14 Decoration Ideas to Welcome 2014

Goodness, where has the year gone? And that time is here to plan hearty New Year parties with friends and family. You must be wondering, “How do I style my New Year party this year”. A black and white party on your mind? It looks elegant but not festive! This year, make sure your party decorations scream “merry”! And a few décor details can help you achieve that look.

  • Centrepieces don’t have to be over-the-top! Have waste glass bottles? Stuff them with gold light strings and put them in the centre of the tables – festive and equally stylish.
  • How about suspended chandeliers? Sprinkle gold glitters on paper, cut out stars in different s, and glue them on threads of different lengths. Then attach these threads to a ring and your suspended chandelier is ready.
  • Drinks, dance, dinner, and then the countdown? Don’t make things too obvious. Instead, give your guests face masks and boas and let them have a mysterious ball first. It always adds a sense of intrigue in the party making it even more fun.
  • Light it up this year! Instead of streamers, this year use strings of lights across the room to decorate.
  • New Year party is incomplete without glittery hats and noisemakers so make sure to place them on tables. They’ll work as decorations too.
  • Fill the ambience with gold. Not the real gold of course but with gold colour. Tie gold ribbons at the leg of the chairs and use gold chair sashes. Sprinkle gold confetti on tables.

  • Use your Christmas decorations for New Year too. Gold and silver candelabras and little pinecone Christmas trees can be used as centrepieces.
  • Fill margarita glasses, champagne glasses, or apothecary jars with pearls, streamers, Christmas ornamental balls, or star wire garlands.
  • Let some black and gold balloons float on the ground freely. Put confetti in the balloons to add more surprise if they’re popped.
  • If you’re hosting the party outdoors, arrange fireworks if allowed in your premises. If you can’t arrange a fireworks display, use a lot of confetti as it’s illusive of fireworks.
  • Make the final countdown a little more interesting by using clocks in your decoration. If you don’t want to use them as centrepieces, get circular prints of the clocks and glue them under the glass plates. Place these clock plates on tables.
  • Use yellow lights instead of white. You’ll get to use white lights throughout the year. This is the time of the year when you can use yellow bulbs that look brighter, sexier, and much more elegant.
  • You have no idea how champagne bottles can work as amazing decorative accents. Whether place them in glass ice buckets or around the party space, Champagne gives a celebratory vibe.
  • To enhance the décor, choose a theme like Glow in the Dark party. Purchase glow in the dark stars, sticks, wrist bands, glasses, and costumes to keep things fun.

Decorating for New Year is easy and anyone can do it with a little bit of planning and some amazing ideas in mind. Get your creative horses racing and plan a perfect New Year bash this year.

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