1st Birthday Party Themes for your Princess

Did you just realise that your one year of parenthood got completed? The cute little angel will soon complete her one year and planning her first birthday bash shall be in full swing and style. She will not remember the event but the party should be such to tell stories about. And, candid photographs will make her giggle when she grows up. Hmmm…sounds good, right?

If you are looking for a unique way to host a memorable first birthday bash in London for your baby, there are plenty of exciting themes that you can choose to adorn.

We have selected 6 amazing themes that can add a zing to your baby girl’s birthday party.

Be ‘Pink’ilicious!

Pink Theme Birthday Party

It’s quite easy to pull off this theme successfully. All you need to do is ‘Think Pink’. Use shades of pink for the décor and balance the look with white shade. Dress your little girl in a pink tutu dress complemented by a white hairband. Go for an intriguing event space with amiable look in white and pink drapes, balloons, flowers and more. We at the citycollection.org, bring you numerous venue options to organise kid birthday parties. For your ‘Pink’licious theme, you might want to try BB Bakery, located at between London’s popular Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.

Hail the Princess!

Princess Theme Birthday Party

Princess party is one of the most popular themes for a girl’s birthday bash. It’s her special day and the princess of your heart, so let the world know it with a princess themed birthday party. One can opt for Disney princesses like Cinderella, Bella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Snow White and more. Decorate the venue to get a whimsical ambience for kids to enjoy to the core. And, don’t forget to dress her best as princess.

LadyBug-tastic Party

Birthday Party Cakes

The best way to evoke this theme is to dress birthday girl like a LadyBug. To adorn the space and enhance the effect, you can use ladybug lights. Keep up the theme with a black and red colour scheme. Ask your caterer to design a ladybug cake for the party. Besides, decorate with red and black balloons, centrepiece and more. An outdoor venue for this theme would be perfect, giving an aura of picnic-like party.

It’s Time for Nursery Rhymes

Fancy Birthday Cakes

Remember the nursery rhymes that you read to your little one? Why not choose her favourite character from the rhymes as your theme. You can use the poems on the invitations. Order a book shaped birthday cake with your baby’s favourite character on top of it. After watching Baby’s Day Out, all mommies know how effective rhyme books are.

Teddy Bear on a Ride Party

Teddy Bear Theme Party

Children love to keep their cuddly companions with them. A cute Teddy Bear Party for your little girl is an unusual theme to be picked. If you both love innovative idea, it’s easy to play with the theme and make it memorable for every guest. And yes, not to forget a delicious cake decorated with miniature bears.

Minnie Mouse in the House

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

If your little baby likes Minnie, then this girlie party is the best and the sweetest choice. With black, white, and hot pink colour scheme, you can easily create the charming look you are after. Dress the birthday girl in a pretty pink fancy outfit and complete the look with a Minnie Mouse hair bow. To create the right look, decorate the whole space with polka dot balloons in different colours.

Dear Mom, it’s the day to celebrate the moment when you brought the little angel to your life. Let the world know the unconditional love you have for her. Enjoy this amazing and memorable phase of life to the core. And, Many Many Congratulations!!!

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