10th Birthday Party Themes and Ideas

Boyhood is marked by an unrelenting, unending energy and enthusiasm. So, if your boy’s birthday happens to be just round the corner, then the party should equate that enthusiasm, that exuberance and so do the theme of your party. If you are confused about the theme, then don’t worry, here we give five of the classic birthday themes that never go wrong and will turn your birthday venue into a wonderland.

Cartoon Characters
What better way to celebrate your sweetheart’s birthday than dwelling into the realm of fantasy world and cartoons? Cartoons, superheroes, and fantasies all catch young boys’ imagination and attention. So, arrange a party with the backdrop of these imaginative ideas, may be even consult with your child and his friends beforehand, so that you have a fair idea of their likings. Book the best birthday celebration venue in London and let the experts help you in making your little superhero’s birthday an event to remember.

Pirate Birthday
Boys love indulging in adventurous undertakings, taking risks and conquering them. So, an intriguing and yet fascinating party theme would be a pirate one. Let your boy become Captain Jack Sparrow of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and his friends being the fellow partners in crime and let them steal the show. To complement the theme, hire a cruiser to party on Thames, so your boy and his friends can unleash their mischievous chivalry and have a trip of the lifetime on a pirate ship.

Camping Party
Childhood is defined by a swirling, unceasing energy, which cannot be contained. So, when it comes to your boy’s birthday, why make it a monotonous and cloistered affair. Let your boy and his friends feel a sense of freedom by organizing an outdoor party camp and allow them to acquaint themselves with the varied flora and fauna of the nature. Hire an open party venue in and let them enjoy the bounty of the Mother Nature in its most primordial and genuine forms.

Circus Birthday
The main idea behind throwing a birthday party is to immerse the whole ambience with a persistent and joyful air of happiness and ecstasy. And a circus birthday party theme is ideally suited for this as circus is perceived as an entertaining and joyful affair. Dress yourself and your boy as a clown and ask his friends and the other invitees to dress up as funny characters of circus and let that air of festivity and celebration envelope the whole atmosphere.

Messy Birthday Party
Children love to make a mess of everything and more so boys in particular, so why not choose this mess as your boy’s birthday party theme? It can be a bit scattered, disorganized and messy affair but is suffused with fun. Prepare dough balls, jelly, and other messy stuff so that your boy and his gang can “mess around” and what about awarding some goodies and a complimentary hat with “MR. MESSY” printed on it. The kid with most messy disposition at the party can be awarded that cap. However, don’t forget to keep a baby pool at hand.

Themes really transform the whole atmosphere. Whichever you choose, these themes are sure to turn your little one’s birthday into an eventful day.

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