Sweet 16 Tips for a Perfect Prom Look

When your favourite season is coming near, the butterflies start taking a round trip around your body, not only your stomach. After your school is done with the prom theme, prom venue selection, decorations, menu, and the usual set up of a perfect night, your turn comes.

You turn, to take the responsibility to steal the show and make it the night of your life. So get ready for the evening full of events and re-learn those killer moves because you are definitely going to need them. And to get into that Avatar, you might need some of these tips.

1. Go Backless

If you want to show off those curves, irrespective of others’ judgmental stare, way to go girl. Catch up with the trending dresses this season here.

2. Subtle Colours

Bright always brings out the personality more. But try subtle colours this prom season, they not only soothe the eyes, but go well with every skin tone.

3. Lace It Up

Sequencing is the story of yesterday. Lace is certainly ruling the fashion world in 2017. Go ahead with the laces and dazzle up your prom venue.

4. Sexy Slits

Who doesn’t like showing off the sassiness? Gotta make some legroom :P

5. Obviously Heels!

Coming to the footwear, you have plenty of options to choose from wedges to platform and stilettos to lots more.

6. Studded Heel Trend

Ralph and Russo are taking the heel market with a storm, with studded heels that go well with anything. Any-damn-thing! Give it a try if budget is not a constraint.

7. Nude is the New Sexy

..and No, we are not talking about the other things, but the colour, Nude! It goes perfectly with every skin tone as it blends well with the same and still highlights the personality of the one carrying it.

8. Comfort is the Priority

In the race of looking good, don’t compromise with your comfort level. Don’t go for a backless or deep neck dress if you can’t carry it with confidence. Moreover, if you are confident with your body, don’t give a second thought to the judgmental world. Just get in that dress and knock down the stereotypes baby.

9. Necklace or Earrings?

Don’t highlight your upper half with an abundance of accessory. Go with Either the earrings OR something that graces your neck. If you can’t decide between either, then make sure that a thin chain and small studs should do the job

10. For hands: One thing at a time

It’s better not to cover the whole hand with the single jewellery item, like a number of bangles or bracelets. Keep it simple by carrying a single item instead of many. Avoid the chaos!

11. Ditch the Sequenced Clutch

Avoid the abundance of glitters as well!

12. Head Held High

Coming to the top of your head, you have many options here as well. Keep a bun, clutch them in half, tie them in a pony, a loose braid on one side, or simply let them flow if it does the job for a gorgeous look Just like that.

13. Make-It-Up?

Don’t forget about the colour contrast. If your dress is light, makeup should be bright. On the other hand, if dress itself is very bright then a nude look will complement your whole appearance.

14. Defined Eyes

Whether keeping your makeup light or dark, proper highlighted eyes are must-have during a prom. Not talking about the eye-shadow here, but simple liner.

15. Either Eyes or Lips

Again, go for either of them because trust us, you don’t want to give competition to the clown in the town.

16. Safety Kit

Other than everything mentioned above, it’s always good to keep a safety kit handy with you to avoid any glitch during the event. Because, come on, this is ’The Night’ you have been waiting for, so no chance to ruin it.

Now plan everything as you expected and get ready to steal the show.

Happy Prom Night!

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Do’s and Don’ts of BBQ Party in London

Who can stand any chance of a slight mistake while throwing a long awaited party in the town? Especially, when the party assimilates everything around BBQ. Know what all you need to do while making that BBQ, an affair to remember.

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25 Brides and their Bridesmaids, all Set to Steal the Muslim Wedding

All set for the Nikah and Walima? Decided the lip-smacking menu? Made the special guest list? Found the ideal Muslim wedding venue yet? Did you finally spot that breathtaking bridal dress?

If your answer to all these questions is Yes, then my friend, you need to do just one more thing. And that is, to help your chicas steal the awesome show on your wedding that no single guest can take their eyes off the magnificence and air of freshness. Have a look at these stunning brides and their coolest ever bridesmaids, who helped the main lady survive her day.

You may likewise get some ideas here about, ‘what you should wear there’. So go ahead!

1. When the auspicious red compliments the blend of pink and peach. Like in this picture!

Image source: slawawalczak.com

2. Another Red beauty with her golden confidantes.

Image source:

3. Keeping it subtle with the
light shade of mauve.

Image source: imagenic

4. Pink blends well with the princess theme. Give it a try!

Image source:
rutgaret photography

5. Give it a touch of slight white.

6. If keeping the dress all plain, make sure the bridesmaids shine and glitter.

Image source: http://weheartit.com

7. Colour contrast will add more grace to the whole appearance

Image source: the_asphere

8. Add a little Indian touch.

9. Say it out loud with the designer outfits.

Image source: ayahcouture

10. The real beauty in the Black

Image source: global_trend

11. If you have booked an open venue, then natural colours will go well with this whole look.

Image source: poplook

12. Don’t forget to wear those million dollar smiles.

13. Include Bridegroom in your game plan.

14. If you want to go back to your core traditions and roots, then definitely! Go for it all classy!

15. Whatever you wear, keep the spirits high.

Image source: thesakeenaclub

16. First, make sure you look good, then bring out the perfect side of other beauties.

Image source: thesakeenaclub

17. In case the theme in your mind is a single colour, then try something like this.

Image source
: alibaba.com

18. Add dupatta for a graceful look.

19. You can never forget to get clicked in a frame, especially on stage.

Image source: a-pakistaniaffair

20. Highlight the bride with every positive aspect.

Image source: paklinks.come

21. Show off your fun-loving and don’t-play-by-the-rules-of-book side

Image source: hijabappofficial

22. You may also try 2 different colours in order to highlight different personalities.

Image source: lightlovapictures

23. Who needs a reason to laugh at small things in life?

Image source
: lightlovapictures

24. Give her all the attention she needs throughout the day.

25. Have to try different colours with same design.


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BBQ Venue Hire in London

Summer is coming! Are you ready?

With the rare and pleasant season coming for a brief period of time, you don’t need to look for more reasons than its short lifespan in order to celebrate the same. Having a BBQ party in the backyard or more open areas (if you are throwing one hell of a massive party), is seen trending from past few years. Reason? A will to enjoy every moment, celebrate every sun ray, and just live the moment? Who cares what the reason is? What matters the most is simply the season being cherished by all. And what could be better than having a BBQ party to enjoy the sunny day?

So grab your BBQ equipment, buy the fresh grocery, and invite each that person whom you want to be a part of your summer-ish carnival. And don’t forget to check out these spacious BBQ venues for hire in London.

Bank of England Sports Centre

With the capacity to accommodate your ‘nearly 400’ guests in one sitting, the Bank of England Sports Centre is already gracing Bank Lane off Priory Lane Roehampton. But 400 is not the exact or minimum number of people who can attend your BBQ party. The property has to offer other event spaces as well, facilitating 300 and 200 people in different areas.

Brunel Museum

Located near Railway Avenue, Rotherhithe, the Brunel Museum is gracing many outdoor and indoor events from a very long time. Be it some dinner event or a small music concert, a drink reception or a corporate Christmas party, Brunel Museum is all set to cater your need. Built almost 2 centuries back, this property boasts mesmerising views of the surroundings which are highlighted beside the river Tames.

Roman Piazza and Wine Bar

If you like to appreciate the old Roman culture and architect, this is the place for you. Witness 2 centuries old Roman Wall and Medieval Piazza from here. It can facilitate a gathering of as many as 80 people in the outdoor area without much hassle. It’s quite popular during this hot sunny season. You would be glad to receive its committed in-house services and tranquil backdrop, making your BBQ party an extremely popular affair.

West End on Thames

Celebrate this summer in the middle of Thames while riding on West End on Thames, one of the popular boat companies in and around London. It can facilitate a gathering of 350 people at max where the services provided here will meet your and your guests’ level of expectation.

The Skybar

With the maximum capacity to provide for your 125 guests, this beautiful event space is resting at the penthouse level of Holborn hotel in London. Its elegant bar has become a talk of the town because of its open location. This rooftop spot has some mesmerising views of London’s Skyline. Book The Skybar at Grange Holborn Hotel right now and get ready for the summer fun.

So think and answer once again! Summer is coming! Are you Party ready?

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Best of 14 Games for Co-Ed Baby Shower

When the youngest member of the family is on its way, then nothing can be compared with the amount of happiness approaching in the lives of Mommy-to-be and Daddy-to-be. But being their best friend or favourite cousin, leaves many responsibilities on your shoulders so that you can fill their lives with more happiness and joy.

So this is your time to host a fun-filled baby shower for the couple and make their day unforgettable. Make this event amazing and host a co-ed baby shower for the couple where men and women all can take part and enjoy equally. Considering that tiny stress in your life to pull off a perfect baby shower, the experts at TheCityCollection bring the best of 14 games that can help you make that baby shower a blast. Have a look-

1. Aunt-Uncle-Made Blocks

Buy some plain and empty blocks from the market. Ask your guests to paint that small canvas that has been handed to them individually. This way, when the baby starts learning, he or she would learn it from home-made blocks, customised by its own uncles and aunts.

2. Can You Guess that Baby Food

For this game, you have to blindfold the participants and make them taste some of the awesome and terrible baby foods. The one with the most accurate answers would get the prize.

3. If You Say Baby One More Time…

It’s one of the common games during baby showers. All you need to do is hand over 5 cloth pins to the guests. Instructsthem to punish those found guilty while saying the word, “Baby”. How to punish them? Well, why do you think you were rewarded with pins in the first place? The one with most pins stuck to his or her clothes will lose for sure, and the one who would finish first by sticking all his/her pins on others, clearly wins.

4. The Midnight Delivery Preparations

Distribute baby diapers to all the guests and ask them to leave a message for the Mommy-to-be and Daddy-to-be. It could be a message that they would be discovering in the middle of the night while changing the dirty diaper.

5. Advice Book for Parents-to-be

Because, the parents-to-be need to maintain their level of optimism, you better give them a piece of advice one by one on paper. The host will hand them over to the expecting lady in the house who will read them out loud at the end of the day.

6. Guess who’s that Baby

image source: www.hollydo.blogspot.co.uk

Ask all your guests to either come with their baby pictures enveloped well or E-mail it to you in advance without disclosing the purpose to anyone. When everyone comes for the final day ceremony, ask them to guess who is in the photograph. It’s fun, try it!

7. JAM Session- Just Ask Mamma

All you need for this, some cards and pens. Ask every attendee to write a question that should be bothering the mom-to-be. Now pass it to the other person, whether sitting to your left or right or mix them all so that each one can pick up a random card. Now, whosoever picked whichever ’question containing card’, that person is supposed to answer that question, writing it on the back of that card. You all will have a good laugh

8. What’s your Story?

Here you need to create a list consisting 10 words related to babies. Include diaper, rhymes, nipple et cetera. Now create another list consisting 10 other words, have nothing to do with babies. You are free to use booze, axe, engine, and whatever comes to your mind. Now hand over the copies of these lists to the participants and ask them to draft a story using all the 20 words. The funniest story wins the game.

9. I Bet you!

Guess the delivery date of the mother-to-be and put it in a jar after folding with a mutually pre-decided amount of the bet. When the right time comes, the host will inform everyone along with the winner of all that cash.

10. Who Stole my Egg?

When people will enter the baby shower, give them an egg to keep warm and safe throughout the celebration. Instruct each of them to not leave that egg unattended at all, except when the nature calls. If the owner of an egg forgets his or her precious one somewhere or drop it by mistake, others are free to pick it up and add to his or her own egg collection. By the end of the day, the one with most of the eggs will be announced the winner.

11. Baby Bottle Chugging Race

It’s similar to beer chugging race. But here you have to replace the outer body of the beer bottle with the baby’s milk bottle and a nipple on. The least amount of the beverage coming from that tiny hole will be a true patience tester for the participants.

12. Help Her Have a Good Hair Day

Make all the girl participants sit on a chair with one male attendant. Now proceed with a hypothetical situation where the little girl is running late for her school and the mother called in sick. The daddy has to be the rescuer and give her a good hair day because no one wants to send a newborn chimp to school but a princess. Set a timer and reward the one who finishes first.

13. Baby Strolling Race

image source: www.Express.co.uk

Whether it’s about running or brisk walking, the entire focus of the guests (participants) should be on winning the race with a doll kept inside the stroller. Make it interesting with barricades like chairs, wood logs, buckets, bricks, and similar stuff. Rule to win, have a tight grip.

14. Guess the Author of this Story

Ask everyone to write the funniest story from their childhood and other people will have to guess that anonymous writer and his/her naughty childhood. You can change their childhood story scenario with other scenarios in your mind. For instance, ask them to write a funny story that includes clowns.

Don’t go for all if you don’t have the guts to execute more than a dozen games in a single day. Hosting a baby shower at home is always a tough job yet satisfying. Try other satisfactory options than the home. Log on to TheCityCollection.org where all baby shower venues in London have a homelike essence to them.

Happy Baby Shower!

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How to Decorate your Prom Venue like a Pro

Look at your classrooms one last time, play on that field one last time, enjoy your meal in the cafeteria one last time, and capture the image of whole school building in your mind for the lifetime. But before you leave for the new journey, don’t forget to rock your prom party. And what motivates you the most to have fun on your last day? The whole ambience of the prom venue.

Because the motivational factor works like a driving force and encourage you to enjoy your last day to the fullest. Keeping that in mind, the experts at TheCityCollection have gathered all the requisite information in order to help you maintain the charm of your prom hall. Don’t think much about how can prom venues be decorated and simply try these decorations for your gala night.

Wow! What an Arch!

Image source: http://www.eventprophire.com/

The first thing everyone notices while entering the prom hall is the arch. Special guests need that more special entrance so give them one and make them feel the same way. Cover the whole arch with lights, flowers, balloons, ribbons, whatever suits your prom theme. Just make sure it goes well with the theme.

Everybody Needs a Red Carpet Treatment

Whatever be your theme, don’t you dare forget the red carpet below that graceful arch. Whether Hollywood is your theme or the carpet needs special care during that weather, you must not keep it off the list. Because Hello, what’s a prom without a Red Carpet?

Something to Hold on to

Once the people arrive at the venue, give them the mask to cover the essential part, it adds the mystery element to the whole event. If it is not going well with the theme, you can opt for other options as well, similar to a boutonniere, a wrist band, a prop, or something more fun like.

Balloons v/s Flowers

When it comes to decorating the whole venue, you have 2 options, balloons or flowers. It totally depends upon your theme as well as your budget. Both play a significant role in decorating the place you will be dancing and having fun with your pals for one last time. Or even better, if your theme allows, go for both, like the one above.

Fun Filled Activities

From award ceremony to shooting darts, it could be anything. Give them one last opportunity to show off their skills and hit the bull’s eye. It keeps the dullness away from the party. You can try themes like casino or Hollywood to maintain the activeness here.

Strike a Pose with Style

There is no fun without a photo booth at an exciting party like this. Dedicate one corner to special moment capturing pro. Here everybody can pretend to be themselves for a while. So that everybody can unleash their madness at photo booth, make them feel comfortable with the aura of that space. Decorate it with props or old B&W pictures of prom only. Those being captured would feel more comfortable in such environment.

Every Wall has a Story

You have ribbons, balloons, fairy lights, temporary wall scones, and pictures of everybody attending that night on the walls. You are free to use or even overuse any of these. Origami can turn out to be another ideal wall décor if you’ve got a lot of time on your hand.

Avant-Garde Ceiling

image source: http://www.theme-works.co.uk/

Another ideal place to try the origami. Else, you can anyway go for chandelier if budget is not a constraint. Besides, if it is, then try bulbs, and helium filled balloons come handy too. You can utilise the ribbon concept to give it a marquee look. Moreover, tissue balls, not-so-precious tree-plant leaves (that is easy to find), and other paper items can give your prom an amazing look.

Shake it on the Dance Floor

As we are talking about decorations, dance is something that you can’t restrict to decorations and themes but you can anyway play music that complements your décor, theme, and mood. If it doesn’t suit you then you are free to experiment with every kind of music genre. Make sure you keep every person in mind. Rock lovers, couples, break dancers, and everyone who loves to dance. Give everyone a chance to show off his or her dance skills.

Now where to execute all these ideas seems to be your major concern now. Don’t worry about that too because TheCityCollection has a unique range of prom venues that can make your last day so memorable that every time you go through your photographs, an unexpected smile would refuse to leave your face.

Have Fun!

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Trending Seating Arrangements for Dinner Parties in London

What makes an event successful? The sophisticated mannerism of ladies and gentlemen gathered there or the elegant decoration gracing the whole arena? Is it the aromatic temptation of cuisine’s variety or that mood lightning lighting arrangements? Any event needs to have certain qualities to be an unforgettable experience for its people, especially when it comes to dinner in the city like London, the adequate and modern seating arrangement is stealing the show nowadays.

image source: http://becauseimaddicted.net

Here, you will find some of the seating arrangements, being a talk of the town and gracing many dinner parties in the city and neighbourhood. Now, before hosting a dinner in London, you may consider any of these seating plans that would grace your elegant party.

Have a look!

Long conversations on Long Table

A long table at dinner will be no less than a family reunion table where all members face each other after a long time. It’s perfect for a rectangular hall where least space will go unattended.

Love it with the Cabaret

Here, all should be facing a stage for the whole night, which could be a gala night, some award ceremony, or a wedding. Facing the dais during such ceremony in a semicircle is a must.

Banquet has it for all

When you need no particular order for seating your guests, this seating arrangement is ideal. Tables at many places and all seated everywhere, but in equal numbers.

Have a great time with Hollow Square

It’s perfect for dinner discussions followed by some conference or other corporate events. The talk may continue with anyone across the table where you never know if you are the nurturing a relationship with the prospect business partner. Make the most of it.

Boardroom can be fun too

It’s a little bit different from long table seating as this one has more of a square table to be seated around than a rectangular table.

Go with Herringbone this season

It’s time to show off some style and class with new dinner seating arrangement this season. This way, one cheers with many people and have an awesome time during the dinner night.

Perfect Top Table and Spring

When the U-shape seating arrangement allows seating inside the U as well, it turns out to be the top table and springs-styled seating.

Call it Informal

Now here, the tables can either be square or round, it is exclusively the host’s choice. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind that total people having dinner on that table don’t have to be specific in number.

You can go with any of these seating arrangements, suiting the need of your event. Each of them is appropriate to pull off any dinner night successfully.

While hosting a dinner in London, make sure you choose the right venue where all your guests get comfortably seated. Now it’s easy to choose and hire dinner venues in London, as TheCityCollection is here to help you out.

Happy Dinner Night!

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Let Your Wedding Bells Chime Gleefully at Best Banquet Halls in London

A wedding is a special day for those who are ready to plunge into this matrimonial bliss. Tying a knot with your beloved implies that you are entering into another phase of your life. As the wedding is a momentous event, it should be made as memorable as possible. And, what better way to make your marriage an unforgettable affair than hosting it at best banqueting halls in London?

These London halls not only add that divine aura to your marriage but their excellent facilities will make your wedding a smooth affair. Hire from the halls given below and make your wedding “talk of the town" , right after making your hen party in London a memory to be carried into your married life!

Brewer’s Hall

Situated in the Aldermanbury Square, Brewer’s Hall lies between the Guildhall and London Wall. This historic building has three main rooms, the Livery Hall, the Committee Room, and the Court Room. The Livery Hall is ideal for reception with a capacity of 120 people. Whereas the Oak panelled Court Room is ideal for holding wedding. When it comes to the section of food, a delectable mix of Continental, Modern European, International, and Oriental cuisines will surely blow your guests away. Distance wise, it is not far from the St. Paul’s tube station. The presence of multi-storied parking in Aldersgate Street, north of the intersection with London Wall is an added advantage as well.

Merchant Taylors’ Hall

If you want to give your wedding an unparalleled style, book this magnificent venue in London. This capacious venue has 7 function rooms with the Great Hall accommodating around 400 people. A magnificent garden is adorning the beauty of this property. This chateau styled place with classic sculptures will enchant your guests like never before and is an ideal place to hold your wedding reception. Wedding reception is incomplete without good quality food. But, you need not worry about that here. The Great Kitchen, headed by an expert team of chefs, offers a mouth-watering mix of international cuisines. As far as accessibility goes, a 3-minute walk from the Bank underground station will take you here.

Grange Holborn Hotel

Located near West End, this 5-star property facilitates as an ideal space for wedding receptions. The mesmerising skyline of the city is visible from its penthouse-level Sky Bar where 150 people can enjoy the shindigs of a nuptial ceremony. Besides, you can find a Greco-Roman styled swimming pool where its movable floor transforms the whole space into an ideal banqueting hall. Orion Suite is the largest room out of all event spaces of Grange Holborn Hotel as 450 people can attend a wedding reception altogether.

Book one of these banquet halls and give an unforgettable touch to your wedding. All the halls come with comforting facilities, helping you in making your wedding affair a truly memorable one.

Happy Wedding!

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7 Useful Ideas That Can Help You Host a Successful Exhibition in London

When it comes to highlighting the best of your work, can you suggest any other option than an exhibition? Even if you are short on budget, an exhibition is not something that would soak up all your money. You can host an exhibition for many reasons, be it sales, marketing communication, product marketing, brand awareness, customer relationship management, or any of the innumerable objects.

So grab your creative shoes, sharp your skills, and get ready to show off your idea, product, or art to the world. Because your work is worth it! So whether the whole exhibition belongs to you or you simply have a stand in that exhibition, just nail it with these amazing ideas.

Say it With the Pop-up Invites

You better keep those invites as eye catchy as possible. Pop-ups are trending nowadays, screaming out the best things about your exhibition. Go for bright colours if your exhibition assimilates liveliness and a unique theme that needs to come out directly. Keep it dark and casual if the exhibition is related to corporate.

Are You Sure About Those Platforms

There have been many incidences when someone climbing up the stage, tripped over the two-step escalator. In order to avoid such embarrassing situation for others or god forbid yourself, avoid the stage at first place. Don’t’ use it unless and until you seriously need it.

Try the Gimmicks

Gimmicks always pay out in a favourable way. It is one of the best forms to attract the audience to your exhibition stand and have a desirable outcome from them. Be it their attention towards your product demonstration or a trial of the same. It’s always better to hire some professional and save your employees or co-workers from the embarrassment of killing the humorous activity.

Freebies Always Work

The freebies always come to the rescue when you want the visitors to remember you. It could be either pen-drive, any keychain, handbag, pen, or something that constantly reminds them of your existence. If the need arises, they will contact you because you would leave an everlasting impression on their mind. You will, right?

Offer Fun Time at the Photobooth

Photo-booths are trending nowadays that a majority of people will listen to you, your pitch, and pay attention to your efforts while paying a visit to your booth. Even if it’s a fake one, but you never know what might catch their interest or attention. So first, lure them with colourful props, boards, and free photographs’ promise, then get started with your thing, only if they show interest because clingy representatives are a huge put-off.

Q and A Session is Essential

Make sure that each doubt of your visitors gets resolved on the spot. Assign that task to well-informed individual/s at your counter, keeping in mind that he or she will be able to convey the core idea of your product or whole exhibition. You can anyway arrange a separate Q and A session for the audience.

Smart Use of Smartphones

The user is depending more and more on technology since the digitization has boomed in the past decade. So it’s better to provide all the necessary information about your exhibition and its stalls in a digital format, for the visitors’ convenience. This way they can download the same on their smartphones and explore it even when they are far from your stall.

Whether you are pulling off some kind of art exhibition or simply a corporate exhibition, you always need a perfect venue to make it successful. Have a look at these commendable venues in London and host a similar exhibition.

Good Luck!

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10 Birthday Party Ideas Inspired from Harry Potter

If you’re a pronounced fan of Harry Potter, you should see these birthday celebration ideas. The intention here is to be creative and make the most out of the props available on hand. Gradually, the blowout will turn out to be magical, deadly, and whimsical.

Let’s start with the points you should apply when you host your next birthday party.

Use the Hogwarts Theme

Hogwarts posters will give the guests a notion of being inside the magical school. You can even create a similar entrance like that of the Hogwarts Express.

Make the Cake Look Like an Invention of the Series

Harry Potter inspired cakes with magic -wand, spectacles, sorting hat, and the golden snitch on top are bound to attract the attention of your guests.

Concoct Creative Dishes

The cheese and pretzel broomsticks are the best options to be added in the list of appetizers at your party.

Using the Dementor Effect

Decorating the party room with a hanging Dementor will create a spooky effect inside the party hall.

Serve Butter-beer with Broomsticks

Guests at the party will get chuffed by the sight of butter-bear glasses. Adding broomsticks as drink stirrers will leave a mystic effect on the guests.

Brew Golden Snitches with Chocolates

Designed golden snitches out of chocolates can be added to the dessert menu. Make golden snitches pop-ups in place of a cake and see them disappear from the dessert table every minute.

Give Balloons the Hedwig look

Hanging balloons inside the party hall with the Hedwig face will give your guests the feeling of being around owls.

Set the Chamber of Secrets Mirror

Placing the chamber of secrets mirror at the entrance of the party hall will surely petrify your guests.

Hanging flying keys all around

A flock of flying keys will spread the necessary charm. The shiny and colored wings of the flying keys will appear to be eye-catchy and look like jewels.

Use the Spider Door

Cover the door with spiders starting from the door knob. The sight will scare off many guests arriving at the party.

Implementing these ideas for your special day would be visionary and take you back to the Harry Potter days. It will be an absolute treat for all the Harry Potter lovers. To book birthday party venues in London, visit our website and choose from the several options available.

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