11 Ideas for a 21st Birthday in London

If you have a party, you need to have a theme to spark it up! And when it’s your 21st birthday,you really need towhoop it up, right? But choosing a theme is one of the trickiest parts of planning as it can really make or break your party. So party animals, if you’re soon going to turn 21, choose one of the themes below to large it up.


1. Decades Party – This can be anything from 70s disco night to a Victorian Ball. You need to keep the interests of the birthday boy or girl in mind. Like, if he/she’s into novels and history, a prom night style evening in a ballroom would be fun. Conversely, if the guest of honour loves to dress up and listen to loud music, a disco night can be a perfect option.

2. Carnival – You’re 21 doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! You’ve been to carnivals in childhood and you know how fun they are. Why not bring that fun quotient into your party with popcorn machines, puppet shows, and striped tent like structure, balloons, and lots of fun activities.

3. Vegas Party – Nothing can match the fun you can have in a Vegas style night out. But you don’t need to go to Vegas for that. Just book a bar venue in London and plan a casino night. Set up some tables, hire games, hand out fake cash, and get the party started.

4. Hollywood Party – Your guests will love the lime light the moment they’ll step on the red carpet. Ask your guests to dress as their favourite Hollywood celeb, organise a catwalk or a dance competition and then award the winners with trophies.

5. Masquerade – Combining mystery with elegance, a Masquerade theme is just that over-the-top themed party your guests will love to attend. Who’s that handsome person behind the mask? This theme gives an air of mystery and intrigue to a party and looks very jovial too.

6. Murder Mystery – If your idea of mystery is more illicit than elegant, Murder Mystery is the right theme. Ask guests to work as detectives, discover clues, and find out the murderer. It will be fun! To make it even more fun, ask guests to dress as their favourite detective or secret agent from Hollywood like Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and even spy kids.

7. Hawaiian Party – Perfect for a summer bash, cut your 21st birthday cake in Hawaiian style. Host your party in a pool or garden (and London has no shortage of green spaces). Tropical cocktails in coconut shells compete with paper umbrellas, flip flops, flower leis, grass skirts, and floral shirts, what else do you need to celebrate your 21st birthday in style. Kanaloa is a tiki-inspired venue, a favourite amongst Londoners for hosting such parties.

8. The Famous People Party - Ask your guests to dress as a person whose birthday falls on the same date as theirs. Don’t be surprised to find someone dressed up as you. And equally, don’t be surprised to have people dressed up in weird costumes, from Albert Einstein to Lady Gaga.

9. The Throwback - Remember how fun childhood parties were? Bowling, petting zoo, magic show, or ice-skating, why not make it happen all over again. For extra fun, wear the same outfits you used to wear in childhood. That would be real fun!

10. Drunken Day - Kick off your day with mimosas but don’t stop there. Spend the whole day drinking alcohol, creatively but legally! Take a nap at 4am and the wake up again to continue the carousels. A penthouse would be the ideal choice when hosting such a party.

11. Sex and the City Party - Have an actual Grown-up party, get dressed up to the nines, and go out with friends to have dinner and Champagne. Hopefully it’ll come with sparklers making you feel like Carrie Bradshaw from the movie. Dirty Martini is the perfect London venue to host such a party. It’s a New York City themed bar that also offers cocktail making packages.

It’s fun to be 21, especially if you have a hearty party planned for the day. Give an unusual twist to your usual drink and dance style night out with these creative themes.

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