8 Ideas To Throw a Grand Anniversary Party in London

Time seems to have flown away since your wedding day. That wonderful time is here again. And it is time to plan an extraordinary celebration at one of the anniversary venues in London. You will have the most splendid time at the celebration with your spouse with these ideas:

1. A New Background to Your Wedding
Is there a venue you wanted to hire for your wedding, but could not hire? Fulfil your wistful dream this time, and hold your bride’s hand once again at that venue. This will give you a truly cherishable moment now, years after. Or you can look for a venue hire in central London this time, if you want a romantic space.

2. Relive Your Love
Live this day like your wedding day. You can tie the wedding knot again, and choose to say I do. Let this celebration be your reception.

3. Invite Everyone You Did the Last Time
Invite everyone who was there at your wedding the last time. You might have lost a few people since then from your lives. But you can send invites to their families and ask them to join in.

4. The Tradition of Gift
There is a tradition of bestowing something upon the spouse each year. You can toe the tradition, and get something for your life partner. If you are thoughtful, you can come up with a extraordinary, close to heart gift that you are sure your spouse will like.

5. Time for the Photo Shoot
Weddings and anniversaries are known for creating the most cherished moments in life. You can take this chance to plan a photo session with your relatives, and get some nice snapshots with your spouse.

6. Re-create the Menu
Choose the recipes that were served on your wedding day, reach the caterers who were there to make your wedding magical, and do the same on this anniversary too. Food and music have the deepest effect, and most crucial role to play in giving a right setting. Bring all that back again.

7. Plan a Right Music
Bring back the music that played on the enchanting eve of your wedding. Tap your feet on the vibrant music to set the mood of your anniversary.

8. Add Romance
You can add romance to this day, with a fresh entertainment like a romantic dance under dim light. Sway with your guests, and have a fun time with your wedding with the bride. Or look for a romantic idea for the occasion.

Try these ideas to organise an anniversary, which is a total recall of your bygone wedding day. This will sure bring a big smile on your spouse’s face.

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Event Catering London - Top Five Caterers in the City

What do you remember of the last event you attended? Chances are that it’s the food. The best part of a party is the food and fun you have, and the worst is the food preparation. So next time you host a party in London, allow someone else to do it for you. There are plenty of catering companies in London that offer professional service, deadly delicious delights are served in a distinct style that guests just fall in love with. Of course, there is difference between partying at home and partying at a beautiful venue complete with tables, linens, and lighting. And those who’re after a fun partying experience without any hassles of planning choose the latter option. Find out more about London’s best event catering companies and their distinct styles.

Party Ingredients
Party Ingredients is a team of professional united to deliver the best event catering experience to guests. From summer receptions to film premiers, PI has built a strong reputation for serving exquisite food in excellent style. Recently it hosted The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at Guildhall. Its menus are always lip-smacking which in recent events included suckling pig roasts, dim sum trolleys, and traditional fish and chip stands. The company has partnered with some of the best event venues in London to provide a bespoke catering service in the most stylish of spaces. Here is a list of some of the popular venues that Party Ingredients works with.

Apothecaries’ Hall
Saddlers Hall
Dr. Johnson’s House
Tower of London

Barber Surgeon’s Hall

Skinners Hall
Trinity House
Carpenters’ Hall
Stationer’s Hall
Glazier’s Hall
Madame Tussauds

Bubble Food
Bubble Food is counted amongst one of the most influential and innovative caterers in on London event scene, for both private as well as corporate. Its Food mixes include canapés, cocktails, and fine dining menus that look dramatic as well as delicious. You can expect to feast on the likes of roast beetroot, chocolate bubble with salt toffee mousse, shepherd’s pie pink shots, and so on. It’s clients include influential figures like Louboutin Moet Hennessey and Santander, so you can expect a five star service.

Imperial War Museum
Somerset House
Pewterers Hall
V & A Museum
Glaziers’ Hall
The Ironmongers

Royal Courts of Justice

The Gallery Soho
Ministry of Sound
The Music Room
Brewers Hall
The Guards Museum

Whether you’re hosting a wedding ceremony for 100 or award ceremony for 1000, Ampersand makes every occasion an event to remember with its food fashion.Bringing innovative menus at the forefront, the Ampersand doesn’t only excel in food catering but also in flowers, lighting, and event design. It’ll definitely meet and exceed your expectations and add a magic to your event. It works with a number of popular event venues that you can hire for your event including:

The Law Society
28 Portland Place

Museum of London Docklands

The In and Out
One Birdcage Walk
Little Ship Club

No 11 Cavendish Square

The Royal College of Surgeons

Goldsmiths’ Centre
Glazier’s Hall

Regents University London

Seasoned Events
With over 30 years of experience in catering high-profile events, Seasoned Events ensures a memorable event complemented by flavoursome menus that’ll leave your guests delighted. The Event Magazine voted them one of the top five caterers for 2 years. The company has an impressive list of clients across UK and strives to deliver the best at over 50 venues in the capital. Here are the top venues that Seasoned Events works with.

Armourers’ Hall
Stationers’ Hall
Kensington Palace
Carpenters’ Hall
The In and Out

Tower Bridge Walkways

Koko Club
Bloomsbury Ballroom
Asia House
Tower of London
St Paul’s Cathedral
Guildhall London

London has a lot of event caterers that ensure a magical event and scrumptious food to indulge in. All you need to do is keep your budget and requirements in mind and pick the right one.

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Family Reunion Party Ideas

Family reunion can be the most cheering – or the most nerve jangling – words in the British language. Is the idea of hosting a family reunion party sends a shiver up your spine? If the answer is yes, then you should better start early and make the most of your time to throw a memorable family reunion party. Whether you are planning a reunion party for 3 to 4 people or for 50 to 100 people, you will want to cheer all generations to take part in the planned activities for the special day. Mentioned below are some of the ideas that help you to plan a freak family fest.

Fix a Budget
When it comes to family, some people spend lavishly without worrying about the budget. However, it is not the only way to show care and love to your loved ones. Before planning a party, decide how much you want to spend on a celebration. Your budget will determine the level of the food, decorations, location, and activities for your family get-together. To stretch your budget, you can ask your family members to pool in a little amount. Of course, only if you are okay doing that.

Take Assistance
How about asking your grandmother for a little assistance, who is everyone’s favourite. Requesting her to turn into a planner and give some spare time for managing the reunion party should be a perfect idea. It is suggested to assign her specific tasks, so that not all the responsibility gets on her shoulders. Make sure to assign the things that she loves to manage. And the last but not the least, don’t forget to say thanks for her efforts in advance.

Choose the Venue
The best way is to look for a venue that is more accessible and affordable to the majority of family members you want to invite. You can also opt for a theme park or vintage church depending upon the budget and number of members. Make sure you pick a reunion venue that manages all the details of your event so that you can spend the precious time with your family.
Fun Games to Try
Games are an excellent way to bring the family closer and make the day special. Even the large family gatherings turn into a dull party without interactive games and activities. Add to your touching memories by organizing family trivia games and party activities that no one will forget. Some of the popular outdoor games include tug of war, water basketball, and bowling night. With a little preparation, these reunion party games can make the event even more enjoyable.

Make Everyone Happy
Happily welcome everyone with a warm smile. As you are a planner, it is a responsibility to ensure that guests get the great food and hospitality service. Don’t forget to click plenty of pictures and make your family reunion unforgettable. If possible, you can share old family albums or videos.

Just follow these reunion party ideas and plan a perfect family fest that everyone will talk about for years.

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Historic Venues in London

Grand occasions call for grand venues and London’s rich past connotes the city never falls short of venues steeped in history and elegance. Domed ceilings, gleaming chandeliers, marble pillars, and even stonewalls, these historic halls bestow that sophistication to your event that you’re after. The grandeur of the setting and genteel staff are sure to make guests have the best event experience ever. Not to mention, plenty of elite Londoners and outsiders have picked these sites as their event locales, from wedding receptions to award ceremonies.
Inner Temple
London abounds in places that make you feel like royalty. And Inner Temple is one such place. One of the ancient Inns of Court, this 14th century venue would be the most elegant choice for your special celebrations. It has one of the finest ballrooms in London exuding history and romance. Arrange your vintage or Victorian wedding in its exclusive setting. The venue also boasts civil licence and an award winning marquee garden spanning over 3 acres. Your event is sure to be a huge success here.
Barber Surgeon’s Hall
Barber Surgeon’s Hall occupies one of the city’s supreme locations just off London Wall. The design and feel is modern yet the venue oozes antiquity, home to Worship Company of Barbers dating back to 1440s. The centrepiece of the venue is the Great Hall complete with elaborate ceilings, wood panelling, and large windows. But the Reception Room, Charter Room, and Court Room are equally alluring. The terrace spans views of a tranquil garden with a section of the historic Roman Wall, creating an impressive historic setting.
Tallow Chandlers Hall
Oynters built this grand and glorious hall in 1300. It’s long past gives it an old-world charm not available in contemporary venues in London. However, being a historic venue doesn’t mean it’s short of modern features. Tallow Chandlers Hall blends the modern with the ancient seamlessly, where you’ll find antique paintings and large plasma screen hung on the wall together. The hall refurbished in 1672 retains some of its original features. Perfect for intimate dinners, the hall can easily seat up to 120 guests in reception style arrangement.
HMS Belfast
British history doesn’t just reside in halls and palaces but on the water too. If one thing that has accompanied London from the creation as an eternal lover, it’s Thames. And hosting an event on Thames itself can be the most memorable experience. HMS Belfast is an ex-Navy cruiser now serving as a unique museum and party venue. Why not enjoy history and hospitality in naval style. Take your guests on-board the ship and party with panache. The venue has both indoor as well as Quarterdeck for hire. Each of its rooms exudes naval charm whilst the Quarterdeck allows you to party under the glittering night sky of London with popular landmarks on the backdrop.
Tower of London
Enjoy a perfect blend of hospitality and history at Tower of London. A royal residence, a fortress, and a place of execution, Tower of London has played many roles in its long history of 1000 years. And hosting an event in its premises is truly a privilege. Take your party behind the fortified stonewalls of this lavish historic tower, promising an extraordinary backdrop to your event. Medieval Palace offers unrivalled views of Thames whilst the White Tower offers a unique setting chockfull of historic artefacts. Your guests will do nothing but admire.
Goldsmith Hall
There aren’t many places on earth where one can feel like Rose the descending stairs in Titanic. But Goldsmith Hall is one of the few that offer this experience. It’s an existing replica of the phrase “Old is Gold”. Stunning gold leaf ceiling, Corinthian pilasters of scagliola, and English Crystal chandeliers, each with 478 candles, The Livery Hall is truly a delight to see. Imagine hosting an evening reception or dinner under the glistening light of twinkling candles. The Court Room also features oak panelling.

London is the centre of British Empire and is blessed with a lot of amazing historic spaces to make your event stand apart. All you need to do is choose the right one as per your budget and style.

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Beyond Usual Rainbow Party Ideas

Londoners just can’t do without colours. Google colourful London and you’ll agree with the statement. And keeping that in mind, we’ve come up with few amazing colour party ideas. No matter what’s the occasion, most parties have a colour theme. But why not do some mix and match? When it comes to a coloured party, nothing can beat a rainbow! Rainbow parties are sure to look fun and festive but you can always go beyond rainbows to incorporate colours in your party. If you’re keen to give a scintillating effect to your party with colours, here are a few ideas, you’re sure to fall in love with.
Rainbow Party
When it comes to a coloured party, nothing can beat a rainbow! Serve your food and drinks in a distinct style to evoke the theme. Place tissue papers in seven different colours and arrange fruits in the platter in a line according to their colours. And serve drinks in different colours that look fabulous and are equally delicious. Make sure to complement your menu with cupcakes with rainbow topper.

As for the decoration, tie organza fabric dyed in different colours around the table like a skirt. And hang organza strips in different colours from the centre of the ceiling to the sides of the room creating a tent like structure. Tie coloured balloons to the back of the chair and use under table LED lights to create a festive ambience. For centrepieces, glue un-inflated balloons around a large thermocol ball and arrange them in vases. Your centrepieces are ready.
Sweet Candy Party
Life is a sweet candy store, isn’t it? If you believe in this quote, why not throw a sweet candy party this time. Not only the kids, even adults love candies, although covertly. Decorate your party space with details that look good enough to eat like balloon pops that would look like enlarged lollypops. Simply wrap balloons in cellophane and glue tube sticks to them and line them on the entryway. And it’s the best time to recycle those mini plastic bottles. Fill them with candies and sweet treats and give out as favours to the little ones.

Attach candy canes or lollipops to your invitations, as it’ll definitely excite the little guests to show up at your party. To create a delicious décor, you can use lollipops in more than one ways. Create garlands with them to hang in the backdrop or glue them to thermo coal balls to make beautiful centrepieces. Kids will love to join your birthday boy or girl in the candy land.
Confetti Party
No party is complete without balloons and confetti. Rather than hosting a run-of-the-mill affair like every year, this year, throw a confetti party. Fill clear balloons with confetti to add some colour and cuteness to your party ambience. A delicious cake covered with edible confetti will definitely get all the kids jumping with excitement. You can also glue confetti on white paper lanterns, favour bags, and boxes and make garlands with them to use in the decoration.

And not to mention, don’t forget the confetti poppers. It’ll enhance the element of surprise when the moment comes. You can also sprinkle edible confetti on cupcakes to add a splash of colour in it. And also a little glitter in your nails and eye make-up will heighten the effect. Don’t forget to sprinkle little thermocol balls on tables. Kids will definitely love to be a part of your funfetti party!

These ideas will surely help to create an eye-candy setting with rainbow colours but without being too obvious.

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11 Ideas for a 21st Birthday in London

If you have a party, you need to have a theme to spark it up! And when it’s your 21st birthday,you really need towhoop it up, right? But choosing a theme is one of the trickiest parts of planning as it can really make or break your party. So party animals, if you’re soon going to turn 21, choose one of the themes below to large it up.

1. Decades Party – This can be anything from 70s disco night to a Victorian Ball. You need to keep the interests of the birthday boy or girl in mind. Like, if he/she’s into novels and history, a prom night style evening in a ballroom would be fun. Conversely, if the guest of honour loves to dress up and listen to loud music, a disco night can be a perfect option.

2. Carnival – You’re 21 doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! You’ve been to carnivals in childhood and you know how fun they are. Why not bring that fun quotient into your party with popcorn machines, puppet shows, and striped tent like structure, balloons, and lots of fun activities.

3. Vegas Party – Nothing can match the fun you can have in a Vegas style night out. But you don’t need to go to Vegas for that. Just book a bar venue in London and plan a casino night. Set up some tables, hire games, hand out fake cash, and get the party started.
4. Hollywood Party – Your guests will love the lime light the moment they’ll step on the red carpet. Ask your guests to dress as their favourite Hollywood celeb, organise a catwalk or a dance competition and then award the winners with trophies.

5. Masquerade – Combining mystery with elegance, a Masquerade theme is just that over-the-top themed party your guests will love to attend. Who’s that handsome person behind the mask? This theme gives an air of mystery and intrigue to a party and looks very jovial too.

6. Murder Mystery – If your idea of mystery is more illicit than elegant, Murder Mystery is the right theme. Ask guests to work as detectives, discover clues, and find out the murderer. It will be fun! To make it even more fun, ask guests to dress as their favourite detective or secret agent from Hollywood like Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and even spy kids.
7. Hawaiian Party – Perfect for a summer bash, cut your 21st birthday cake in Hawaiian style. Host your party in a pool or garden (and London has no shortage of green spaces). Tropical cocktails in coconut shells compete with paper umbrellas, flip flops, flower leis, grass skirts, and floral shirts, what else do you need to celebrate your 21st birthday in style. Kanaloa is a tiki-inspired venue, a favourite amongst Londoners for hosting such parties.

8. The Famous People Party - Ask your guests to dress as a person whose birthday falls on the same date as theirs. Don’t be surprised to find someone dressed up as you. And equally, don’t be surprised to have people dressed up in weird costumes, from Albert Einstein to Lady Gaga.

9. The Throwback - Remember how fun childhood parties were? Bowling, petting zoo, magic show, or ice-skating, why not make it happen all over again. For extra fun, wear the same outfits you used to wear in childhood. That would be real fun!

10. Drunken Day - Kick off your day with mimosas but don’t stop there. Spend the whole day drinking alcohol, creatively but legally! Take a nap at 4am and the wake up again to continue the carousels. A penthouse would be the ideal choice when hosting such a party.

11. Sex and the City Party - Have an actual Grown-up party, get dressed up to the nines, and go out with friends to have dinner and Champagne. Hopefully it’ll come with sparklers making you feel like Carrie Bradshaw from the movie. Dirty Martini is the perfect London venue to host such a party. It’s a New York City themed bar that also offers cocktail making packages.

It’s fun to be 21, especially if you have a hearty party planned for the day. Give an unusual twist to your usual drink and dance style night out with these creative themes.

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Valentine’s Party Decoration Ideas

14th February of every year is the day when couples find unique ways to show the love they have for each other. Whether you plan a romantic evening or formal get together this valentine’s day, you need to surround yourself with symbols of love. Birch love vase, glittered roses, flowers, vintage hearts, red petals, and dove’s wallpapers are some of the things that can set the tone at your valentine’s party venue. Make sure you go for the red and white party theme, which suits the occasion quite well. Here are some of the decoration ideas that you can consider for your perfect valentine’s party.
It is time to show your guests some love by sending them heart-themed invitations. If you are short on time, then the best option is to buy invitations that can be personalised according to your desires. For fancy options, you can design your own homemade invitations that can be fun and more appealing. You can use white or pink drawing paper to draw the tree heart or to cut out hearts.

Then, write the party details onto them using a black marker or printed stickers. To add extra flair to your cards, you can add a couple of creative personal messages that catch the attention of readers. Some creative wording for your party includes “I dare to wear a red hot dress” or Valentine is lover’s way of saying, "Let’s party!
Of course, you want your guests to be enchanted by the pink roses and red streamers throughout the room. Vintage hearts and birch love vases can also be used in the decor. To add a more personal touch, cut out paper hearts and write messages onto them like “Best Mate”, “Be Mine”, or “Stay For Ever”.

However, you don’t need to be overly ambitious to show your love. A little decoration can be enough to get the wow factor in the decor. Decorate red and white lights from the ceiling and opt for rope lights to cover the boundary of the dance floor. Lights will add visual interest to the decor.
Use pink or red fabric to suit the occasion. You need to create a dynamic setting for your tables by arranging heart confetti and message hearts. Sweet wording for the hearts can be "LOVE", "CUPID", "XOXO", or anything you like. Choose themed dinnerware on the table, and choose napkins imprinted with hearts over them. Besides, using small and heart-shaped chocolates on the tables will add a fabulous finish.
Food and Drink
If money is not a factor, then paying a decent amount for a set meal in a themed venue is a wise choice. It is true that hamburgers, pizzas, and pastas are perfect for all parties. But, you need to add aphrodisiac food as well that set the tone of the occasions. They include chocolates, wines, truffles, oysters, or licorice sweets.

On the other hand, you can also blend these aphrodisiacs in a fruit platter. For cocktails, you can pick themed alcoholic beverages such as pink rasmopolitans, pink squeezes, femme fatales, or red wines.

Make your valentine’s day party a little special by giving it a little decoration. Follow these decent decoration ideas to have your guests and loved one excited for the party.

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Funky Venues in London for Spunky Parties

London is not short of places buzzing with young 20 something, places where partiers whoop it up past midnight. If you have a special occasion in your party calendar, why not head to where the spirit crowd of dapper gents and heel-clad women hang out. Cocktails flowing all night, private booths, buzzing music, and an exotic feel, these cool and funky places offer you a partying experience like no other. Do you want to take a tour of these hidey-holes of the hipsters? If yes, keep reading.
If there’s a word to describe this bar, it has to be “trendy”. Guys behind Mahiki have now brought this tiki inspired Polynesian bar with a relaxed feel heightened by the resident DJs playing summer anthems. Exotic tropical dishes, umbrella cocktails including the Jungle Juice and Coconut Cannonball and an unusual tiki style setting; Kanaloa transports guests to a Hawaiian Island the moment they step in.

Black bamboo, bar complete with staff dressed in floral shirts and grass skirts complemented with garlands, lampshades made of exotic shells and carved wooden pillars, everything enhances the ambience’s overall beach like aesthetic appeal. 140 rums are available and if still you’re in your senses, head to the club area and dance the night away on resident DJs Tommy Crane and Chris Anderson’s hip beats.
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Club Ten
Club Ten is a swanky bar that no debaucher in London wants to miss. One of the favourite hangout, this is just that place if you’re after best clubbing experience. Ambient-lit dance floor and interior add to the overall club feel whilst the lighting effects fill the aura with vibrancy, setting the perfect party mood for guests.

The enticing collection of cocktails here will surely tickle your taste buds complementing the ritzy backdrop. Party with panache and enjoy a fine dining experience with canapés and sushi served in style. The dynamic and dramatic setting makes it perfect for fashion shows, live music performances, concerts, and birthdays.
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Dirty Martini
Dirty Martini ticks all the boxes for a being a favourite haunt amongst Mayfair’s late night Londoners. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by a grand aura complete with chandeliers, textured tiles, and stunning wall designs. But what makes it a funky choice is its exclusive layout, making way to tunnels and exclusive Vaults like Aladdin’s cave of nooks. In the Martini lounge, sip your favourite martini like Bond, shaken not stirred or perch on a stool in the Main Bar, or you can even hire a Tunnel or private Vault for private parties. Modern yet elegant décor and quirky layout makes it the perfect party venue.
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Groovy Wonderland
If you’re looking to party in rock and roll style, there’s a brand new address in town. Groovy Wonderland welcomes you to host retro parties in its 70’s and 80’s style disco setting complete with globular disco balls and lights and an illuminated dance floor and hip party numbers on the list.

With enticing cocktails and nibbles to enjoy and a hip party going on, you and your guests can boogie on the dance floor until the wee hours. Retro roller girls skating around give a funky twist to your usual party. So, brush up on your favourite retro dance moves before the party gets started!
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If you’re planning to paint the town red on a special occasion, cogitate hiring one of these venues to really large it up.

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How to Plan a New Year’s Eve Wedding in London

Did you just get over with your engagement? Now wondering when to hold your wedding? If you have not started planning anything yet, then it is just the right time to start doing something. If you are in search for a suitable time to say ‘I Do’ to your partner, then tie the knot at New Year’s Eve in London. With glaring festivities, all round the corner, New Year is perfect time to start a new life.

Planning ‘A Big Fat New Year Wedding’ is so simple. You just need have clear ideas in your mind and implement them step by step. Take help from your family and best friends to plan a memorable nuptial for all. Though most wedding venues in London have been working packed, still there are few last minute venue bookings available this new year.

Last-Minute Venue Hire
There will be nothing as exciting as exchanging your rings at the stroke of midnight. If you couldn’t book a venue in advance, then last-minute venue hire is the best option. We still have few venues left for New Year weddings. Just click here to book a suitable venue today.

Try to pick from halls with wide indoor space to avoid winter blues.

Send Out Invitations
Inform your guests’ way ahead of the time of marriage, probably immediately after deciding on the venue, as they can make their own plans at 31st of December. It would be a great idea to send heart shape wedding invitations with a picture of bride and the bridegroom in tow, inundated in flowing snowflakes.

You can use Damask for printing New Year’s Eve Wedding invitations. It has a clear presentation, with accents of gold, silver, or blue, making it ideal for a New Year wedding.

For more buying New Year wedding invitation online, visit weddingpaperdivas.com.
Spice Up the Décor
Winter is special for weddings. And to make it more attractive, spice it up with some winter wedding theme. A great theme for your New Year’s Eve wedding is masquerade ball. Whatever style you are planning, you can always incorporate Venetian masks into your reception. Make sure you mention in the invitation that your reception will be a masquerade ball. This will allow your guests to arrange for a fun mask prior to your party. In case some of your guests fail to bring their own masks, then you can purchase them from Amazon.

What to Wear
The colours of the season are gold and silver. Bride can be decked up in best of finery in formal velvet or satin gowns on their most special day while the groom can club up in matching bow and tie suits. Overall, it should look formal with a touch of carousal. The guests will surely not let go of the chance to dress up their festive best at wedding venue in London.

Make it a sumptuous appetizing fare as the party will continue from the New Year eve until the wee hours of next morning. It will be a treat for party animals as an assemblage of items like meatballs, ham, and cheese, vegetable trays apart from the usual fares of cookies and pastries can be kept. Bottles of the finest champagne all stacked up with a lavish wedding cake will complete the picture. Go for the designer four-tier iced wedding cake to complement the season.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you in your New Year’s Eve wedding in London. Having a big fat New Year wedding is fun for everyone. So, do not waste time and start planning everything today.

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How to throw a Surprise Birthday Party

When it comes to hosting a surprise birthday party for someone you love, you want everything to be perfect. It is the perfect way to show love and let someone know how much his or her presence in your life means to you. Of course, surprise party is a little bit hard to plan, but keeping it as a secret is the best part of it. Therefore, if you are planning to surprise someone special, these tips will help you host a birthday party that everyone enjoys.

Choose a Theme
Theme is the most important element to consider, as it will make or break your event. As of now, get rid of execution. Initially, you need to figure out what are the things the birthday boy or girl likes or dislikes. Make sure to keep his/her personality and hobbies in mind to get the perfect time that will truly represent your loved one.
Pick a venue
The next important thing is to pick a venue where you can celebrate his/her birthday in style. Home, bar, or a concert hall are some of the options to choose from. If your friend or best mate loves a particular restaurant or bar, you can consider hosting the birthday party outdoors. Consider the pros and cons of each venue, as this will help you to take an informed decision.

Invite the Guests
This step can ruin the whole surprise party experience, if it’s not done carefully. While handing out the invitations, make sure that every guest knows it’s a surprise birthday bash. You can also ask them to park their vehicles a bit far from the venue, as the guest of honour could get hint if see a bunch of cars outside the site. If the person is intensely shy, then inviting more than a dozen people is simply bad idea. Inviting friends that are close to your best mate is always a safe play.
Make Decorations
One of the most challenging steps of throwing a surprise birthday party is getting the perfect decorations. You might want some assistant, so it is advisable to ask a friend who has hosted several surprise parties. Fill the party room with candles, centrepieces, party blowers, or ribbons. Make sure you beautify the main area first and then try to emphasis into decorating the other areas.

Get Creative with Food
Surprise birthday parties are a perfect time to get creative with food. Go for a cake that the surprisee wants to eat and try to focus on serving food that he or she loves. If the birthday party doesn’t end till the early hours, then plan to offer more filling food like pizzas, paella, hamburgers, or fish tacos. To add extra flair to your partying experience, consider setting up an open bar or hiring a bartender to serve the drinks.

These ideas will assist you go a long way in throwing a surprise birthday party. Make your loved one feel extra special on his or her birthday with the perfect bash.

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