10 Wedding Nightmares that will Make You Pee your Pants

The date is set...just a week to go...? Time for beauty sleep and wham! The nightmares won’t leave you alone right? What is it that you saw this time? A white strand? Someone spilling wine on your perfect white dress? An ex-flame putting ablaze the entire venue?

Well, we are not sadists, and we are definitely not trying to give you an anxiety attack. But here perhaps you can connect with the fellow brides-to-be once you realise that these nightmares are common, and happens with almost everybody. Instead of getting all sweaty palms and teary eyed, join this spirit of kindred with your fellow brides. Here’s counting the 10 Wedding Nightmares that frequent the brides-to-be in the depths of their sleep.

1. Oh Heck...Pimples...No...That’s the Last Thing I want on my Special Day

2. F*ck....My Hair...No...

3. OMG, What Happened to my Wedding Dress!!!

4. Oops...Here I Fall..

5. Taking Down your Best Friend

6. Holy Crap...My Fiancé is GAY...

7. Ah...Uncle Sam Always at his Best Being Naughty

8. Oo...Oh...He Forgot the Wedding Ring

9. The Toothless Bride...Holy Moses!!

10. Food Poisoning Marathon- Who does it Better

Now if you still didn’t pee your pants, congratulations on having a strong bladder.

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