10 Reasons for a West End on the Thames Boat Party this Summer

1) Show Her Majesty How to Party

If the Queen can take her Diamond Jubilee revelry out onto the Thames despite the dismal dreariness of June 2012, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t get suited, booted, and party West End on the Thames-style this summer! If Her Highness had only added free-flowing bubbly and some banging tunes to the mix it would have been a real party.

2) It’s Time to Forgive the Water

The rains have finally stopped, Hastings and Gloucester are drying out nicely and summer 2014 is going to be another scorcher! If you live in the South, you may have felt like building an ark this winter but it’s time to forgive the water and take the party out onto the Thames. Celebrate the dry season in style aboard a Thames river boat. You’ll only get wet if you fall in.

3) Celebrate the Summer

The great British summer is nearly upon you. Can you afford to miss an even a nano-second of it? No! Like every true Brit, you need to soak up every extra degree of warmth you can and spend every single moment in the great outdoors. For all you know, it may rain for the next millennia. Don’t miss those balmy nights and that sunset reflected in the Thames and work late (again). Ditch work at four, throw on a cocktail dress and kick-start the summer on a private hire party boat.

4) Escape

The tube is trying to crush you to death, the traffic wants to chew you up and spit out your mangled bike and you’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder with human meat in every bar and cafe. Leave the hubbub and choking fumes behind and cast-off. As the scenery slips by and you eat your third cocktail olive you might start contemplating never returning to dry land.

5) Hosting should be Fun

It’s the night of the big party. You want to impress your corporate clients, butter-up your future in-laws or treat your friends. But what about your night? You deserve to enjoy the Thames experience without being host, manager, future son/daughter in-law, bartender and concierge all-rolled-into-one. Relax. It’s your party, sit back and enjoy a stress free private event impeccably executed by the best in the business.

6) Romance

There’s something special about seeing London lit up at night, the lapping sound of water against the hull of the boat and the chink of glasses. It’s enough to turn the icy heart of any city dweller into a puddle of warm mush. Those warm summer nights beneath the stars and the iconic buildings of London illuminated around you are something truly special and not to be missed. There’s magic in the air, share it with that special person or find romance on the deck.

7) Get Messy on the Dance Floor

It’s the end of exams and you need to douse your overloaded brains with a pitcher full of cocktails. Maybe that work project has finally been completed and it’s time to get your dance on. You might simply need an excuse to go wild and blow off some steam. You don’t really need a reason to party, just a will.

8) The City and the Scenery

You’ve experienced London before but never like this. It’s the greatest city in the world for a reason. See the old London and the new London side-by-side along the city’s greatest highway - the river. You can’t see so many of the different faces of the city anywhere else in one night, especially not while relaxing in the luxury surroundings of private hire boat. Your clients deserve to leave the UK having seen the capital at its breathtaking and charismatic best - aboard a West End on the Thames operated cruiser.

9) All the Cool Kids Float

Walking’s for fools. Forget the private hire limo. Leave terra firma behind you. It’s time to depart on your very own pleasure cruise. Go big or go home! Suit-up and take the party to the water on an exclusive private hire floating venue. It’s the most glamorous way to party in London where your every need is anticipated and your guests delighted by the capital’s leading party-boat provider.

10) You Can’t Get Lost

It’s midnight, Big Ben strikes twelve and the twinkly lights have gone a bit blurry. Where are your friends? That second bottle of champagne was a great idea but your sense of direction has been slightly impaired. You were chasing that girl who stole your bow tie and you took a wrong turning.

Normal night out: Now get lost and spend 60 minutes dodging surly drunks in the street before getting to the tube station and realising you left your jacket on the back of your chair. Your wallet was in the pocket. FAIL.

Floating night out: You reach a railing. You follow it in a circle. This table looks familiar. You’re back where you started! The bubbly is still chilled and your bow tie is waiting for you around the neck of the girl from earlier. WIN.

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