10 Reasons to Host Your Conference in London

International business centre, financial hub, capital of the world, London city has not earned these titles out of the blue. There are sure-shot reasons why London tops the list when organisers think of their event’s location. London has something for every corporate event and every delegate, so rest assured. If you still want reasons why London has to be the host of your event, here are the top 10.

Excellent Transport Links
London has been voted as Europe’s best city with best national and international transport links. With five international airports and developed rail system, London promises an easy, quick, and cheaper transit to and from the city. And when it comes to the local transport system, don’t ignore the fact that London was the first ever city to launch metro or Underground. Over 21,000 licensed taxis, extensive tube network, and public buses, make travelling around London like a cakewalk.

Varied Accommodation Options
London is home to over 1,25,000 hotel rooms, ranging from basic B&Bs to the most luxurious suites and penthouses. And the best part is most of these exclusive accommodations are located within walking distance from popular conference centres. In fact, some of the conference venues have in-house accommodation facility too, making things easy for the attendees.

Unparalleled Range of Venues
Considering that venue plays a key role in unlocking a successful corporate event, London has an exquisite range of over 1,000 conference venues to suit different budget, capacity, and style of the event. From historically significant monuments to cruises, the never-ending range includes every type of venue that you imagine.

Perfect to Build Networks
London is the financial hub with hundreds of business events taking place from different industries. Home to ICT hubs, media, advertising, and over 50% of all European headquarters, there is no better place to develop your business contact list. Arrange your business event here and meet potential business partners and clients.

Revolutionary Technology
To meet the requirements of the modern tech-savvy audience, many London venues are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including AV aids like projectors, plasma screens, speakers, and microphones. Besides, free Wi-Fi and video conferencing facilities are also available to help increase access to events.

Experienced Event Planners
Considering London has been the centre of attractions for event organisers for years, the even managers here know the drill. Years of experience and expertise assists them in pulling off exciting, engaging, and productive corporate events. Let them take your burden and rest assured.

Pre and Post Event Entertainment
In London, an international business event does not end with a boring after-party. London has a rich cultural heritage, giving you varied itineraries for delegates from royal palaces to West End shows and RIB boat rides. Various team-building activity sessions are also available.

Value for Money
Budget hotels, free attractions, low cost airline network, and cheaper transport options ensure that you can make the most of your money spent without compromising on the quality.

Brightest Speakers
There are over 40 renowned universities and colleges in London where sharpest minds work and study, making it easier to book a bright mind to brighten your event. Hire a leading speaker ensuring exceptional content to your audience making your event extra-prolific and dynamic.

Enticing Culinary Scene

London’s culinary scene has all cuisines in store from Japanese and Thai to Mediterranean and Italian to mention a few. Refreshments and conference lunch here is sure to be a feast to both the eyes and taste buds alike. So, you can expect to savour the best flavours whilst conferencing. Besides, the catering facilities at the venues will ensure a bespoke food and drinks menu to meet your requirements.

Considering these reasons, you can be sure that it would be a wise decision to host your conference in London for your business to grow tremendously.

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