10 Unique Prom Themes for 2014

We are Young! We are Free! And we are DONE with Old Prom Themes!!
The Pretty in Pink can just go take a hike! We will paint the town blue as we step out to claim the biggest night of our teenage lives!
Masquerade, casino, Midnight in Paris, and Mardi Gras are all overdone themes. Yeah you got to please everyone but that’s next to impossible. So rather than hosting a boring black and white black-tie bash, please have a look at these unusual themes to jazz up the celebration. Don’t you want to be remembered by all for breaking the tradition and throwing an exclusive prom?
We have listed wit us the best collection of Prom Venues in London. Besides, we now provide you with some of the most ambitious and awe-inspiring prom themes for this year’s gala! Jazz up the celebrations now with the best of prom venues and themes! Go fish!

1. Rainforest v/s An Avatar Jungle

An enchanted garden or rainforest theme has become a favourite among prom planners. Why not spice it up with some Hollywood details? How about an Avatar jungle? You don’t need to paint yourself blue but a few details, as a blue ambient lighting complemented with white hues in linen would crack the deal. Hang a banner at the entrance saying, “Welcome to Pandora.” Hire a giant LED tree or make your own giant tree of souls with strings of twinkling blue fairy lights. Place fibre optic lamps on tables to make extraordinary glowing centrepieces.
Wondering what place can render justice to this rather ambitious gala? The Constellations venue in Holborn area of Central London would just do the trick! Get in touch with us for the best quotes!

2. Arabian Nights v/s Shanghai Nights

When it comes to Asian inspired theme, Arabian Nights knocks the mind first. But you can go beyond that. Bring the enticing elements of Shanghai culture and nightlife into your prom party. It would be fun and a preferred twist to the usual Arabian Nights. Add a few details and the party venue will look magical. Make red, yellow, mustard, and orange the colours of the day. Suspend Chinese paper lanterns in different colours from the ceiling or you can also hang Chinese parasols upside down. For party gifts, prom queen and king gift, medallions, and favours, you have amazing choices that the guests will cherish forever. Floral folding fans, jazz music cuff links, porcelain gifts, wooden chopsticks set, green jade bracelets, and embroidered silk pouches are a few options you can consider.
Yes yes, we know you are looking for the perfect venue that can render justice to this event. And obviously, we have yet another fabulous recommendation to make. Give Kanaloa Club - a Hawaiian themed party space to host your oriental prom!

3. Evening in Paris v/s Evening in Venice

Paris is an evergreen theme reflecting love and romance, which form an integral part of any prom. But why not make it an Evening in Venice instead of Paris. Venice is called the city of love for a reason. Reflect Venetian elements into the décor to set a romantic backdrop. Think of clear glass bowls filled with floating candles reflecting the gondolas floating on Venice’s lagoon. As the guests walk in, treat them to the ultimate Venetian cocktail, the Bellini (non-alcoholic version). Serve Cicchetti, a perfect bite-d snack popular in Venice, similar to Spanish tapas. Delicious Italian pastries and Venetian ribbon cookies will tantalise the taste buds of your guests.
Okay, don’t even say it! Here is Club Ten, a phenomenal party and prom venue in the City of London! Go figure!

4. Casino Night v/s James Bond

You can set up poker tables, hand out fake cash to guests, and host a fun casino night. But why not plan a casino night like Bond…James Bond. Turn your guests into agents and give them a secret mission. Arrange a scavenger hunt and give clues that lead to the next. Cover the room with flashing lights to create a Vegas feel. Set up posh balcony couches for guests to sit to make it look like a casino than a restaurant. A giant slot machine shaped cake would complete the theme.
And Criterion Restaurant near Piccadilly in Central London is perfect for such a larger than life gala! You’d fall for its quaint looks, most appropriate for recreating the authentic murder mysteries and thrillers that we originally fell in LOVE with.

5. Oscars Night v/s Twilight Inspiration

A Hollywood awards night is a cool option with red carpet rolled out on floor, tables, and linens decked with trophy centrepieces, and paparazzi following the prom-goers. You have seen it so many times. You can still keep the Hollywood vibe without making it an Oscar’s night. Think of the blockbuster releases like Twilight. It’s romantic, whimsical, and oh so Hollywood, in short, a perfect theme for prom. And if that sounds too good and froufrou, bring out the evil side of guests with themes inspired from upcoming Hollywood movies. Frankenstein, Godzilla, How to Train Your Dragon, and Planet of the Apes, it seems Hollywood can’t get enough of dragons, monsters, and interplanetary beings. Quite a few interesting costumes out there!
And for a sparkling Prom night, consider opting for the Conservatory and Gardens, in the Bloomsbury area. It is soft and romantic, with 4-star value service. Along with being the perfect setting for the prom scene in the Twilight movie. *so much feels*

6. Hollywood v/s Bollywood

If Hollywood doesn’t sound quirky to you at all, escape to Bollywood with your guests. Brighten up the surrounding with exotic colours like fuchsia pink, violet, green, and gold. Elephant standees, sequined columns, metal and glass lanterns, and a domed doorway entrance are a few party supplies you’ll need to pull together a super-hit Bollywood prom. Bollywood gives plenty of Indian clothing ideas – Saree, lehenga choli, Churidaar Kurta, Salwar Kameez, and Anarkali for girls while Sherwani with chooridar or dhoti kurta complemented with a headgear like turban for boys. Ensure a red carpet entrance for guests with paparazzi following them but use décor details that mirror Bollywood.
And now, we leave you with the Wren Suite near St. Paul’s Cathedral, a larger than life party venue for a larger than life event!

7. Hawaiian Luau v/s Wild West

You decide who wins the contest to be your prom theme. Imagine a an Island like setting where guests dressed in floral shirts and grass skirts will be greeted with flower lei and served enticing cocktails in coconut shells. Hawaiian Luau is one of the choicest themes for prom. Alternatively, how about transporting your guests to a countryside barn perfected with rustic details like cartwheels, hay bale, oil lanterns, and tables dressed in chequered clothes. The Wild West theme gives some unique costume choices as torn denim jeans and skirts paired with long boots, cowboy hats, and chequered shirts. Make a grand Western entrance to your party on a horse-drawn carriage. Hula the night away or call a stamped of cowboys and cowgirls to gather, the choice is yours!
The Old Military Naval Club, In & Out with vivid outside area is going to be one of the perfect choices for the Wild West gala! You can get in touch with us directly to discuss more such options!

8. A Yule Ball v/s A Gatsby Affair

Now that the Harry Potter series is over, don’t think of a Yule ball for prom. It’s so yesterday. If you’re looking to host a sophisticated soiree, make it a Great Gatsby affair, one of the best blockbusters of 2013. Hang gold foil curtains in the background and complete the backdrop with a city skyline made of black corrugated paper. Gatsby always does it grand so make sure to hire a venue that exudes grandeur. How about Drapers Hall in London, the Livery Hall decorated with antique paintings, marble pillars, engraved ceiling, and a sweeping staircase. A champagne tower will complete the look. This art deco setting will definitely help guests time travel to the Jazz Age. And to enhance the effect, ask everyone to put on flapper dress.
Browse through our select halls in London available for private hire, and choose one befitting your preferences for a scintillating Gatsby affair!

9. Enchanted Woodland v/s Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a much better alternative to the usual Enchanted Wonderland. It adds a whimsical feel to the overall ambience with quirky details like giant flowers, faux butterflies, clocks suspended from the ceiling, massive deck of cards, and cups and saucers stacked together to make enchanting centrepieces. Decorate the entrance with signs saying, this way, that way, straight, up, down, and over there. Your tablescape must consist of cups, teapots, and tiered cupcake stand. Make sure to cover the tables with black and white chequered clothes. Some interesting gifts and favours complementing the theme include deck of cards, Rabbit ear headbands, and sweet candy bags.
And well, the Barbican Centre shall play perfect host to this gala! Get in touch with us to arrange for the best deals on this speculative London venue.

10. Cinderella Fairy-tale v/s Sci-Fi Reality

Do you still love fairy-tales? If your answer is no, you are left alone as we all love them. But don’t you think, almost every prom seems like a fairy tale. Then how are you going to make it stand apart. You are young minds of 21st century and if still nothing sci-fi and real hasn’t come to your mind, Hollywood is there to help you. It’s the age of technology and science, and a futuristic party will make a perfect theme. Think Star Trek, Iron Man 3, the Man of Steel, the Wolverine, and Transformers: Age of Extinction (to be released in 2014). All these movies give a lot of inspiration for a sci-fi prom. Make your venue look like a space ship complete with LED lights, metallic furniture, and guests in futuristic costumes. If you’re stuck for costume ideas, Google “futuristic fashion” or simply type Lady Gaga costumes and you’ll get a lot to feast your eyes on.
And obviously, we are ready with a venue suggestion as well! Consider LSO St. Luke’s for hosting a dynamic and futuristic prom party in London.

Whether you want to go classic or off the beaten track, make sure to talk to the prom committee about these unique theme ideas. Who knows you might host a prom of the millennium (in the positive way).

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