10 Birthday Party Ideas Inspired from Harry Potter

If you’re a pronounced fan of Harry Potter, you should see these birthday celebration ideas. The intention here is to be creative and make the most out of the props available on hand. Gradually, the blowout will turn out to be magical, deadly, and whimsical.

Harry Potter Birthday Ideas

Let’s start with the points you should apply when you host your next birthday party.

Use the Hogwarts Theme

Hogwarts Theme for Birthday

Hogwarts posters will give the guests a notion of being inside the magical school. You can even create a similar entrance like that of the Hogwarts Express.

Make the Cake Look Like an Invention of the Series


Harry Potter inspired cakes with magic -wand, spectacles, sorting hat, and the golden snitch on top are bound to attract the attention of your guests.

Concoct Creative Dishes


The cheese and pretzel broomsticks are the best options to be added in the list of appetizers at your party.

Using the Dementor Effect


Decorating the party room with a hanging Dementor will create a spooky effect inside the party hall.

Serve Butter-beer with Broomsticks

butterbear harry potter birthday party

Guests at the party will get chuffed by the sight of butter-bear glasses. Adding broomsticks as drink stirrers will leave a mystic effect on the guests.

Brew Golden Snitches with Chocolates

Golden Snitches for Birthday

Designed golden snitches out of chocolates can be added to the dessert menu. Make golden snitches pop-ups in place of a cake and see them disappear from the dessert table every minute.

Give Balloons the Hedwig look

Hedwig Balloons for Birthday

Hanging balloons inside the party hall with the Hedwig face will give your guests the feeling of being around owls.

Set the Chamber of Secrets Mirror

Mirror for Birthday Celebration

Placing the chamber of secrets mirror at the entrance of the party hall will surely petrify your guests.

Hanging flying keys all around

Flying Keys Birthday Decoration

A flock of flying keys will spread the necessary charm. The shiny and colored wings of the flying keys will appear to be eye-catchy and look like jewels.

Use the Spider Door

Spider Door for Birthday

Cover the door with spiders starting from the door knob. The sight will scare off many guests arriving at the party.

Implementing these ideas for your special day would be visionary and take you back to the Harry Potter days. It will be an absolute treat for all the Harry Potter lovers. To book birthday party venues in London, visit our website and choose from the several options available.

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