If you are planning to hold a fun-filled party in London, In and Out is a wise choice. Built in the centre of St James’s, this historic building has two entrances. The front doorway being formal is in accordance with the recognized traditions of Clubland, where a formal dress code is followed.

The other is Babmaes Street doorway that permits direct approach to the stress-free business centre, leisure centre, swimming pool and an informal restaurant.

Apart from a background of managing high-end events, this venue has been booked for a range of occasions such as private events, BBQ parties, charity events, conferences, and receptions.

Whatever your style or budget, these unusual venues offer extravagant settings to your celebration without sacrificing fun.

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10 Reasons to Host Your Conference in London

International business centre, financial hub, capital of the world, London city has not earned these titles out of the blue. There are sure-shot reasons why London tops the list when organisers think of their event’s location. London has something for every corporate event and every delegate, so rest assured. If you still want reasons why London has to be the host of your event, here are the top 10.
Excellent Transport Links
London has been voted as Europe’s best city with best national and international transport links. With five international airports and developed rail system, London promises an easy, quick, and cheaper transit to and from the city. And when it comes to the local transport system, don’t ignore the fact that London was the first ever city to launch metro or Underground. Over 21,000 licensed taxis, extensive tube network, and public buses, make travelling around London like a cakewalk.

Varied Accommodation Options
London is home to over 1,25,000 hotel rooms, ranging from basic B&Bs to the most luxurious suites and penthouses. And the best part is most of these exclusive accommodations are located within walking distance from popular conference centres. In fact, some of the conference venues have in-house accommodation facility too, making things easy for the attendees.
Unparalleled Range of Venues
Considering that venue plays a key role in unlocking a successful corporate event, London has an exquisite range of over 1,000 conference venues to suit different budget, capacity, and style of the event. From historically significant monuments to cruises, the never-ending range includes every type of venue that you imagine.

Perfect to Build Networks
London is the financial hub with hundreds of business events taking place from different industries. Home to ICT hubs, media, advertising, and over 50% of all European headquarters, there is no better place to develop your business contact list. Arrange your business event here and meet potential business partners and clients.
Revolutionary Technology
To meet the requirements of the modern tech-savvy audience, many London venues are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including AV aids like projectors, plasma screens, speakers, and microphones. Besides, free Wi-Fi and video conferencing facilities are also available to help increase access to events.

Experienced Event Planners
Considering London has been the centre of attractions for event organisers for years, the even managers here know the drill. Years of experience and expertise assists them in pulling off exciting, engaging, and productive corporate events. Let them take your burden and rest assured.
Pre and Post Event Entertainment
In London, an international business event does not end with a boring after-party. London has a rich cultural heritage, giving you varied itineraries for delegates from royal palaces to West End shows and RIB boat rides. Various team-building activity sessions are also available.

Value for Money
Budget hotels, free attractions, low cost airline network, and cheaper transport options ensure that you can make the most of your money spent without compromising on the quality.
Brightest Speakers
There are over 40 renowned universities and colleges in London where sharpest minds work and study, making it easier to book a bright mind to brighten your event. Hire a leading speaker ensuring exceptional content to your audience making your event extra-prolific and dynamic.

Enticing Culinary Scene

London’s culinary scene has all cuisines in store from Japanese and Thai to Mediterranean and Italian to mention a few. Refreshments and conference lunch here is sure to be a feast to both the eyes and taste buds alike. So, you can expect to savour the best flavours whilst conferencing. Besides, the catering facilities at the venues will ensure a bespoke food and drinks menu to meet your requirements.

Considering these reasons, you can be sure that it would be a wise decision to host your conference in London for your business to grow tremendously.

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Best Party Venues in London

With the holiday season approaching, many parties, and events are sure to be there on your calendar. However, if you’re planning to throw a party, it’s good to be aware of the best party venues as London has many, making it difficult to choose the right one. Here is an infograph of the best celebration venues in London city where hosting a party will turn out to be a memorable and stress-free experience. We have shortlisted these venues based on their facilities, exciting party packages, and of course prices. All you have to do is choose the right one. Happy Partying!

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Magical Themes for December Weddings

December brides! Getting married in the colder months does not mean you cannot have a wonderful wedding. Is Winter Wonderland the only theme that you can think of? Do not fret and keep reading to get inspiring winter wedding themes that will turn your wedding into a magical event that guests will cherish for years to come. And when you’re getting married in London with so many whimsical venue choices, you just need not worry at all. Here are the best winter wedding themes, décor, and venue ideas on the web.
Crystal Wedding
If budget is not a constraint when arranging your nuptial, let it be a crystal themed wedding. This whimsical theme will transport your guests to an unimaginably beautiful place. Crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, satin white drapes paired with crystal leis, and sparkling crystal cake stand are some of the wedding details that will leave your guests awe-struck. Crystals also represent the translucent colour of ice, making it a perfect symbolic theme for winter weddings.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this theme gives plenty of opportunities to include diamonds and crystals in your wedding day look. From the embellished gown to the silver heels and the dazzling tiara, guests will keep wowing, as you will walk down the aisle. But don’t overdo your accessories; take inspiration from the royal bride herself. If you are really inspired and want some crystal decorations, don’t forget to check Decorate My Wedding’s website. You won’t regret it!
Narnia Nuptial
Bring the snow effect into your wedding with a Narnia inspired reception in London. Theme your reception entrance like a wardrobe filled with fur coats with a small light inside so guests will have to cross it to get into the reception site. If your wedding venue provides ambient lighting, have the room lit with blue lights. Shimmery linen, mini conifer trees as centrepieces, birch branches, and lamp posts, all will add to the perfect wedding décor.

To make the place look icier, either hire a snow machine or hang strings of twinkling white lights from one to the other end of the room. Remember the white witch’s palace? That’s the kind of look you have to create. To ensure you look like a snow queen (not the white witch), wear a fairylike white dress paired with a heavy up do and a snow queen crown. And, make sure to carry a faux fur shrug over your wedding dress to complete your Narnia inspired look.
Christmas Wedding
Why not bring the magic of Christmas into your wedding ceremony. During Christmas, most of the venues to get married in London are impressively decked and designed. Why not make use of those Christmassy details by having a Xmas themed wedding. It’s an over the top theme, ideal for budget brides. Red, white, and green have to be the colours of the day whilst a bit of gold and silver will fill the ambience with vibrancy. Adorn the tables with gold, red, green, and silver Xmas candles arranged in candelabras.

Always remember to not overdo any Christmas decor, as it is your wedding reception not a holiday party. However, evoke the theme with your colour palette, tiered cake that looks like wrapped gifts placed one above the other and twinkling Xmas lights. As far as your wedding dress is concerned, it does not have to be something different from what flatters you the most. Only add a little red velvet waist sash to your white dress and a wow-worthy look is ensured. Candy canes could make a quite special wedding favour. If kids are a part of your wedding, Santa could also pay a visit to your reception venue.

Planning your wedding in December does not mean you are short of theme ideas. These sparkling themes are perfect to make your dream wedding come true.

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Infuse the Magic of Christmas in Your Winter Wonderland Wedding in London

Winter weddings in London can be the most dramatic occasions in one’s life. And, thus they demand bold, utterly fabulous setting that can bring the true essence of the season.

Dare to dazzle your guests by infusing the magic of Christmas in your winter wonderland wedding in London. It is a fantastic idea that will soak up the festive atmosphere with your marriage.

If you are short of ideas, then follow these:

Winter Wedding Gowns
A wedding is the most special day in your life and if you wish to remember it for entire life, go for bold, statement-making wedding attire. Brides choosing a winter wonderland wedding must pay utmost attention to their gowns. You gown should bring out the essence of the wedding theme. It should be sweet, beautiful, and gorgeous, awe-inspiring everyone present at your ceremony.

Pick the winter wedding gowns that inject the magic of Christmas at your ceremony:
Vintage Winter
With a thriving, lingerie effect, a vintage winter dress is just perfect for your winter wonderland theme. Do not accessorise too much, as sheer lace sleeves and decorous length will add the magic at your event.
Hollywood Cool
It is an old school, but it is an ideal way to add whimsical effect to your winter ceremony. Wear a full cathedral ball gown and you will look like a perfect Christmas time bride.
Lady in Lace
Lace is a perfect style statement to make during winters. It signifies snowflakes and chic icicles. Chantilly lace and tulle cap sleeve dress with a plunging neckline, you will surely make your groom go mad for you.

Winter Wedding Colours
Pastels are ideal for spring or summer nuptials, but if you plan to marry in the middle of winter, then go for rich colour tones that give stunning colour theme. Here are few expert opinions on how to plan a fabulous winter colour scheme:
Ravishing Red
Probably the most appropriate colour scheme if you want to relive the magic of Christmas. Red is a traditional symbol of love and Christmas. So, carrying a bouquet of red roses will be a real style statement.

To add more touches of red throughout the day, you can wear a pair of red-soled shoes. You can serve your guests some great cranberry martinis or mulled wines. Painted rose crown cakes or red velvet cakes will be a good addition to your ceremony too.
Wild Winter Green
Wild winter green is a gorgeous, lovely-looking colour scheme, which can be minimal in cost. Use winter green foliage with different textures or combine green tea roses to add more elegance.

Get more deeper and darker shades of green to highlight a warm winter wedding in London.
Another great addition to Christmas and winter wonderland wedding, gold colour scheme gives you a luxurious feel at your wedding. The opulent gold décor and gold leaf on the food make your ceremony look awesome with this colour.

Pull of a wonderland wedding in winter by choosing an overwhelming metallic look, with a glitzy gold and silver décor and attire.

Winter Wedding Venues
A Christmas inspired wonderland wedding demands a chic, atmospheric, and opulent venue. From a snowflakes garden scene to roaring log fire, a right winter wedding venue in London will just enhance your special day.

We have listed out some dream winter wedding venues in London that will add just the right touch to your Christmas inspired celebration in the capital:
Trinity House
It is a historic building in Fenchurch Street, offering panoramic views of Thames and Tower of London. Trinity House in City of London is a familiar setting like your home, where you can dine and dance amidst the luxury of well-furnished rooms.

Antique chandeliers and painted ceiling, this is a lovely site for planning a winter wedding in the city. The elegance of sweeping staircase and beauty of Trinity Square gardens make this an ideal photogenic venue for your marriage.

Capacity – 120 Guests
Skinners Hall
A venue like no other, Skinners Hall is available for exclusive hire for winter weddings. It has flexible rooms for dancing, dining, and reception. There are beautiful outdoor as well as indoor spaces, where you can plan a themed nuptial as per your requirements.

An event co-ordinator is ready to help always, allowing you to get a bespoke wedding package at Skinners Hall.

Capacity – 300 Guests
Charing Cross Hotel – Guoman
Your gold colour scheme will just look perfect at a venue such as Charing Cross Hotel – Guoman. It offers a breathtaking set up for your dream day. With its sheer opulence and scale, this London luxury hotel will offer an ideal backdrop for photographs and ceremonies.

It has a choice of function spaces, all suitable for small and large celebrations with your friends and family.

Capacity – 150 Guests

Winter wonderland is a season inspired wedding idea. And, to add a twist to it, you can infuse the magic of Christmas in it. Use these fabulous ideas and make your dream come true at these venues.

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Last Call for Shared Party Nights in London

Just a handful of dates remain for shared Christmas parties at elegant venues in the City of London. The following Christmas party venues have some availability left for shared parties in November and December 2013.

Hire a venue today to avoid last minute disappointment!
The fabulous Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) is hidden away in the City, offering an oasis of calmness away from bustling streets of London. Artillery Garden at HAC is one of the most sought after venues for shared Christmas parties in December. It has limited dates remaining this season. A special ‘Christmas in Hollywood’ theme awaits you at HAC this year. Your guests will feel like stars once they step onto red carpet and are caught in flashlights of paparazzi cameras.
Tower of London is a suitable venue for medieval style Christmas parties. Open from mid-November until mid-December 2013, this unusual and historic space is an ideal choice for your shared event. Limited dates are available with us, so book a table today to avoid any disappointment. This iconic venue is located in the City, offering breathtaking views of Thames. Rooms at Tower of London feature ancient artefacts and offer unique backdrop to throw a shared Christmas party for up to 300 guests.
Popular dates are booking fast at Gibson Hall in London. After their success of ‘Gold and Glitz in 2012’, Gibson Hall gives you ‘Once Upon a Christmas in 2013’. Get transported to Victorian times, as the venue offers a nostalgic Victorian décor for your Christmas. A shared event at this venue will set a tone for your guests, who will be greeted by sounds, sights, and smells of Victorian era. A stunning backdrop for your event, with crystal chandeliers and marble columns, Gibson Hall will surely make your event memorable.
Christmas with a ‘Speakeasy’ theme at Ironmongers Hall will make your event more exciting and spooky. Shared events at this venue are still remaining for key dates. If you wish to celebrate Christmas 2013 at Ironmongers Hall then call us on 020 7070 4488.

For more information on Christmas party dates and packages, you can send email enquiries at

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