A Step-by-Step Guide to Plan an Employee Award Ceremony in London

Whether your company is approaching its 100th year or it has just achieved a goal, recognising the achievement is significant. And, when you reside in the business centre of the world, keeping your employees happy becomes even more important. An award ceremony in London will not just help you to reward the deserving employees but also break the monotony. But when planning an award ceremony in London, logistics can be a bit nerve-wracking. Understanding the general headaches surrounding an award ceremony, we have created a step by step guide to give you a helping hand.

Who to Invite
First, create a list of award winners and ask if they will bring a guest with them. Next, make a list of VIPs like your regular clients, chairperson, speakers you have invited, and others. With all these, don’t forget those who competed for the award, the support staff. Before finalising your guest list, keep in mind that the ceremony is about winners. Lastly, consider inviting your key clients as it helps to strengthen the relationship.

Once you have your guest list ready, you can start looking for potential venues that can accommodate your invitees. Make sure that the venue is centrally located as central London is well-connected to transport links like tube, buses, and rail. But when booking one of the award venues in central London, keep in view the specific amenities you want like AV aids, parking, and catering. Talk to your event agent to know what the venue has to offer so you are aware of the cost. You don’t want to blow the budget allotted for the ceremony.

Seating Plans
Appropriate seating plan is crucial in making an award ceremony a huge success. It’s preferable to give the best seats to VIPs whilst award recipients also need to be seated within easy access to the stage. It is best to hire a venue that houses tiered seats. You can create the seating plan on a spreadsheet to make sure that guests are seated in the right places.

Orders your awards several weeks in advance so you have enough time to order a few extras if required. Keep the wordings engraved on the awards as per the nature of the event. If you do not have time to visit a local store to buy awards, visit http://www.trophiesandmedals.com/, a great online destination to purchase trophies and models in London.

What about those unsung heroes that contributed a lot to the success of the award winners? It would be great if you give out keepsakes to all the guests especially those who won’t receive any awards. They will not feel that they had to sit for the whole evening and then leave empty-handed.

The purpose of any event is to entertain guests and the award ceremony is no different. You need to make sure that audience sitting there is not watching their wrist watches over and over again. Include some entertaining activities to add a fun factor to your event. You would not like a rock band to perform during an employee award ceremony. Go for acrobatic cabaret, magic acts, or hire a pianist to platy soothing melodies during dinner hours.

An award ceremony is the best way to appreciate the valuable efforts of your workforce. Make sure to arrange a memorable ceremony with these ideas and tips.

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Venues for Hire in London for Over 1000 Guests

London has a fair share of party venues that can accommodate a large number of guests. But when you know that your guest list is over 1000, the number of high capacity venues shrinks. Bigger isn’t always better but when it comes to host over 1000 guests, a bigger venue is the call of the hour. The layout and appearance of the venue can make or break your party. Here we give you an insight into the top high capacity venues that can seat up over 1000 guests in different seating layouts.

Trinity and Goodmans – Over 1000 in Reception Style

Set behind the doors of Grange Tower Bridge Hotel lays these two lush venues than can be hired in conjunction. In its lavish setting, these can easily accommodate around 1090 guests in reception style seating. Along with an elite feel, this event space offers a range of facilities to ensure your event is up to the mark. These include AV aids, lighting, air-conditioning, and an expert event handling staff to assist throughout. Accommodation facility is also provided which makes it an ideal choice for international conferences and long meetings.

Barbican Theatre - Over 1000 in Theatre Style

Right in the heart of the tropical wonderland called Barbican Centre is located a high-tech Theatre. This state of the art cinema set on level 1 is home to 1156 tiered seats which make it perfect for grand award ceremonies, product launches, screenings, and other corporate events. The venue is well-equipped with ultra-modern facilities like lighting, large screen, projector, and sound system that ensure an up-to-date event. To ensure convenience, transport options, and security is also provided.

Your choice of venue plays a crucial role in influencing the success of the event. Make sure to hire a space that is capacious enough to accommodate all your guests.

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Sweet Sixteen Venues to Hire in London that Will Wow the Little Lady

Is your little girl turning 16? It’s a milestone that girls look forward to. Why not plan a sweet and swanky party for her? It’s her day to be in the limelight and take the centre stage. To make her day more special and unique, you can choose one of the stylish sweet 16 party venues in London. These venue have everything in store to make your daughter’s sweet sixteen the hot topic in school.

Take a sneak peek at London birthday venues that will make your daughter’s dream ‘sweet 16’ party come true.

A Lush Venue in a Plush Hotel
(Mansion House, EC4)
Set within a 5 star hotel, Grange St. Paul’s Wren Suite offers a perfect setting to host a sweet sixteen. This stylish venue allows you to host a grand and glamorous party right in the heart of the city. The refined décor and LED lighting help to set a dazzling ambience. With capacity of 1200 guests, the venue promises a grand event. The in-house catering team will serve any cuisine, whether it is Japanese, French, or Malaysian to name a few.

A Historic Venue with a Modern Twist
(Tower Hill, EC3)
Your daughter will be dazzled to party in an iconic landmark. Tower Bridge and Walkway gives a unique historic appeal to any event held here. Victorian Engine rooms exude an old-world charm while the walkways offer a chic and modern setting. Set 45 metres above Thames, the walkways offer unparalleled views of Thames and the city. Glimmering ambient lighting allows you to fill the aura with the colour you want. As the city lights illuminate, the setting becomes all the more magical.

A Floating Venue on Thames
(Victoria Embankment, EC4Y 0HJ)
HMS President is a perfect setting to host a memorable sweet sixteen against a stunning backdrop. Whether you want to party on the deck or indoors against the views of Thames, this venue is the right choice. Adorned with fairy lights, fabrics, and furnishings, the Ball Room offers an elegant and sweet setting. The floor-to-ceiling windows give glimmering panorama of Thames and the city.

Beneath the Twinkling Stars
(Southampton Row, WC1)
The Constellations Suite is a beautiful hall to celebrate the sixteenth year of her life. This venue has a twinkling Mood-lit ceiling, that gives it a feel of being under a shinning, star-studded night. Arrange a dance, a sit down dinner, or do both to celebrate the occasion your way. It has a row of cuisines to select from, like Chinese, Italian, Japanese, British, Indian, African and Caribbean, Malaysian and Mediterranean several more. Use its décor for the birthday theme you have selected.

Pick any of these stylish venues to make your daughter’s sweet 16 stand out from the rest. Find her a space at the floating venue, under a star-studded ceiling, a hall with hotels, or at a snazzy venue of the city. You can give a specific mood and style to the birthday, by making a suitable choice with venue, and giving it a right setting.

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Activities and Ideas for Your Team Building Event in London

Looking for new sure-fire ways to bring together your workforce? Why not add a couple of team building dates to your yearly work diary. Putting together teams in your office is a real gamble. But using team building events can help you hit the jackpot. These activities work like wake-up-calls and fill all the employees with team spirit and energy. Along with office Christmas and New Year party, such events give employees something to look forward. And what can be a better time to plan a team building event than now when the weather is just perfect in London. Here are some team building activities that will help you reach your goal.

Challenge Catwalk

This is quite a fun way to get your employees work together and indulge in fun too. It focuses on the creative abilities of the workforce as the teams battle out to make outfits that they think will steal the show. Within the given timeframe, they have to design and produce a winning dress and find a model to showcase it on the ramp. To arrange the catwalk, you will need a venue that has flexible staging options. A fashion show venue in London can be the right choice.

London ‘Fun’opoly

If you reside anywhere in UK, this is a great game to bring your teams to the capital and have a fun time. This is a great team-building event based on the famous Monopoly board game. Your teams will be racing around London to find various iconic landmarks. But if they pick the wrong location, they will have to work harder to get back into the game.

Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It inspired activities are perfect as indoor corporate event energisers. The best thing is, these are not time consuming. This fast-paced event will get everyone laughing, cheering, and struggling to become the minute to win it champion. Here are some activities that you can include to enhance team spirit in your workforce.

(a) Bottoms Up
(b) Breakfast Scramble
(c) Blind Wall
(d) Moving on Up
(e) Bite The Biscuit

If you are looking to plan a team building event in London, these activities and ideas are sure to be a big hit among your employees.

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Small Party Venues for Hire in London for Intimate Gatherings

It’s rightly said that bigger isn’t always better. For all intimate celebrations, London offers plenty of small venues for hire. Best things often come in small packages. These little event spaces have everything in store to make your small gathering shine out. With careful usage of space and structure, these venues create an intimate and warm ambience for your event.

Get an insight into some of the stunning small party venues for hire in London that will add the oomph to your event.
The Law Society
(113 Chancery Lane, WC2A)
This stylish venue located rightly between West End and The City offers a choice of event spaces for small scale private and corporate events. A centre of legal world since 1832, The Law Society is a grade II listed building. Arrange your event in a historic setting and add that unique touch to your event. Hire any of its function rooms replete with historic artefacts. From 20 to 200, the spaces for hire at this venue can seat up any number of guests.
The Wellcome Collection
(183 Euston Rd, NW1 2BE)
Hire any of the 8 event spaces at The Wellcome Collection to celebrate your special occasion in style. Ideal for both corporate and private events, this venue can seat up to 200 people. The Henry Wellcome Auditorium features tiered seating making it ideal for product launches, training sessions, and annual meetings. Medicine Now Gallery is a unique setting to host small cocktail reception and celebrations.
Blue Fin
(110 Southwark Street, SE1 0SU)
Modern and chic, this dazzling venue offers an array of spaces to arrange events for up to 80 guests. The impressive double storey glass venue allows you to gather against a stylish backdrop. The relaxed café lounge and restaurant is a welcoming setting for intimate get-togethers. Along with all this, Blue Fin boasts a roof garden terrace where you can party in style whilst enjoying the breath-taking views of the city. The floor-to-ceiling windows ensure a lot of natural light and breath-taking views of the River Thames and attractions like Shard and St Paul’s Cathedral.

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High Capacity Wedding Venues in London to Make Your Big Day Eventful

A wide range of wedding halls is available for hire in London to suit each of your requirements on your big day. However, hiring a large venue with high capacity for accommodating your guests often becomes a daunting task. The capital city is jam packed with event spaces, but finding a venue with capacity as high as for 1000 or 2000 guests is not that easy. This is because a wedding requires a lot more considerations like catering, decoration, seating layout apart from simple venue solutions.

Here are a few suitable wedding venues in London with high capacities. These venues offer contemporary features blend with professional services.

Barbican Centre
This is one of the most popular wedding venues in the city for its superb event space called The Conservatory used for romantic clicks by wedding photographers. Hire this venue located on Old Street, for large-scale celebrations, and take the vows in style. The venue offers beautiful backdrop for buffets, cocktails and receptions and is sure to take everyone’s heart away.

The Brewery
Lying in the heart of The City of London, the Brewery offers venue hire options in an 18th century building. Hold your wedding event at this Grade II listed building offering 6 wonderfully designed event spaces. Each of these function rooms depicts historicity of London. Avail its impeccable in-house catering facility to cater to the taste buds of your guests.

The Wren Suite at Grange St. Pauls Hotel
Lying too close to famous St. Pauls Cathedral, Grange St. Pauls Hotel offers lavish venues for hire. One of its event centres called Wren Suite is perfect for holding wedding celebrations for up to 1200 people. Adorned with fine décor under the LED lighting, this iconic venue with state of the art facilities assures a larger than life feeling to the occasion. The expert catering team offers sumptuous and impressive food and cocktail selection served in style.

Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall Market is a prominently big and spacious venue, a one of its kind in the city. With a space for 1200 guests, this is the most desired venue if you want to serve a selection of cuisines, prepared by experts from restaurants located on the street. You can hire Central Avenue, conference rooms, reception rooms or the whole market, depending on your wedding guest list. This is one of the top choice venues to hire for the big reason.

Guildhall is a grand hall for people planning their weddings on a large scale. Grandeur is vastly emphasised at this venue which is visible through its Gothic style windows and its high, arched ceiling. Being here will give you a feel of being in the old era. Its Livery Hall and Old Library are the classic pieces of old Victorian times, while the Basinghall and The Art Gallery will bring you the latest and contemporary event space. Make your wedding a big and special occasion.

Induce the feel and mood that you always wished to have on your big, wedding day. Enquire about any if these large wedding halls in London and make your wedding day memorable with its intimate decor and settings.

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Seven Steps to Unveil Your Next Product in London like Steve Jobs

Ever wondered how the legend Steve Jobs built buzz for every new product that Apple launches. The iPad sold 300,000+ WiFi-only units the day it was launched. You might be thinking whether you can ever tweak your products like the great marketing guru. I believe you can. It would earn great profit to your company and it’s not that hard if certain things are kept in mind.

Here are a number of strategies that Steve Jobs applied to market Apple products and get success.

Focus on People not the Product
Rarely would you have seen Steve standing on the stage talking about the features of Apple products. Rather, he goes out of his way to talk about how that product affects their life. The idea is to talk about benefits not features. Steve would talk about how iPod shuffle is smaller than a pack of chewing gum but leave out technical details like processor speed or the screen resolution. Steve used a colourful collection of adjectives to give the customers a compelling picture of how his product will enrich their life.

Words Matter
When Apple launches a product the words are enough to leave you spellbound. The sales page of Apple uses a number of strategies to cause an emotional reaction in the reader and turn him into a buyer. Browse the sales page of iPad and you will read “It makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books so natural, you might forget there’s incredible technology under your fingers” The words are so compelling that you feel you already own the device and WWW resting in your hands. Words make a huge difference. So, when launching a product make sure to use the right words.

Spread the Word Online
What really sets Apple apart is that everyone keeps on talking about the upcoming product months before even a demo is out in the market. Readers are not talking about what the product does but predicting what it might do. In this case, obviously the history helps. But even if you don’t have a history like Apple, you can start working with Press to create a buzz for your product. Create press releases and blog posts to get readers talking about your product.

Make an Event Out of It
When Apple launches a new product, you don’t see a speaker coming on stage to read a press release. When a person like Steve Jobs speaks, the world watches. You are not Steve Jobs but you can plan each and every word and gesture to leave the audience awe-struck. If you have the budget, plan a grand product launch so that customers as well as media take it seriously. And when you plan to arrange it at one of the product launch venues in London, success is sure to kiss your feet!

Focus on Design
Never underestimate the power of a product’s appearance. Try and launch something that people would love to show off. An aesthetically pleasing design can have a big impact on your sales. So, try and focus on the design of the next product you want to launch. And when we say design, we mean it like Steve Jobs, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Build Suspense
Curiosity is a big motivator to buy. Let your readers fantasise and discuss to great length all the possibilities. If you have made the readers say, “I wonder what would it would be like to experience something like that!” Your job is done. Build the suspense as long as you can. It will motivate customers to buy your product when it is launched. Apple does a great job in building curiosity in the readers like “Apps on iPad look and feel like nothing you’ve ever experienced.”

Market like Steve Jobs
Steve Job had the ability to see a problem and launch a product as the solution to that problem. Every product Apple launched has a story behind its launch. Keep the tech details for tech oriented interviews and press releases.

Thanks to Steve Jobs for giving us many useful marketing strategies. When you launch your next product in London, make sure to use these ideas.

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Cocktail Party Planning Made Easy: Ideas and Tips

Putting together a classic cocktail party is quite exciting. But great cocktail parties don’t just happen, do they? In fact, they are created, with much effort and thoughtfulness. The secret to an eventful cocktail party lies in planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If cocktail party is a dish, the major ingredients are food, fabulous cocktails, and of course guests. And in such important social gatherings in London, you just can’t afford to disappoint your guests. But keep in mind, that nobody expects you to serve them the moon and you can’t please everyone.
With that in mind, let your imagination and our expert ideas be your guide in planning a smashing party this time.

Be it any celebration, your choice of venue can make or break your party. Don’t just jump the gun. First, consider the ambience you want, the number of guests, and most importantly your budget. And then choose one of the cocktail party rooms in London.

Good menu is what makes a venue popular and keeps a cocktail party alive. And when you have professionals to take care of your catering needs, you need not worry at all. A venue with in-house caterers might seem an expensive choice at first, but it has its benefits too. All you need to do is state down your requirements and rest assured. They are the sharpest knives in the drawer who know their work very well and have years of experience at the same venue.

Guest List
This is the major factor that influences your choice of venue. Whatever is the number, make sure there is ample space for all your guests for dinner, drinks, and dance. Also, check whether the venue offers flexible seating arrangement. Decide beforehand whether you want a standing cocktail reception or a sit down function.

Outdoor or Indoor
Outdoor venues add a certain magic to any celebration but when in London, there are a few things to consider. If anything that’s unpredictable in London, it’s weather. You need to find a venue that has both outdoor as well as indoor option. You can rest assured to have a great party even if the weather turns bad.

Popular Choices
Londoners! You are blessed with some of the trendiest cocktail party venues in central London. Whether it’s your wedding cocktail hour, a corporate gathering, or a summer fiesta, there is a cluster of venues to host your special party. Popular choices among London partiers are:

Keep the fun up with a delicious food and drinks menu that will leave everyone satiated. Here are some ideas.

A Fully Stocked Bar
If you really want to get away from the hassles of cocktail party planning, hire a bar. This way you give you guests the option to choose their favourite drink and enjoy the evening. The expert mixologists will create the best cocktails to leave everyone rocking on the dance floor. You can also set up small stations on every corner, so the main bar doesn’t look overcrowded.

Drinks Menu
What should be there in the drinks menu? … cocktails, right? Yes, cocktail but not just cocktails. What about those who don’t prefer cocktails or just prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Along with the stock of mixers, liqueurs, and spirits, make sure to have other alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, rum, and punches. Also, add some non-alcoholic drinks to your menu like lemonades, sodas, iced tea, and juices. Make sure to hire a bartender if your venue doesn’t have one.

Cocktails with a Difference
Serve something that makes guests’ drinking experience more fun. Why not serve cocktails with a difference like movie themed or season inspired cocktails. Read on to get wonderful ideas.

Themed Cocktails
Cosmopolitan: How about the fun pink drink widely popularised by HBO series, Sex and the City. It was Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite order whenever she was out with her girlfriends. Here is a great guide on how to create Cosmopolitan drink: http://ohgo.sh/archive/sex-and-the-city-the-cosmopolitan/

Goblet of Fire: Are you a Potter fan? Well, who isn’t? Why not prepare little goblets of fire for your guests and leave them awe-struck. But you need a professional bartender to make these.
Vampire Vodka: Love Twilight movie series? Thrill your guests with a bloody Twilight inspired drink. Serve red wine and martinis and put blood group labels on glasses like type O negative, type A positive, or I’m thirsty.
Shaken not Stirred: Want to party like Bond, James Bond? Make Bond’s favourite martini your signature drink. Vodka Martini is his favourite as he consumes it over 20 times in the movie series.
Patriotic Pint : Apart from movie themed cocktails, there are some exciting cocktails that will fill your heart’s guests with thrill and excitement. Why not show your love for your region and serve patriotic drinks. Serve red wine and blue margarita and let the fun begin.
Chemistry Cocktails: Is your party going to be full of science geeks? Pay homage to their love with chemistry lab inspired cocktails. Serve colourful cocktails in Erlenmeyer Flasks, beakers, and other lab glassware.

Seasonal Cocktails
  • For colder months: When the freezing days knock the door, people tend to turn towards drinks that warm up. Brandy and rum cocktails are great options in colder weather. Serve hot buttered rum, Irish coffee, and chocolate cocktails to help beat the chills outside.
  • For warmer months: Warmer months call for refreshing cocktails that help to beat the heat. Frozen strawberry margarita, lemonades, iced tea, watermelon margarita, and tequila are some quite alluring options for spring and summer cocktail parties.


Do you have a creative culinary creation in your mind? Then leave it for your next dinner party in London. Food isn’t going to be the star of the show so it’s better to keep things simple. You need not serve a full meal. Instead, go for simple hors d’oeuvres and other finger foods like Salmon tarts, cheese, crackers, and fruit plates. This allows guests to graze throughout the party and have fun.

During all the preparations, don’t forget that it’s your chance to dress up to the nines and leave your guests with their mouth wide open. But the term “cocktail attire” often seems confusing. Here are some ideas to make things easy for you.

When it comes to cocktail party dresses, there is one outfit that never goes wrong and that is the Little Black Dress, especially if it’s an informal affair. Keep in mind that a cocktail party dress length ranges from above the knees to near ankles. If you have a full length evening gown, keep it for another occasion. And men! Either ‘go big or go bond’ for your cocktail party attire. When we say ‘big’ we mean, the classy look of Mr Big from Sex and the City. And if the LBD is a safe choice for ladies, James Bond’s black tie look is for gentlemen. Perfect for a formal affair, a tuxedo works well with evening cocktail parties.

The best friend of a cocktail dress is a pair of stilettos. Colours like black, red, and nude shades can be worn all year round. Peep toe pumps also look great with cocktail dresses. If you really want to make a statement, choose a bold colour that creates a sharp contrast with your dress. Red stilettos or beige peep toe pumps with black dress look super-sexy yet elegant.


To complete your cocktail party look, make sure to accessorise. If you have diamond dangling earrings, it’s time to use them. Faux diamonds are also fine as nobody knows the difference. Besides, carry a clutch in metallic gold, black, or silver and turn all eyes on you.

These ideas will help you go a long way in planning a perfect party in London. Plan an eventful cocktail party that becomes the hot topic of discussion amongst your guests.

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Lushest and the Best London Venues for Business Event

London is admired as top business cities that hosts a number of business events like workshops, exhibitions, conferences, and meetings. This business hub is home to plenty of corporate event venues London that ensure a successful and productive event. You can find multitude of venues to host your prestigious event including historic venues, cruises, livery halls, and conference centres. These corporate venues feature high-tech facilities that modern corporate event planners look for. Here are top corporate venues where you can arrange your elite event.
London Metropolitan University
(84 Moorgate, EC2M 6SQ)
Perfectly located in central London, London Metropolitan University offers flexible conferencing facilities. Featuring four exclusive spaces for hire, this venue offers an ultra-modern setting that will leave an impression on your delegates or clients. To meet the expectations of the modern audience, the venue features high-tech facilities like AV equipment and technicians for assistance.
Enquire Now…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
London Chamber of Commerce
(Swan House, 33 Queen Street, EC4R 1AP)
Ideally positioned right in the heart of London, London Chamber of Commerce is ideal to arrange a number of events including exhibitions, meetings, and conferences. Keeping long duration events in view, the venue has accommodation facility too. Facilities like Wi-Fi access, lighting, and plenty of natural light are sure to make your event a huge success. A delicious menu tailored to particular needs is served in style. This spacious venue can seat up to 250 guests. Enquire Now
The Wellcome Collection
(183 Euston Rd, NW1 2BE)
Ideal for events of up to 200 people, The Wellcome Collection offers variety of event spaces for hire. With so many choices, you are bound to find the right venue to suit your event’s needs. The Henry Wellcome Auditorium offers tiered seating arrangement that makes it suitable for annual conferences, training sessions, award ceremonies, and product launches. Medicine Now Gallery offers a unique backdrop for corporate cocktail parties and celebrations.
Choice of venue plays a key role in influencing the success of a corporate event. These creative and functional venues will make your corporate event stand apart.
Enquire Now…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Mermaid Conference and Events Centre
(Puddle Dock Blackfriars, EC4V 3DB)
Mermaid Conference and Events Centre is one of the most delightful conference centres of London, freshly revamped to make the business events even more easily manageable. Suitable for various kinds of events from exhibitions to seminars, conferences and premier parties, it is a much desired venue for events with business purposes. Strength of this venue lies in its stunning surrounding panorama offered by River Thames, flexibility of space, marvellous location, its supportive travel connections, and event team with an expertise in organising events for specific purposes. Reach it at the Puddle Dock Blackfriars to arrange an event at this well-appointed space located in the middle of a soothing surrounding.
Enquire Now

All these venues are a suitable choice for business celebrations, corporate events, meetings, prestigious seminars, and launches. Available in different corners of the world, you can hire any of these for your next big occasion that means important to you. With their own exclusive facilities and features, these options can make your event successful.

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A Guide to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party on Thames

Is your kid’s birthday just around the corner? Why not add some thrill to his special day rather than throwing a casual birthday party at home. Make it a special one this time by planning a boat party on River Thames. Your little one would love to cut his birthday cake against the backdrop of Thames and have the time of his life. Make his birthday party the next hot topic in school with these Thames party ideas and tips.

Floating Venue
London is home to plenty of floating venues that are available to hire. Celebrate in style against the ever-changing unbeatable backdrop of Big Ben, London Eye, and Tower Bridge. Budget is not everything when choosing a boat. Make sure to consider the amenities you want. One may arrange fireworks display and others may not. But since choices are endless in London, choosing a venue is not something to worry about. Some of the best floating venues are HMS Belfast and HQS Wellington that you can think of.

Exciting Themes
What kids expect from a birthday party is fun. And what can be a better way to add fun to a party than theming it. To make the day special, you can choose a fun theme like Pilots and pursers. These little ship managers will definitely make your party run smoothly. Another great idea is to throw a Pirates Party. Get inspiration from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and dress your little pirate in chequered shirt, long boots, eye-patch, and yes, don’t forget the moustache.

Thrilling Speed Boat Ride
These little adventure seekers definitely want something exciting to do to keep the fun up. Many boats for hire in London arrange thrilling ride on a jet boat through the centre of the city. Weather jackets and buoyancy jackets are provided for safety reasons. Let all little guests have the ride of their life. HMS President is one of such venues that arrange speed boat rides for up to 12 guests at a time.

Fireworks Display
There is one thing than excites even the most level headed kid and that’s fireworks. End your little one’s birthday night with a bang with a sparkling fireworks display. Fill the sky with colourful explosions and make sure to click pictures. Many of the venues on water offer fireworks display arranged by professionals. It will make the birthday pictures memorable and exciting.

If your kid’s birthday is knocking the door, arrange a memorable one this time on Thames. These ideas and tips are sure to help you make the day even more special.

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